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10 Famous People Who Don't Age

Strict diets and exercise regimes can make all the difference to a celebrity's appearance. You'll be shocked when you discover the actual ages of these 10 celebs who look much younger than they really are.
1. Sofia Vergara

10 Famous People Who Don't Age Sofia Vergara

It's hard to believe that Sofia Vergara is in her mid-40s. Turning 44 on July 10th 2016, the Colombian actress has a figure and complexion that woman half her age would love to have. It's not just down to luck and genetics, though. Sofia works hard to stay in shape, doing whole-body workouts and sticking to a disciplined diet. And she sure is motivated to stay looking young. The "Modern Family" star told new beauty magazine she doesn't want to age, and would even apply cement around her eyes if it helped stop wrinkles. Now that's commitment.

2. Pharrell Williams

10 Famous People Who Don't Age Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams defies science. The "Happy" hit maker just does not seem to age. Born in April 1973, Pharrell not only looks much younger than his years, but has also been in the music biz for more than half his life. The producer and musician's youthful looks are the subject of such interest that the uestion of whether he's a vampire become a top google search. Seriously! But the N.E.R.D. star himself jokingly denies the rumors, telling time out his secret to looking so  young. And what was his big revelation? He washes his face. Amazing.

3. Halle Berry

Hold onto your hats, Halle Berry is approaching 50. You heard that right. Born in August 1966, The "Monster's Ball" actress Looks a couple of decades younger. Halle's healthy lifestyle must play a big part in her youthful appearance. When she was diagnosed with diabetes at 19, halle learnt how to eat healthily and cut most processed sugar from her diet. halle also told The LA Times that exercising has helped her manage the disease. She exercises for at least 30 minutes every day, bot doesn't work out with weights because she doesn't want to get too muscly.

4. Jared Leto

Jared Leto is an amazing shape for men over 40 and it's not really surprising given his clean-living. Born in December 1971, The 30 seconds to mars frontman put his youthful appearance down to his healthy lifestyle. This includes a vegan diet, hiking, yoga , getting enough sleep and not drinking alcohol.

Jared's lost and gained weight for his movie roles, like getting down to 116 pounds (53 kgs) for his oscar-winning performance in "Dallas buyers club". He also gained 67 pounds (30kgs) for his role as John Lennon's assassin in "Chapter 27". But the extra weight put him in a wheelchair as he couldn't walk long distances, and jared has said he'd never gained weight for a role again.

5. Sandra Bullock

When sandra bullock was crowned people's worlds most beautiful woman in 2015, it proved age ain't nothing but a number. Over 50 the "Gravity" actress credits motherhood, a healthy diet and working out for keeping her balance. She combines green juices with body by simone workouts for four to five times a week.

But Sandra has a healthy attitude towards aging too, evident in her conversations with her son, Louis. In a chat about getting old, Louis asked why she has wrinkles and Sandra replied she hopes "some of them are from laughing so much". Louis's sweet response? Touching his mom's face he said: " You're not old,  you're just happy". Awww.
6. Lenny Kravitz

There aren't many 50 year olds who have abs like Lenny Kravitz. Born in May 1964, the rock star prefers to stay in shape outdoors rather than in a "boring" gym. He told Men's Fitness he likes to run outside in "Inspiring" nature and he always carries a jump rope with him. Lenny always has a champion juicer with him too and is a regular at farmer's markets. His favorites kale, spinach, garlic, beets and carrots. But that's not to say the "Fly Away" singer doesn't indulge. He loves to feast on pastries and drink champagne during the six months he lives in Paris each year.

7. Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani looks amazing for almost 50. Born in October 1969 the "No Doubt" singlr refers to herself as a "Chubby child" who  struggled with weight growing up, so as an adult she's focused on a healthy organic diet packed with lean proteins. "The Voice"  coaches approach to fitness is different to a lot of the female celebs on this list. Rather than yoga or pilates, Gwen says she is "more like a man" when it comes to working out, focusing on boxing, weightlifting and cardio. Refreshingly, the singer admits vanity
motivates her to stay fit, wanting to look good on stage and fit in the outfits she loves.

8. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is just a few years off of 50. Just let that sink in. The pop star and actress sees keeping in shape as a job and is not afraid of a challenger or two, doing a sprint triathlon in 2008 to help lose the baby weight, and going on a 22-day vegan challenge.
In addition to her sugar and salt-free diet, JLO does workouts with the Tracy Anderson method. Jen credits wearing a lot of sunscreen, not smoking and not drinking any alcohol or caffeine as the key to her youthful skin. Plus she loves her beauty sleep.

9. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves in his fifties. Yes, you heard that right, the slacker from the "Bill & Ted" franchise is well on his way to retirement age. Born in September 1964, the "Matrix" star has aged so well that fans have jokingly labeled him a vampire. His supposed immortalityhas been presented in funny memes of portraits through the centuries that bear an uncanny likeness to the actor, Keanu took it all in good humor,  when they asked if he was immortal and a reddit chat, Keanu replied: "No, but energy cannot be created or destroyed so they say". Cryptic!

10. Ellen Degeneres

You're not going to believe it, but Ellen Degeneres is approaching 60. The talk show host who was born in january 1958, stays fit, healthy and calm with a daily yoga program. The comedian turned vegan in 2009 along with wife Portia De Rossi. And credits the change in her diet to helping her feel more energized. Ellen also went sugar free in a bid to increase her energy levels in the lead up to her stint on "American Idol". The brand ambassador for Covergirl's simply ageless line keeps your skin youthful by simply washing and moisturizing.

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