20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift

20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift

Taylor swift started off as a sweet and nice country singer, but she has definitely burned more than a few bridges throughout her career. Here's the list of 20 celebrities who just can't stand her.

1. John Mayer

structured settlements annuitiesᚠᚢᛞ, 20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 1. John Mayer

Taylor dated John when she was 19 and he was 32. After their breakup, she released "Dear John" and bashed him for dating her while she was so young. John says the song "humiliated" him.

2. Edward Droste

structured settlements annuitiesᚠᚢᛞ, 20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 2. Edward Droste

When a tabloid magazine called Taylor a "Mean Girl," Edward Droste retweeted the image along with the caption that read, "obsessed that people are catching on."

3. Chloë Grace Moretz

structured settlements annuitiesᚠᚢᛞ, 20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 3. Chloë Grace Moretz

Taylor Swift ask Chloë grace Moretz to be in her girl squad, but Chloë declined because she thought Taylor's "squad-specific exclusivity" went against everything that she believed in.

4. Camilla Belle

structured settlements annuitiesᚠᚢᛞ, 20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 4. Camilla Belle

Taylor Swift wrote "Better Than Revenge" which included route lyrics about Camila. Camila later became an Anti-Swift after siding with nicki minaj in her Twitter battle against the singer.

5. Miley Cyrus

structured settlements annuitiesᚠᚢᛞ, 20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 5. Miley Cyrus

Taylor Swift called Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke's 2013 MTV VMA performance "Grotesque." Miley fought back by saying Taylor was a "frigid ice princess who bored Harry Styles out of bed."

6. Zayn Malik

structured settlements annuitiesᚠᚢᛞ, 20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 6. Zayn Malik

A Twitter user compared Taylor's letter to Apple music to a quote from Miley Cyrus saying she doesn't care if she gets paid for her music. Zayn retweeted the message, and many believed he was anti-Taylor.

7. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

structured settlements annuitiesᚠᚢᛞ, 20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 7. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

At the 2013 Golden Globes, co-hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler mocked Taylor's love life by saying, "you know what Taylor Swift? You stay away from Michael J. Fox's son.

8. Justin Bieber

structured settlements annuitiesᚠᚢᛞ, 20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 8. Justin Bieber

Justin chose his side in the kanye and Kim versus Taylor feud by posting a screenshot from his face time session with Kanye. The caption read, Taylor Swift what up."

9. Kendall Jenner

structured settlements annuitiesᚠᚢᛞ, 20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 9. Kendall Jenner

When Kim Kardashian leaked audio and video of taylor agreeing to being mentioned in Kanye's song "Famous," Kendall sided with Kim by "liking" many anti Taylor Swift tweets on Twitter,

10. Barack Obama

structured settlements annuitiesᚠᚢᛞ, 20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 10. Barack Obama

President Obama poked fun at Taylor Swift by saying, "Republicans fell in love with this thing and now they can't stop talking about how much they hate it. It's like we're trapped in a Taylor Swift album."

11. Drake Bell

structured settlements annuitiesᚠᚢᛞ, 20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 11. Drake Bell

When he was asked about Taylor Swift and Harry Styles hooking up again, Drake Bell describes the reconciliation as Taylor "making rounds" as a way to mock her tumultuous love life.

12. Diplo

20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 12. Diplo

When Diplo began dating Taylor's frenemy Katy Perry, he came to Katie's defense by making fun of Taylor's butt. Diplo tweeted, "someone should make a Kickstarter to get taylor swift a booty."

13. Pharrell Williams

20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 13. Pharrell Williams

Taylor Swift was dancing the night away at the billboard music awards, and cameras caught Pharrell Williams giving her the side-eye. Many assumed he definitely wasn't a fan of hers.

14. Kim Kardashian

20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 14. Kim Kardashian

Kim got so tired of taylor playing the victim, so on national sneak day, she tweeted," they have holidays for everybody, I mean everything these days!" in reference to the singer.

15. Lorde

20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 15. Lorde

Lorde called out Taylor and her good girl Act in an interview by saying, "Taylor swift is so flawless, and so unattainable, and I don't think it's breeding anything good in young girls."

16. Demi Lovato

20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 16. Demi Lovato

When asked about her feud with Taylor, Demi said "there are women that I don't get along with, and that's fine."

17. Orlando Bloom

20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 17. Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom got so fed up as Taylor's neighbor, he had to move out of his new york apartment. Apparently, paparazzi would swarm their complex to get shots of taylor, and he got fed up.

18. Calvin Harris

20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 18. Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift revealed she wrote ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris's song "this is what you came for" after they agreed to keep her involvement a secret. Calvin then tweeted, "I know you're off tour and you need someone new to try and bury like Katy Perry but I'm not that guy, sorry. I won't allow it.

19. Kanye West

20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 19. Kanye West

Despite all the drama surrounding his song "Famous," Kanye took another dig at Taylor by featuring her naked wax figure lying in bed with him in the song's music video.

20. Katy Perry

20 Celebs Who Don't Like Taylor Swift 20. Katy Perry

Taylor Swift told "Rolling Stone" magazine there's a certain celeb who she thought was her friend, but she wasn't. Katie responded by tweeting, "watch out for the Regina George in sheep's clothing."

Source: The Talko Youtube Channel

19 Most Frequent Dreams in the World

What Does It Mean to Dream of Owls

What Does It Mean to Dream of a Ship

What Does It Mean to Dream of Whales

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Dream Interpretation About Snake

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10 Strangest Holidays Around the World
So throughout the year there is an abundance of mainstream holidays. But what you might not know is the endless supply of the weirdest and most unusual events. From Japans Bean Throwing Day to Austrias Krampus, welcome to Fuzzy Tvs 10 strangest Holidays from around the world.

10. Obama Day (Kenya)
Ever since 2008 on November 6, citizens of the poverty stricken Kenya have celebrated this national holiday. Although the nation is still divided on leaders, he’s actually seen as a hero of sorts and the day is to signify his victory in the polls when he was elected. This is done through parties and other forms of celebration.

9. Haxey Hood (England)
Back in the 14th century the wife of a landowner had her silk hood blow away in the wing whilst travelling between Westwoodside and Haxey. Apparently, several nearby workers at the local farm chased the hood which was then promptly returned. Grateful and amused by the kindness these men showed, she donated around 13 acres of land on the one condition that the event which just took place, would be re-enacted each year. So, on January 6th in Haxey each year, a rugby scrum pushes a leather tube, called a "hood," to a pub where it remains until the following year. It’s a little different sure but… there you have it.

8. Bean Throwing Day (Japan)
This celebration involves people throwing beans around shrines, temples and homes. Known in Japan as Setsubun, the holiday occurs on the first day of spring, usually falling on the 1st or second of February. They do this to help fend off and scare away eveil spirits that may be nearby.

7. Tinku Festival (Bolivia)
Ritualistic combat. That’s the main focus of this event held in northern Bolivia. During Early May men and woman begin the event with a strange style of dancing, which simulates a fight with fists flying in an aggressive style. Tinku means encounter, which is spot on as then the woman then create a circle around the men where they are encouraged with chanting as they fight one another. Surprisingly, the main goal is to party, so they try not to injure or cause pain. It’s a wonderful display as they are dressed in colourful outfit, with the woman wearing hats and the men in helmets.

6. Magpie Festival (Chinese)
Basically the variant to our Valentine ’s Day, this Chinese holiday is celebrated on the 7th day and 7th lunar month on the Chinese calendar. The Magpie Festival involves young girls praying for a just husband, where they demonstrate their domestic skills, such as melon carving and embroidery.

5. The Day the Music Died
In 1959 an aircraft crashed, and with it, came the deaths of here well-known musical artists. Big Booper, Richie Valens and Buddy Holly were all mourned by the 50s generation, and is celebrated each year on the 3rd of February.

4. Krampus (Austria)
This is quite a well-known tradition by the western world. In Austria folklore, Krampus is Saint Nicholas’s sidekick. Where Santa reward everyone who’s been good that years with wonderful gifts, the hairy and mischievous creature visits those on the naughty list. He punishes those who have one wrong, and to the children whom have been particularly bad, they get taken away in a sac!!

This celebration is held in Northern Greece and Southern Bulgaria! Apparently, back in the middle ages when the Church of Saint Cons tantine caught fire and burned, crying of the saint was heard from the idols inside. These symbols were saved from the hot blaze by people who attended the church. Ever since then, the feast of Saint Constantine and Saint Helena is has been held. It’s a full on eight day celebration on the 21st of May, with firewalking, stomping and dancing with live music. The music picks up in speed and so do the dancers. Those who dance on the hot coal protests that they don’t feel the burning of their feet as they have been touched by Saint Constantine. There is also night activities such as the sacrifice of the bull, where the hide is made into sandals and the meat is cooked, then given to all the families.

2. NYEPI DAY (Belinese)
Nyepi day is all about retrospection and reflection. During this event, all people are asked to stay quiet and remain inside their hotels. Security guards actually patrol the streets to ensure people are at home contemplating on what they want in life. No radios, tvs, food and talking. Well, tvs are allowed but as long as it’s quiet. Also known as the Silent Night, it’s the Balinese take on Bali’s Lunar New Year tradition. The event is then followed by cleaning rituals, such as exorcism or the removal of effigies.

1. LA TOMATINA (Spain)
A festival all about throwing tones of tomatoes at each other! Right… The annual even in Bunol has the locals through tomatoes at each other in a crazy food fight. Around 40,000 people take part in the event on the last Wednesday of August, attracting thousands of tourists each year. Surprisingly, 150,000 tomatoes are thrown, that’s around 45 tonnes…. Hope you brought your goggles. Hey guys it’s Matt, if you enjoyed the video make sure to check out my channel for more stuff like this. Before you leave like and subscribe to Fresh so he keeps up the great work! Also, leave a video suggestion for a chance to get it featured.

12 Things You Didn't Know the Purpose of
12. Blue Pavement Markers
You might have noticed colored pavement markers on the side of the road when you’re driving. But how many people actually know its purpose? While most drivers might think these tags are used to indicate lane markings or separate lanes, different colored markers mean different things. White ones are the markers that we mainly see, but blue is a seldom color that we don’t see as often. So what does it mean? Blue markers are placed in the center of the road to make the location of fire hydrants on the sidewalk. This makes it easier for firefighters to identify where a fire hydrant is placed rather than wandering all over the road.

11. Blue Side of an Eraser
Do you remember back in grade school when you owned an eraser, and one side was blue, and the other was red? Most teachers told us the blue side’s purpose was to erase pen markings. But when most of us tried it, and it didn’t work, it left most of us frustrated! The blue side of the eraser is actually meant to erase pencil writings on hard surfaces like wood. While the red side’s purpose was to erase pencil markings on soft surfaces like paper. Now that you’ve got it straighten out, you can teach your kids the difference, so they don’t make the same mistake.

10. Plastic Lid Discs
Most people hardly pay any attention to plastic bottles, let alone the lid. But if you take the top off the bottle and look inside it, you’ll find either a white or blue plastic disc inside of the cap. If you’re careful, you can safely remove it from underneath the cap. As hard to believe as it is, this little plastic disc actually has an important job. It is a pressure seal, the soft plastic liner that acts like a membrane. Faced with pressure from the lid, it is a gas proof barrier that keeps your soda and fizzy drinks bubbly and fresh! Also found under the cap of a microbrew, It is known as an oxygen scrubber because it absorbs the oxygen, so it doesn’t affect the taste of beer or alcoholic beverages.

9. Metal strips on gas pumps
If you’ve ever pumped gas you’ll notice metal pieces at the top of the pump. If you thought that feature was to keep the gas secure while pumping it through the hose, well think again. If you didn’t know these metal strips are actually detachable and for a good reason! For those of you in a rush and are quick to drive away, the metal strip detaches from the gas pump in a safe way to make sure that you don’t damage the pump. Instead, you’re just left with the hose still lodged inside your car for everyone to see while you drive away.

8. Hole in Spaghetti Spoon
Every spaghetti ladle has a hole in the bottom. Most people might think the hole exists because it helps drain out the water after you’re done boiling the noodles. And while that may be true, it actually serves an entirely different reason. The hole is there because it meant to measure an equal amount of spaghetti for one serving. This comes in handy when cooking for a family dinner or when you’re rationing out the noodles. Instead of just throwing a bunch of noodles into a pot and hoping that you’ll have enough, you can use this measuring feature to ensure an equal amount of noodles to sauce ratio.

7. Tire Tread Bumps
Also known as tread wear indicators, it might look like a manufacturing defect. But they are designed to mark the minimum safe tread height of your car’s tire. Check your tires to see if you have enough tread to cruise safely down the road. In the United States, if your tires don’t meet the tread standards or if they look extremely worn down, it could land you in some trouble. A tire’s tread wears away over time so be sure to replace them daily. If your tire treads are worn out, you have less traction to grip on the road and it might be too slippery or hard for you to stop on wet or icy roads.

6. Door Handles
Surely, you must be scratching your head and probably think we all know what door handles are for, they’re for opening doors! Yeah but did you ever wonder why most household door handles are brass or copper? Brass and copper serve a greater purpose than you think. They contain antimicrobial properties, meaning that it’ll disinfect itself. Lab test shows the metals can get rid of 99% germs left behind on the handle within an hour. It can also kill off deadly viruses such as the flu and E.coli. This is kind of cool to know, especially if you’re a neat freak or germaphobe!

5. Beer Bottle Neck
Many people, oversee beer bottles but the beer bottle neck isn’t designed for a sleek look, but it actually serves an important purpose. It was designed this way for people to hold. By holding the beer bottle neck, it eliminates the warmth transferred from your hand to the bottle. Holding a beer bottle at the end can insulate your beer, leaving it flat within a short time. Holding it at the neck ensures that it will stay cold and allows you to enjoy your alcoholic beverage.

4. Hole in Lollipop Stick
When you’ve finished eating your favorite lollipop, you might notice a little square hole at the edge of a lollipop stick. And while it may seem pointless, it’s actually there for a good reason. It’s there so a small amount of candy can melt and seep through the hole. This helps with the little friction between the candy and the stick. It acts as a hook and stays in place, so the lollipop doesn’t fall off when you’re eating it. Some people have argued that the hole is there for a safety feature. Just in case you accidently swallow, the hole allows you to breathe still. While this claim isn’t entirely wrong, it’s still good to know.

3. Utility Blade End
If you own a utility knife, then you know the hassle of having to snap off a used blade. But whether you’re wearing gloves or using pliers to break off an old blade, it can be scary when trying to do because there is a risk of cutting yourself. However, most people don’t know there is a safer alternative to breaking off the blade, without touching it at all. It’s located in the slot at the back. First slide back the blades to be safe then you can pop off the end. Make sure you correctly set the edge, so there is only line showing and lock it in. Afterward, you can place the blade into the back of the cap and break it off!

2. Metal Plate inside a Stapler
For most people, stapling papers is something that you don’t have to think twice about. But surprisingly there are two different ways to staple papers that make it much easier to remove a staple instead of just ripping your papers apart. The first way most people are used to stapling papers is with the staples facing in to ensure the papers don’t fall apart. But if you look at the metal plate or anvil of the stapler that contains two sets of holes. Well, you can change the setting of your stapler by turning it around. Then when you staple, it’ll bend the staples outwards, making it easier to pull apart the staples when you want to release your papers!

1. Toothpaste Colored Squares
Many people believe the toothpaste squares at the back of the tube are a colored code to indicate chemical components. Like if it is green, it must be made from all natural ingredients, or if it is black it contains mostly chemicals, and if it is blue, then it has medicinal properties as well as natural ingredients. However, this is untrue. And if you didn’t know what it meant before, these colored marks or eye marks are part of the manufacturing process. It indicates that the packet can either be folded or uncut and is made by the machine at high speed. The colors also help the device to know which part goes up or down which is all part of the packaging system.

15 Strange Things Discovered Inside People
We all like to think that we know our bodies pretty well. Although sometimes they can turn against us, such as when we get appendicitis, or tonsillitis, we generally know what they're capable of. However, horrifyingly enough it's not completely unheard of to discover something strange lurking inside body. It'll make you think twice the next time you have what appears to be an innocent stomachache. We haven't heard of one being found inside of a human body yet.

1. It's not a tumor

When it comes to medical maladies, having a brain tumor is usually as bad as it gets. So you can imagine the distress and panic that rosemary Alvarez felt when her doctors told her that they had spotted a foreign growth at the base of her brain stem. She had gone to the hospital in Phoenix, Arizona due to experiencing balance problems difficulty swallowing, and numbness. Her condition was rapidly. Deteriorating, and she was rushed to surgery to remove the tumor. Neurosurgeon Peter naka she performed the Operation. And was pleased by what he found inside her brain, which is a rare occurrence in his line of work.

The good news is that it wasn't actually a tumor. The bad news is that it was a tapeworm. Yes, while we think of tapeworms as beans that hide out in our intestines, this one took a wrong turn and ended up in Alvarez's brain. It's likely that she acquired it by ingesting Tapeworm eggs when she ate tainted food. You see, when you eat tapeworm larvae it  goes right to your intestines. But the eggs can make it into your bloodstream and get lodged in different parts of your body, including your brain. That is now a fun tapeworm fact that you know!

2. Surgical tools

Recovering from surgery is never fun, but 76 year old Daryoush Mazarei seemed to be having a more difficult time than most. After having a shunt installed to drain fluid from his brain at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, he complained about feel excruciating pain. Horrifyingly enough, his doctors ignored his cries of pain, and assured him that it was all in his head for an entire month. He claimed that he felt as if he was these stabbed from the inside, and instead of offering to take a look doctors. Recommended that he get his head checked.

For an entire month he suffered, until he was finally given a CT scan. His Persistence paid off, because doctors were horrified to see a 10 inch metal device that was left inside his abdominal area during his surgery. It's known as a retractor. And it looks like a giant pair of tweezers there used to hold back organs and skin during surgery. And they look like the sort of huge instrument, it would be awfully difficult to lose track of because the hospital wasn't interested in this going to court  they settled with Missouri for an undisclosed sum.

3. Pregnant man

When we put on some excess weight sometimes it's easy to come up with excuses. It's just water weight, it's because of hormones and so on. However, Sanju Bhagat is a man who had a legitimate excuse for his swollen stomach. During his childhood in Nagpur, India, he was often mocked for his stomach, which was distended in such a way that he appeared to be pregnant. The twist to this story is that in a way, it kind of was like Bhagat was actually pregnant.

After years of suffering, it finally became too great and he went to the hospital complaining of severe pain and difficulty breathing. Doctors thought that a tumor must be pressing on his diaphragm and decided to operate. What they found inside Bhagat's stomach wasn't a tumor, but was instead a half-formed human being with well-developed hands and feet. Of course, Bhagat didn't actually conceive a child, and this mass of flesh and bones was actually his twin brother. It's an extremely rare medical condition known as fetus in fetu, meaning that a fetus gets trapped inside its twin. There are fewer than 90 known cases of this occurrence. As for bhagat, he's just relieved his ordeal is over and declined to even look at his twin when he was removed.

4. Eating Utensil

We've all heard our parents. Tell us not to inhale our food, but they usually don't mention the risk of inhaling an eating utensil. John Manley began experiencing unpleasant symptoms including fatigue, coughing, and several bouts with pneumonia. After two years of this, doctors at Duke University decided to use a small camera to look into his lung and see if there was anything unusual going on in there.

Well, "unusualW is a good way to describe what doctors found in Manley's lung. They managed to locate a one-inch long piece of plastic with a freighting on it. Once it was removed, they examined it and realized that it was a plastic utensil from a Wendy's fast-food restaurant. Needless to say everyone was pretty baffled by the discovery, including Manley himself. He admits that he likes to take big gulps when he eats and drinks, and assumes that's how the plastic piece got into his lungs.

According to Manley, he didn't notice it at all when he swallowed it, which kind of makes us strangely intrigued to see what he looks like when he eats. Perhaps even more unsettling than the plastic piece, is the fact that one doctor offered to just remove his lung Before they knew what was the matter.

5. Magnets

If you thought that only Juggalos were confused as to how magnets work, you should know that some children struggle with the concept also. It's okay, Jason lents was also completely baffled when his daughter Healy needed emergency surgery after swallowing magnets. He claimed his then eight year old daughter is a smart child, and he doesn't understand why she thought that eating magnets was a good idea. And the part that makes us this even more shocking is that she didn't just stop after one or two.

Oh no, little haley managed to swallow 30 magnets, that she claimed "looked like candy." We're not sure what type of candy hailey is used to eating, but no thank you. The magnets were from a toy called magnetics that is manufactured with mega brands. Two days after her magnets swallowing spree, her parents rushed her to the hospital when she experienced stomach pains so server fears she could barely move.

Mega brands defended their product, claiming that eating 30 pieces of any toy would likely result in medical issues, Which is a pretty fair point to be honest. Let's take a little break from this gross-fest, because it's time for our trivia question. Healthcare safety group the joint commission conducted a study between 2005 and 2012, looking at how many surgical instruments are left behind after surgery. In that time span, how many surgical objects were left inside of patients? Keep watching for the answer.

6. Cutlery

While we may be baffled by the little girl who ate 30 magnets, the case of Margaret Dallman from Rotterdam, holland is even stranger. Inhaling part of a wendy's utensil in an eating frenzy is one thing, but Domon managed to consume a shocking 78 pieces of cutlery. She admits that she had a problem with feeling compelled to eat silverware and she just couldn't stop herself when she would sit down for a meal, she would ignore the food and start swallowing her utensils instead.
Doctors got quite the surprise when they examined her x-ray after she complained of stomach pains. Each spoon and fork had to be painstakingly taken out by a skilled surgeon. Thankfully Dallman didn't swallow any knives although She couldn't explain why she didn't have the urge to. Looking at her x-ray, the massive cutlery sort of resembles a ghost, or a Badminton birdie. After they were removed, Daalman was diagnosed with borderline personality  disorder, and has made a full recovery physically, and is making progress in therapy.

7. Eye Parasite

If you wear contact lenses, you might want to reconsider switching to glasses after this. After all, they can be quite fashionable, and they reduce your risk of ending up with a parasite inside your eye. When she was a teen, Jessica Greaney woke up one morning and thought she had somehow contracted an eye infection. Her left eye was swollen and sore, and her eyelid kept drooping. By the end of the week, her symptoms had gotten way worse and her eye was now red and bulging out of its socket.

Greaney described it as looking like a "huge red golf ball," and we can't disagree with her. She was taken to the hospital, where doctors found a parasite living in her eyeball. The parasite is known as Acanthamoeba Castellanii, and it's known for surviving harsh environments. It's thought that the parasite was in some tap water that got splashed onto her contact lens, which was then passed into her eye.

The parasite got to work eating away at her cornea, which meant the doctors had to stop it immediately. For an entire week, Greaney wasn't allowed to sleep, and instead had to administer eyedrops every few minutes. It was absolute torture, however the fact that a parasite was feasting on her eyeball probably would have made sleeping a challenge anyways. Thankfully, she's now fine and hopes to make other people aware of the dangers associated with contact lenses.

8. Maggots

Kids are notorious for not listening, especially when their parents try to stop them from eating delicious maggots. However, little Radhika Mandloi from central India had a pretty good excuse, she complained to her parents of an itch in her ear, which her parents initially weren't overly concerned about.When their daughter began bawling non-stop because of her discomfort, they finally relented and took her to the hospital.

Inside her ear, doctors found a blow fly, also known as a green bottle or cluster fly. And if that wasn't horrifying enough, It wasn't alone. It had laid eggs inside of her ear, and was accompanied by approximately 80 maggots. If there was any silver lining to this horrific story, it's that the doctors managed to treat her before the maggots could begin eating away at her brain. Wow so comforting, excuse us while we grab the q-tips.

Blowflies are attracted to bad smells and dirty conditions, And sadly the girl and her family lived in a house that was less than hygiene. It took two Operations and three hours of surgery to get rid of all the maggots, but thankfully she should be just fine.

9. Pea Plant

Massachusetts resident runs badeen had been dealing with lung issues for a month. He found himself constantly Short of breath, and was eventually taken to the hospital because of his symptoms. When doctors found a grainy spot on an x-ray of phidian's lung, he prepared himself for the worst news, fearing that he had lung cancer.

Luckily, it turns out that it wasn't lung cancer at all, but Sveden just had a classic case of pea plant in his love. Yes, Apparently at some point when he was eating peas, one simply went down the wrong way and ended up in his lung. It had actually split and begun to sprout when it was removed. Sounds strange, but the warm and moist conditions in his lung enabled the pea plant to actually grow. Feel free to keep this cautionary tale in minds and next time your parents try to force you to eat your veggies.

Although he had to go through surgery to remove the pea, Sveden was just relieved that it wasn't cancer. He says that his first post-surgery meal at the hospital came with a side of peas, and he fearlessly ate them anyways.

10. Fir Tree

It seems that America and Russia are always in competition with one another. You know how it goes; an American grows a pea plant in his lungs, so a man from Russia Just has to go and grow a per tree in his. This one upping really needs to stop. Artyom Sidorkin had been complaining about chest pains, and had begun to cough up blood. Fearing the worst, doctors confirmed a mass growing in one of his lungs. Nothing about his symptoms or the x-ray looked unusual, so doctors were confident that cancer was the culprit.

When they opened him up to operate, they examined his lung tissue and found something so shocking that the surgeon thought he was hallucinating. It appears that Sidorkin inhaled a seed that had started growing inside of his lung. The tree was just under 2 inches long, But that's frankly two inches longer than we'd like a foreign object in our lungs to be. Thankfully, Sidorkin was able to recover after his surgery.

Surgeons leaving behind instruments in patients is a shockingly common issue. Between 2005 and 2012, a reported 772 foreign instruments were accidentally left behind. Out of those nearly 800 people, 16 of them sadly did not survive their horrifying experience.

11. Squid

A woman in 2012 was enjoying a meal of partially boiled squid, a delicacy in South Korea. While eating she felt a stinging sensation in her mouth and spat out the squid. Despite spitting it out, she continued to have strange sensations in her tongue and cheek. She went to have it examined and was shocked when the doctor extracted 12 small, white spindle - shaped creatures from her mouth. Apparently the sperm sack of the squid had not been removed and had burst when she bit into it, causing the squid to inseminate in her mouth.

12. Hairball

An 18 year old girl from Chicago admitted herself to the hospital in 2007 complaining of stomach cramps, vomiting, and weight loss of nearly 40 pounds. Doctors took x-rays of her abdomen where they found a large, dark mass. What they found in surgery was a 10-pound hairball that was over a foot long wedged in her stomach. Apparently the young woman had a habit of chewing on her hair and over the years, it had collected into a ball.

13. Potato

A 22 year old woman in Columbia was brought to the hospital experiencing abdominal pain. While examining the young woman, a nurse thought it was a joke when she saw roots Sprouting from the woman's privates. The girl admitted that her mother had advised her that placing a potato in her vagina was a method of contraception so that she wouldn't get pregnant. The potato had begun to grow after being inside her for two weeks since potatoes thrive in dark and humid environments.

14. Teratoma

Twenty-six year old Yamini Karanam, a student in Indiana, began having trouble speaking and reading. She was also having trouble eating and was experiencing head pain that radiated throughout her entire body. When she went to the hospital doctors discovered a tumor near the center of her brain. When she went into surgery the doctors were shocked to discover that it was not an ordinary tumor, but a Teratoma. Teratomas or 'monster tumors' are tumors that contain bone, hair, teeth and can even contain limbs and eyes., Once the teratoma was removed, karanam went on to make a full recovery.

15. Dandelion

In Beijing China, a 16 month old toddler was crying and scratching at her ear for months until her mother noticed something inside. Not able to get it out herself, they went to the doctor. Inside her ear canal, they found a two centimeter long partly flowering dandelion growing and completely filling the canal wall. The weed needed to be surgically removed.

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Slovenia
Located just west of Croatia, south of Austria and sandwiched between Hungary and Italy lies the natural beauty of Slovenia. For this installment, we’re back on the road, making a stop at this European wonder! So get ready for the carnival, prepare the potica, and enjoy these top 10 facts about Slovenia.

10. Dining in Slovenia
Should you ever visit Slovenia, you’re probably wondering what sort of food you’ll be chowing down on. Thanks to a diverse landscape, climate, and nearby influential cultures, the types of dishes common on dining room tables are quite eclectic. Traditional dishes include kranjska klobasa, a Slovenian sausage similar to kielbasa; the nut roll potica; prekmurska gibanica, a classic dessert made from poppy seeds, walnuts, apples, raisins, and ricotta; and bujta repa, pickled turnips with pork. Visitors will also enjoy domestic made wines, bovec cheese, dessert dumplings, Soca trout, polenta and potatoes, and Meat-stuffed ocvirkovca bread.

9. A Land of Biological Diversity
The land inhabited by the country of Slovenia is more than just a home for Slovenes. In fact, Slovenia has been considered a spot of incredible biodiversity, and with over 15,000 different animal species, 6,000 plant species, and 5,000 fungi species, it’s a label that's been earned. Approximately 10% of Slovenia is protected with national parks covering a variety of grasslands, woodlands, forests, and over a dozen mountainous peaks. Inhabiting these beautiful landscapes include pheasant, wildcats, olm, wolves, lynx, brown bears, roe deer, swans, Europe’s largest butterfly, the Giant peacock moth, and a wide variety of reptiles like the viviparous lizard, grass snake and over 90 different species of bird.

8. Slovenia’s Carnival Time!
Depending on where you are, the concept of a carnival has different meanings. Slovenia embraces the fun and ritual of carnivals in not one, but several of its cities, from Cerknica to Ptuj. The most popular of these extravagant festivals is Kurentovanje, a 10-day rite of spring on Shrove Sunday in Ptuj to celebrate the end of winter. Upwards of 10,000 festive Slovenes join in on the carnival in Slovenia’s oldest documented city where groups of kurents don sheepskin garments and wield wooden clubs. Along with Kurentovanje, other traditional carnivals celebrated in Slovenia include Laufarija, which features Pust, a character sentenced to death for all the world’s ills; the carnival at Cerknica, which falls between Shrove Thursday and Ash Wednesday; and the carnival of Ljubljana on Shrove Saturday.

7. Famous Slovenes
If you’re wondering who are some of the most revered people from Slovenia, all you have to do is look at the country’s banknotes. Plastered on the 10, 500, and 10,000 Tolar notes are notable Slovenes like Primoz Trubar, the 16th century leader of the Protestant revolution and author of the first book written in Slovenian; Joze Plecnik, the architect whose influence is found all over Ljubljana; and Ivan Cankar, Slovenian writer who was once revered as a great author in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Not quite on the country’s note, but still famous, are composer Hugo Wolf, Slovenian World Cup alpine ski racer Tina Maze, painter Rihard Jakopi?, NHL’s Los Angeles Kings’ centre and alternate captain Anze Kopitar, actress Ita Rina, and Drago Jancar. What about the big YouTubers from Slovenia? Be sure to check out Tiger Productions, Darkhorse and Talking Ginger.

6. Innovators and Inventions of Slovenia
Slovenia may be well known for its biodiversity, but there’s not much chatter about the inventions that have come from the country’s best engineers and innovators. Among them, France Rode, the man best known for his work on Hewlett-Packard’s HP-35 pocket calculator and RFID, or radio-frequency identification chips. Providing improvements to dialysis machines in the hospitals he worked in was Ivan Kramberger, while plastic surgeon Marko Godina was the first to perform a temporary ectopic transplant from an amputated hand to the axilla. Other patents that came from Slovenia include a spherical liquid crystal laser, a foldable chair known as the “REX” chair, and the photographic slide frame.

5. Slovenian Attractions and Sites
With diverse landscapes and rich history backing it, Slovenia is a hot spot for beautiful sites and engaging attractions. Among them is an intriguing spot known as the Old Vine House, located in the city of Maribor. The house is not so much the main attraction of this site, as it is right by what is considered the oldest vine in the world that still bears grapes. Grand structures like Predjama Castle, Basilica of Our Mother of Mercy, and Veliki Tabor Castle also make for great photo opportunities, but people wanting to get closer to nature will want to check out the Skocjan Caves, Postojna Cave, Triglav National Park, and Lake Bled, which hosts an age-old wedding tradition where the groom carries the bride up Bled Island’s 99-step staircase.

4. Records Broken in Slovenia
World’s oldest vine aside, Slovenia has many other recognized records under its belt. In fact, in 2014 alone, the country had contributed over 20 different records to the Guinness World Records. From the longest distance cycled on an exercise bike to the largest postcard, which measured in at 52.48 sq. meters or 564 sq. feet, to even the incredible feat of gathering together the largest amount of accordions. Other amazing, if not odd, records broken in Slovenia include the biggest cave castle, largest sour turnip hot pot, and greatest distance on a solo, unpaced cycle in 24 hours.

3. Prehistoric Slovenia
There’s a lot to Slovenia’s history, but it starts long before you may think. Hell Cave in the Loza Woods is believed to show signs of earliest human settlement in the form of stone tools dated as far back as 250,000 years. An archaeological site in caves near the village of Sebrelje also revealed the oldest known musical instrument, which was uncovered in 1995. Before Neanderthals and pile-dwellers were said to inhabit post-glacial period Slovenia, dinosaurs roamed the countryside. Dinosaur footprints, or as the locals called them “bear paws,” dating back to the Triassic period have been found near the settlement of Godovic, though they have proven insufficient enough to determine what species had left them.

2. The Ten Day War
It’s not common for wars to last for a short span, but the Ten-Day War, or Slovenian Independence War, started on June 27th, 1991 and ended July 7th of the same year, making it one of the shortest wars ever in history. On June 25th, Slovenians declared independence from Yugoslavia, leading to a civil war between the Slovenian Territorial Defense and the Yugoslav People’s Army. Over the course of the short fight, over 50 soldiers were killed, over 300 wounded, and nearly 4,600 Yugoslavs were held prisoner by the Slovenian forces. The conflict ceased with the signing of the Brioni Agreement, though it did little to stop the Yugoslav Wars from continuing for almost 11 years.

1. Sports in Slovenia
Dinosaur tracks, oldest vine in the world, carnivals – there’s a lot of interesting tidbits to Slovenia, but one thing the country is incredibly enthusiastic over is its sports. Football, basketball, ice hockey, handball, and skiing are the most popular sports in the country, with athletes like skier Tina Maze, football stars Robert Korean, Jan Oblak, and Valter Brisa; hockey players Jan Mursak, David Rodman, and Rok Ticar; and basketball stars Beno Udrih, Sani Becirovic, Primoz Brezec, and Vinko Jelovac. Slovenia has also had a strong presence in the Olympics, having taken home twenty-three medals at the Summer Olympics and fifteen medals at the Winter Olympics.

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Singapore
At this point, I trust everybody ought to have heard that Singapore was a dull angling town ever. In 1965, Singapore abruptly got itself a free state as it was requested that leave by different states after racial and political strains prompted riots in the between Chinese and Malays. With no characteristic assets and couple of commercial ventures, Singapore went from quality to monetary quality, adding to its port offices, budgetary administrations, IT industry and refineries, building swathes of streets, open lodging and healing facilities. Even still, there are plenty of places to visit in Singapore today. Individuals had now thought that it was difficult to monitor the progressions Singapore had, particularly in tourism industry. So Singapore pumped various shots of adrenaline in this industry by having Formula One Night Race, Arts and Musical scenes from universal acts and working on incorporated resorts and clubhouse. Along these lines, be it a stopover or only a getaway, you need to see the main 10 attractions in Singapore.

10. Raffles Hotel
To start off our list of places to visit in Singapore, we look at Pools Hotel, an incredible lodging and a national landmark, was opened in 1887. It is a serene shelter of white, veranda-encased, provincial style structures with terracotta-tiled pitched rooftops. The lodging has now obtained an overall notoriety for fine administration and nourishment, with a beguiling mix of traditional design and tropical greenery enclosures. At the back of the building is the Raffles Courtyard where it serves a menu of Italian dishes in a perfect in the open air eating space. There are night alternatives in Raffles Hotel. The Jubilee Hall has a wide range of functions and occasions consistently, shopping arcade having bespoke tailors, classical stores, extravagance boutiques and Raffles memorabilia, bars and eateries having beverages and mixed drinks.

9. The Singapore River
The Singapore River is a spot where Singapore advanced history starts. At the point when Sir Stamford Raffles initially arrived at this spot, there were marshes, coolies, throws out and stockrooms. Presently the waterway is lined with verdant walkways, shops and diners. There are stream travels where one can take to appreciate the sights along the bank. Toward the begin of the waterway bank, you can see a high statue of the water-heaving Merlion. This statue remains at a tallness of 8.3m and is a tourism symbol of Singapore. It was said that the old Singapore author, Sang Nila Utama, had recognized a lion on the lion around 14the century. The waterway voyage will wend its approach to Boat Quay and Clarke Quay, going under a few authentic scaffolds and will take around 30 minutes. On the off chance that you had decided on a 45 minutes voyage, it will bring you promote down to Robertson Quay. Robertson Quay was loaded with distribution centers in the long time past days. Presently, the stockrooms were changed over to bars and eateries and some are supplanted by extravagance condo.

8. The Singapore Flyer
Opened in 2008, the Singapore Flyer one of the most popular places to visit in Singapore, is a monster Ferris wheel in Singapore. Remaining at the edge of Marina and a noteworthy stature of 541ft, you can see the engineering of Marina Bay Sands and astounding perspective of Singapore all through the ride. There are 28 containers and every aerated and cooled case can take up to 28 individuals. The ride takes around 35 minutes and there is editorial on the points of interest all through the ride. There is additionally a three-story air terminal style working at the base of the wheel, including shopping and eating choices.

7. Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands, ranks among the places to visit in Singapore, is the most costly improvement worked by the American gambling club resort goliath, Las Vegas Sands. The resort had turned into a notorious piece of Singapore horizon when it opened in 2010. The Israeli draftsman, Moshe Safdie, had planned this engineering perfect work of art to look like a surfboard sitting on top of three skyscraper lodging structures. This super recreation amusement and cordiality complex components a club, lavish lodgings, tradition offices, top of the line boutiques, theater, dance club, bars and eateries. Nearby the building is the Art Science Museum, an one of a kind white shaded lotus-formed building, where it houses displays showing craftsmanship, science and media innovation. This building will consolidate into a laser light demonstrate each night.

6. Gardens by the Bay
The Gardens by the Bay ranks among the best places to visit in Singapore. It’s a grant winning green fascination that offers more than 250,000 uncommon plants in a finished patio nurseries and centers. This 100 hectare complex is part into three water-front spaces, in particular Bay South, Hothouses and Dining in the recreation center. Narrows South, a 16-story tall vertical greenhouse, is intended to gather water, produce sunlight based power and go about as venting conduits for the recreation center’s studios. OCBC Skyway is a walkway between two Supertrees where one can get a 10,000 foot perspective of the patio nurseries and the Marina Bay range. Nurseries are extraordinary for a night walk where there are tropical trees and blooms. The Cloud Forest has the world’s biggest indoor waterfall and the Flower Dome has plants from the Mediterranean and semi-and subtropical areas. Feasting in the recreation center is a spot where there is an assortment of eating choices. Not just it offers a Mediterranean-impacted, advanced European cooking, it additionally offers an easygoing setting of Supertree Dining from noodles and fast food choices to Singapore staples.

5. Esplanade Park
The Esplanade Park was a standout amongst not just places to visit in Singapore but also among the most well known open air spots for both the European and Asian groups amid the pilgrim time. There is a Tan Kim Seng Fountain at the recreation center’s northern end where it develops out of appreciation for the altruist who set up the main freshwater supply in Singapore. At the recreation center‘s southern end, Lim Bo Seng Memorial was worked to devote to the World War II saint who drove the counter Japanese resistance development, Force 136. In the event that you see two enormous, spiked shells complex, this is the Esplanade-Theaters on the Bay. This complex is planned by British draftsman Michael Wilford and Singapore DP Architects where it is a performing expressions venue which incorporates a show lobby theater, open air theater and in addition exhibition space, a performing expressions library and a shopping center.

4. Sentosa
Sentosa is situated at the south of Singapore and is the biggest recreational seaward island. The British had utilized the island as an army installation until 1967. Today, Sentosa is a relaxation play area with galleries, authentic sights, amusement parks, nature trails and wearing exercises. Sentosa has magnificent transport system where you can take to achieve the sights you needed to see. Throughout the years, Sentosa has gotten significant facelifts and got to be mass business sector traveler paradise. There is Underwater world where you can stroll through the fish tanks in glass burrows, Resorts World which has an oceanium, water park, Universal Studios, clubhouse and inns. On the off chance that you are an enterprise seeker, you can go to Siloso Beach where you can experiment with an indoor skydiving wind passage and Wave House for a recreated surf experience.

3. Singapore Botanic Garden
In 1822, Sir Stamford Raffles had built up Botanic Gardens at the base of Government Hill and the gathering was moved to its present site at 1859. Throughout the years, the greenhouses had been broadened and arranged. Today, the Botanic Garden is currently an UNESCO World Heritage and in among the top to-visit places to visit in Singapore. The National Orchid Garden is the highlight of the Botanic Garden. It has the most noteworthy presentation of the tropical orchids on the planet. With a Cool House for a high elevation of Orchids in common settings, it has more than 1,000 species and 2,000 half and halves. The greenery enclosure is prevalent with its local people, who run and excursion and go to the incessant outside shows in Palm Valley. The patio nursery is best investigated in the relative cool morning or at night.

2. Singapore Zoo and River Safari
Path back to 1960s, the British had left a ragbag of family pets when they hauled out of Singapore. The 69 sections of land Singapore Zoo was formally opened in 1973 where it is currently home to more than 300 species, for example, tigers, orangutans, komodo mythical serpents, brilliant lion and jeopardized species. There is reproducing programs started for imperiled species, which had made some progress. At the passageway, you can observe the creature appears and nourishing times posted with the goal that you can arrange the visit. There is a cable car administration (at additional charge) where you can take to visit the zoo. Waterway Safari, the main Asia stream themed safari park, was opened in 2013. The recreation center is partitioned into various zones – Mississippi, Congo, Nile, Gangers, Murray, Mekong and Yangtze waterways and one can walk around the recreation center and experience local untamed life to the waterways. The recreation center is home toward the Southeast Asia’s biggest panda show, Jia and Kai and the world’s biggest freshwater aquarium. One can take a ride on the Amazon River Quest and to appreciate the pontoon enterprise that buoys past more than 30 types of creatures, which incorporates mammoth insect eating animal and panthers.

1. Jurong Bird Park
Jurong Bird Park is the greatest in Asia Pacific and very natural came first in our list of places to visit in Singapore. This 49 sections of land flying creature park is home to more than 5,000 fowls with 380 species from everywhere throughout the world. The Waterfall Aviary is the most terrific range in the recreation center where it is a 5 sections of land woods containing more than 1,500 African winged creatures and has a 100-feet man-made waterfall. On the off chance that you would prefer not to visit the recreation center by foot, you can jump on a cable car to have an outline of the recreation center. On the off chance that you need to spot nearby species, you can go to Southeast Asian Bird Aviary where it contains more than 260 types of feathered creatures. There is likewise the African Wetlands display where you can see the African renowned crane. There is Jungle Jewels where it is a stroll through aviary containing hummingbirds and other South African species.

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