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10 Creepiest Websites

10. Rent-a-Hitman
Using encrypted we browsers, hundreds of hit-men offer their services to kill people in bespoke methods entirely of your choosing: $50 for every broken bone, $350 for a light shake down, and at least $20,000 for an assassination. Murder options include ‘natural causes’, ‘unfortunate accident’, ‘evening assault’, and ‘classic hit’. Payment is usually accepted in Bitcoin, the deep web’s untraceable currency. But some of these companies do have morals: no children under 16, and no top 10 politicians.

9. Plane Crash Info
‘Planecrashinfo’ is a collection of voice recordings and transcripts from the most devastating and renowned plane crashes since the 1960s. Receiving 65,000 visitors every month, its most famous attraction is the 9/11 terrorist attack. The 2001 transcript of United Airlines’ flight 93 is documented from the moment Al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked the plane before crashing into a Pennsylvanian field, killing all on-board. The last words of pilots include ""We're finished"", ""We're going down"" and ""Mountains!""

8. Creepypasta
Creepypasta is home to the scariest ghost stories online, receiving over 610,000 monthly visits. Slenderman is their most notorious child-napping legend, thanks to the real crimes he has inspired. In 2014 two 12-year-olds killed a classmate by stabbing her 19 times. That same year, another creepypasta fan set her family’s house on fire while her mother and brother slept inside. Both cases were found to have been influenced by the internet meme. The character has also been linked to a spike in US teen suicides.

7. IRL Cannibals
Begun in 1994 the Cannibal Cafe was an online forum serving those looking for like-minded people they could eat or be eaten by. Serving those with a fetish for human flesh, users could specify their preference by body size, height and hair color. As well as offering cooking methods, threads included adverts selling frozen human meat. The site closed in 2002 after a German man was arrested for killing and eating another man.

6. Gore websites
Known as ‘hurtcore’, gore websites post graphic photos and videos of gruesome and often fatal injuries under the guise of providing uncensored news. Receiving up to 700,000 visitors every month, features range from animal abuse to gruesome close ups of diseased skin. One site ran a 'special' theme week featuring images of deceased infants. Titles also include, ‘Meat Grinder: very unfortunate kitchen mishap’, and ‘Couple killed in bear attack’. Ouch.

5. Suicide guide
The internet is awash with 'how-to guides' to assist the 50,000 people who Google for suicide tips every month. Outlining effective ways to commit suicide, they list pros and cons to each method, as well as giving the odds for the likelihood of death. The pain level of death by train collision, cyanide and other options are also provided, alongside length of time until death. Some websites are especially exploitative, advertising suicide guides to depressed customers that cost at least $20.

4. Shaye Saint John
According to internet legend, the fictional character of Shaye Saint John was a disfigured supermodel rebuilt with annequin parts and subject to CIA mind-control experiments. With juddery editing, sinister music and terrifying masks, Shaye has creeped us out for seven years, before her creator Eric Fournier died in 2010. The site’s lo-fi, poor design, and bizarre humor has attracted a huge cult fan base. Despite there being no updates since Fournier's death, the site still receives at least 55,000 visits each month.

3. Pro Ana
70 million people worldwide suffer from an eating disorder, two thirds of whom visit support forums like Pro Ana. But rather than advise sufferers of a cure, so-called 'thinspiration' sites promote anorexic and bulimic lifestyles. They offer tips on crash dieting, and advise how to hide sudden weight loss from parents. Today, one of the largest Pro Ana websites has over 65,000 visits a month and over 1.5 million posts. Left untreated, up to 20% of anorexia sufferers will die from their disease, which ultimately causes organ failure.

2. Human Leather does what it says on the tin, providing bespoke products created from body matter. Acquired from the corpses of those who have donated their bodies, skin taken from the back and torso is crafted into belts, wallets and shoes, which can cost up to $27,000. Shocking as this might be, the company asserts that what they are doing is perfectly legal. In fact, human leather has been used for centuries, with skin often used in 17th century bookbinding.

1. Surveillance Sites
Websites like Opentopia and Insecam allow users to spy on other people through webcams. Users are able to watch kids play in kindergarten, see traffic accidents happen in real time, and even spy into peoples’ homes. The sites claim that the webcams are not hacked, just unsecured. However, Insecam has used hacked cameras in the past, showing images of sleeping babies, gyms, and families at home. One woman has even claimed that hackers turned on her webcam whenever she took a bath. These feeds are often shown with the exact coordinates of the location of the camera.

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