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15 Most Bizarre Hobbies Around the World

1. Toy Voyaging, Worldwide
The idea behind the toy voyaging hobby is to give people the opportunity to send your toys off on an adventure in various place across the world. The website, ToyVoyagers, allows you to choose a temporary home for your toy, wherever you please around the world, and send them off on their way. You can be updated on what they're getting up to using the travel log which lets you to write to your toy as well as send and receive pictures from them. As soon as you're missing then too much, you just have to contact your toy's hosts and ask for them to be sent home.

2. Extreme Ironing, United Kingdom
Extreme Ironing was first founded in 1997, in Leicester, UK, by a man who was fed up with the boring chore that is ironing. He decided to take his ironing outside, and from there the hobby grew, seeing individuals take to mountains, helicopters, caves and even mid-air during a skydive, to iron their clothes. This bizarre hobby somehow managed to gain quite a following and eventually lead to the creating of a book, DVD and even a Channel 4 documentary on the activity.

3. Competitive Dog Grooming, China
The craze of competitive dog grooming involves grooming your dog in the most eccentric ways possible, leaving them looking like anything from Yoda to the entire cast of Madagascar. This hobby takes an incredible amount of time and effort, but if you're successful at competing in the increasing number of competitions available, you could find yourself winning up to $30,000 in a single event.

4. Mooing, USA
In the American state of Wisconsin, there is a widely celebrated competition where competitors must imitate the sounds of a cow to the best of their ability. This competition attracts a surprising amount of entrants, with many practicing the hobby all year round for the occasion. The latest winner was a ten-years-old named Austin who shows a particular talent with this hobby. Austin receive $1,000, a cow print jacket, a golden cow bell and a year's worth of free subs from Cousins Subs when he won at the State Fair for the best 'moo'.

5. Train Surfing, Germany
Train surfing began in the 1980s in Germany, and despite its dangerous nature, has continued to grow as a hobby. The activity involves jumping on the outside of passenger trains and hitching a ride. This is obviously an extremely unsafe hobby with over 40 people in Germany having die in 2008 alone from attempting to partake in the activity. 

6. Tattooing Vehicles, Taiwan
A Taiwanese pensioner has entirely original hobby, he enjoys tattooing virtuous words from Buddhist texts onto all of his automobiles. His family have had to forbid him from buying any new vehicles as they know exactly what will happen to them. However, his grandson has made some money for himself, he will buy his grandad a big bus so that he can fully indulge in his hobby.

7. News-Bombing, United Kingdom
One English man has a particularly unusual hobby. He makes a point to find out the locations of live news reports and then ensures that he'll be there, in the background, whilst the journalist films. He's made it onto many high-status news reports and, whilst many believe he is just a man that's desperate to be on television, he claims that his aim is to make a serious point about broadcasters only allowing good looking people on their screens.

8. Collecting Navel Fluff, Australia
A hobby which Australian, Graham Barker, has indulged in for half of his life is probably the most bizarre and disgusting of the lot. From 1984, Graham has been harvesting his navel fluff and adding it to his collection which now weighs 22.1 grams, after 26 years of collecting. No one really knows why Graham began this hobby of his, but we're pretty sure it's not going to be overtaking the likes of knitting or fishing in popularity anytime soon.

9. Ecstasy Collection, Netherlands
In 2009 the Dutch authorities received a rather unusual report when a man phoned about the theft of hid ecstasy collection. This man's hobby had seen him acquire a collection of over 2,400 ecstasy tablets which he kept in coin folders. Fully aware that his hobby was extremely illegal, he felt that he had to report them missing as he worried for whoever had stolen them, claiming that the collection would be greatly poisonous if they were consumed.

10. Collecting In-Flight Sick Bags, Singapore
One of the original founders of this hobby is a 'Baggist' from Singapore who has managed to collect 388 different bags from 186 airlines in 81 countries, with his collection still growing. Although to most this may be considered a slightly odd hobby, it has taken off to an extent where there are now websites available for fellow 'Baggists' to buy and trade any sick bags they may not have found yet, discuss their bags with fellow enthusiasts, and even get there hands on a starter kit if they're new to the hobby.

11. Bug Fighting, Japan
Bug fight, we have to say, is a bit of a twisted hobby which originated in japan. Various different insects are entered into a small plastic arena and left to battle, often to the death. These are then recorded and the videos placed on the internget where a surprisingly wide audience tunes in to watch. Many compare these fights to a real-life version of the popular television series and video game, Pokemon.

12. Fork Bending, Japan
The art of fork bending involves the theory that by concentrating your mind on bending a fork, one will then be able to complete the action easily with minimal physical effort. There are some which claim this can be done without any physical contribution, purely using the power of their minds, but this seems a touch far-fetched to us.

13. Painting the Largest Ball of Paint, USA
A hobby which began back in 1977 when Mike Carmichael decided to paint over one of his baseballs, has led to the creation of this 3,500 pound paint-covered ball, with over 22,894 coats layered upon it. Mike's baseball has become something of a local tourist attraction, and he happily welcomes anyone who wishes to visit and add a layer if they wish. His only rule is that each coat must be a different colour from the previous layer.

14. Hikaru Dorodango, Japan
Hikaru Dorodango involves the process of rolling mud into a ball, then methodically dusting it with finely sifted soil and repeating the process over and over several times to create a smooth and shiny surface. Effectively, this hobby is polishing dirt to create a shiny, stone-like sphere. This was originally a traditional past time amongst the children of Japan, but the exact reason it ever began in the first place is not known.

15. Soap Carving, Thailand
Soap carving is a hobby which is actually viewed very passionately in Thailand. It's common to see hand carved soap flowers being sold at the night markets along with other handcrafted souvenirs. Whilst the end result is often impressive, we wonder how anyone can have the patience to do such intricate and time consuming work, all for a pretty bar of soap.

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