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5 Deadly Ufo Attacks on Earth

5. Lucknow Attacks
In August 2002, panic broke out in Lucknow, India as stories of brightly colored orbs attacking residents spread. The Associate Press reported that at least 7 people died of unexplained injuries that were similar to electrocution. Witnesses described being stuck by sparkling lights that burned survivors and ripped open the bodies of those who died. Officials tried to blame carnivorous insects, but the explanation only fueled rumors of a giant bug-shaped mothership. Following the emergence of video evidence of the orbs, officials admitted “anti-national” technology may have been involve.

4. Joao Prestes Filho
In March 1946, Joao Prestes Filho reportedly staggered into the village of Aracariguama, Brazil, with flesh melting from his bones. He stated he had earlier had the ominous sensation of being watched and followed as he was out fishing the Tieté River and upon returning home, he saw a strange glowing craft in the sky before he was suddenly struck by an intense beam of light. Witnesses said Fiho was wrapped in sheets that became burned black as he was carried to the hospital where he died. Locals blamed the “Boitatá,” a legendary fire snake that may have been invented to explain ancient UFO sightings and attacks.

3. Arcesio Bermudez
In July 1969, multiple witnesses supposedly tracked a large glowing UFO in the sky above Anolaima, Colombia. When the craft landed on a hilltop, Arcesio Bermudez approached the site and observed a humanoid creature in the cockpit. The mysterious object then let forth a burst of light before rising above the trees and disappearing from sight. Bermudez stumbled back terrified to the rest of the group and began exhibiting sings of a terrible illness. It is said that over the next 2 days his skin developed blue spots before he died from unexplained gastroenteritis.

2. Jonathan Lovette
It is alleged that a Sgt. Jonathan Lovette failed to return from a mission at the White Sands Missile Range in March 1956 and that his partner, Mjr. William Cunningham, claimed he saw Lovette abducted by a UFO hovering over the sand dunes. Cunningham described a silver saucer-shaped craft that grabbed Lovette and pulled him aboard using a brightly glowing lasso. Even though White Sands was the site of a number of Project Blue Book UFO reports, some believed the case was a simple murder, however, Lovette’s body was discovered 3 days later without eyes, a tongue, or blood, and the case was classified.

1. Todd Sees
In August 2002, Todd Sees was found dead deep in a Pennsylvania forest wearing only his underwear and with his boots in a tree. There had been reports of a metallic UFO in the area in the nights before his death that was causing powerlines to spark and one witness described a craft that appeared to lift a figure from the trees in a shaft of light. Sees had only missing for 2 days, yet his body was described as being bizarrely emaciated with a look of terror. A cause of death was never fully determined, and his family was not allowed to see the body before burial in a sealed coffin.

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