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5 Monsters From Urban Legends That Actually Exist

The Green Man was long said to live and hide in an abandoned Pennsylvania railroad tunnel know as Piney Fork. He would supposedly appear if you called out to him, and witnesses swore he was glowing green from an old electrical accident. He would supposedly appear if you called out to him, and witnesses swore he was glowing green from an old electrical accident. Presented as a creepy monster who would shock his victims, few could have imagined that the Green May urban legend was true. Raymond Robinson, sometimes known as Charlie No-Face, actually suffered a near-death electrocution in real-life. The ghostly figure was left badly scarred by the accident and could only walk the streets at night due to his grotesque deformities.

According to legend, the Bunny Man escaped from a shuttered Virginia insane asylum after a bus transferring him crashed and he was soon on the loose in the countryside leaving skinned and half-eaten rabbits hanging from and overpasses. The man had been convicted of murdering his family on Easter, and it is said he moved from preying on rabbits to stalking humans. While fleeing a police search, the deranged killer was allegedly hit by a train, leaving behind a ghost that haunted the area. While no Bunny Man records exist, there are instead true reports of an unidentified Axe Man who attacked cars wearing a bunny suit.

Staten Island’s Cropsey allegedly prowled playgrounds in the dark and snatched children with his hooked hand. The boys and girls would be dragged to the ruins of the Seaview sanatorium where they would be tortured by the maniac. First told by parents to frighten bad children, the legend took a sinister turn with the discovery of a real body found left near the abusive Willowbrook school for mentally challenged children and linked to a former employee, Andre Rand. Rand had been living in the woods around the institutions and was linked to the disappearances of at least 4 local children.

Appearing in stories to explain creepy homes and neighbors, the Corpse Collector is said to keep human specimens in his basement sometimes dug up from local graves, and sometimes “collected” from the freshly butchered corpses of locals gone missing. A number of real life horrors closely match the stories, including that of Harrison Graham, a real-life cookie “monster” who entertained children with a blue puppet during the day and killed and collected woman in his rundown apartment at night. Also fitting the tale is Anatoly Moskvin who stole at least 29 bodies from a cemetery to dress up as life-sized faceless human dolls.

Long believed to only be a legend, the Dog Boy of Arkansas was actually inspired by serial animal torturer, Gerald Floyd Bettis who was obsessed with experimenting on the dogs he kidnapped and hoarded in a special extension to his home. Bored of small prey, Bettis’s fascination with violence eventually manifested itself in the imprisonment of his parents. The elderly couple was kept locked in Bettis’s attic where they were fed like dogs and subjected to terrible abuse. Subsequent owners of the home have reported witnessing the glaring ghost of Bettis in the form of an animal-human hybrid.

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