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6 Strangest Korean Foods

Are you brave enough?

1. Sun-dae
Sundae is cow or pig intestine stuffed with various fillings. The romanization is an exact copy of the English dessert, but has absolutely nothing in common with it. It is one of the most popular street foods in Korea.

2. Beon-de-gi
You will know when this snack is nearby by its strong smell. These are boiled or steamed silkworm larvae and people often drink alcohol like Soju with this snack.

3. Cheon-guk-jang
This is another dish with a very strong smell. Most people enjoy it once they taste it though. It includes fermented soybeans which is where the strong smell comes from.

4. Dak-ddong-jib
Often called chicken rectum, it is actually gizzard which is another part of the digestive tract of the chicken.

5. Hong-eo
This is fermented skate fish and has smell that people often compare to ammonia. Many people can't stand it, but certain people Aquire a taste for it.

6. San-nak-ji
Live octopus. Yep, go ahead and try it. Chew very very well or you could choke.

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