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Top 15 Scary Ghost Sightings Caught on Camera by Youtubers

Top 15 Scary Ghost Sightings Caught on Camera by Youtubers

Tom Buckmaster runs a series where he investigates his supposedly haunted home. He claims that this was never the goal for his channel but as more and more strange things began to happen, he realized he should capture it on camera. Tom has several convincing videos where voices, movement and ghost like orbs can be seen. This video, however, is among his most popular. The video was filmed in February 2016. Tom explains that he was doing this as an experiment to his haunted environment. He gathers a camera with night vision, several toys and a k2 meter which is used to test radio waves and any interference with those waves.

Tom also stays in a room some distance from this experiment, to use his spirit box; which is another device that uses radio waves but it’s said that spirits can manipulate these waves and communicate. As Tom speaks to the spirit, the radio waves are manipulated in a way that the messages  “I’m here.

What I know, I’m fine” are passed through.

Top 15 Scary Ghost Sightings Caught on Camera by Youtubers Toys Moving

While this spirit box session was happening, the other experiment was receiving a high amount of activity. The teddy bear is knocked over several times, loud knocking can be heard, and the k2 meter runs wild while sensing a presence. Again, this is just one example of some of the evidence Tom has caught on tape. The idea that this house has intense spiritual activity just adds to the idea that this is genuine footage.

Before we go any further, do you think ghosts are real? Let me know in the comments with a simple yes or no. My answer would be yes, though I’ve never personally seen one. It's a proven fact that generosity makes you a happier person, so if you're generous enough to like this video then thank you.

14. Uninvited Guest
Guava Juice is a channel run by a man known as Roi Wasabi. The channel is mostly dedicated to gaming and the like, but there are these rare videos that showcase the haunting of Rois house. In this video he explains that he has just woken up from a nap because he heard a loud knocking. When he went to his door no one was there and he heard the knocking again.

He goes on to explain that this has been going on for several days so he decides to investigate. As he talks about an apparent tragic history that occurred within the home, he hears more knocking and several items in the home moving. Once he realizes the sound is coming from the attic, he attempts to open it but quickly changes his mind as he is too unsettled.

He puts the camera down to look outside and make sure it’s nothing on the roof or in his backyard. As he is gone the sliding glass door opens and closes clearly on it’s own. The guitar in the center of the room makes a sound as if it were strummed and a loud knocking begins to occur. Eventually the camera is pushed down and fiddled with. The knocking continues before Roi comes in to report that nothing was found outside.

13. Orbs That Follow
Fashion and life vlogger xBrittney89 shared this evidence with her subscribers on June 5th, 2016. She explained that she had been experience paranormal activity for some time, and wanted to finally share so that her viewers could give her advice. She’s clearly shaken up as she explains the events that led to these perplexing images. The story starts 5 years prior, when her and her younger brother had a terrifying experience in their home.

Her young brother claimed to see a red person in the doorway, Brittney then decided to take some photos to review later. The several photos that she presents include orb like imagery that move throughout the room as she does. One specific orb even seems to move closer to the camera. Light orbs can often be explained as lens flare or dust specs in the camera. However, these are very large flares that can’t be easily explained considering the lighting provided.

She also explains that she felt a cold numbing sensation in her arm and the photo she took right beside her shows an orb that seems to be exactly where her arm would be. More importantly, the pure fear that Brittney expresses is enough to make this story a little unnerving.

12. Brick House Ghost
Jessi Vee, a vlogger, presents this story about her sister exploring an abandoned building. The building was from 1912 and had been used to mass produce bricks, but was abandoned in 1958. Her younger sister decided to explore the creepy location just for laughs. While the beginning of her trip was uneventful things quickly became disturbing.

While in the building one of the girls apparently saw a black figure stand up from a corner, and at the same time the group heard loud crashing noises. They all took off without a second guess. When viewing their snapchats and photos later, they found a haunting image that possibly shows a real life spirit. The caption of the snapchat states “No ghosts yet”, which is pretty ironic considering the apparition so clearly in the background.

It appears to be two white arms and a white head, a person in almost a hunched stance. This was the only evidence the group got, but in conjunction with the dark figure they claimed to have seen in the corner, this seems like a true and horrifying story.

11. The Playful Spirit
This video was uploaded in May 2016 by Dennis Toops, but it was actually a reupload from 6 years prior in 2010. Dennis provides viewers with a video from a few days prior to this vlog-style explanation. The video features he and his two friends joking and playfully tussling around. Dennis gives a quick map of where everyone is in the room. He claims two friends are behind the camera and one friend is out of frame, this is aside from himself and a fourth friend he’s play fighting with. Within a split second, someone runs across frame following Dennis. He explains that this was not any of his friends as they were all accounted for, and the apparition was not visible throughout the rest of the video.

10. The Window Spirit
TheTimTracker is a vlogger who generally posts videos about everyday life, in this case his everyday life took a turn for the paranormal when strange activity began in his home. Tim was making a short vlog about his day and his plans for the rest of the week. Just moments after the video starts he becomes distracted by something in the distance. Tim directs his camera to an indoor window between two rooms. The window seems to be moving on it’s own, swaying back and forth as if someone is tampering with it.

He also claims to see someone or something behind the mirror as there’s a dark shadowy figure. Tim is clearly unsettled and goes on with his video, explaining that things like that have been happening for a while and he feels uncomfortable since that window is so close to his work station. He walks over to his desk where the computer screen lights up the scene. As he’s talking a bit more on the situation, a woman can suddenly be heard in the background.

Tim stops and his jaw drops to the floor. He soon realizes that a YouTube video has begun to play, without him having touched the computer. He goes over to turn it off and a small cabinet door right next to the computer opens on its own. Nothing more happens throughout the video but as Tim continues his normal vlog is his clearly shaken up. In the description of this video Tim claims that his house was once a retirement home in the 1970’s and he always had a feeling it was haunted.

9. The Pink Ghost
This video was posted in October 2014 by a channel titled TheChallenge Chomp, where a couple does different hallenges, reviews and vlogs. During one vlog, toward the end, the couple explains that while editing a previous Q and A video, they heard a ghostly voice. The clip shows the pair sitting and answering questions from viewers. One viewer asks the woman, known as Barbie, what her dream car is.

She answers that her dream car is a mach 1 mustang. Her boyfriend, D-Cap, asks what color she would like her car. There’s a short pause in her response and whispering voice can be heard clearly on camera, shortly after she responds “Pink.” Barbie and D-Cap explain that while filming this they didn’t hear a voice or even random noises throughout their house.
When editing, though, they assumed the ghost clearly said “Pink” just before Barbie did. It’s likely that this ghost didn’t influence her choice and she had always wanted the car pink, but maybe this spirit knew that piece of information simply from being around the couple often. Isn’t it an unsettling thought to think about a ghost watching you and your significant
other 24/7?

8. Haunted Prison
In February 2013 the YouTube Channel Bf Versus Gf, run by Jessie Wellens and Jeanna Smith, uploaded a video where they explored a haunted prison in their town. The prison seems to be set up as more of a touring location because certain rooms are decorated and the building does have full power. This couple was joined by BlackBoxTV and several other YouTubers to investigate this location.

While walking down a dark and quiet hallway, a black shadow can be seen from the left side of the video, despite no one being on the right side to create that shadow. Toward the end of the vlog the group decides to hold a séance in which Jesse stands in the middle of a circle created by the others. They run around him holding hands while yelling Frida Frost, the prisoner that lived in the cell they’re currently in. While nothing too terrifying happens, Jesse’s light goes off. It is said that spirits are capable of tampering with electronics and this could be proof of that.

7. Asylum Spirits
The Faze clan is a call of duty playing group, with a vast fandom and a member total of about 65. Faze Adapt [Phase  Adapt] is part of this group, but his channel mostly revolves around random group vlogs. In this vlog from April 2016, Adapt and a few of his friends discover an abandoned asylum in a wooded area and make plans to later explore. While the biggest threat to the group is law enforcement, two terrifying pieces of paranormal evidence were also caught during their tour.

The asylum is run down, filled with dangerous debris and covered in questionable graffiti such as a wall that reads “I’m not crazy. I swear.”

The first piece of evidence comes when they group is investigating what looks like a kitchen. Adapt sticks his camera through a large square in the wall. Inside this small room or closet, there seems to be a mirror or slab of metal hanging up. As the camera crosses this mirror, many in the comments section claim that a evil grinning face can be seen. When the footage is slowed down, something can be seen in the reflection, but exactly what is up for debate.

The second piece of evidence is much more unsettling. Adapt and his group find a staircase that seems to lead to an attic or an upper level room. Adapt walks up the stairs, and showcases the area by panning his camera. This was another eerie finding that a commenter pointed out. At roughly 8 minutes 39 seconds, under the staircase there appears to be an apparition that looks like a woman with dark wavy hair.

She seems to be hunched over with her hair covering her face. She’s wearing either very dark or very dirty clothes, and you can see her hair move slightly. Adapts friend yells “Boo!” and the camera shoots away quickly. This scene had to be slowed down significantly for me to get a better look at it, and the quality had be set to 720p60 and even then the figure is hard to make out. The more you look at it, though, the more disturbing it becomes.

6. A Charred Visitor
The Angry Grandpa Show is a staged YouTube series of a grandfather, his son and his granddaughter. The grandpa often goes on rants or destructive tirades. It’s all fake and all in good fun, but is a very popular show. In the video “Angry Grandpa HATES Harold Camping” uploaded October 2011, mostly involves Angry Grandpa ranting about the Christian radio personality Harold Camping.

Toward the end of the video Angry Grandpa stands at the end of his driveway as he watches a fire truck or ambulance driveway, he turns toward the camera to rant a bit more but it’s what’s behind him that has the audience shocked. In the background of this shot there’s a large black trash bin. For a short second what looks like a child’s head can be see above the bin, and it quickly ducks down as it is in shot.

People are claiming it appears to be the apparition of a burned child. This also can not be brushed off as an animal because we would be able to see it walk away or walk down from the bin, instead we just see this figure duck down and never reappear. A few paranormal activity videos were made after this was brought to their attention, but they don’t really provide anything compelling.

5. The Haunted House
The Haunted House Faze Rug, part of the previously mentioned Faze Clan, has shared several instances of paranormal activity in his home. He claims that the whole ordeal began when he gave in and played the Charlie Charlie Challenge. A popular viral trend where people set up two pencils as a way of communicating with spirits. When Rug performed the challenge the pencil moved instantly and he was shaken up.

A few months later a fan sent him a Ouija Board and while he did take it out of the box he never really played with it. Either way one of these events seemed to awaken spirits in his home because the activity of strange noises, objects moving on their own and general unease, spiked. In fact during the exact same vlog in which he received the board, he hears a loud banging in his laundry room despite the machines not being on.

He decides to check the security camera in his garage, and the screen goes instantly dark as if the camera had been overed. Light slowly comes back and the camera adjusts accordingly and Rug shows that no one is home. In another video Rug is arguing with his parents about a traffic ticket when a voice can apparently be heard saying “It’s a joke, Brian”. The voice was too deep to be Rug’s and his father’s lips were clearly not moving when the statement was made.

During a quick investigation video that Rug did, a bottle of pills fell off his dining room table while he was upstairs. Again no one was home and the pills fell from the center of the table. Again, he checks the security camera from the garage and it goes dark without explanation. In response to all this negative energy, Rug put blessing oil all over his home. During this cleansing session, his camera allegedly picked up a ghostly voice.

He had a friend enhance the audio and it revealed that this voice said something along the lines of “We’re locked in. I’m over here.” Which is quite ghastly when you consider he was blessing doorways of the home. Most people think that blessing oil or holy water will expel the spirits but maybe it just keeps them from passing through the thresholds. Several other small incidents occur such as the same deep voice being heard, things falling on their own, and even a white apparition in the mirror.

4. Asylum Children
Mental asylums and children are two things that should never go together. More importantly Hollywood horror has made asylums for mental health and creepy children a huge staple in the world of the creepy and disturbing. YouTubers Joe Weller took advantage of this when he explored a local abandoned asylum. He and his friend decided to capitalize on the creepy and explore the asylum while recording pretty much a vlog.

While the inside of the abandoned asylum was unsettling in appearance and gave the pair a sense of unease, it was nothing compared to what happened toward the end of their tour. They began hearing very clear child-like voices saying “I’m oming to get you.” Eventually these people or spirits came out of the darkness and began throwing rocks at the two men before they fled the scene.

They played it off as two kids tricking them but, why would living children be in a old dangerous abandoned building? The two investigated a bit more to see if they could find the culprits but they never saw anyone, or heard anyone run out. Even once they were out of the building they didn’t hear any more noise and never saw anyone leaving the area. In such an old building, in the middle of a forested area – if someone were to run out it would definitely be heard.

3. The Bates Motel
Brennen Taylor is a very well-known YouTube vlogger who seems to have a growing interest in the horror scene as of late. On October 16, 2016 Brennen uploaded a video taken somewhere in L.A when he and a friend went to an abandoned motel to do a photoshoot. While Brennen doesn’t give out the exact location of the motel he does claim it is called Bates Motel.

A quick googled search turns up the location is formally named the Sunset Pacific Motel, and is located near Sunset Boulevard and Bates Avenue. Locals refer to it simply as the Bates Motel because of its address, and the rumors of it being such a haunted spot, which brings up the horror vibes of the 1960 classic “psycho”. The location once had a more urban abandoned feel but Vincent Lamouroux white washed the location, giving it this artistic and sterile feel.

While on location, Brennen heard several knocking noises which scared him senseless and caused him to run several times. At one point he looks down over a stairwell and a distant voice saying “hey” can be heard. This sounds like more of a joke done by Brennen or his friend, but Brennen plays along and leaves the scene. While exploring a room later a loud bang his heard and the two friends run down the stairs in fear.

Whether this was staged or not is up for debate but this next piece is clear. Keep in mind that Brennen and one other friend were the only ones at the motel at the time, so this apparition shouldn’t be brushed off as just another friend of Brennen’s. After running from the loud bang, Brennen faces the camera back toward himself and a woman can be clearly seen on the balcony above and behind him.

She seems to be wearing jeans, a white shirt, and a straw hat or sun hat of some sort. While she is only in frame for a split second, she stands perfectly still and stares down at that boys as they hurry off. The weirdest part of this apparition is that her attire seems to be from about the 1980’s to 1990’s and the motel shut down in roughly 1996. It would make sense that someone could have died tragically during the years of operation and now haunts the location. Such a clear apparition in the bright daylight is usually uncommon but if she was someone living at the location or even working there to repair damage, she likely would have said something to the boys.

2. Baby Hand
If children or even dolls freak you out, this entry is bound to give you chills. Marissa Rachel is a vlogger based in California who discusses random topics and tries out recent trending challenges. Something alarming occurred in one of Marissa’s vlogs which seemed to spark several other paranormal events. Marissa was filming a giveaway vlog when she realized she had left the prizes in another room.

She turned off all her lights except for one. While she was gone her camera began to slowly point downward. Marissa explained that she had a heavy lens and this happened often so she wasn’t surprised. It’s what the camera picked up that is completely petrifying. The camera showed an open drawer on the bottom of her bed in which an infants hand, or a dolls hand can be seen. Not even two seconds after the camera brings this into frame, the hand instantaneously pulls back.

This was, of course, not seen until after Marissa began editing the video. Another thing to happen to Marissa was that she woke up with scratches all over her, one of them being a long red scratch down her neck. She finally decided to make a video where she recorded herself sleeping and in the middle of the night her blanket is ripped off of her by an unseen force.

While this entire story is pretty ominous, the child-like hand is probably the creepiest point of it all. The way the hand yanks back is troubling and the fact it’s happening from under her bed is even more sinister.

1. The Strong Poltergeist
There are countless YouTubers that have found proof of poltergeist hauntings. Most of us just watch these videos to scare ourselves or entertain ourselves. In fact when viewing these videos few people even believe it to be real. We don’t consider something ghostly ever contact or hurting us personally. This video from vlogger Megan Currie reminds us that paranormal disturbances can happen to anyone.

Megan was vlogging with her friend Amy when they randomly heard a loud knocking sound. They, of course, thought someone was at the door. Amy went to answer and said that not only was no one at the door, no one was home either. The two girls close and lock the front door and call their other friend, Amanda, to assure that she isn’t playing a joke on them. The knocking continues and Megan states “It sounds like it’s coming from inside the house”.

In fear that someone has broken in they call the police. Allegedly, the cops showed up but no one and nothing could be found so there wasn’t much they could do. They told them it was likely neighborhood kids playing tricks on them and they shouldn’t worry. When they try to return to filming their normal vlog a sliding door behind Megan clearly closes on it’s own.

Amy asks “Megan did you close the door earlier?” As she just looked up and realized it was now closed. They reviewed the footage and were clearly shaken up. The loud noises continue and eventually the third friend, Amanda comes home. Megan asks her to please get something from her room. Amanda claims that Megan’s door has somehow been locked from the outside. When the girls find a key to unlock the door they find that the room has been turned upside down.

Items are broken and thrown all over the room, the mattress is slightly moved off the frame of the bed, and a M statue had been turned upside down. The girls begin cleaning up and Megan asks Amanda to get her a towel from the kitchen. Amanda doesn’t make it far before she yells for the other girls to come and literally leaves the apartment. All the cabinets as well as the fridge door had been opened in the kitchen. The girls decide to leave the apartment for the night and the video ends there. In an update video Megan explains that while the activity has continued nothing quite that severe has happened.

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