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Top 5 Most Venomous Spiders in the World

There are more than forty three thousand different species of spiders in this world And the vast majority of those are considered harmless However if you see any of the eight legged terrors on this list you should probably run as their venom has some pretty nasty affects Ranging from Spiders than can causes seizures and kill you to others than can cause permanent impotence Welcome to the list of the top 5 most venomous Spiders in the world

5. The Redback Spider
These little blighters have a prominent red stripe down their back and an hourglass pattern on their abdomen Then can be found all over Australia Commonly found scurrying around in densely packed urban areas Redbacks are only around one centimeter in length and the males are much smaller It's amazing how something so small can pack such a big punch Redbacks killed 14 people before an Antivenom was discovered In cases where the bite didn't kill the victim, they would suffer from anything from infections an headaches to seizures and coma's.

4. The Black Widow
The female Black Widow Spider is considered the most venomous Spider in North America And it's venom is 15 times more potent than that of a Prairie Rattlesnake's The females have a shiny black body and a red hourglass on their abdomen Sometimes they have other red markings aswell That red hourglass is basically a warning sign to warn you not to get too close Getting bitten by the Spider will cause a condition known as latrodectism That condition causes your muscles to severely spasm And can sometimes cause temporal spinal or cerebral paralysis Deaths from the Black Widow Spider are actually quite rare But before an antivenom was created, 5% of bite victims died.

3. The Sydney Funnel Web Spider
Another Australian Spider Their body length ranges from one centimeter up to 5 centimeters and both sexes have a glossy dark skin This Spider gets it's name because the webs it constructs are funnel shaped Unlike most Spiders who will bite you and run away, these aggressive Spiders will try to bite you as many times as possible If you get bitten you should seek treatment as soon as possible because the Funnel Web's venom has been known to kill in under 15 minutes The Syndey Funnel Web's diet consists mainly of Humans No i'm joking it feeds on Insects, Frogs and Lizards

2. The Six Eyed Sand Spider
This Spider is commonly found in Africa They are usaully about 8 to 15 millimeters in length and their legs are around 50 millimeters They are quite a secretive and shy Spider and these guys don't live in a web Instead they usually hide by burying themselves just under the surface of the sand The Six Eyed Sand Spider is covered in small hairs These hairs hold particles of sand and this provides them with an effective form of camouflage These hair little Spider aren't very aggressive Which is good news because if you are bitten you're out of luck because there is no known antivenom So if you are bitten, the venom will cause clots and bleeding throughout your skin As well as bleeding from your orifices which can ultimately lead to your death It is said there has only ever been two suspected Sand Spider bites on a human One of them lost their arms from Necrosis and the other died from hemorrhaging.

1. The Brazilian Wandering Spider
This Spider is mainly found in Southern America In 2010 it was officially listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most venomous Spider in the world Their body length ranges from 17 to 48 millimeters And they get the wandering part of their name because they like to wander around on jungle floors instead of just hanging in a web These Spiders are extremely aggressive and bite more people than any other Spider Which is quite unfortunate as their venom is a highly potent neurotoxin which can cause breathing problems, permanent imptoence and sometimes death This Spiders venom is so strong it has been known to kill even when the victim has taken the antivenom And that brings my list of the top 5 most venomous Spiders in the world

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