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10 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About President Donald Trump

He is a real-estate mogul, a reality TV star and currently the most powerful man in the world.  We are talking about none other than Donald Trump. Thanks to his television and political coverage, there's a lot  we know about the 45th President of the United States. However, there are also a number of facts and stories that you may not have known. Ahead you'll find no health care debate or Russia scandals. No instead we have some tidbits of info that often get overlooked in the media when it comes to the story of Donald Trump. Now, be sure to pay attention because we'll have a quiz for you and we want you to do well. Give us a big league response and we'll be sure to pin it. Fail us and well you're fired! Whatever the case, be sure to hit that subscribe button it's easy to see because it's red, and just like the color we all associate with Trump's political party.

Donald Trump Facts

1. The Sign
Those of you into astrology might be interested to know that Donald Trump Facts has a sun sign of Gemini, a moon sign of Sagittarius and a rising sign of Leo. So just how accurate are the signs in this case? Well, it is said that Gemini's love to talk and are never boring. Sagittarius is affiliated with salesmen, story-tellers and exaggerators. Those under this sign also hate to be wrong and believe they are always right. And leo? It is interesting that Leo are often associated with being concerned with their hair. Sure, there's more to it but in this case we think the signs all match up pretty well.

2. The Wine
We all know that Donald Trump loves attaching his brand to anything that can be sold. From real estate to steaks, we've seen this many times. But did you know that the Donald Trump also has his own wine. It may also interest you that he hasn't just gone and slapped the golden 'T' on any wine. No, in fact Trump wine actually comes from a vineyard and winery that Trump owns in Charlottesville, Virginia. Ok technically Eric Trump owns it because now that Donald is POTUS he can't have any business interests that could conflict with the running of the country.

3. Not A Drop
All this talk of wine kind of has us thinking about pouring a nice glass of red right now. But not Donald Trump. You see he has made it very clear over the years that he won't touch alcohol. In various interviews Trump has stated that it ties back to his family and specifically his older brother Freddie Trump Jr. reportedly, Freddie was an alcoholic who passed away in 1981 due to complications linked with his drinking. According to Donald, Freddie clearly told his younger sibling to stay away from the booze. To this day, Trump appears to have listened to that advice.

4. Bankruptcy
During the past presidential campaign, accusations and claims being made against one another got really nasty. One aspect of Donald Trump's business life that came under scrutiny was the number of bankruptcies he filed as a real estate tycoon. Most people believe this number was four. In fact, Trump has officially filed for bankruptcy six times over his career. These occurred between 1991 and 2009. So where does the number of four come from? Some think the fact Trump filed for the three bankruptcies in 1992 has resulted in those being lumped into one big bankruptcy or a 'Yuge' bankruptcy if you will.

5. Pricey Cake
The donald likes to go all out for big occasions, there's no denying that. We mean, just look at the inside of his pent houses and you'll see nothing but gold. So when he married his third wife, Melania, in 2005 Trump made sure the cake was spectacular. It was a seven-tier Orange Grand Marnier cake which measured five feet in height. Adorning the 200 pound creation worth three 3,000 roses made from icing and the interior was filled with Grand Marnier buttercream frosting. In terms of costs there are no solid figures but it is believed that this wedding cake is one of the most expensive ever made, costing at least 50,000 dollars. And here we thought we were doing well with that fudgie the whale ice cream cake. Time for our quiz. If you had the same opportunities as Donald Trump, which career path would you have settled on real estate mogul, reality TV star or politican? Think it over a bit while we show you a few more things you may not know about America's current president.

6. Favorite Books
When it comes to literature, Donald Trump has been pretty open about what he considers a good read. Reportedly, the number one book on POTUS's must-read list is none other than the Bible. Then, of course, there are his own books about business and financial success. Moving back into the realm of works some of you may have read, Trump also enjoys All Quiet on the Western Front and Sun Tzu's Art of War. Those were never on Oprah's must-read lists but they are well-known classics nonetheless.

7. Action Figures
The next time you're feeling nostalgic and decide to bust out those old GI Joe action figures, there may be a new addition to the battlefield. That's right, for $59.95 plus shipping you can add to your playtime with a custom made, talking Donald Trump action figure. We're not really sure which side he would fight for. After all, he'd probably fire Cobra Commander for being a constant failure. For the Joes, well action-figure Trump would likely tear down their base, re-build it in gold and rename the organization GI Trump.

8. Schooling
While most people would assume Donald Trump was educated through a series of posh institutions, not many know he actually went to a military academy. That's right, in the 1960s a much younger Trump spent time at the New York military academy. For five years he learned under the strict rules of the school. Attaining the rank of captain over a company of cadets, Trump was even voted "ladies man" of his class. Considering the fact that he landed Melania, we don't think we are in any position to disagree with that assessment.

9. Favorite foods
When it comes to favorite foods, Donald Trump isn't that far off for most Americans. Sure he has a lifestyle and bank balance that support a life of caviar and champagne but he prefers simpler things. On more than one occasion, Trump has been photographed chowing down fast foods from joints such as KFC and McDonald's. In fact, it's rumored he absolutely loves Big Macs but who doesn't? Away from the fast food things don't get that much healthier. Trump loves a good meatloaf and a simple staple is said to be bacon and eggs. Is anyone else getting really hungry?

10. Another Life
It's strange to think that Trump's path through life could have been so much different. You see, while in school, the Donald Trump apparently made a name for himself as a pretty good baseball player. How good? Well, the Phillies and Red Sox both sent scouts to check up on the star 1st baseman. However, when the time came to make a decision, Donald Trump chose college and real estate because, as he said, he wanted to "make more money". In that respect, we guess he made the right choice. So have you come to your final answer? If you had the same opportunities as Donald Trump would you settle on a career in real estate, reality TV or politics? Is it the money, power or responsibility that motivates your decision?

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