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10 Mind Blowing Facts About Trump's Vehicle

When the president of the United States travels somewhere we all know he don't just hop in the family station wagon. When he's not flying in air force one or making one the most powerful person on the planet travels in a rather impressive motorcade. Sure, we know the Limo is bullet proof and there's a ton of secret service agents around but we bet there are some fascinating things about the motorcade you didn't know. That goes into keeping potus as safe as possible.

R & D
The center piece of any presidential motorcade is the resident's Limousine. You've likely seen footage and image of this vehicle swiftly moving through the streets of various cities but this is much more then a need up Limo. Instead of just taking a regular Limo and Bolting on a bunch of armor and run-flat tires there's actually a lot of research and development that goes into designing and building a presidential car. How much? Well, the car used for the inauguration of president Trump has been in development for years. Over this time it is rumored that GM has spent upwards of $15 million in development costs alone.

A Car That' a Tank
So, what does all that research and development get you? The presidential Limo, AKA 'The Beast', is more tank than car. It has eight-inch thick armored doors, glass that can stop A.44 Magnus bullet a body made up of five inches of military grade armor and armored floor plates to protect the president from grenades and bombs thrown underneath it. The best even sports an armored gas thank that his a special from that Will seal itself if punctured.

Limo Cost
Well, as you can imagine the presidentinal Limousine is rather pricey. Sure, a regular Limo will cost you around $75,000. Throw in all the armor and amenities found in the baest and you have one insanely expensive car. Estimates place the cost of one presidential Limo in the region of $1.5 million. That's not even including the cost of gasoline which is likely high considering this thing gets an estimated 4 miles-per-gallon.

Fast and Furious
Ok, so it's heavy, chews gasoline and reportedly can only reach 60MPH in around 15 seconds. Hold on, though.The secret service compensate for this lack of performance on paper by putting a specialist behind the wheel. That's not just any regular chauffeur driving the president around. Nope. It is a specially trained secret service agent who can handle the beast as though it were a Ferrari. Special driving courses ensure this agent can get the car out of danger and through nearly any situation if the need arises.

Never just one
Yup, it is believed that there are around 12 presidential Limousnes. Why so many? Well if you watch a presidential motorcade you may notice that group has two or three beasts. These can be used to carry other cops or, more commonly, they're use as decoys. In this instance they move around in the motorcade so any potential assassins have no idea which one holds the president.

Always sent ahead
From California to England the motorcade gets sent ahead thank to the US military. In this instance. The beast and accompanying secret service vehicles are packed up aboard military transport aircraft and flown to the destination in preparation for the president's arrival. This way, there's always a familiar group of vehicles waiting to escoss the globe.

Size matters
If you've seen a few presidential motorcades then you know each is a little different. This is because each scenario is a little different and requires altering the amount of protection and support staff traveling with the president. In short, the more dangerous an environment, the more vehicles will travel with the motorcade. Former agent have said that the smallest motorcades are usually around 10 vehicles in size. In area where there is more of a threat the motorcade can grow to 40 cars, SUVS and Motocycles.

Always watching
Every presidential motorcade has a lot of agents and police on lookout. Obviously, the main part of this is visual as they scan for any threats. However, agents are also listening to the airwaves for threatening radio or cellular chatter. This was demonstrated 1996 when agents picked up on the words "Marriage" and "Bridge" while escorting Bill Clinton in the Philippines. Knowing "Marriage" was often a terrorist house word for an imminent attack they diverted the motorcade. A search later discover explosive attached to a bridge alone the president's original route of travel.

Serious Firepower
Take a look at the gun on the roof of this SUV. While it look something out of grand theft auto 5 we can assure you that this is very real and a part of the presidential motorcade. Just watch next motorcade and see if you notice the one SUV with no agent jumping out of it. That's the one sporting this six-barreled gatling gun that can fire thousands of rounds per minute. Of course. The secret service agents are always packing a whole bunch of firepower. But this guy definitely has the final word in any argument.

WHT a touch of James Bond
While it's armored from head to toe. The beast also has some pretty neat additions you'd expect 007's car might have. There's night vision cameras, tear-gas grenades and fire fighting equipment - all standard features. The car can also survive a chemical attack thanks to having its own oxygen supply. Of course, there's always the touch of elegance provided by they separate reclining leather chairs in the back. So, while the world goes crazy outside, the president can ride in comfort.

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