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The Most Rare and Beautiful Natural Phenomena

Ancient man respected and revered nature as a deity. No wonder, because the primitive brain was often unable to explain some natural phenomena and perceived them as a miracle. Modern people try to find a rational explanation for everything they see, but the most unusual and rare natural phenomena still strike the imagination, delight, or even frighten.

1. Light poles

The most rare and beautiful natural phenomena 1. Light poles

This is not a northern light, but a completely different phenomenon, which is called "light (or solar) pillars." At low temperatures, in the frosty air, tiny ice crystals float, creating a kind of icy mist above the surface of the earth. Crystals reflect sunlight and, as a result, bright light columns
On the photo: Light pillars above Laramie, Wyoming, USA

2. Lightning above the river Catatumbo

The most rare and beautiful natural phenomena 2. Lightning above the river Catatumbo

Over the place where the Katatumbo River flows into Lake Maracaibo (Venezuela), lightning flashes almost every night for about ten hours. In total, about 1.2 million bits are produced per year. They are visible for several hundred kilometers, due to what this natural phenomenon is often called the "Maracaibo Lighthouse".

On the photo: Lightning over Katatumbo (Venezuela)

3. Brocken's ghost

The most rare and beautiful natural phenomena 3. Brocken's ghost

The so-called Brocken's ghost is like a giant shadow from a human figure, surrounded by light, and often by iridescent rings. Meteorologists often call this phenomenon a "glory". This stunning phenomenon is observed high in the mountains, during the fog. In fact, the observer most often sees his own distorted shadow.
On the photo: Brocken's ghost on Mount Ontake, Japan

4. Tubular clouds

The most rare and beautiful natural phenomena 4. Tubular clouds

Tubular (or vymeobraznye) clouds often appear before a strong hurricane.
In the photo: Tubular clouds over the city of Regina, Canada, June 26, 2012

5. Morning glory

The most rare and beautiful natural phenomena 5. Morning glory

No one knows exactly how and why these clouds are formed. They can stretch for a thousand kilometers and hang at an altitude of about one and a half kilometers above the surface of the earth. This phenomenon was observed in different regions of the world, but most often (every spring) it occurs in the vicinity of the Australian city of Burktown. With almost no wind, clouds can travel at a speed of 65 kilometers per hour.

In the photo: view of the morning glory from an airplane near Burktown, Australia

6. The false sun

The most rare and beautiful natural phenomena 6. The false sun

A false sun, or scientifically pargelium, is a bright spot created by the reflection of sunlight passing through a cloud of small ice crystals.

7. Lenticular clouds

The most rare and beautiful natural phenomena 7. Lenticular clouds

Lenticular clouds (lenticular) form around mountain ridges.
In the photo: lenticular clouds at Mount Khotaka, Japan

8. The Fiery Rainbow

The most rare and beautiful natural phenomena 8. The Fiery Rainbow

A fiery (or roundly-horizontal) rainbow appears when the sun is high in the sky, and in cirrus clouds there are quite a few flat, horizontally arranged hexagonal ice crystals. In addition, the necessary condition for the emergence of this rare phenomenon is the latitude (the closer to the north, the less chance to see a fiery rainbow) and frosty weather.

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25 Horrible Serial Killers of the 20th Century

If you believe that they are angry, heartless or just mentally ill, then you are still a part of a society that repels and attracts the lives and minds of serial killers. Who are they and what motivates them? We present to your attention a report about the most horrendous serial killers of the 20th century.

25. David Berkowitz

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 25. David Berkowitz

Known as the Son of Sam or a 44-killer, David Berkowitz conducted a series of murders in the summer of 1976. Using a 44-caliber Bulldog revolver, he killed 6 people and wounded another 7. Berkowitz also sent a number of letters to the police and press with stories of his further killings for the purpose of teasing. He terrorized New Yorkers almost a year. In the end, he was captured in August 1977. Berkowitz confessed to all the murders and was sentenced to 25 years in prison for each of them.

24. Edmund Kemper

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 24. Edmund Kemper

Edmund Kemper is an American serial killer and necrophilic who conducted a series of violent serial killings in California in the 1970s. At the age of 15 he killed his grandparents and later killed and dismembered six women hitchhiking in the Santa Cruz area. Later, he killed his mother and one of her friends, and several days later surrendered to the police. In November 1973, he was found guilty of committing 8 murders. He asked for a death penalty, but instead received a life sentence without the right to early release.

23. Larry Bittaker and Roy Norris

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 23. Larry Bittaker and Roy Norris

These two American serial killers together took the lives of five young women in California in 1979. They lured the victims into their van, drove away to secluded places and then both raped and tortured the unfortunate with a series of tools. In 1981, maniacs were charged with murder, kidnapping and rape. Bittaker was sentenced to death and remains on death row to this day. Norris, however, was spared in exchange for testimony against his accomplice. He was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

22. Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 22. Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

These people killed five children in 1963-1965 in Greater Manchester, England. Their victims were from 10 to 17 years old. Before being brutally murdered, the unfortunate were subjected to sexual violence. Three of the dead were found in graves dug at Saddleworth Moor, the body of the last victim was found in the house of Brady. The location of the fourth child, Keith Bennett (Keith Bennett) to this day is unknown. Both Brady and Hindley were later sentenced to life imprisonment. Hindley died in prison in 2002. Brady has since been moved to the hospital with the maximum level of security Ashworth, where he still resides, periodically declaring hunger strikes.

21. Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 21. Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono

Between the end of 1977 and the beginning of 1978, Kenneth and Angelo's cousins ​​kept the whole of California in fear, kidnapping, raping and killing 10 girls between the ages of 12 and 28. Each of their victims ended their lives in the mountains over Los Angeles, where they choked them. Bianchi tried to declare his innocence, referring to the insanity, but later it was found that the documents confirming his mental ill health, counterfeit. He pleaded guilty and began to testify against Buono. Both were sentenced to life imprisonment. Buono died of a heart attack in his cell in 2002.

20. Dennis Raider

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 20. Dennis Raider

Dennis Reider killed 10 people in Sedgwick County, Kansas, between 1974 and 1991. Obsessed with popularity, Raider sent teasing letters to the police, signing "SPU", which was deciphered as "Binding, torture, murder." Raider pursued his victims before invading their homes, tied them up and tortured them. Disappearing in 1988, Raider reappeared in 2005, sending a floppy disk to the media, which helped to expose him. He was arrested and charged with murders, in which he immediately confessed. He is serving 10 life sentences with the earliest possible date of release on February 26, 2180.

19. Donald Henry Gaskins

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 19. Donald Henry Gaskins

In 1969, Gaskins begins to kill people hitchhiking, whom he picked up, traveling around the US south, torturing and mutilating his victims. He claimed that he killed between 80 and 90 people. He was arrested in 1975, when a well-known criminal authority confessed to the police that he had witnessed the murder of two young people by Gaskinson. He was found guilty of killing 8 people and sentenced to death, however, later the sentence was changed to life imprisonment without the right to parole. It is noteworthy, but Gaskins continued to commit murders while in high security prison, killing a cellmate. He is the only person who killed a cellmate on death row.

18. Peter Manuel

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 18. Peter Manuel

The American-born Scottish serial killer is known to have killed 9 people in South Scotland in 1956-1958. Suspected of killing 18 people. The police could not prove his guilt until it was confirmed that some of the banknotes that Manuel paid for drinks in the pubs of Glasgow belonged to one of his victims. He confessed to the deed committed in the face of his mother, while at the police station, where he was held in custody. In July 1958, Manuel was hanged for his crimes in the prison of Barlinnie Glasgow (Glasgow's Barlinnie Prison). He was one of the last prisoners in Scotland to be hanged before the death penalty was abolished in the country.

17. John George Haig

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 17. John George Haig

This man was an English serial killer of the 1940s. He was convicted of killing 6 people, although he claimed to have killed 9. John was a professional scam, got acquainted with rich people and made them believe in what is a successful businessman. He lured his victims to an abandoned warehouse, where he shot them. After that he dissolved their bodies in sulfuric acid, then forged documents to take all their property and savings to their hands. It was calculated on human remains, and the police managed to collect enough evidence to convict Haig. In 1949, he was sentenced to death and hung in Wendsworth prison.

16. Fred and Rose West

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 16. Fred and Rose West

Between 1967 and 1987, Fred West and his wife Rose tortured, raped and killed at least 10 young women and girls, most in their home on Cromwell Street, 25, Gloucester, who was later called the house of horrors. By being arrested in the hall court, Fred hanged himself in the prison cell before he was convicted. In 1995, Rose was imprisoned for life imprisonment after she was found guilty of committing 10 murders. Their house on Cromwell Street was demolished in 1996 to discourage hunters from buying souvenirs. The couple was finally detained and charged with murder in 1994 after the police received a search warrant. They found human bones buried in the garden and hidden under the floorboards.
15. Arthur Shawcross

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 15. Arthur Shawcross

Known as the "murderer of the Genesee River," Shawcross committed his first homicide in 1972, raping and brutally murdering a 10-year-old boy whom he lured into the wooded terrain at Watertown, New York. Then he raped and killed an 8-year-old girl, for which he was seized and charged with manslaughter. After serving 14 years in prison, in 1988 he was released and brutally punished with 12 prostitutes between the ages of 22 and 59. In the end, he was caught in the place of the last crime. He confessed to all 12 murders and was sentenced to 250 years' imprisonment, but died in prison of a heart attack in 2008.

14. Peter Sutcliffe

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 14. Peter Sutcliffe

Peter William Sutcliffe is a British serial killer known as the Yorkshire Ripper. In 1981, Sutcliffe was convicted of killing 13 women and attempting to kill seven others. He killed prostitutes in Leeds and Bradford, creating an atmosphere of fear throughout northern England. During his arrest in 1981 for driving a car with forged license plates, the police began to question him about these murders, and he confessed. At the trial, he pleaded not guilty to murder due to insanity, but the reason for self-defense was also rejected by the jury. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, to this day he is staying in the psychiatric hospital of Broadmoor.

13. Richard Ramirez

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 13. Richard Ramirez

Ricardo Ramirez Leyva Muñoz was an American serial killer, worshiping Satan and terrorizing Los Angeles in 1984-1985. Having received the nickname "Night Stalker", Ramirez broke into the houses of his victims, shot, banged, maimed, raped and killed. He did not choose his victims according to some special parameters, they ranged from a 9-year-old girl to an elderly couple aged 60. Ramirez was different because he drew pentagrams on the walls in the homes of his victims. He was captured in 1985, sentenced to life imprisonment. For 23 years he was on death row in a California prison, and in June 2013 Ramirez died.

12. Jeffrey Dahmer

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 12. Jeffrey Dahmer

Known as "Cannibal Milwaukee," Jeffrey Dahmer was an American serial killer who raped, killed and dismembered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. He was also a necrophilia and ate his last victims, preparing food from them in the backyard of his house. Dahmer was able to catch after his potential victims were able to overcome him and turned to the police. In 1992, Dahmer was found guilty of committing 15 murders and was sentenced to 15 life sentences. However, just two years after being in a Colombian correctional facility, he was beaten to death by a cellmate.

11. Dennis Nielsen

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 11. Dennis Nielsen

The British equivalent of Jeffrey Dahmer, Dennis Nielsen was a homosexual assassin who cracked down on 15 men of unconventional sexual orientation in his home in London between 1978-1983. He kept the bodies of his victims for some time, then the decaying remains burned or flushed down the toilet. This helped him catch when human flesh was found in his sewer. Nielsen was convicted in 1983 on six counts of murder and two assassination attempts. The sentence is life imprisonment. He is still serving his term in Yorkshire, England, without a chance of early release.

10. Ted Bundy

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 10. Ted Bundy

This is one of the most famous killers of the 20th century. He abducted, raped and killed young women and girls in the 1970s. Bundy usually approached his victims in public places, took them to secluded corners, raped and killed. He beheaded at least 12 victims, and he kept his severed heads in his apartment as trophies. He was repeatedly detained by the police, but twice he managed to escape. He was accused of numerous murders and sentenced to death. Bundy was executed on an electric chair in 1989.

9. Charles Ng and Leonard Lake

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 9. Charles Ng and Leonard Lake

The Sino-American serial killer Charles Ng is believed to have raped, tortured and killed 11-25 people along with his accomplice Leonard Lake at the ranch of the latter in Calaveras County, California. They videotaped how they raped and tortured their victims. Their crimes were publicized in 1985 after Lake committed suicide when he learned that Ng was caught for stealing at a hardware store. The police searched Lake's ranch and found human remains there. Ng was identified as an accomplice of Lake in crimes, but he tried to evade charges of fleeing to Canada. After a lengthy extradition to the United States, he was brought before the court in 1998 and found guilty of committing 12 murders. Currently, Ng is on death row in the state prison of San Quentin

8. John Wayne Gacy

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 8. John Wayne Gacy

Gaisi raped and killed 33 teenagers and young people between 1972 and 1978 in Chicago, Illinois. He lured the victim to his home, promising money or work, then strangled with a tourniquet. 26 people he buried in his yard, the bodies of the following killed, he recycled, dropping them into the river Des Plaines. Convicted of 33 murders, Gacy was sentenced to death. He spent 14 years on death row before he was given a lethal injection on May 10, 1994.

7. Andrei Chikatilo

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 7. Andrei Chikatilo

Andrei Chikatilo was a Soviet serial killer, nicknamed "Rostov butcher". Between 1978 and 1990, he raped and killed at least 52 people, including women and children. Suspecting Chikatilo in the murders, the police kept him under surveillance, the results of which provided enough grounds for his arrest. He confessed a total of 56 murders, and in April 1992 was convicted of committing 53 of them. Relatives of the deceased demanded his release from custody to commit lynching. Chikatilo was sentenced to death and shot in February 1994.

6. Tommy Lynn Sails

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 6. Tommy Lynn Sails

Claiming that he killed at least 70 people, Tommy Lynn Sails was considered one of the most dangerous criminals in the United States. He was found guilty of several brutal murders between 1985 and 1999. Among his victims was also a 13-year-old girl, who inflicted 16 stab wounds. He managed to capture after the 10-year-old victim of the maniac, whom he left to die, was able to get out and warn his neighbors. She described in detail the perpetrator, which ultimately contributed to his arrest. Sels was sentenced to death. To this day, he is on death row in a high security prison in Livingston, Texas.

5. Gary Ridgeway

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 5. Gary Ridgeway

One of the most "prolific" serial killers, Gary Ridgeway was arrested in 2001 for 4 murders, although admitted confessing at least 70 murders of women in the state of Washington in the 1980s and 1990s. He escaped the death penalty, telling the police in detail about the murders, and leading the authorities to the burial grounds. Five women he threw in the Green River, for which he was nicknamed in the press "the killer of the Green River." He was found guilty of committing 49 murders and sentenced to life imprisonment without the right to early release.

4. Pedro Rodriguez Filho

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 4. Pedro Rodriguez Filho

Filho is a Brazilian serial killer, arrested in 1973, convicted in 2003 for killing at least 71 people. Sentenced to 128 years in prison. His first murder he committed at the age of 14 years. He went against local drug dealers who killed his girlfriend while he was in prison for a series of thefts. At the age of 18, he already had 10 murders. While in prison, he killed his father, who also served time for the murder. While in prison, he killed 47 prisoners. Initially sentenced to 30 years in prison, Pedro increased his time by himself, as against a background of constant murders, his sentence was increased to 400 years in prison.

3. Daniel Camargo of Barbosa

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 3. Daniel Camargo of Barbosa

This man was a Colombian serial killer who is believed to have raped and killed more than 150 young girls in Colombia and Ecuador in the 1970s and 1980s. He quietly confessed to the murder of 71 girls in Ecuador after escaping from Columbia prison. He led the police to the place where he collected the bodies of the victims. After raping the girls, he killed them with a machete. Barbosa was convicted in 1989 and sentenced to 16 years in prison, the maximum sentence in Ecuador. In November 1994, a cousin of one of the dead girls killed him in prison.

2. Dr. Harold Shipman

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 2. Dr. Harold Shipman

Harold Shipman was an English doctor, as well as the most "prolific" serial killer in the history of mankind, on account of which, it was proved, there were 250 murders. Being a professional, he was respected in his circle, however, colleagues and local residents began to express concern about the high mortality rate in the region, as well as the large number of signed forms for the cremation of older women. Some bodies were later exhumed and the study of corpses showed the presence of diamorphine in them. Later found that Shipman deliberately injected lethal doses of the drug to a large number of patients. Then he forged documents on the will, inheriting the same large sums of money. He also forged cremation documents to completely cover up the tracks. The judge sentenced him to 15 life sentences without the right to parole. In January 2004, Shipman hanged himself in his cell in Wakefield Prison

1. Pedro Alonso Lopez

25 horrible serial killers of the 20th century 1. Pedro Alonso Lopez

Lopez is a Colombian serial killer, accused of raping and killing more than 300 girls in South America. He was believed to have hunted young and vulnerable adolescent girls in Peru. He lured them into secluded places, raped, and then killed, most often through suffocation. Lopez was arrested when another attempt to kidnap a girl failed, and he was caught by market workers. He confessed to the murder of more than 300 people. The police believed him only when, after a sudden flood, he discovered the mass burial of many of his victims. In the end, 53 bodies were found. A prisoner in 1980, he spent only 18 years in prison, then released from an Ecuadorian prison and deported to Colombia, where he was again arrested in 2002 and sentenced to life imprisonment.

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10 Beauty Techniques That Will Change Your Life

The days of being clueless about different techniques that will leave your makeup looking flawless are now a thing of the past. We've discovered a few tricks that will give you everything, from curly eyelashes to symmetrical eyeliner, each and every day.

1. Big Dramatic Eyes


If you crave big and dramatic eyes, there's a simple makeup technique will really make your eyes look wider and more mesmerizing. Using a taupe eyeliner on your bottom and top lashline has the opposite effect of dark liner. Dark eyeliner makes your eyes appear smaller and more closed in, but taupe will brighten up your eyes and make them look bigger than ever.

2. Avoid clumps


Avoiding messy and clumpy eyelashes yes just got a bit easier. To ensure your lashes are always on point, putting a bit of petroleum jelly on man before applying mascara is the key to avoiding clumps. This simple trick has been used by makeup artists for years, and it's an amazing way to keep your lashes seperated and fanned out to perfection.

3. Perfect liner


Getting your eyeliner completely symmetrical is something most gross dream of but can never achieve it can be really tricky to make your eyeliner look perfect but an easy way to make sure your application looks the same on both eyes is to start by placing dots along your lash lines. Then connect the dots, and fill them in to make straight and perfect lines on each eye.

4. Get rid of that waxy feeling

10 BEAUTY TECHNIQUES THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE 4. Get rid of that waxy feeling

Sometimes, when you wear lipstick, it can leave an annoying waxy feeling on your lips. To remove excess wax without completely removing your lipstick, press a bit of blotting paper over your mouth. The paper will remove the wax and oils from your lips while leaving behind all the pigment of your lipstick.

5. Curly lash secret


Pumping up your lashes and get them curlier than ever by using this simple makeup technique. With your eyelash curler, pinch your lashes starting at the base, then lift the curler to an inverted position. by holding the curler at this angle, it lengthens your lashes, making them appear longer and more curly.

6. Cold cream for deep cleaning

10 BEAUTY TECHNIQUES THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE 6. Cold cream for deep cleaning

Cold cream is something every makeup lover should have in their beauty arsenal. Not only can cold cream be used to remove your makeup in a matter of seconds, it can also be used to moisturize and deep clean your skin. Applying a bunch of cold cream to your face every night as a deep face conditioner will leave your skin feeling smooth and looking flawless by the next morning. And the best part of it all, it's non comedogenic, which means it won't clog your pores so you don't have to worry about suffering from an acne breakout.

7. The best place to set up your makeup

10 BEAUTY TECHNIQUES THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE 7. The best place to set up your makeup

Instead of using expensive powder to set your makeup, all you need is a bit of baby powder and some cold water. After applying your makeup sprinkle the baby powder on your face, and then dunk your face into cold water for 15 to 20 seconds. Pat your face dry, and you're all done! Your makeup will look flawless all day long.

8. The perfect makeup organizer

10 BEAUTY TECHNIQUES THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE 8. The perfect makeup organizer

Organizing your makeup can be a hassle, especially since most makeup boxes can't accommodate a lot of product. But many makeup lovers have discovered that fishing tackle boxes are the perfect alternative. Tackle boxes are full of compartments to store all of your must-have makeup products, and they even have a handle so you can easily carry your makeup around when you're on the go.

9. Eyeshadow base


You can shell out big bucks for an eyeshadow base, or you can use a cheap eyeliner instead and get even better results. Grab a white eyeliner pencil, and apply it to your eyelids. Then apply your eyeshadow on top. The white coat provides the perfect base to really make the colors in your eyeshadow pop!

10. Anti-chafing face primer


Chafing is a huge problem for most people, especially during the cold winter months. Thankfully, there's a makeup technique that provides the solutions that won't cost you a bunch of money. And it will help your makeup look amazing, too! A bit of anti chafing gel, such as Monistat, can be used as a face primer. It's the perfect primer dupe because it's made from the exact same ingredients as many popular name brand makeup primers, and it will only cost you a third of the price! It's definitely worth giving a try!

source the Talko Youtube channel

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10 Powerful North Korea Inventions Trump Wishes He Had

It's impossible to turn on the news today without seeing a story about Korea and its threats of war. Of course, words are one thing, but actual weapons are another. In the case of Kim Jong-Un and his secretive country, most experts pretty sure the north's military is pretty low quality. That said it dose possess some potentially devastating weaponry which would make any war a nightmare. From ballistic missiles to chemical weapons, we've got a list of these weapons for you to assess. Now, given that this is a video on weapons, you can expect to face a quiz on this subject during the video. So, dust off those cobwebs and prepare to amaze everyone with your knowledge of military weapons.

While technically two different missiles, in actuality the KN-11 and KN-15 are one in the same. You see, the KN-11 a submarine launched ballistic missile while KN-15 is belived to be the land-based version. Both missiles appeared prominently in North Korean parade, catching the eye of western observers. Now, you're probably thinking, this isn't a big deal. However, these missiles are brand new and they only finished successful testing over the last year. What makes them stand out from other North Korean missiles is that they use solid fuel. This means they are staffer to use in submarines and take far less time to prepare to fire. In addition, the land-based version is used with a mobile launcher which can be hard to detect and hidden much more easily than a missile that requires a launch pad. With a range of around 2000 KM, these two North Korean missiles can shrink anywhere from Japan to us bases in Guam. Although they're likely to be equipped with a nuclear warhead eventual, right now the KN 11 and 15 can be equipped with conventional high-explosive warheads or an even deadlier chemical version.

Also known as the hwasong-10, this intermediate-range ballistic missile has been the poster child of Kim Jong-Un's missile program for the past few years. The musician first appeared in 2010 during a military parade. While most experts believed this was actually a replica, it did indicate North Korea was working on a missile closer study suggests that the musician is based on an older Soviet submarine launched missile. However, as North Korea was in need of a medium range land-based ballistic missile, they simply took the design and modified it. Nonetheless, this missile is seen as integral to the North Korean forces, even thought it has failed in testing more than it has succeeded. When it does work right, the musudan can travel over 3000KM and deliver a warhead of around one ton. This pretty much means that all of Japan, the Philippines and Guam fall within the range of the much advertised North Korean missile. In all likelihood, the musudan will eventually be phased out in favor of the newer KM-15. Until then, it will remain an important part of any sabre-rattling by Kim Jong-Un.

Sinpo-Class Submarine
What good are submarine launched ballistic missiles without a submarine to launch them? Enter the sinpo class of ballistic missile submarines. In an effort to expand its ability to deter potential threats, North Korea decided its land-based missiles should be augmented with a submarine based version. As with their missiles, North Korea is believed to have developed the sinpo by blending together various technologies and design features from other countries. The result is said to bein sanely unsafe for anyone who serves aboard. While the build quality when it comes to North Korean designs is always questionable, the real concern here is that the sinpo subs are also incredibly loud. That makes them easy to track and likely a very easy target for any us submarines who happen to be nearby. Given the high failure rate of the missile this meant to fire and the short life expectancy of the crew. Sinpos are probably more dangerous to their crews than anyone else. However, all it takes is one successful missile launch and the crew have done their job. This’s why submarines to powerful North Korean weapons.

Special Forces
While technically not a weapon per se, North Korea’s special forces definitely deserve a mention when it come to anything regarding the power of of that country’s military. This force is believed to be around 180,000 strong and would be the spearhead of any attack on South Korea. If that Number seems a group of special forces, it may be because most of them aren’t expected if that number seems a bit high for a group of special forces, it may be because most of them aren’t expected to live. You see, North Korea would use this force to infiltrate the frontline. Many troops would likely try to sneak in via tunnels, while others would land on shore using submarines and small boats. The rest would be parachuted behind enemy lines using very old antonov-2 biplanes. Given the alertness of South Korean forces, more than a few planes, submarines  and boats would be intercepted before they dropped off their cargo. Those that did land would likely cause havoc until they were eventually neutralized. If the 1996 incident involving North Korean commandos getting stranded in South Korea is anything to o by, then casualties would be high-as only one of the group of two dozen was captured alive.

North Korea places high importance on its artillery forces, and rocket artillery is a key component of this. Introduced into service in 2013, the KM-09 is a truck-multiple rocket launcher. It may be substantially smaller than North Korea’s ballistic missiles, but the KN-09 system is pretty powerful and deserving of a mention. So what makes it worthy of being mentioned on this list? Well, this missile system is believed to be based on either a Chinese or Russian design. The result is that the KN-09 fires a pretty large rocket at 100MM in diameter. This size enables the KN-09 to reach ranges upwards of 190KM where it delivers its 440 LB warhead. Some reports even state this missile could be guided which would increase its accuracy by a high margin. To provide more bang, each system has eight rockets and is mobile which makes it harder to find and destroy. North Korea is believed to operate around 100 of these weapons which have enough range to hit the South Korean capital, from well within North Korean territory. Even worse, some believe the warheads on these missiles could be modified to carry chemical agents. Ok, so all this of weapons and destruction has us thinking. Since the two biggest nuclear powers on the planet are the United State and Russia, can you tell us how many nuclear weapons these two countries have combined? We’ll accept approximate answers as well-so give us your best answer. We’ll ask you again after these entries.

M1989 Koksan
Like the KN-09, the Koksan is part of North Korea’s massive massive artillery force. Unlike the missile system, the Koksan is a mobile conventional artillery piece. This basically means it’s a big gun sitting on top of a tank chassis. If you’re wondering how big, it fires a shell that is 170MM in diameter. When rocket assistance is used with this shell it has a range of around 60KM. this means the Koksan has enough range to hit Seoul from the North Korean side of the border. Reportedly, this is exactly what it was designed to do and we image that most of the rumored 400 units are located quite close to the border of South Korea. Prominently displayed in parades and show in numerous propaganda videos, this artillery piece is central to any military plans Kim Jong-Un’s forces have. Being mobile only adds to the dangers this piece posses as it can both move after firing and keep up with advancing or retreating forces.

Perhaps one of North Korea’s most powerful weapons is a nuclear weapon that, pardon the pun, has flown under most people’s radar. You see, while everyone has been busy worrying about Kim Jong-Un’s ballistic missiles North Korea has reportedly been making some pretty big advances with drone technology. Now these drones aren’t missiles, nor are they anywhere near the level of the drones used by the United States. In this case, they don’t need to be. It is believed that North Korea is developing drones which can carry a dirty bomb. Unlike a regular nuclear device which releases a tremendous amount of energy, a dirty bomb explodes with conventional explosives but spreads radioactive material all over in the process. In a hypothetical scenario, dozens of these unmanned radioactive kamikazes could fly into South Korea where they would deliver their invisible, but deadly, playload. The result would be that people in affected areas get sick and large swathes of land become unlivable for long periods of time. Since these drones are smaller than planes and can stay airborne for several hours, the threat posed by them is definitely very real.

In addition to all of its rocket and artillery firepower, much of the punch of any North Korean attack would come from its tanks. The majority of North Korean tanks are obsolete cast offs, long abandoned by other countries around the world. Nonetheless, much like their submarine and missile forces, North Koreans have developed their newest tank using a mish-mash of technology and designs. As far as western observers can tell, this ‘Modern’ tank is inspired by soviet T-62 and T-72 desins, as well as Chinese designs. Adding their own flair, Korean designers have added extra missile launchers and machine guns which end up making the Pokpung-ho look more like a children’s toy than a real tank. In fact, in terms of firepower, protection and overall capabilities, it is believed that in a one-on-one fight NY modern South Korean or us tank would mop the floor with this tank. So why is it in this list? Well, the Pokpung-ho is the most powerful North Korean tank. Additionally, if a us tank was attacked by a few of these at the same time, we imagine additionally if a us tank was attacked by a few of these at the same time, we imagine it wouldn’t make for the easiest of times.

In the realm of powerful North Korean weapons no list would be complete without including their intercontinental ballistic missiles or ICBMS. Technically, however, North Korea doesn’t have a true ICBM as all designs are either still under testing and development or built purely for space research. So we must briefly enter the realm of ‘Potentially’ powerful ICBMS when we bring you the KN-08 and KN-14. First shown as a crude mock-up in a 2012 parade, the KN-08 caught the attention of experts because of how large it was. Since then, the missile has been seen again and has reportedly been tested twice-both times ending in failure. Nonetheless, it is believed this missile is still being developed and has LED to a second, newer missile, the KN-14. Believed to have roughly the same range as its predecessor, this newer missile is said to be more robust and reliable. Although, even if that’s true it’s not sating much considering the incredibly high failure rate of previous missiles. While much uncertainty remains over the state of North Korea’s nuclear development some analysts think these missiles could easily strike much of North America with a nuclear warhead.

Chemical Weapons
Perhaps the most terrifying and powerful weapon in the North Korean arsenal right now is the stockpile of chemical weapons. While often denied by the rogue sate, analysts are pretty certain that North Korea possesses a significant range of these weapons. Defectors have even told officials that witnessed some of these chemicals being used on prison inmates during their time in North Korea. Furthermore, shipments from North Korea containing equipment related to protection and detection of chemical weapons suggest the country has a well-established industry when it comes to this powerful weapon. Attacking the nervous and circulatory systems, recent evidence from Syria has shown what even a small amount of chemical weaponry can do to a population. North Korea is believed to have around 20 types of chemical agents it could use in rockets and long range missiles. These include substances such as chlorine, mustard gas, sarin, phosgene and VX nerve agent the same substance used in the attack on Kim Jon-Un’s half-brother in Malaysia. Indeed, given the regime’s openness about using nuclear weapons it’s more than likely that North Korea would have no problem putting chemical agents in some of their long range missiles.

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20 Celebs Who Don't Like the Kardashians

No matter where we go, we just can't escape the Kardashians. If you're tired of seeing their faces everywhere, don't worry, you're not alone. Check out these 20 celebs who don't like the Kardashians.

20. Kathy Griffin
On "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Kathy Griffin talked about being seated next to Kim Kardashian at a celebrity breakfast. She said it was  hard to have a conversation with Kim because "she is super stupid."

19. Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer mocked their plastic surgery by saying, "Is that a great message for little girls, a whole family of women who take their faces they were born with as, like, a light suggestion?"

18 Frances Bean Cobain
On Twitter, Kendall Jenner complained about how difficult her life is. Frances Bean Cobain saw the tweet, and posted a message in response which said, "I'd like to thank my parents for providing me with a high IQ and I'd like to thank my grams for encouraging me not to be a self absorbed idiot ."

17. Rebel Wilson
Rebel Wilson said the family isn't famous for their talent, and "Kim got famous from her sex tape ...everything they stand for is against everything I stand for."

16. Janice Dickinson
In an interview, Janice Dickinson said, "Paris Hilton? Kim Kar-Trashian? sl*ts, wh*res and sl*ts. That's what they are." She then described Kim's but as a "heap of lard."

15. Sinead O'Connor
When Kim Kardashian posed for "Rolling Stone" magazine, Sinead O'Connor took to her Twitter and said with Kim being on the cover, "music has officially died."

14. Jon Hamm
Jon Hamm was asked his opinion about today's celebrity culture and he said, "whether it's Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated."

13. Fabio
When it came to discussing Kim, model Fabio called her "trash" and said, "All the Kardashians care about is the media, money and being on camera. They are nothing but money wh*res."

12. Sarah Michelle Gellar
When Kim Kardashian graced the cover of "Vogue" magazine, Sarah Michelle Gellar was so upset, she sent out a tweet threatening to cancel her subscription and asked her fans, "who is with me???"

11. Chelsea Handler
In an interview with "The New York Times" Chelsea Handler described the Kardashians as a joke that just keeps going.

10. David Cross
When asked about the Kardashian's Fame, David Cross said the entire family probably sits around all day and thanks Kim for sucking "that guy's d*ck" and leaking her sex tape.

9. Rob Delaney
Rob Delaney compared the Kardashians to being a disease in society when he said, "The Kardashian corporation is cancerous and rotten and what they represent is bad, not good."

8. Edie Falco
Edie Falco expressed confusion and asked, "Like, who are these people... and why are they advertising things and being asked their opinion about things?"

7. Naya Rivera
When Kim stripped down for "Paper" magazine, Naya Rivera slammed her in an Instagram comment which read, "I normally don't. But... you're someone's mother."

6. 50 Cent
After Kanye released his song "Perfect B*tch" in dedication to Kim, 50 cent said, "If a man feels like she's perfect, then she's perfect... one man's trash is another man's treasure."

5. Barbara Walters
In a 2011 interview with the family, Barbara Walters bluntly told the Kardashians, "You don't really act, you don't sing, you don't dance, you don't have any --forgive me-- any Talent."

4. Jonah Hill
When discussing the family's success with their reality show, Jonah Hill said, the fact that the family's program is more popular than a show like "Mad Men" is disgusting."

3. Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig blamed the family for giving other "idiots" hope for making millions by simply doing nothing. He said, "Look at the Kardashians... you see that and you think, what, you mean all I have to do is behave like f*ck idiot on television and then you'll pay me Millions?"

2. Tim Gunn
For women who are looking for fashion inspiration, Tim Gunn says you should stay far away from the Kardashians because their style is "vulgar."

1. Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg went on the attack when Kanye began dating Kim. In a video, Snoop called Kim a "H*," and told Kanye, "you can't make a H* a housewife. Don't try to reinvent the wheel."

source The Talko Youtube Channel

horrible serial killer beautiful phenomena deadly UFO attacks
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coronavirus explained deepest hole in the world weirdest discoveries
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