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Top 15 Most Scary Things Caught on Video

Number 15. The Woman in the Graveyard
This video gained wide popularity with paranormal enthusiasts when it appeared on YouTube sometime before 2007. A man is wandering around a graveyard late at night filming his journey to capture something possibly paranormal. At one point, he comes across a woman appearing to kneel before a large grave and calls out to her. After she doesn't respond, he calls out again, only to be met with the woman's glowing, terrifying eyes. He immediately flees the area and the video ends soon after. Many have called the video's authenticity into question, since many replicant videos are unable to agree on the location. Regardless, the shock of the woman's eyes are enough to send shivers down a persons spine, and possible enter a viewers nightmares long after the video is viewed.

Number 14. Scary Creature on the Road
Little is known about this video and much of the explanations are merely speculation. The video begins with a man on an all-terrain vehicle driving on what appears to be a dirt road, and points the camera in the direction of a strange, white figure. He moves closer only to see a terrifying thing wearing all white with dark, long hair on its head. The creature starts staggering towards the terrified man as he begins to back away and yell in terror. Near the end of the video, the creature veers out of sight from the headlights, but the man steers his truck back towards it. The creature then makes a strange cry, and the man speeds away in fear, and then the video abruptly ends. While there are those who believe it is a paranormal entity, the majority of people believe it to be a hoax or prank pulled on an unsuspecting traveller. Prank or not, the fear you hear in the man's voice sounds genuine, and is scary to anyone who has to drive down rural roads on a regular basis.

Number 13. The Reflection
There is a long time belief mirrors can be used as gateways for spirits wishing to enter our world, which is why breaking one is bad luck as it traps the evil spirits on your side of the door. Furthermore, it must come across a person's mind from time to time if what you're actually staring at is you, and not some strange doppelganger from the other side. This is something a Japanese family will now be wondering for the rest of their lives, along with the entire internet. Right around the time YouTube took off in popularity, a video from an unknown Japanese show depicts a young girl playing in front of her dresser as presumably a family member films her. At one point, the girl faces the mirror and turns back. The video replays this part of the footage and closes up on the reflection, revealing the reflection did not turn with the child, and continues to give what appears to be a menacing stare. Not much is known about the video, and internet browsers have been unable to find its origin. After watching, it does make people feel rather uncomfortable having a mirror in their bedroom, because it's possible something is watching us from within.

Number 12. Strange Roadside Encounter
According to the Daily Mail Australia, dashcam footage captured a couple's terrifying encounter in what appears to be an attempted carjacking or robbery. A man was driving home around 1:30am with his wife in a car behind him just outside of Sydney when a hooded man wandered into the road and stood there motionless. After a moment, the driver started to veer around the man, who began to move towards the vehicle and let out a loud shout as the man and his wife sped off into the night. The couple contracted police after returning home and police began a search of the area. Not long after, they found a man asleep in a jeep matching the one the couple saw with the man, and he was arrested for possession of drugs.

Number 11. Great White in Sydney Harbour
Just outside Sydney is a suburb called Manly is a popular cliff diving spot for adrenaline junkies. On June 11, 2014, a group of friends were taking turns diving from the cliff when one of them, Terry Tufferson, leapt off the cliff with a GoPro filming. Once he surfaced, his friend shouted “Shark” and Tufferson plunged his head down to see. Not far below him, he saw a Great White Shark swimming, and in that instant, Tufferson panics. He swims to shore as fast as he can, diving done once more before reaching land to see the Great White only a few inches away from him, but it turns and swims away. Opinion of the authenticity of the video is almost equally divided on the internet community, with some saying it is real, while others say it is clever video editing. Tufferson has offered no comment as to whether the video is real or a fake, only stating he wishing to “reel in believers.” This doesn't take away the fear of leaping into unknown waters, and swimming without knowing what you're swimming with.

Number 10. Massacre at the Bataclan
2015 proved to be a tragic year for the city of Paris; in January, members of Al Qaeda in Yemen attacked the head offices of well known French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo in retaliation to the magazine's depiction of the Prophet Mohammad, and in the end 12 people were killed and 11 injured during the two day attack. Just as Paris was beginning to get back to normal, members of the Islamic State launched their own attack on the night of November 13. Several explosions were reported during the evening, which emergency crews initially believed to be the result of a gas leak, but those thoughts were soon dashed after it was confirmed several suicide bombings had taken place in the city. At the Bataclan theatre in central Paris, the band Eagles of Death Metal playing in front of 1500 people when audience members heard people shout “Allah Akbar”, followed by a volley of shots. The shooters killed 89 people and took between 60 and 100 hostage as police special forces surrounded the theatre. And all shooters were either shot dead by police, or detonated their suicide vest. The Eagles of Death Metal ended their tour early and returned to the United States, and have set up a fund to help aid those affected by the attacks.

Number 9. The Hand Demon
The video begins with the audio only picking up a clearly terrified man panting heavily as he shuffles around and turns on a flashlight. Seconds later, green hands begin to phase through the walls and ceiling, reaching towards the cameraman. More hands begin appearing around the room, reaching up through the crack of the door and from the floor. At one point, the flashlight briefly goes out, and when it comes back on, it is shining on a strange figure made out of hundreds of hands. Without warning, the figure rushes forward into the camera and lets out a horrific roar as the camera retreats in terror; the video stops soon after. Many have discussed the video's authenticity and even use it as proof of ghosts and demons. However, it has been revealed the video was created using low-budget effects on computer programs as a short video to scare people. From the community response, it is clear the intended affect was successful.

Number 8. Traffic Stop Shooting
Traffic stops are unpredictable, which makes them dangerous for police officers to conduct. Deputy Stephen Rankin of the Crisp Country Sheriff's office in Georgia made a routine traffic stop after he came across a car playing its music too
loud. When Rankin approached the vehicle, the driver pulled out a pistol and shot Rankin point blank in the face. Rankin collapses to the ground as the driver exits and attempts to shoot the officer again, but the gun jams. The driver then begins to savagely beat Rankin, and at one point reaches for the officer's gun. Rankin continued to fight off the attacker,
eventually getting to his feet, running to his patrol car and firing several rounds at the suspect as he sped away. Help arrived soon after and Rankin was rushed to the hospital, where he was successfully treated for a shattered jaw and a fractured vertebrae. The driver was arrested the next morning and was identified as Ben Westbrook. He was charged and sentenced to 63 years in prison for attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.

Number 7. Charles Manson Interviews
It should be no surprise an interview with a disturbed individual would prove to be terrifying. Charles Manson was the infamous leader of the Manson Family, a cult which believed the Beatles song Healter Skelter predicted a race war
between blacks and whites, which in the end Charles Manson would be the leader of the world as the last white man alive. If that wasn't crazy enough, Manson ordered the murders of several people around southern California, including the murder of Sharon Tate, who was only weeks away from giving birth to her and Roman Polanski's child. Even today, people are attempting to understand the mentality of this deranged man, and he has conducted various interviews while serving his life sentence in California prisons. In all, he displays bizarre and eccentric antics, from flailing around the room wildly, to aggressively stating he did nothing wrong, to verbally abusing those interviewing him. In one of
his bizarre interviews, he is asked who he is, to which he begins making strange facial expressions and eventually whispers “Nobody.” Whatever his real reasons behind his actions may be, or if he truly believed in Healter Skelter will apparently be unknown to anyone except Manson himself.

Number 6. The Doll Ghost
One of the more well-known videos for paranormal enthusiasts, this short video has a man filming inside his house after he hears crying. He opens a door to see if anything is there, but finds nothing. He closes it and turns around, but hears sounds from the other side of the door again, so he goes back to investigate. He opens the door and looks around, only to find a strange, elongated child like thing now standing in the hallway staring at him. He freezes for a moment before slamming the door shut and retreating, after which the video ends. Whether skeptic or believer, the video certainly gives a huge shock to all who watch it mostly on the aspect of anticipation and the unexpected guest staring down the cameraman. This has not detered those from calling out the video's authenticity, with claims that another individual was hidden off camera and quickly placed a prop in the hallway before the cameraman returned. The original uploader has made no comment about the video, so whether it is fact or fiction remains a mystery.

Number 5. Live Stream Home Invasion
If you remember our SWATED video, you'll remember how strange things can happen to streamers while they are live. However, nothing compares to the terrifying experience streamer Nikki Elise, aka: Sajedene, experienced. While playing the popular mod Defence of the Ancients, Elise heard a loud crash at her door and ran off to investigate. Armed thugs had broken into her home and began looting. At a couple points, a hooded figure could be seen searching the computer room for valuables. While intially believed to be a Swatting by the viewers, once the man appeared on frame it became clear this was something more sinister. Many on the feed attempted to help, and eventually contacted Elise's friend who contacted authorities. Elise was uninjured in the invasion and one of the suspects was caught after a brief foot chase as he attempted to flee the home. Imagine the fear of feeling helpless to act as hundreds, possibly thousands of viewers looked on as a woman was being held at gunpoint as people robbed her home.

Number 4. Donna Ayres Poltergeist Videos
Since 2009, Donna Ayres of Lancaster has claimed to be haunted by a rather malevolent poltergeist whom she believes to be her brother, who died just before the haunting began. Ayres says the relationship between her and her brother was strained, and now haunts her wherever she goes. Ayres has moved over five times to try and escape the activity, but her brother has followed her each time, leading Ayres to believe her brother is haunting her, not the places she lives in. Her footage has captured objects moving on their own, her chandelier violently shaking, and a particular disturbing video of a spoon spinning by itself as she looks on in horror. Ayres has claimed the spirit has become quite violent, and she has woken up pinned down to her bed. Skeptics believe she is using strings to make the objects move, while others have been attempting to help free her from the haunting, suggestion various methods from exorcising the home and herself to finally send her brother onto the other side, and even suggestion making peace with her brother so that the two may finally bury the hatchet.

Number 3. Shell Shocked Soldier
Shell shock was a term used during the First and Second World Wars to describe trauma caused by battle. As seen in the video, the symptoms can be pretty severe and debilitating to the sufferer. His movements seem almost inhuman as his muscles appear to be tightened, giving him a disfigured looking back and legs. We all hear about people suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, but few know what the condition does; this video shows how severe it can be with those who unfortunately have any form of trauma. The video also had some more beneficial properties, as it was able to spread the treatment process used on soldiers to other hospitals, thus exposing more shell shock victims to proper treatment. The video serves as a grim reminder to how lasting an impact war has on a soldier, but also a light of hope things can get better.

Number 2. The Fallen Angel
Allegedly taking place in Catalonia, Spain, A group of hikers are wandering through the woods at night and begin hearing strange noises. They also come across a bunch of large feathers. Soon, they spot what appears to be a man, who looks lifeless. As the camera zooms in on the man's face, he turns around quickly to face the camera, and the hikers flee as the video ends. It is not know what happened after the film was made, but the video soon gained the name “The Fallen Angel of Catalonia” due to the feathers found throughout the footage; many do believe what was found was an angel that had fell to Earth, or possibly a demon cast out of heaven due to his sickly look. There are more conventional paranormal explanations, including the footage capturing a ghost. However, most believe the hikers simply stumbled across a malnourished homeless man and the feathers were simply from birds native to the area. It's still quite a shock to the hikers and the viewers who were unsure of what to expect when they decided to travel deep into the woods one night.

Number 1. Strange Sounds Around the World
During 2012, a series of videos surfaced of strange sounds echoing in various locations around the world. The first of these videos was captured on January 12th by a logging crew in Conklin, Alberta, Canada, and sounds like a very loud roar or scream. Initially, it was believed to be a hoax, but then turned into discussions of the possibility of it being bigfoot sounds, or even ice quakes from nearby glaciers or lakes. However, more videos began appearing online of similar noises, in Finland, Ukraine, Russia and even Central America. While some of the sounds are unique, most sound like a very loud brass horn going off. After the influx of videos, conspiracy theorists concluded the sounds coincided with the coming apocalypse on December 21, 2012.

However, as all our viewers should remember, none of the predicted End of the World scenarios occurred and we are very much still alive. Scientists have stated the sounds are definitely real and have been heard in almost every corner of the Earth; however, they've explained them as the sounds of gravitational vibrations the human ear is able to process, while the rest of the frequency is undetectable by the human ear. There are still people out there who claim the noises are either paranormal or extraterrestrial, and it is not hard to blame people due to the absolute unsettling sound these vibrations make, and we would not fault anyone for feeling terrified if they were to suddenly heard a loud, brass horn coming from the sky.




























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Top 15 Scary Hidden Things in Video Games

15. Paper Mario
Though nearly all games created in the Mario universe are created for younger players, many adults find fun in the countless games for years to come. Still, some small easter eggs or mishaps seem a bit too dark for the original intended audience of children.

Especially one house from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. In the U.S version of the game there's a house in the back alley of Rougeport Main Square, in this house it appears as though someone has broken in and ransacked the place. This alone is enough to be unsettling to an extent, a break-in and robbery attempt is quite an adult concept.

However, the original Japanese version is even worse. There appears to be red stains covering the floor and walls, and there’s a chalk outline apparently in the shape of Toad. Obviously, this implies a heinous crime. Although the scene isn’t focused on, it is really dark for such an innocent game and is considered to be one of the most upsetting easter eggs in video game history, even all these years later.

14. The Infinity Killer
This easter egg is seen as more of a simple fact by some players, as it is so integrated into the game. Still the way everything is presented, makes for a great entry. In the GTA 5 universe in December 1999, 8 male joggers were murdered and buried in San Andreas.

These murders were deemed the Infinity Murders after the killers obsession with the number 8 and his infamous quote “8 is just infinity turned sideways”. Merle Abrahams was the psychopath responsible for this event and though he is never seen in the game, he is mentioned various times and nearly his entire backstory has been pieced together thanks to Easter Eggs and fan theories.

The clues to this character include graffiti on rocks, newspaper clippings, and a message left inside Merle’s own home. The simultaneous absence and strong presence of this killer is what makes his story truly creepy to players and fans.

13. Black & White 2: Whispered Names
The Black & White game series blends real time strategy and God game elements. It was originally released in 2005, though this Easter Egg comes from it’s sequel a few years later. When the game is played after 10:00pm the game will whisper your name in a very ghostly and disheartening voice.

The game uses an algorithm that takes a variety of stored names and then compares it to your screen name or profile name to correctly call out to you. This is certainly scary for first time players that do no expect the feature. Even worse is imagining this happening with headphones in as you play alone in the middle of the night.

12. Assassin’s Creed II, The Kraken
The Assassins Creed game series is best known for being historically accurate when it comes to general details and technology. Of course there are some fantasy features that makes the game far from perfect when it comes to history, but this detail was extremely unrealistic compared to most of the game, which makes it considerably scary to some players.

While solving a puzzle in a specific tomb of the game, a massive Kraken can be seen motioning through the water below. This game is set in Renaissance era Italy, so the mystical beast feels rather out of place. This isn’t the only time that the creature makes an appearance, either. In Assassin’s Creed 4, the Kraken is seen destroying a shark outside an abandoned ship. This location makes much more sense as the game features more pirate-like themes, still the fact that this hard to ignore creature is barely discussed or featured doesn’t help it’s case.

11. Animal Crossing & Harvest Moon
The community game Animal Crossing features villages where the players live with anthropomorphic animals and carry out various tasks like building items and decorating locations. The games have been known to be quite obsessive for players thanks to open-ended game play and the community interaction.

In the game, however, if you watch the TV at 3:33 am a small dark alien appears and suggests that it is watching you. In media, 3:33 am is often associated with evil, the spirit world, extraterrestrial abduction and more. Though the scenes are always short and relatively harmless, it’s still unsettling for what is supposed to be a childrens game.

In Harvest Moon, a game very similar to Animal Crossing, something similar happens with the TV. However, in this case it occurs at 4:44 am and instead of a little alien stalking you, you see the number 4 repeated over and over again in both English and Japanese lettering. In Japanese culture the time 4:44 am holds the same meaning as 3:33 am for American culture. Additionally, the number 4 is meant to symbolize death. A very morbid warning for such a light hearted game.

10. Half Life 2: The Standard Zombie
The Half-Life series began in the late 1990’s and features various mutants or zombie-like creatures. The Standard Zombie is the most common creature or monster in the game series and it involves a standard Headcrab attaching to a victim's brain and taking over their nervous system to essentially control their body.

The zombie’s are already a sore sight being grotesque and only partially human. However, to make them even worse they constantly create guttural noises of despair that sound uncomfortably human. Specifically when you set one on fire, their screams almost sound like words. Apparently a lot of players agreed with this notion because it was eventually discovered and shared by many that this dialogue was actual human speech reversed.

When edited to play forward, the zombie’s scream in pain “Help. God help me”, which makes the idea of these poor victims even more tough to get through. Many players obviously see them as mindless enemies but playing this human voice with the action gives a “real life” aspect that many were not prepared for.

9. Ratman Dens
Doug Rattman is a character from the game series Portal. Rattman began as an Aperture Science employee. After some conflict he eventually came to live in the Test Chambers and maintenance rooms of the facilities as his sanity quickly deteriorated. He spent much of his time scribbling on the walls of the chambers and the remains of his presence can be experienced by players as they travel through the long abandoned locations.

In Portal, his scribblings give information about his obsession with Companion Cube, directions and warnings for the player, and of course the popular phrase “the cake is a lie”. In Portal 2, the messages prove Rattmans survival and help guide the general story forward. Despite how useful the Rat Dens are to the player and story, they still provide a creepy aspect simply by demonstrating the insanity of a once brilliant man, as well as the horrible living conditions he was forced to endure.

8. Luigi’s Shadow
This one is also known as “hanging Luigi” and fans have debated for years whether it’s a true creepy easter egg, or just an inconvenient glitch. In the game Luigi's Mansion, this scene can be found just after the Boss Battle of Area 3. Luigi finds his way to the telephone room and answers two phone calls, during the second call a very cinematic lightning flash illuminates the room.

Luigi’s shadow, which is cast upon the wall, is distorted in a way that apparently shows Luigi hanging. Again, it’s still unconfirmed whether this is a true easter egg that comes off a little too dark for a child’s game, or a simple glitch that made for great lore years after the release of the game.

7. Fatal Frame Screensavers
The Fatal Frame game series is all about using film to fight evil spirits. The series has received acclaim over the years and even has various spin-off media related to the concept. One of the most memorable aspects of the series though, is the featured screensavers that double as easter eggs and jumpscares.

Basically, if the player leaves the game idle for more than 5 minutes, a screensaver appears to scare the player. In Fatal Frame 1, the image was bloody handprints. In the second and third versions of the game, effectively disturbing ghost faces are used. Considering the first game was released in 2001, this was new and unique for it’s time and helped create the idea of interactive horror games that step into the real world, even if only for a second.

6. World of Warcraft: Children of Goldshire
The World of Warcraft series is an online interactive gaming community with fantasy characters and endless quests. The WoW platform was initially released in 2004 and has had gamers hooked and interested ever since with expansion packs, updates and more. This Easter Egg has many layers to it which make it not only unsettling but intriguing as well.

The Goldshire Children are a group of 6 school aged children that travel together in a sort of pack. They can be found in and around Goldshire in Elwynn Forest but they never go far from their home in Stormwind City. The children’s names are Cameron, John, Jose, Lisa, Dana and Aaron. When they travel together they appear to not only walk in sync but also never breaking the shape of a pentagram which faces different directions depending on the day.

Theories suggest that the characters are inspired by Children of the Corn, a classic horror film based on Satan  worshipping orphans. If you follow the children to their home, they form their pentagram shape and simply stare forward. Allegedly various sounds can be heard while in this setting. Everything from a banshee scream, and C'Thun saying, "You... Will... Die." to a ghost howling or a woman crying have said to be heard in this location.

5. Timesplitters 2: Mission Failure
Timesplitters is a first person shooter game released in the early 2000’s. Mission Failure is a mysterious easter egg that occurs in the second game of the series. When the player fails a mission either by losing their health points, falling into a bottomless chasm, or failing an objective in Story mode, Challenge mode, or Arcade League.

After the character “dies” if the restart screen is left unattended for a period of time, a slow, deep and unnerving audio track is played over the idle screen. Clearly, it sounds like something from a nightmare. Eventually fans became curious and sped up the audio track to find that it is actually Captain Ash's dialogue from the beginning of the Aztec Ruins level slowed down significantly to create this dreamy and spooky audio. While the backstory for this isn’t that creepy or even mysterious, the general presence of the audio before players were able to edit it caused a lot of debate and even fear.

4. Doom 2: Romero’s Head
This Easter Egg is seen as comical by some, and downright gross by others. The Doom series first began in the early 90’s and includes related novels, comics, board game, and film adaptations. In Doom 2, MAP30: Icon of Sin, the easter egg is planted as a final boss. Usually what is known as “The Icon of Sin” must be hit with a rocket and damaged significantly to finish the level.
In this case, the Icon is an image of John Romero’s head. Romero is a designer and programmer for the game. The only way to see it is to use the idclip cheat code and go behind the face of the final boss. Additionally, it’s not just an image of his head. It is clearly severed, dripping blood and placed upon a spike and features some disturbing audio of Romero’s voice in reverse.

3. Batman: Arkham Knight
When it comes to Batman, be it comics, animated series, movies or video games, the Joker provides creators with a perfect place to make things absolutely horrifying. One of the scariest scenes to feature the Joker comes from Batman: Arkham Knight. The game begins after the Joker has died and his body is being prepared for cremation. An already unsightly scene gets even better (or worse) as the game prompts the player to start the incinerator.

As flames engulf the joker he begins to scream in pain. Shortly after he jumps forward to expose crispy skin and his signature laugh. Prompting the player to interact truly brings them into the game and then serves a classic and detailed jumpscare that remains popular.

2. Undertale: Gaster
Undertale is a role-playing indie game released in 2015 that immediately grew a massive fan base. Created entirely by game developer Toby Fox, the detailed game takes the player on a creative, emotional, and often terrifying journey. This game is basically known for it’s lore, hidden details, alternate endings, changing levels and easter eggs. Gaster is a character discussed in the game that is almost an Easter Egg of his own, because while his existence is confirmed he is never seen and some factors of the game hint his is still alive.

Two of the most popular Gaster related Easter Eggs are known as “Gasters Theme” and “The Encounter”. Undertale has a hidden value in it's code called the 'fun value'. This value ranges from 1 to 100 and is set randomly by the game upon startup. This number determines certain events in the game. If the value is set at 65 while you're in the Snowdin level, you can access a new area which allows you to play “test” versions of songs from the game.

One of these songs is called 'Gaster's Theme'. Once you play it, it continues for the remainder of your presence here and you cannot change it. Of course this is an obvious reference to Gaster and the fact that the player loses control of the game here implies that Gaster has some power over the code of the game. Speaking of the code of the game, another popular aspect of Undertale is the players ability to alter the game by editing the code or save files.

One feature allows you to edit the save file and set the room you spawn into as room 264. When you arrive in room 264, a message is shared in the Wingdings font, which is known exclusively as Gaster’s font. Additionally, some disturbing music and audio is played over the message. When translated the message reads; “Entry 17: Dark, darker, yet darker. The darkness keeps growing. The shadow is cutting deeper. Photon readings negative.

1.Star Fox: Out of this Dimension
The Star Fox series is a classic, with it’s first release in 1993. In the game while flying through open space and shooting at asteroids, a very peculiar looking asteroid will cross your path. If you successfully shoot this, the game appears to glitch in a very trippy way and you are taken to what can only be described as another dimension. Coincidentally this location is known as “Out of this Dimension”.

While here, things move in a strange and fluid manner, the asteroids have faces on them, and the sound is distorted. The mysterious location is known to be infinite, though no other facts are clear. It is apparently outside of the games universe and “outside of existence as we know it”. Players have described the level as inescapable and many deem it the alternate ending of the game.
The dimension does not appear in any other Star Fox games, though it is similar to the later introduced “Warp Zones”. Aside from the general confusing vibe of the location, it is said to be unsettling because it focuses on the unknown and dangerous expanse of space and even reality.

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Top 15 Craziest Animal Attacks

Number 15. Jennifer Karren
Accidents during whale watching is a rare occurrence, but due to the size of humpback whales, incidents can cause serious damage to vessels and people. In March 2015, Jennifer Karren from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, was on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and was attending a whale watching tour. During the tour, a whale unexpectedly breached he waters and landed directly on the boat, and Karren was tossed into the water.

She and two other passengers suffered critical injuries, and other passengers quickly performed first aid on the two, with Karren requiring CPR. captain quickly radioed the naval rescue team, and a boat was dispatched to retrieve those on board, and the injured were rushed to hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, Karren's injuries proved too severe and she passed away at 35.

According to local emergency crews, this is the first incident involving a whale in the area resulting in injury, let alone fatality. An investigation was launched to determine whether or not the captain had broken restrictions by moving beyond the minimum distance all boats are required to be between vessels and whales, and it was concluded the captain had done everything possible to keep a safe distance, and there was no way he could have prevented the mishap from happening. Further details have been withheld out of respect for the Karren and her family. One of the injured was released from hospital soon after, and the second was transferred back to the United States for further treatment, and has since made a full recovery.

Number 14. Roy Horn
Las Vegas used to be full of posters and billboards advocating the famous Siegfried and Roy show, run by magicians and entertainers Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn. Often stealing the spotlight from the men was their famous white tigers who would perform tricks on stage for the bedazzled crowd. On October 3, 2003, Horn fell on stage, and one of the tigers, Mantecore, grasped Horn's head in his jaws. Crew rushed in and separated Horn and Mantecore, then took Horn to the hospital, where he was taken into intensive care, suffering blood loss and critical injuries to the head.

According to those accompanying Horn to the hospital, he said “Montecore is a great cat. Make sure no harm comes to Montecore.” After recovering, Horn underwent rehabilitation due to partial paralysis as a result of the attack, and he went on to make a full recovery. Immediately after the incident, The Mirage Hotel and Casino closed the show, and the 267 cast and crew were laid off.
Over the years, Fischbacher and Horn have refused to admit Montecore had attacked, claiming Horn had suffered a stroke on stage, and Montecore had dragged him off stage in means to help. Montecore appeared onstage again with the duo many times following the attack, with the last show on February 2009 for a charity benefit. Fischbacher and Horn retired from show business in April 2010, and Montecore passed away on March 19, 2014, following a short illness.

Number 13. The Sankebetsu Brown Bear Incident
Between mid-November and December 14, 1915, a large brown bear terrorized the town of Sankebetsu, Japan was terrorized by a large brown bear that awoke from hibernation. Initially, the bear only stole corn and other harvested plants from residents, causing fear amongst the settlers of the local livestock and horses. The true horror began on December 9th, in the home of the Ota family; Ota's wife Abe was at home tending to a young baby she was looking after, when the bear appeared and entered the home. It proceeded to bite the baby in the head, killing him, then pounce on Abe as she attempted to defend herself, then dragged her into the woods .

Witnesses described the scene as resembling a slaughter house, with blood scattered all over the walls and puddled on the floor. Local guardsmen from a neighbouring town arrived and set out on what was believed to be the bear's trail, but in reality had headed another direction. It turned up on the Miyoke family farm, where it killed four people, including a pregnant woman. Expert bear hunter Yamamoto Heikichi hesitantly made his way to Sankebetsu, certain the bear was one named Kesagake, and offered his assistance to track and kill the bear.

On December 13, the bear briefly returned to the town and snipers opened fire, though were unable to kill it. Yamamoto set off in pursuit of Kesagake, and found him the next day, resting due to the wounds sustained the previous night. After shooting the bear in the heart and head, it finally succumbed and died. The incident is the worst bear attack in Japanese history, and memorials have been set up in and around the town to commemorate the deceased.

Number 12. The Connecticut Chimp Attack
Probably the most terrifying incident on this list; Travis was a chimpanzee owned by Sandra Herold of New Stamford, Connecticut, having adopted the chimp in 1995. Travis had grown up amongst humans his entire life, and was noted to have high socialization with them, knowing to obey his owner, unlock and open doors, dress himself, water plants, and feed hay to Herold's horses. However, Travis was not always kind, and two incidents occurred, once in 1995 when he allegedly bit a woman, and in 2003 when he escaped from Herold's car and held up traffic for several hours. On February 19, 2009, Travis left his house, and Herold attempted to coax him back in with friend Charla Nash.

Travis spotted Nash with one of his favourite toys, and it sent him into a rage. Without warning, Travis leaped on Nash and began inflicting horrific injuries to Nash's face and head. Herold desperately tried to get Travis off Nash by hitting Travis with a shovel, and even stabbing him with a butcher knife, but to no avail and seemingly infuriating Travis even more. Herold finally called 9-1-1, begging dispatchers to send help right away, shouting “He's eating her.”

What is the problem? He’s killing my friend. Who is killing your friend? My chimpanzee! Oh, your chimpanzee is killing your friend. Yes. He ripped her apart. Hurry up! Hurry up, please! There is someone on the way. With guns, please. Shoot him! What is the monkey doing? Tell me what the monkey… He ripped her face off! He ripped her face off? He tried … He’s trying to attack me. Please, please! Medical personnel and a police officer arrived, turning Travis' attention away from Nash and sending him sprinting to the police car.

He tried to open the officer's driver-side door, but it was locked, so Travis calmly walked to the passenger door, and opened it; panicked, the officer opened fire, hitting Travis several times and sending him fleeing back into the house; he was found dead next to his cage a short time later. Nash suffered severe injuries, loosing a hand, nose, her eyes, lips and mid-face bone structure. 15 months following the attack, Herold suffered a fatal heart attack, which her attorney credited to the long string of losses, from her daughter, to her husband, and finally to Travis' rampage and death. Nash received $4 million from Herold's estate after an extensive lawsuit regarding the attack. In June 2011, she underwent facial reconstructive surgery to restore her face.

Number 11. Gustave
Within the depths of Lake Tanganyika and the Ruzizi River in Burundi lives the alleged most prolific serial killer on Earth, only it is not human. Gustave is the name given to a 20 foot Nile Crocodile weighing in at over 2000 pounds. While legend states he is over 100 years old, scientists estimate he was born around 1955. Gustave is blamed for the deaths of over 300 people, and witnesses claim he will grab his victims in his mouth and then drown them, before tossing the body aside. People found this peculiar that Gustave would not kill people for food, but instead in a way similar to that of human serial killers as a way of passion; scientists say crocodiles can go for long periods of time without food, and Gustave can be more playful in selecting things to kill at will.

Several attempts have been made to either capture or kill the beast, and he is recognizable by three distinct bullet wounds from the attempts made on his life. PBS produced a mini in 2004 called Capturing the Killer Croc, which followed an expedition to capture Gustave for scientific study, though it was unsuccessful. His notoriety also inspired the 2007 film. The last known sighting of Gustave was in February 2008, and it is unknown what his current status or whereabouts are.

Number 10. The Miss Teen Dog Attack
By her senior year in High School, Taylor Hubbard was known for her beauty. At age 14, she had won Teen USA, and was selected as Miss Kentucky Teen in 2010, moving her on to the Miss Teen USA contest. However, on May 5, 2012, Hubbard had just left from her senior prom and was heading home to change into leisure wear, when she was attacked by a 5-year old huskey a friend of her's owned. She was petting the dog when it suddenly bit her face and held on fiercely.

Witnesses stated Hubbard remained relatively calm during the ordeal, which could have helped deescalate the situation, and she was rushed to a hospital. Doctors would not let her see her face at first, but she told reporters she “could feel out the bottom of my chin with my tongue.” Hubbard required 200 stitches to repair her face, and many believed her pageant career would be over.

Hubbard refused to accept this; while in Puerto Rico, she met a woman who was in a car accident and would be undergoing the same surgeries to repair the damaged tissue, and credits this meaning for her feeling calm about the procedures she would soon be undergoing. Hubbard had laser reconstructive surgery, and doctors were able to repair the damage, except for a few visible scars under the lip and on the left cheek. Today, Hubbard continues to work as a model, and has no ill feelings towards the dog that attacked her.

Number 9. George Went Hensley
In the American Appalachian Mountains, a movement known as Snake Handling was created, which involves fundamental Pentecostal Christians holding several poisonous snakes, under the belief one devoid of sin would not be bitten and killed. A key figure in the movement was George Went Hensley, a minister of the Church of God with Signs Following who would travel the American South to conducts sermons and partake in snake handling with other members during the 1940s and early 50s.

After a series of meetings without the snakes, Hensley held a sermon in Altha, Florida on July 24, 1955, during which he produced a 5 foot long snake, which he wrapped around his neck and carried with him as he passionately delivered the rest of his sermon. All was going well until he returned the snake to the can, when it bit him on the wrist. After a few minutes, Hensley began to show visible signs of illness and pain, and his arm became discoloured.

He refused to seek treatment, despite pleas from attendees and local sheriff deputies, claiming his pain was a result of the congregations lack of faith, though his wife believes it was the will of God. Henley died the following morning as a result, and an investigation ruled his death a suicide. The death serves as an act of irony for a man committed to snake handling, to die by his methods. Since then, snake handling has been in deep decline, and few churches practise it today.

Number 8. Alexander of Greece
A peculiar entry on this list, Alexander was king of Greece from 1917 until is premature death in 1920, which occurred under bizarre circumstances. Alexander was a controversial monarch in Greece due to his decision to marry a woman not from royalty. At the time, the Greek Royalty was of a German-Danish decent and this resulted in the exile of Alexander's parents during the First World War; the idea of marrying a common Greek meant it was possible to Hellenize the royal family, but people were split in their criticism some believing it would divide Alexander's family into those who support and oppose the marriage.

Only three years after his coronation and marriage, Alexander was out walking his dog when a barbary macaque either attacked his dog or the dog attacked it, sources vary. Alexander stepped in to separate the two, and in his attempt was bitten on the arm by a second monkey who joined in the attack. Alexander and his dog were able to get away, and he cleaned the wound and dressed it, but neglected to cauterize it since he felt it was not a serious injury.

The wound became infected by that evening, and Alexander was struck with fever and septicemia, or inflammation of the wound and surrounding tissue. Over ten days later, on October 19, he became delirious and cried out for his mother, begging the Greek government to end her exile, though they refused. The government however allowed for his grandmother, Olga, to return and be by his side. Sadly, due to travel delays, Olga arrived too late, and Alexander died on October 25, 1920, 12 hours before Olga arrived. Alexander's funeral took place four days later, and his body is interred at the royal estate of Tatoi.

Number 7. The Grizzly Man
The subject of the Werner Herzog documentary of the same name, Timothy Treadwell was a wildlife enthusiest who spent an extensive amount of time camping in Alaska's Katmai Wildlife Sanctuary, an area he dubbed The Grizzly Sanctuary. Treadwell would spend the early part of summer near Hallo Bay, an area he dubbed the Grizzly Sanctuary, and then move to Kaflia Bay in the late season, which he named the Grizzly Maze due to the thick brush surrounding the camp ground. Due to his thirteen years of experience living amongst the bears, Treadwell had developed knowledge in bear behaviour, including how to hold ones ground to deter bear aggression.

He also used his experiences to speak with children about bears, and advocate for wildlife protection. Treadwell also filmed hundreds of hours of diary footage, depicting his interaction with the animals he encountered during his expeditions. Despite his love for the animals and enviromental advocacy, Treadwell clashed with the National Park Service on a number of occasions due to them not agreeing with Treadwell's actions of coming within dangerous proximity to the bears he would interact with. In October 2003, Treadwell and his girlfriend Amy Hugenard were in the Grizzly Maze when bush pilot Willy Fulton arrived by sea plane to pick up the couple as scheduled, but instead discovered a bear consuming what was left of a human torsoe. He contacted the National Park Service, and several Park Rangers arrived, managing to kill the bear soon after arrival.

Treadwell was 46 and Hugenard was a few days shy of her 38th birthday. Their cause of death was ruled a result of a bear attack, and the perpetrator is believed to be a bear who had awoken early from hibernation; animals who do are said to be more aggressive than normal. Treadwell's and Hugenard's final moments were captured by camera audio, but no footage exists of the attack due to the lens cap still being on. Herzog listened to the audio at the conclusion of Grizzly Man, and urged the owner never to release the tape, even pleading it should be destroyed.

Number 6. Taylor Mitchell
Coyotes are a species of canine inhabiting North America, resembling a wolf, but smaller in size and build. While a rare occurrence, coyote packs have been known to attack humans, but even rarely is it fatal. 19 year-old up and coming folk musician Taylor Mitchell was out for a hike in Cape Breton Highlands National Park in Nova Scotia, Canada, in order to pass time and relax before her performance later that day. A group of four hikers had just arrived in the carpark when they heard screams coming from inside the park; they immediately set off in search of the cause and to help anyone in danger.

While walking through the trail, the group began finding personal items belonging to Mitchell, including her keys, a small knife and later a trail of blood and ripped clothing leading into the woods. The group found Mitchell in a clearing with a coyote standing over her. After charging the animal three times, it finally fled into the forest and the group was able to come to Mitchell's aid. Mitchell was conscious, and speaking with her rescuers as they phoned 911; all the while, the coyote stalked nearby, growling and making threatening gestures towards the group, until Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrived and fired a shotgun at it, finally scaring the coyote away. Mitchell suffered bites to her entire body, with serious wounds to her leg and head.

She was airlifted to a nearby hospital, where she was listed in critical condition. Sadly, her injuries proved too severe, and she passed away just after midnight on October 28, 2009, hours after the attack occurred. Mitchell's death was the first recorded adult death caused by a coyote attack. Over the next few days, three coyotes were killed by wildlife wardens in the park, and all were linked to Mitchell's attack after her blood was discovered on the fur.

Number 5. Tyke the Elephant
Elephants have become a recognizable, possibly morbid symbol for circus' across the globe. Tyke was one such elephant, performing in a circus in Honolulu, Hawaii for nearly two decades under trainer Allen Campbell. On August 20, 1994, during a performance, Tyke suddenly stomped onto the stage, pushing groomer Dallas Beckwith with her trunk. Campbell stepped in in an attempt to stop Tyke before anyone got seriously hurt, and the crowd watched in awe, believing it was part of the show. When Campbell stepped in, Tyke violently three him and Beckwith to the ground, then proceeded to stomp on them for several minutes. Panicked spectators began fleeing the arena, and Tyke marched out into the lobby as people ran for their lives.

Outside, publicist Steve Hirano tried to keep Tyke from escaping the parking lot, but was thrown to the ground and nearly trampled himself, but police arrived; panicked and seeing no other options, officers opened fire, causing Tyke to flee into the streets of Honolulu. For half an hour, Tyke rampaged through downtown, knocking into cars and structures along the way. Eventually cornered, police and wildlife officials fired 86 rounds into Tyke, until she finally collapsed and succumbed to her injuries. In total, 13 people were injured, and Campbell died from his injuries.

The incident sparked public outcry about the treatment of animals and their use for entertainment purposes as a form of torture. Not long after, The City of Honolulu, the Circus and Tyke's owner, John Cuneo, Jr were sued, and the matter was settled out of court. The incident also inspired legislation in Hawaii and California concerning the treatment of animals and the use of them in performances.

Number 4. Rodney Fox
A champion spear fisherman, Rodney Fox was defending his title during a competition in December 1963. Fox had speared and collected several fish and was diving further to find more, when a great white shark smelt the blood of his catch and swam towards the scent. The shark collided into Fox's side and sunk its teeth deep into his abdomen, puncturing his diaphragm and ripping open his lungs. Despite the injuries, Fox managed to fight off his attacker, surface and wave down a rescue vessel, which took him to a hospital.

Doctors found his artery was exposed and had he been a minute later from arriving, he would have bled out. Miraculously, Fox survived the attack, and the entire side of his body from his hand to lower abdomen had to be stitched up with 462 stitches. The incident inspired Fox to study sharks and their behaviour, hoping by doing so he will help prevent further shark attacks without resorting to killing the species. He was also the first to design the well-known observation cage researchers and thrill-seekers alike use to safely observe sharks at close proximity. Fox is still alive today, and was even invited to lead an expedition on the first Shark Week specials on Discovery.

Number 3. Pitbull Attack caught on Tape
In Los Angeles, a complaint was sent to animal control by neighbours of a woman's pitbull exhibiting aggressive behaviour and the woman threatening to unleash the dog on people confronting her about it. Animal Control Officer Florence Crowell arrived to investigate and remove the dog from the premises. Immediately, the woman threatened Crowell, stating she would release the dog from the home if Crowell didn't leave. Shortly after the woman reentered her home, the door opened again and the pitbull ran out towards Crowell, biting down hard on the officer's hand.

Crowell desperately tried to tear her hand away as the dog's owner unleashed a barrage of verbal abuse and egging the dog on. In the meantime, a camera crew filmed the incident and attempted to help, but were forced to retreat several times to to the violent nature of the dog. Thankfully, one of the neighbours ran out and struck the dog in the head with a 2-by-4, causing the dog to release its grip and flee back to the house. Another neighbour called 9-1-1 while the owner desperately pleased with them not to do so, stating she did not want to be arrested.

Crowell suffered a crushed hand and a punctured lung, but recovered from the attack; the dog was taken by animal control and put down, while the owner was prosecuted for instigating the attack and causing injuries to a law enforcement officer.

Number 2. The Jersey Shore Attacks
For 12 days in July of 1916, residents of New Jersey were terrorized by a series of shark attacks between Beach Haven and Matawan. On July 1st, 25 year old Charles Vansant of Philadelphia was bitten during a pre-dinner swim, resulting in most of the skin and muscle being torn away from his leg; he bled to death at the hotel he was residing in. The second attack occurred on July 6th, in Spring Lake; victim Charles Bruder, 27, was swimming 120 meters off shore when he was bit by a shark in the abdominal, and his legs were severed. While rescuers were able to pull him from the water, Bruder bled to death on the way back to shore.

Six days later, a third attack occurred, this time inland in Matawan Creek. Locals boys were playing in the creek, when 11 year old Lester Stillwell was dragged into the water. Being an epileptic, his friends believed he suffered a seizure and ran to get help. 24 year old local businessman Watson Fisher entered the creek in an attempt to save Stillwell, but was also attacked in the thigh. He was pulled from the water, but died later that evening from blood loss; Stillwell's body was recovered two days later. Thirty-minutes following the Matawin Creek attacks, 14 year old Joseph Dunn was attacked a half-mile from Wyckoff; fortunately, Dunn was rescued by his brother and friend in a tug-of-war, eventually resulting in the sark letting go.

Dunn was immediately rushed to the hospital and recovered after two months. The series caused panic along the vacation towns all along the east coast. To this day, it is unknown the species of shark or whether or not it was more than one, though it is likely to have been several sharks, most likely a great white or bull shark; Bull sharks are the only shark that can live in both fresh and salt water, meaning it is likely the perpetrator of the last two attacks. In popular culture, author Peter Benchley sited the attacks as his main inspiration for his best seller Jaws, which was later adapted into the hit film of the same name.

Number 1. Steve Irwin
Undoubtedly the most well-known entry on this list, Irwin was an Australian zoologist and conservationist known to the public as The Crocodile Hunter, a nickname he gained from his tv series of the same name. Irwin was committed to educating youth and adults alike about nature and the wildlife that inhabits is; mostly, fans were drawn to Irwin's seemingly eccentric and hyperactive persona. Aside from television, Irwin was the operator of the Australia Zoo in Beerwah, Queensland, a position he inherited from his parents. He would frequently appear at the attraction to host wildlife shows in front of live audiences, where he would interact with a variety of animals, most notably crocodiles.

In 2006, Irwin teamed up with conservationist Philippe Cousteau, Jr., the grandson of oceanologist Jacques Cousteau, to film a documentary called Ocean's Deadliest. During a sequence on September 4, Irwin was snorkeling in the Batt Reef off Port Douglas, Queensland, and was filming some shallow water shots for his daughter's children's programme Bindi the Jungle Girl after bad weather prohibited him and the crew from venturing further out. While filming, Irwin swam towards a stingray from behind; startled, the stingray plunged its tail into Irwin's chest as a defensive tactic and swam away. Irwin was taken from the water, and he initially believed the stinger had pierced his lung and spine, but had actually punctured his heart, and the injury proved fatal. The entire incident was captured on film, and all footage was handed over to Queensland state police as evidence. After Irwin's death was ruled accidental, and the Irwin family had all footage of his death destroyed.

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10 Simple Things Kim Jong Un Secretly Enjoys

The vast majority of the news we get about North Korea has to do with their weaponry and threats of attack. We recognize the man at the helm of the country, Kim Jong-Un, but hoe much do we really know about him, besides he somehow actually convinced other people to get that haircut? Turns out, the man called dear leader, has some things he holds dear himself. We’re going to reveal 10 simple things Kim Jong-Un secretly enjoys. It’s no secret that we enjoy putting our viewers to the test with a trivia question.

Theme Parks
The Rungra people’s pleasure ground kind of sounds like a place where people would meet in a dystopian future. However, it’s home to a more PG type of pleasure. This amusement park in Pyongyang, North Korea contain a dolphinarium, swimming pool, mini golf course, and of course, rides. Kim Jong-Un and his wife, Ri Sol-Ju presided over the opening ceremony of the park in 2012. While most of us think of an amusement park as a fantastic spot to bring a date, we probably wouldn’t think Kim Jong-Un would feel the same. But we would be wrong, as he explored the park. Kim Jong-Un just also couldn’t resist having a little fun while he was there. Photos surfaced of him riding on the thrilling rides with a huge smile on his face. Most of us probably wouldn’t consider a suit to be appropriate rollercoaster attire, but it didn’t seem to hold him back at all. His bride was nowhere in  sight while her husband rode on the rides. Perhaps being married to Kim Jong-Un is all the excitement she needs in her life.

Smoking is a dangerous habit, but some people cling to it as a guilty pleasure, or they just aren’t able to shake their nicotine addiction. While it’s a fairly mundane activity, the secret part comes into play since Kim Jong-Un proclaims to be vehemently anti-smoking. Wow, a government official acting in a hypocritical manner? Good thing that definitely only happens in North Korea. There have been many photographs of Kim Jong-Un caught surreptitiously sneaking in his nicotine fix. Perhaps the most notable and amusing of which caught him with a cigarette in his hand at an anti-smoking drive. It’s clearly lit, as we can see that smoke is emanating from the tip. North Korea has a huge problem with its citizens smoking, with almost half of adult men addicted to tobacco. And of course, because of his station, Kim Jong-Un isn’t exactly buying single cigarettes from the local gas station. It’s estimated that he’s spent over $37 million on tobacco and tobacco related products, including machinery with which to roll home-grown tobacco. The hypocrisy here is enough to make you sick. Or, maybe that’s all the smoke in the air. After some weight gain, Kim Jong-Uns health was under question and pictures surfacing of him smoking certainly didn’t help clear the air on that issue.

If Kim Jong-Un’s relationship status with movies was listed on facebook, it would likely be set to “It’s complicated.” While the political figure is quick to condemn all things not in keeping with North Korean sensibilities, and has notoriously railed against certain films, it turns out he has a secret passion for cinema his father, Kim Jong-Un  loved movies so much that DVD library was rumored to contain over 20,000 titles. He was especially a fan of horror films but had a soft spot for cartoons. It seems that Kim Jong-Un inherited his father’s love of films, although he tries to keep it a secret from the public. We all remember his outrage over the 2014 political satire the interview starring seth rogen and james franco. We all remember his outrage over the 2014 political state the interview starring seth rogen and James Franco. But although he tries to hide it, it’s clear he is a fan just like his father was. In fact, he made a directive order to revamp the popular North Korean cartoon “The boy general.” Sure, it’s filled with propaganda, as one would expect, but it’s also clearly made with love and affection, and is incredibly popular among Korean citizens. Kim Jong-Un himself oversees its production, likely because he just can’t wait to see what happens next. Getting a sneak peek at your favorite shoe would be a definite perk of the job.

When we think of lavish displays of wealth and opulence, many of us think of gold and diamond jewelry, designer clothes, and expensive vehicles. Most of us wouldn’t think of a pair of sneakers as something that would catch the eye and reveal someone’s level of income. However, while he makes an attempt to appear humble in the public eye, Kim Jong-Un  was busted by his love of fancy footwear. During a thip in which he attempted to boost his image as a caring leader, citizens couldn’t help but notice that his shoes were of far better quality than their own it was clear they came from an exclusive factory and were comprised of only the best material. They may appear to be regular shoes to the untrained eye, but local people realized their superiority right away. It’s even rumored that his love of Nike brand sneakers. Perhaps it’s because he wholeheartedly agrees with their “Just do it,” motto is we’re sure that’s something he tells his subordinates quite frequently or maybe he just has a fantasy about landing the perfect slam dunk during a game of basketball.

We weren’t kidding that Kim Jong-Un probably fantasizes about scoring a slam dunk. It turn out the dear leader is a diehard basketball fan. In the 9OS, the movie space jam made bulls fans out of a bunch of kids who otherwise didn’t watch basketball. Since we couldn’t root for the squad or the monstars in real life, we were left with Michael Jordan’s real life team, the Chicago bulls. Kim Jong-Un’s love of the bulls also seemed to come from his limited exposure to the sport. His Japanese babysitter, known by the alias Kenji Fujimoto, had VHS tapes of bulls playoff games sent to him by his sister in Japan. He shared then with a young Kim Jong-Un and a basketball fan was born. Kim Jong-Un even got to meet former Chicago bulls player, Dennis Rodman when he played at an exhibition game against North Korea. While Dennis Rodman was quick to refer to Kim Jong-Un as a friend after their meeting, we aren’t sure how the dear leader feels about that title. Although we like to imagine they’ve exchanged friendship bracelets and compared Nike sneaker collections in celebration of their new friendship. It’s no secret that Kim Jong-Un spends big cash on his favorite luxuries. While some of us consider a $5 drink from Starbucks a splurge, how much did dear leader spend on Brazilian coffee in 2016?

Eric Clapton
We’ve all been moved, some of us to tears, over the hit Eric Clapton song tears in heaven. Clapton is a three-time in the rock and roll hall of fame; once as a solo artist, and with the bands Yardbirds and Cream. So it’s clear that many people are huge fans of Eric Clapton and his music, so what’s there to be embarrassed about? It’s not like Kim Jong-Un was caught listening to Avril Lavigne, although we can’t say for for a fact that his favorite song isn’t SK8ER BOI. Kim Jong-Un has an older brother, Kim Jong-Chol who was once favored to succeed their father. When we wondered earlier who isn’t a fan of Eric Clapton, it was apparently their, Kim Jong-Il. Although his elder son tried his best to go incognito to the show, he was found out. His father believe that this proved he was ”Too girlish,” to lead, and refused let him take over his position. Ironically, his other son is alleged to have a fondness for Clapton as well, although he was wise enough not to let is father catch him going to a concert. Although his father is gone, Kim Jong-Un seems reluctant to come out of the Clapton-fan closet.

His Grandfather
Kim Il-Sung was the grandfather  of Kim Jong-Il, and the man who founded the position he inherited. We aren’t sure of his grandfather’s feelings towards Eric Clapton, but we do know that he was the supreme leader of North Korea for 46 years. It’s clear that Kim Jong-Un looks up to his grandfather, as he is constantly caught trying to emulate him. His mannerisms frequently evoke memories of his late grandfather, and he tries to make his late grandfather, and he tries to make his appearance and fashion match up with Kim Il-Sung as well. Although Kim Jong-Un may have perfected his signature haircut and turned it into a huge trend, he got the inspiration for it from his grandfather. Now, the secret here is just how deep his affection for his grandfather runs. After all, most us have tried to emulate someone we admire at some point in our lives. Well, if imitation is the sincerest from of flattery, than Kim Il-Sung would be awfully flattered by the fact that Kim Jong-Un is rumored to have had plastic surgery to more closely resemble him. He vehemently denies the rumors, but if you compare current pictures to old photos, you can see his face has undergone significant changes and he does indeed more closely resemble his grandfather now.

We discussed earlier that people have worried about Kim Jong-Un packing on the pounds, and as such he tries to keep his eating habits a secret. But there is one weakness of his that he just can’t hide. You’d  think someone with billions of dollars at his disposal might prefer foie gras, bluga caviar or pate, Kim Jong-Un has a favorite food most of us can relate to: cheese. His absolute favorite cheese of all time is Swiss, which may be because he spent time in a boarding school in Switzerland. Or, maybe his love of Swiss cheese was so great that he based his schooling around it. He even went so far as to send officials to a French culinary school to learn the art of fine cheeses. This was due to a dissatisfaction with his chef’s attempts to creates to create his beloved emmental Swiss cheese. His appetite for cheese seemingly knows no bounds, although he tries his best to it a secret. After reports came out of him importing simply irresponsible quantities of cheese, he went into hiding for a period of time. Some believe out of shame for his cheese habit, or maybe he simply wanted to be alone with his beloved cheeses in peace.

With all that cheese at his disposal, it is obvious that Kim Jong-Un would need massive quantities of wine with to enjoy it. Wine and cheese are just an amazing and natural pairing, like Kim Jong-Un and Dennis Roodman. However, it seems that he may be drinking less wine than we would expect, despite spending over a million dollars on alcohol in 2016. While his regime hasn’t changed much over the years, his beverage preferences seem to be shifting from mostly wine to hard alcohol. He purchased ten times as much rum in 2016 compared to 2015. Perhaps he found himself in an unfortunate situation  wondering where the rum had never wanted to repeat that experience. Although he sent his chefs to school in France, reports show that he hasn’t imported any wine from France in years, despite his claim that he consumed ten entire bottles of Bordeaux during a single meal. Maybe he had the help of whoever gifted him the wine. And hopefully that was more than one person. How much Kim Jong-Un spends on hangover remedies, we can’t say say, but the dear leader also appears to be a dear drinker.

Keeping secrets
Although he is sure…passionate about North Korea, Kim Jong-Un spent time abroad and attended a state school in Liebefeld, Switzerland in 1997. He was known to schoolmates as Pak Un, and claimed that his father was a member of the Korean embassy. Even his teachers had no idea who he really was, and an embassy official actually did pretend to be his father on parent’s day, which is actually sort of sad. His classmates described him as quite and overall unremarkable. He had a passion for basketball, didn’t perform overly well at school, and wasn’t great at talking to girls. So just like other teenagers. He did manage to make one friend, Joao Micaelo who sat next to Kim Jong-Un in class. The pair bonded over their difficulties learning German, and Kim Jong-Un felt they were close enough to share a secret that had been weighing on him. He confessed to Micaelo that he was the son of the leader of North Korea, and showed him a picture of Kim Jong-Il. Young Micaelo didn’t recognize him, and assumed that Kim Jong-Un was just making up a story. So how much did Kim Jong-Un spend on coffee in 2016? Here’s a hint: it’s almost as mush as he spent on alcohol. Give up? He spent about to get his caffeine fix. Don’t worry, there’s no penalty if you didn’t get it right.

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10 Most Memorable President Trump Jokes and Cameos

President Donald Trump was a celebrity long before he was elected president. As such, he's made cameo in many popular movies and TV shows. Although he may not find the Trump skits on SNL as funny as we do, we wonder how he feels looking back on all his past appearances.

The Simpsons
Celebrity cameos have long been a part of the Simpsons cartoon series, and Trump is no exception. He made an appearance on the 17th episode of the 11th season, entitled "Bart to the future." In it, sister Lisa is president of the United States, and is struggling to make things right after disastrous Trump presidency. While some people believe that the Simpsons foreshadowed the future in this episode, the truth is that when it was made, Trump was already talking about running for president, so he was a logical choice for the episode. The writers wanted to give future Lisa a problem that that she couldn't solve, so they gave her the task of cleaning up after Trump. Simpsons writer Dan Greaney claims that the choice "was pitched because it was consistent with the vision of America going insane." Since then Trump has show up in other hilarious Simpsons clips, including a satirical piece about his first 100 days in office, and a bit called the Trumptastic voyage, where homer becomes trapped in Trump's "gravity defying composer." Homer also notes that if Trump paid less than a million dollars for his hair, it was a steal.

The Nanny
Years before his appearance on the Simpsons, the real life Donald Trump made a cameo on the sitcom The Nanny. The Nanny follows the life of the gorgeous, first, and loud Fran fine, a character played by actress Fran Fresher, as she tries to win the heart of her rich boss. When Trump shows up, Fran introduces him to her boss, Maxwell Sheffield, but laughingly says that surely no introduction is needed, as all handsome millionaires know each other. As he leans over the shake Trump's hand, Mr. Sheffield whispers his name in his ear. While this got a laugh from the studio audience, the truly hilarious aspect of this Trump cameo happened behind the scenes. According to the show's co-creator Peter Marc Jacobson, Trump had a problem with the dialogue when he saw the script. At first, Jacobson thought that the humble Trump didn't want to be refered to as a millionaire, and was impressed. But upon reading the rest of the note from casting, he realized that Trump was upset because he's technically billionaire, and he wanted the line changed. Jacobson compromised by having Fran say "billionaire," and app ardently that placated Trump enough to make his cameo.

The Litle Rascals
The classic film the little rascals, tell a the stony of a group of neighborhood children and their entry into the local soap box derby competition. While the film received many negative reviews, it became a cult classic, although few of us remember one view brief but hilarious cameo that appeared in the movie. In the film, Waldo is a rich, spoiled and pretentious young boy who competes with alfalfa for the heart of a girl, and for or the prize in the go-kart race. Trump makes a brief appearance as Waldo's father near the end of the movie. Waldo calls Trump in order to share the great news-that's he 's sure to win the race. Trump happily tells Waldo that he's the best son money can buy. While that statement raises more questions than it answered, and spoiler alert: Waldo doesn't win the race, this cameo did make us all laugh quite a bit. Even though his appearance was so brief that many of us forge he had ever been there at all. We only hope that president Trump's parenting skills are at least slightly better in real life than they were in this movie.

Home alone 2
This is another cameo that most of us didn't appreciate when we were children, especially it we live outside The United States. In home alone 2: lost in New York, young Kevin Mccallister is once again separated from his family during the holiday season. But instead of being on his home turf, this time he's stranded in New York city. When making his way through the Plaza Hotel, he stop's to ask Trump for directions to the lobby. The funny thing here is that Trump actually owns that hotel. Since then, this scene has been used to create a variety of satirical memes poking fun at Trump. But for us, the truly hysterical part of this came is how it occurred in the first place. It turns out, this cameo wasn't planned! Trump just showed up at the hotel that day and began hanging around with the cast and crew, until someone decided to put him in the film. We suppose that's one way to break into show business, but of course it probably helped that he owned the building they were filming in. The crew was surprised with how comfortable and at-lease Trump was in front of the camera right away.

The Job
The Job was a short lived ABC sitcom that ran from 2001-2002. In one episode, Trump makes an appearance as himself and flirts with Liz But let's character while she's enjoying dinner with Mike Mcneil played by Denis Leary. Trump rudely asks a flustered Mcneil if he is sleeping with her and when he answered in the negative, Trump goes in for a kiss and tells Liz to call him. It Turns out, that while that scene was written with Trump in mind, they didn't actually think he would agree to be on the show, according to the episode's director, Tucker gates. Homever, seemed more than eager to have a chance to get close to Liz During filming. When gates introduced himself as the director, Trump responded by demanding to know where Liz was. When he was told that the scene would take about three hours to shoot Trump told the director that he had 20 minutes. Thankfully, Trump must have cleared out his schedule because he stuck around to finish filming the scene. Although based on Trump's previous statements and actions, we think there's a good chance that he wasn't acting at all, and this was just how he behaves in real life. We'll return to your regularly scheduled Trump cameos after this quiz break! Donald Trump was the star of a pizza hut commercial in 1995, and the storyboard from that commercial is now for sale. How much is the asking price? Stay tuned for the answer!

Although Trump's term as president has only just begun, he's already achieved an honor that nobody before him has: becoming the first us president to receive a stone cold stunner. While Trump may go down in history, he also went down in the ring at the hands of Stone Cold Steve Austin. In 2007, Trump appeared in the "battle of the billionaires" and was pitted against WWE chief Vince Mcmahon. At wrestlemania 23 in the intercontinental championship match, ECW champ Bobby Ashley went in for Trump, with wrestling legend Stone Cold acting as guest referee. While Trump appeared put together in his suit and tie, behind the scene Vince and Stone Cold were trying to convince him to be on the receiving end Stone Cold's signature stunner. Although he was werned against it by his aid, Trump was assured that it would go over well with the crowd and so he agreed. While Trump's movies weren't exactly legendary, he performed as well as anyone probably expected the elderly billionaire to do so. Stone Cold has said that he respects Trump for taking the hit like a man, and when he sees him on TV, he doesn't just think of him as the man who received his stunner. That's fine for Stone Cold, but we aren't sure we'll ever get the mental image out of our heads.

The hit film Zoolander starring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell, was a comedy hit. It gave us many great one-sided, and featured many of our favorite celebrities. But did you remember the scene with Donald Trump? He and first lady Melana Trump appeared during a scene featuring a red carpet interview. While the first lady just stands there and looks stunning, Trump tells a reporter "look, without Derek Zoolander, male modeling wouldn't be what it is today." Many people believed it to be humorous because much like Derek Zoolander, Trump is known for being a little self-obsessed. You still don't remember the scene? That's okay, neither did one of the screenwriters who wrote the movie, John Hamburg. When asked by Newsweek about what it was like working with Trump, he struggled to recall that he had been in the movie at all, and said that it was likely not even in the script. When it comes to celebrity cameos, Trump just happens to be at the right place at the right time. Since he was available for filming that day, he was perfect for the role. Just don't tell Trump that they didn't want him for his acting talent.

Two weeks notice
While you would think you'd want to keep Trump as far away from the set of a romantic movie as possible, he made a cameo in the 2002 film two weeks notice staring Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock. He played himself and is seen interacting with Hugh Grant during a scene taking place at a cocktail party. Grant's character, George Wade, is also an arrogant billionaire, so it seem a as if the two would have a lot to talk about. Trump accuses wade of being dumped within seconds of two greeting one  another. Wade Claims that two came to a mutual understanding that she could no longer stand to be around him. The ever-sympathetic Trump, then states his intent to steal away Wade's new chief counsel before heading off, presumably to do so. With Trump's penchant for turning up on film sets, sometimes it's fun to wonder it he is even were that he's acting. We could definitely see the incredibly blunt Trump behaving like this at a get together off camera.

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
The Fresh Prince of Bel Air starred a young Will Smith as a fictional version of himself, who is sent to live with his wealthy relatives in there Bel Air mansion. Since the show featured many characters who were supposed to possess great wealth, it was only a matter of time before billionaire Trump made an appearance on set. Both Trump and his now ex wife, Marla maples, appeared in the 1994 episode "For sale by owner." He plays his favorite character of all time, him self, and is interested in purchasing The Bank's Home. When he and Marla come to view the property, he appears amused when various cast members throw themselves at him, desperate for his approval. Rather than showing off his signature dance movies, Carlton is overwhelmed upon catching sight of Trump and immediately faints afterexclaiming " it's the Donald!" Hilary tells him that he looks much richer in person, and we're sure that's something he's quite used to hearing. Although Trump sure shows off his acting chops when he claims that he likes keeping a low profile while maintaining a straight face. That just may be his best performance to date!

Money never sleeps
This is the best Trump cameo you've never seen. Trump was set to appear as himself in the Oliver Stone film, wall street: money never sleeps. The film was packed with big name actors and actresses and ended up being a box office success. Although the film was missing one important element: a Donald Trump cameo. Stone ended up cutting out a scene featuring Trump, and it's only available in the extended cut of the film. While it's pretty funny that he agreed to be in a film about corporate greed in the first place, we bet getting his scene his scene cut from the film really made him angry. Nobody fires the Donald! Although stone state that cutting the scene had to do with the film, and was not political, he did also reveal that Trump wasn't exactly easy to work with. For someone making a cameo, he submitted an outrageous two page lost of demands, including what lighting and angles were to be used to be used when filming him. He noted that his skin tone should appear were, golden, and tan, and we aren't sure there's enough lighting in the world to make that possible. Trump was reportedly confident that his scene went well, repeatedly telling stone how great of an actor he was. Although it's hard to put a price on something so magical, the storyboard from Trump's Pizza Hut commercial is being sold for $15,000. You could buy a lot of stuffed crust pizzas for that much money!

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