10 Simple Things Kim Jong Un Secretly Enjoys

10 Simple Things Kim Jong Un Secretly Enjoys

The vast majority of the news we get about North Korea has to do with their weaponry and threats of attack. We recognize the man at the helm of the country, Kim Jong-Un, but hoe much do we really know about him, besides he somehow actually convinced other people to get that haircut? Turns out, the man called dear leader, has some things he holds dear himself. We’re going to reveal 10 simple things Kim Jong-Un secretly enjoys. It’s no secret that we enjoy putting our viewers to the test with a trivia question.

Theme Parks
The Rungra people’s pleasure ground kind of sounds like a place where people would meet in a dystopian future. However, it’s home to a more PG type of pleasure. This amusement park in Pyongyang, North Korea contain a dolphinarium, swimming pool, mini golf course, and of course, rides. Kim Jong-Un and his wife, Ri Sol-Ju presided over the opening ceremony of the park in 2012. While most of us think of an amusement park as a fantastic spot to bring a date, we probably wouldn’t think Kim Jong-Un would feel the same. But we would be wrong, as he explored the park. Kim Jong-Un just also couldn’t resist having a little fun while he was there. Photos surfaced of him riding on the thrilling rides with a huge smile on his face. Most of us probably wouldn’t consider a suit to be appropriate rollercoaster attire, but it didn’t seem to hold him back at all. His bride was nowhere in  sight while her husband rode on the rides. Perhaps being married to Kim Jong-Un is all the excitement she needs in her life.

Smoking is a dangerous habit, but some people cling to it as a guilty pleasure, or they just aren’t able to shake their nicotine addiction. While it’s a fairly mundane activity, the secret part comes into play since Kim Jong-Un proclaims to be vehemently anti-smoking. Wow, a government official acting in a hypocritical manner? Good thing that definitely only happens in North Korea. There have been many photographs of Kim Jong-Un caught surreptitiously sneaking in his nicotine fix. Perhaps the most notable and amusing of which caught him with a cigarette in his hand at an anti-smoking drive. It’s clearly lit, as we can see that smoke is emanating from the tip. North Korea has a huge problem with its citizens smoking, with almost half of adult men addicted to tobacco. And of course, because of his station, Kim Jong-Un isn’t exactly buying single cigarettes from the local gas station. It’s estimated that he’s spent over $37 million on tobacco and tobacco related products, including machinery with which to roll home-grown tobacco. The hypocrisy here is enough to make you sick. Or, maybe that’s all the smoke in the air. After some weight gain, Kim Jong-Uns health was under question and pictures surfacing of him smoking certainly didn’t help clear the air on that issue.

If Kim Jong-Un’s relationship status with movies was listed on facebook, it would likely be set to “It’s complicated.” While the political figure is quick to condemn all things not in keeping with North Korean sensibilities, and has notoriously railed against certain films, it turns out he has a secret passion for cinema his father, Kim Jong-Un  loved movies so much that DVD library was rumored to contain over 20,000 titles. He was especially a fan of horror films but had a soft spot for cartoons. It seems that Kim Jong-Un inherited his father’s love of films, although he tries to keep it a secret from the public. We all remember his outrage over the 2014 political satire the interview starring seth rogen and james franco. We all remember his outrage over the 2014 political state the interview starring seth rogen and James Franco. But although he tries to hide it, it’s clear he is a fan just like his father was. In fact, he made a directive order to revamp the popular North Korean cartoon “The boy general.” Sure, it’s filled with propaganda, as one would expect, but it’s also clearly made with love and affection, and is incredibly popular among Korean citizens. Kim Jong-Un himself oversees its production, likely because he just can’t wait to see what happens next. Getting a sneak peek at your favorite shoe would be a definite perk of the job.

When we think of lavish displays of wealth and opulence, many of us think of gold and diamond jewelry, designer clothes, and expensive vehicles. Most of us wouldn’t think of a pair of sneakers as something that would catch the eye and reveal someone’s level of income. However, while he makes an attempt to appear humble in the public eye, Kim Jong-Un  was busted by his love of fancy footwear. During a thip in which he attempted to boost his image as a caring leader, citizens couldn’t help but notice that his shoes were of far better quality than their own it was clear they came from an exclusive factory and were comprised of only the best material. They may appear to be regular shoes to the untrained eye, but local people realized their superiority right away. It’s even rumored that his love of Nike brand sneakers. Perhaps it’s because he wholeheartedly agrees with their “Just do it,” motto is we’re sure that’s something he tells his subordinates quite frequently or maybe he just has a fantasy about landing the perfect slam dunk during a game of basketball.

We weren’t kidding that Kim Jong-Un probably fantasizes about scoring a slam dunk. It turn out the dear leader is a diehard basketball fan. In the 9OS, the movie space jam made bulls fans out of a bunch of kids who otherwise didn’t watch basketball. Since we couldn’t root for the squad or the monstars in real life, we were left with Michael Jordan’s real life team, the Chicago bulls. Kim Jong-Un’s love of the bulls also seemed to come from his limited exposure to the sport. His Japanese babysitter, known by the alias Kenji Fujimoto, had VHS tapes of bulls playoff games sent to him by his sister in Japan. He shared then with a young Kim Jong-Un and a basketball fan was born. Kim Jong-Un even got to meet former Chicago bulls player, Dennis Rodman when he played at an exhibition game against North Korea. While Dennis Rodman was quick to refer to Kim Jong-Un as a friend after their meeting, we aren’t sure how the dear leader feels about that title. Although we like to imagine they’ve exchanged friendship bracelets and compared Nike sneaker collections in celebration of their new friendship. It’s no secret that Kim Jong-Un spends big cash on his favorite luxuries. While some of us consider a $5 drink from Starbucks a splurge, how much did dear leader spend on Brazilian coffee in 2016?

Eric Clapton
We’ve all been moved, some of us to tears, over the hit Eric Clapton song tears in heaven. Clapton is a three-time in the rock and roll hall of fame; once as a solo artist, and with the bands Yardbirds and Cream. So it’s clear that many people are huge fans of Eric Clapton and his music, so what’s there to be embarrassed about? It’s not like Kim Jong-Un was caught listening to Avril Lavigne, although we can’t say for for a fact that his favorite song isn’t SK8ER BOI. Kim Jong-Un has an older brother, Kim Jong-Chol who was once favored to succeed their father. When we wondered earlier who isn’t a fan of Eric Clapton, it was apparently their, Kim Jong-Il. Although his elder son tried his best to go incognito to the show, he was found out. His father believe that this proved he was ”Too girlish,” to lead, and refused let him take over his position. Ironically, his other son is alleged to have a fondness for Clapton as well, although he was wise enough not to let is father catch him going to a concert. Although his father is gone, Kim Jong-Un seems reluctant to come out of the Clapton-fan closet.

His Grandfather
Kim Il-Sung was the grandfather  of Kim Jong-Il, and the man who founded the position he inherited. We aren’t sure of his grandfather’s feelings towards Eric Clapton, but we do know that he was the supreme leader of North Korea for 46 years. It’s clear that Kim Jong-Un looks up to his grandfather, as he is constantly caught trying to emulate him. His mannerisms frequently evoke memories of his late grandfather, and he tries to make his late grandfather, and he tries to make his appearance and fashion match up with Kim Il-Sung as well. Although Kim Jong-Un may have perfected his signature haircut and turned it into a huge trend, he got the inspiration for it from his grandfather. Now, the secret here is just how deep his affection for his grandfather runs. After all, most us have tried to emulate someone we admire at some point in our lives. Well, if imitation is the sincerest from of flattery, than Kim Il-Sung would be awfully flattered by the fact that Kim Jong-Un is rumored to have had plastic surgery to more closely resemble him. He vehemently denies the rumors, but if you compare current pictures to old photos, you can see his face has undergone significant changes and he does indeed more closely resemble his grandfather now.

We discussed earlier that people have worried about Kim Jong-Un packing on the pounds, and as such he tries to keep his eating habits a secret. But there is one weakness of his that he just can’t hide. You’d  think someone with billions of dollars at his disposal might prefer foie gras, bluga caviar or pate, Kim Jong-Un has a favorite food most of us can relate to: cheese. His absolute favorite cheese of all time is Swiss, which may be because he spent time in a boarding school in Switzerland. Or, maybe his love of Swiss cheese was so great that he based his schooling around it. He even went so far as to send officials to a French culinary school to learn the art of fine cheeses. This was due to a dissatisfaction with his chef’s attempts to creates to create his beloved emmental Swiss cheese. His appetite for cheese seemingly knows no bounds, although he tries his best to it a secret. After reports came out of him importing simply irresponsible quantities of cheese, he went into hiding for a period of time. Some believe out of shame for his cheese habit, or maybe he simply wanted to be alone with his beloved cheeses in peace.

With all that cheese at his disposal, it is obvious that Kim Jong-Un would need massive quantities of wine with to enjoy it. Wine and cheese are just an amazing and natural pairing, like Kim Jong-Un and Dennis Roodman. However, it seems that he may be drinking less wine than we would expect, despite spending over a million dollars on alcohol in 2016. While his regime hasn’t changed much over the years, his beverage preferences seem to be shifting from mostly wine to hard alcohol. He purchased ten times as much rum in 2016 compared to 2015. Perhaps he found himself in an unfortunate situation  wondering where the rum had never wanted to repeat that experience. Although he sent his chefs to school in France, reports show that he hasn’t imported any wine from France in years, despite his claim that he consumed ten entire bottles of Bordeaux during a single meal. Maybe he had the help of whoever gifted him the wine. And hopefully that was more than one person. How much Kim Jong-Un spends on hangover remedies, we can’t say say, but the dear leader also appears to be a dear drinker.

Keeping secrets
Although he is sure…passionate about North Korea, Kim Jong-Un spent time abroad and attended a state school in Liebefeld, Switzerland in 1997. He was known to schoolmates as Pak Un, and claimed that his father was a member of the Korean embassy. Even his teachers had no idea who he really was, and an embassy official actually did pretend to be his father on parent’s day, which is actually sort of sad. His classmates described him as quite and overall unremarkable. He had a passion for basketball, didn’t perform overly well at school, and wasn’t great at talking to girls. So just like other teenagers. He did manage to make one friend, Joao Micaelo who sat next to Kim Jong-Un in class. The pair bonded over their difficulties learning German, and Kim Jong-Un felt they were close enough to share a secret that had been weighing on him. He confessed to Micaelo that he was the son of the leader of North Korea, and showed him a picture of Kim Jong-Il. Young Micaelo didn’t recognize him, and assumed that Kim Jong-Un was just making up a story. So how much did Kim Jong-Un spend on coffee in 2016? Here’s a hint: it’s almost as mush as he spent on alcohol. Give up? He spent about to get his caffeine fix. Don’t worry, there’s no penalty if you didn’t get it right.

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