Top 15 Most Scary Things Caught on Video

Top 15 Most Scary Things Caught on Video

Number 15. The Woman in the Graveyard
This video gained wide popularity with paranormal enthusiasts when it appeared on YouTube sometime before 2007. A man is wandering around a graveyard late at night filming his journey to capture something possibly paranormal. At one point, he comes across a woman appearing to kneel before a large grave and calls out to her. After she doesn't respond, he calls out again, only to be met with the woman's glowing, terrifying eyes. He immediately flees the area and the video ends soon after. Many have called the video's authenticity into question, since many replicant videos are unable to agree on the location. Regardless, the shock of the woman's eyes are enough to send shivers down a persons spine, and possible enter a viewers nightmares long after the video is viewed.

Number 14. Scary Creature on the Road
Little is known about this video and much of the explanations are merely speculation. The video begins with a man on an all-terrain vehicle driving on what appears to be a dirt road, and points the camera in the direction of a strange, white figure. He moves closer only to see a terrifying thing wearing all white with dark, long hair on its head. The creature starts staggering towards the terrified man as he begins to back away and yell in terror. Near the end of the video, the creature veers out of sight from the headlights, but the man steers his truck back towards it. The creature then makes a strange cry, and the man speeds away in fear, and then the video abruptly ends. While there are those who believe it is a paranormal entity, the majority of people believe it to be a hoax or prank pulled on an unsuspecting traveller. Prank or not, the fear you hear in the man's voice sounds genuine, and is scary to anyone who has to drive down rural roads on a regular basis.

Number 13. The Reflection
There is a long time belief mirrors can be used as gateways for spirits wishing to enter our world, which is why breaking one is bad luck as it traps the evil spirits on your side of the door. Furthermore, it must come across a person's mind from time to time if what you're actually staring at is you, and not some strange doppelganger from the other side. This is something a Japanese family will now be wondering for the rest of their lives, along with the entire internet. Right around the time YouTube took off in popularity, a video from an unknown Japanese show depicts a young girl playing in front of her dresser as presumably a family member films her. At one point, the girl faces the mirror and turns back. The video replays this part of the footage and closes up on the reflection, revealing the reflection did not turn with the child, and continues to give what appears to be a menacing stare. Not much is known about the video, and internet browsers have been unable to find its origin. After watching, it does make people feel rather uncomfortable having a mirror in their bedroom, because it's possible something is watching us from within.

Number 12. Strange Roadside Encounter
According to the Daily Mail Australia, dashcam footage captured a couple's terrifying encounter in what appears to be an attempted carjacking or robbery. A man was driving home around 1:30am with his wife in a car behind him just outside of Sydney when a hooded man wandered into the road and stood there motionless. After a moment, the driver started to veer around the man, who began to move towards the vehicle and let out a loud shout as the man and his wife sped off into the night. The couple contracted police after returning home and police began a search of the area. Not long after, they found a man asleep in a jeep matching the one the couple saw with the man, and he was arrested for possession of drugs.

Number 11. Great White in Sydney Harbour
Just outside Sydney is a suburb called Manly is a popular cliff diving spot for adrenaline junkies. On June 11, 2014, a group of friends were taking turns diving from the cliff when one of them, Terry Tufferson, leapt off the cliff with a GoPro filming. Once he surfaced, his friend shouted “Shark” and Tufferson plunged his head down to see. Not far below him, he saw a Great White Shark swimming, and in that instant, Tufferson panics. He swims to shore as fast as he can, diving done once more before reaching land to see the Great White only a few inches away from him, but it turns and swims away. Opinion of the authenticity of the video is almost equally divided on the internet community, with some saying it is real, while others say it is clever video editing. Tufferson has offered no comment as to whether the video is real or a fake, only stating he wishing to “reel in believers.” This doesn't take away the fear of leaping into unknown waters, and swimming without knowing what you're swimming with.

Number 10. Massacre at the Bataclan
2015 proved to be a tragic year for the city of Paris; in January, members of Al Qaeda in Yemen attacked the head offices of well known French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo in retaliation to the magazine's depiction of the Prophet Mohammad, and in the end 12 people were killed and 11 injured during the two day attack. Just as Paris was beginning to get back to normal, members of the Islamic State launched their own attack on the night of November 13. Several explosions were reported during the evening, which emergency crews initially believed to be the result of a gas leak, but those thoughts were soon dashed after it was confirmed several suicide bombings had taken place in the city. At the Bataclan theatre in central Paris, the band Eagles of Death Metal playing in front of 1500 people when audience members heard people shout “Allah Akbar”, followed by a volley of shots. The shooters killed 89 people and took between 60 and 100 hostage as police special forces surrounded the theatre. And all shooters were either shot dead by police, or detonated their suicide vest. The Eagles of Death Metal ended their tour early and returned to the United States, and have set up a fund to help aid those affected by the attacks.

Number 9. The Hand Demon
The video begins with the audio only picking up a clearly terrified man panting heavily as he shuffles around and turns on a flashlight. Seconds later, green hands begin to phase through the walls and ceiling, reaching towards the cameraman. More hands begin appearing around the room, reaching up through the crack of the door and from the floor. At one point, the flashlight briefly goes out, and when it comes back on, it is shining on a strange figure made out of hundreds of hands. Without warning, the figure rushes forward into the camera and lets out a horrific roar as the camera retreats in terror; the video stops soon after. Many have discussed the video's authenticity and even use it as proof of ghosts and demons. However, it has been revealed the video was created using low-budget effects on computer programs as a short video to scare people. From the community response, it is clear the intended affect was successful.

Number 8. Traffic Stop Shooting
Traffic stops are unpredictable, which makes them dangerous for police officers to conduct. Deputy Stephen Rankin of the Crisp Country Sheriff's office in Georgia made a routine traffic stop after he came across a car playing its music too
loud. When Rankin approached the vehicle, the driver pulled out a pistol and shot Rankin point blank in the face. Rankin collapses to the ground as the driver exits and attempts to shoot the officer again, but the gun jams. The driver then begins to savagely beat Rankin, and at one point reaches for the officer's gun. Rankin continued to fight off the attacker,
eventually getting to his feet, running to his patrol car and firing several rounds at the suspect as he sped away. Help arrived soon after and Rankin was rushed to the hospital, where he was successfully treated for a shattered jaw and a fractured vertebrae. The driver was arrested the next morning and was identified as Ben Westbrook. He was charged and sentenced to 63 years in prison for attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.

Number 7. Charles Manson Interviews
It should be no surprise an interview with a disturbed individual would prove to be terrifying. Charles Manson was the infamous leader of the Manson Family, a cult which believed the Beatles song Healter Skelter predicted a race war
between blacks and whites, which in the end Charles Manson would be the leader of the world as the last white man alive. If that wasn't crazy enough, Manson ordered the murders of several people around southern California, including the murder of Sharon Tate, who was only weeks away from giving birth to her and Roman Polanski's child. Even today, people are attempting to understand the mentality of this deranged man, and he has conducted various interviews while serving his life sentence in California prisons. In all, he displays bizarre and eccentric antics, from flailing around the room wildly, to aggressively stating he did nothing wrong, to verbally abusing those interviewing him. In one of
his bizarre interviews, he is asked who he is, to which he begins making strange facial expressions and eventually whispers “Nobody.” Whatever his real reasons behind his actions may be, or if he truly believed in Healter Skelter will apparently be unknown to anyone except Manson himself.

Number 6. The Doll Ghost
One of the more well-known videos for paranormal enthusiasts, this short video has a man filming inside his house after he hears crying. He opens a door to see if anything is there, but finds nothing. He closes it and turns around, but hears sounds from the other side of the door again, so he goes back to investigate. He opens the door and looks around, only to find a strange, elongated child like thing now standing in the hallway staring at him. He freezes for a moment before slamming the door shut and retreating, after which the video ends. Whether skeptic or believer, the video certainly gives a huge shock to all who watch it mostly on the aspect of anticipation and the unexpected guest staring down the cameraman. This has not detered those from calling out the video's authenticity, with claims that another individual was hidden off camera and quickly placed a prop in the hallway before the cameraman returned. The original uploader has made no comment about the video, so whether it is fact or fiction remains a mystery.

Number 5. Live Stream Home Invasion
If you remember our SWATED video, you'll remember how strange things can happen to streamers while they are live. However, nothing compares to the terrifying experience streamer Nikki Elise, aka: Sajedene, experienced. While playing the popular mod Defence of the Ancients, Elise heard a loud crash at her door and ran off to investigate. Armed thugs had broken into her home and began looting. At a couple points, a hooded figure could be seen searching the computer room for valuables. While intially believed to be a Swatting by the viewers, once the man appeared on frame it became clear this was something more sinister. Many on the feed attempted to help, and eventually contacted Elise's friend who contacted authorities. Elise was uninjured in the invasion and one of the suspects was caught after a brief foot chase as he attempted to flee the home. Imagine the fear of feeling helpless to act as hundreds, possibly thousands of viewers looked on as a woman was being held at gunpoint as people robbed her home.

Number 4. Donna Ayres Poltergeist Videos
Since 2009, Donna Ayres of Lancaster has claimed to be haunted by a rather malevolent poltergeist whom she believes to be her brother, who died just before the haunting began. Ayres says the relationship between her and her brother was strained, and now haunts her wherever she goes. Ayres has moved over five times to try and escape the activity, but her brother has followed her each time, leading Ayres to believe her brother is haunting her, not the places she lives in. Her footage has captured objects moving on their own, her chandelier violently shaking, and a particular disturbing video of a spoon spinning by itself as she looks on in horror. Ayres has claimed the spirit has become quite violent, and she has woken up pinned down to her bed. Skeptics believe she is using strings to make the objects move, while others have been attempting to help free her from the haunting, suggestion various methods from exorcising the home and herself to finally send her brother onto the other side, and even suggestion making peace with her brother so that the two may finally bury the hatchet.

Number 3. Shell Shocked Soldier
Shell shock was a term used during the First and Second World Wars to describe trauma caused by battle. As seen in the video, the symptoms can be pretty severe and debilitating to the sufferer. His movements seem almost inhuman as his muscles appear to be tightened, giving him a disfigured looking back and legs. We all hear about people suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, but few know what the condition does; this video shows how severe it can be with those who unfortunately have any form of trauma. The video also had some more beneficial properties, as it was able to spread the treatment process used on soldiers to other hospitals, thus exposing more shell shock victims to proper treatment. The video serves as a grim reminder to how lasting an impact war has on a soldier, but also a light of hope things can get better.

Number 2. The Fallen Angel
Allegedly taking place in Catalonia, Spain, A group of hikers are wandering through the woods at night and begin hearing strange noises. They also come across a bunch of large feathers. Soon, they spot what appears to be a man, who looks lifeless. As the camera zooms in on the man's face, he turns around quickly to face the camera, and the hikers flee as the video ends. It is not know what happened after the film was made, but the video soon gained the name “The Fallen Angel of Catalonia” due to the feathers found throughout the footage; many do believe what was found was an angel that had fell to Earth, or possibly a demon cast out of heaven due to his sickly look. There are more conventional paranormal explanations, including the footage capturing a ghost. However, most believe the hikers simply stumbled across a malnourished homeless man and the feathers were simply from birds native to the area. It's still quite a shock to the hikers and the viewers who were unsure of what to expect when they decided to travel deep into the woods one night.

Number 1. Strange Sounds Around the World
During 2012, a series of videos surfaced of strange sounds echoing in various locations around the world. The first of these videos was captured on January 12th by a logging crew in Conklin, Alberta, Canada, and sounds like a very loud roar or scream. Initially, it was believed to be a hoax, but then turned into discussions of the possibility of it being bigfoot sounds, or even ice quakes from nearby glaciers or lakes. However, more videos began appearing online of similar noises, in Finland, Ukraine, Russia and even Central America. While some of the sounds are unique, most sound like a very loud brass horn going off. After the influx of videos, conspiracy theorists concluded the sounds coincided with the coming apocalypse on December 21, 2012.

However, as all our viewers should remember, none of the predicted End of the World scenarios occurred and we are very much still alive. Scientists have stated the sounds are definitely real and have been heard in almost every corner of the Earth; however, they've explained them as the sounds of gravitational vibrations the human ear is able to process, while the rest of the frequency is undetectable by the human ear. There are still people out there who claim the noises are either paranormal or extraterrestrial, and it is not hard to blame people due to the absolute unsettling sound these vibrations make, and we would not fault anyone for feeling terrified if they were to suddenly heard a loud, brass horn coming from the sky.

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