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Top 15 Scary Cursed Objects That Still Exist

15. “Elmo Goes Insane”: “Kill James”
That’s what a talking Elmo doll began to say at random one day in Lithia, Florida. The mother was changing the batteries for her toddler’s toy when she noticed that it was saying her son’s name and instructing him to die. The “Elmo Knows Your Name” doll is supposed to plug into the computer, learn your child’s name and say “hi”.

It is definitely not supposed to learn the urge to kill. Fisher Price manufactures the dolls, and they can offer no explanation as to why this one Elmo doll is bent on wanting to kill James. They asked the family to return the doll so that it can be studied and better understood. By this point, young James had begun to repeat the phrase himself.

Number 14. “Apologizing to Australia
Ayers Rock is a famous natural landmark in Australia that brings in 250 thousand visitors from around the world each year. It is also home to the native Aboriginal population, otherwise known as bushmen. Unfortunately, a lot of people want to disrespect the sacred site by taking a piece of rock back home with them. And when I say “unfortunately”, I mean for the tourists, and not for the local tribes. That’s because every year hundreds of apologetic tourists mail their stolen rock fragments back to Australia.

As their letters show, a large portion of them say they have been cursed with bad luck ever since they brought the souvenir back. Complaints of family deaths, divorces, and illnesses are the top three common side effects of removing the rocks from their natural habitat. By mailing the rocks back, cursed tourists hope they can reverse the damage that they have so foolishly brought upon themselves. Even though the natives tell them not to take the rocks in the first place, tourists have been ignoring them since the 1970s. Some people just have to learn the hard way.

13. “Curse of the Irish
Australia is not the only place with cursed rocks. The Blarney Stone in Ireland is known to bring good luck to anyone who kisses it, but this logic does not apply to the rest of the castle. If you want to take a piece of the Blarney Castle home with you, you’ll get a curse instead. Much like Ayers Rock, regretful tourists often mail their stolen stone fragments back to Ireland with letters of apology explaining how they have been cursed.

One of these people is Linda Kelly from South Carolina. She explains that she bought a rock from Blarney Castle at a yard sale for $1. Its previous owner was a priest who had died alone and in misery. When she took the rock home, her life changed immediately, and not for the better. First, Kelly felt extremely depressed for no explainable reason at all. She also had employment problems right away even though she was usually excellent at her job.

Soon she started hanging around the house all the time and could not seem to even move. When she received a huge late notice in the mail for a bill she knew that she had already paid, she decided to mail the stolen piece of the Blarney Castle back to Ireland. She started to feel better right away and knew she made the right decision. Otherwise, Kelly was sure that she would have ended up like the unlucky priest before her.

12. “The Worst Phone Number in the World
While this one is technically not a physical object, it is still cursed and brings bad luck to all who come across it. I’m talking about a mobile phone number that is so dangerous, nobody in the world will accept it. That’s because every single person who has been given this phone number (0888-888-888) has died. Vladimir Grashnov was the first to go in 2001.

This CEO of a Bulgarian company called Mobitel died of cancer when he was only 48. Next was a Bulgarian crime mafia boss named Konstantin Dimitrov . He was given the cursed number and killed by a hitman at a restaurant soon after. A cocaine drug lord named Konstantin Dishliev got the number next. He was shot outside of a restaurant immediately after. Police suspended the number for a bit to investigate, but the Bulgarian phone company decided to pull the number for good. It’s out of service for everyone’s safety.

11. “Cursed in China
In 1974, a team of seven peasant farmers came across a priceless discovery in their small village of Yang. As they were working the earth, one of them spotted a tiny head sticking out of the ground. They could tell the object was extremely old and were afraid to touch it at first, but one of them wanted cigarette money so he broke a piece of it off to take back to town. That is where their troubles began.

The farmers told others about what they had found, and soon archaeologists came from all over to dig the relics out. In total, over 8 thousand miniature figures were recovered. These figures were made out of a clay-like substance called terracotta . This was a complete replica of the ancient Chinese army, and these figurines had been buried with the First Emperor of China to protect him in the afterlife.

They were more than 2 thousand years old and extremely valuable, but also quite cursed. The 7 peasants who found the terracotta army suffered horribly. Instead of making any money, their farmland was taken from them by the  government and their homes were destroyed to make room for government gift shops and museum exhibits. Some of the peasants died at an early age, and the rest of them now sign books in the museum for next to no pay. Almost all of their village believes that this is payback for disturbing the great Emperor’s cursed army.

10. “Robert’s in the Attic”
If you have ever watched Chucky from the Child’s Play movies, then you should know about the actual doll that inspired him. This doll is named Robert, and instead of wearing overall suspenders and having long red hair, this doll sports a creepy sailor suit, black eyes and holes all over its face. The doll’s original owner was a young boy who was also named Robert, but went by the named of Gene instead because Eugene was his middle name.

Many people believe that the sailor suit Robert wears is a real one that Gene himself used to wear. Gene loved the doll so much that he absolutely refused to part with it even after becoming an adult. Instead, the doll went with him everywhere until he died in 1974. A woman named Myrtle Reuter soon bought the property and found  Robert the doll still inside. Her 10-year-old daughter remembers that the doll was alive and she believes to this day that he constantly plotted to kill her.

She and other visitors recall hearing footsteps in the attic where Robert stayed along with giggling. He would also move to different areas of the house on his own. By 1994, Myrtle decided she had enough and donated Robert to a museum. You can view him in Key West, Florida for yourself if you ever feel like you need a new friend.

9. “King Tut Hates Your Pets”
King Tut was an Egyptian ruler who died at the age of 19. Although he did relatively little during his nine years as  Pharaoh, his cursed tomb has  made him immensely famous years after death. Here’s what happened. British explorers seem to love sticking their noses in the most haunted places in the world, and in 1891 Howard Carter figured he would continue the trend. He went to Egypt and poked around there for almost three decades until he finally came across Tut’s tomb in the early 1920s.

You would think that they opened the coffin and there Tut was, but that’s not exactly what happened. First, they opened the coffin and found a smaller coffin inside. Inside of that was an even smaller coffin, and inside of that was a third coffin that was made of gold. King Tut was inside. Lord Carnarvon accompanied Howard to the tomb and was responsible for funding the excavation.

All of his pets died and he himself died of a mosquito bite shortly thereafter. The technician who x-rayed King Tut died, a wealthy visitor who wanted to see the tomb died, and another member of Howard’s team is thought to have somehow died of arsenic poisoning. Howard himself did not die, but it is said that a cobra ate his pet canary on the same day that he found the tomb.

8.“Donna’s Doll”
Donna was turning 28 years old and going to school as a nursing student in the year 1970. Her mother got her a Raggedy Ann Doll to keep her company while she was away at college. It would soon prove to become the worst gift she had ever received. Donna and her roommate would come home to find the doll in different positions all around the house.

Sometimes its arms were folded and other times it was found learning against a chair. Sometimes the Raggedy Ann Doll would even be kneeling. If you’ve ever seen a Raggedy Ann Doll before, you’d know that it was impossible for Donna to put the doll in a kneeling position without it falling over, so they really had no idea what to make of this. Things only continued to get worse.

Somebody started leaving short messages around the house that said things like “Help us”. Her roommate’s fiancĂ© claimed to have been attacked by the doll on two separate occasions. When Donna came home to find spots of blood on the doll’s hand and chest, she contacted a paranormal investigation team for answers. The two investigators, named Ed and Lorraine Warren, determined that the spirit of a young girl named Annabelle Higgins was to blame.

She had been killed and her body had been found in the exact same area where Donna now lived, except it was just a bare field back. Donna and her roommate gave Annabelle permission to live inside of the doll, and they gave it to the Warrens for safekeeping. The doll possessed by Annabelle is now in a paranormal museum owned by the Warrens, and she is still causing trouble.

According to them, one visitor in particular would not stop mocking Annabelle. He challenged her to bring him harm and she accepted. According to the Warrens, on his way home, the man hit a tree while riding his motorcycle and did not survive.

7. “The Salty Ghost”
There’s a haunted mansion in Newport, Rhode Island with two very haunted chairs. The Belcourt mansion was built in 1894 by Oliver Belcourt, who was just basically some rich guy who wanted a place to show off his huge collection of medieval stuff. Unfortunately, when you put a ton of old armor, books, and other antiques under the same roof, you sometimes wind up with a completely haunted estate.

That’s exactly what happened, and the place is now home to two old haunted salt chairs. If you are wondering what a salt chair is, it’s basically a chair that was made especially for the person who was sitting closest to the salt during meals. Salt used to be a precious resource a long time ago, and so sitting by the salt was a big enough deal that you got a special chair for it.

Apparently, whoever was in charge of the salt back then still lingers around the chairs to this day, and they don’t want to give up their position as head of the table. Visitors who sit in either the two salt chairs reportedly feel anxious, ill, or even like they are being electrocuted. One of the chairs even shot out a bolt of lightning in front of 70 witnesses, the mansion’s owner says.

Another time, a person was launched 6 feet across the room when they tried to sit down. Oftentimes, visitors who are brave enough to take a seat say that it feels like there is already somebody sitting there. There’s also a haunted helmet that screams on its own and a fixed mirror that casts a moving reflection, but we like the ghost who throws people on the floor most.

6. “The Iceman Cometh”
Otzi is the name of a prehistoric caveman who was preserved by the cold climate of the Italian Alps. Many scientists believe he was a shepherd who was murdered by other cavemen for his animal herd, which could be why his very body itself appears to be cursed and out for revenge. For whatever reason, he just can’t seem to stop killing almost everyone who disturbs him.

Otzi was discovered in 1991 by two German tourists. One of the tourists, a man named Helmut Simon, would later die in almost the exact same spot he made the discovery at years later in 2004. He fell to his death during a freak blizzard that no one had seen coming. He is far from alone.

The person in charge of the rescue team for Helmut seemed to be punished for interfering. He died of an unexpected heart attack by age 45 – just one hour after Helmut’s funeral. Otzi is believed to have claimed many other lives through accidents and mysterious illnesses. The first archaeologist who ever looked at Otzi died.

The head of the forensic team that examined Otzi died as well. The mountain climber who brought the forensic team to Otzi died. And as for the man who filmed Otzi while he was being removed from his grave . . . he lived. Just kidding. He died of brain cancer. Don’t mess with Otzi.

5. “The Hot Seat”
Daniel Awety was a 17th century English crook who liked to make counterfeit coins for a dishonest living. His illegal operation was going well until his partner in crime, a man named Thomas Busby, fell in love with his beautiful daughter, Elizabeth. This caused a riff to form between the two men, and in 1702, Thomas beat Daniel to death with the very same hammer that Daniel used to forge fake coins. Thomas was sentenced to death for his crime.

On his way to be hung, he asked to stop at the local pub for a drink. While sitting in his favorite chair, Thomas announces that this seat is officially cursed, and anyone who sits in it from this day forward will die most unpleasantly. People might have laughed it off at the time, but it seems that Thomas was not playing around. Local townsfolk say that Thomas’s curse has claimed the lives of 63 people since then, but only a small portion of them have been officially documented.

In 1967, two pilots from the Royal Air Force each sat in the chair, and they both died in a fatal car crash that same night. Years later, a brave mason decided to tempt fate and take a seat, and he, too, fell to his death that very afternoon. Other instances include a roofer who had a roof collapse from under him, a cleaning lady who soon died of a mysterious brain tumor, and a delivery man who died in a car crash just within one hour of sitting in the cursed chair. The chair is now suspended high up on a wall in a museum . . . just so nobody sits on Thomas’s favorite chair and activates Thomas’s favorite curse.

4. “The ‘Little Bastard"
James Dean was a 1950s actor who was basically seen by many as the coolest person on earth at the time. His favorite car, however, is almost equally as famous as he was, but for completely different reasons. James Dean’s souped-up Porsche 550 Spyder was nicknamed “Little Bastard” because it looked like one mean car on the road. But even when it was off the road, it was still trouble.

When James Dean had the car in the shop to get it upgraded, for example, the car jumped off the trailer and broke the mechanic’s leg. One day Alec Guinness , who is the same guy that played Obi-Wan in the Star Wars movies, was hanging out with James Dean. He told Dean that he would be dead in that car within a week. Sure enough, Dean wrecked seven days later in a fatal accident.

But his car wasn’t through with humanity yet. The same mechanic who had his leg crushed later sold some of the parts from James Dean’s car. He sold the engine and drivetrain to two racecar drivers, and they each had two separate accidents in the same race. One overturned their vehicle and seriously injured themselves. The other hit a tree and died.

Both of “Little Bastard’s” tires were sold too, and they both blew out at the exact same time, nearly costing the driver their life. Then thieves broke into the mechanic’s garage one day to try and steal car parts. When they came across Dean’s car, they both seriously injured themselves. One managed to rip their arm wide open.

3. “No Hope for You”
The Hope Diamond is a huge 44-carat gemstone that was found in a seventeenth century mineshaft in India. According to legend, it was stolen from a group of priests who went on to put a curse on it to get their revenge. Ever since then, anyone who possesses the diamond, from historic figures of royalty to simple mailmen, has experienced great misfortune.

King Louis the 14th bought the gemstone and soon died of gangrene. All of his biological children also died except for one. One of his assistants wore the Hope Diamond for a special event. A little while later this assistant was exiled from the country. Louie the 16th was given the Hope Diamond and he supposedly let his wife wear it. She was the Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, who would later have her head chopped off during the French Revolution.

The list of people who died or were injured while owning the Hope Diamond goes on and on. A Dutch jeweler was killed by his son, a Greek dealer drove off a cliff and killed himself and his entire family, a rich woman had her entire family die off one by one, and even the poor deliveryman wasn’t spared. In 1958, James Todd dropped the Hope Diamond off at the Smithsonian Museum. By 1959, he had gotten into two different car accidents. One crushed his leg, and the other gave him a head injury. His wife died, his dog died, and half his house burned down.

2. “India’s Dark Secret”
The Hope Diamond is not the only cursed gem from India. The Delhi Purple Sapphire was first recovered from the Temple of Indra by British explorers in 1857. In the Hindu religion, Indra is the most powerful god of them all, and as everyone was to soon find out, also probably the last god you’d ever want to anger.

An Englishman named Colonel W. Ferris brought the gem back with him. Soon afterwards, everyone in his family had health issues and lost their money. When a family friend held onto the Delhi Purple Sapphire for a bit, they committed suicide. Over 30 years after its discovery, a writer named Edward Heron-Allen eventually acquired the gem.

He was not a superstitious man in the slightest, but after experiencing a rash of bad luck, he passed it onto his friends to see if the alleged curse would continue. One friend became extremely ill from a number of different health complications, and another friend who was a singer lost her voice forever. The gem seemed to go after a person’s very livelihood, taking away whatever they enjoyed in life the most.

By this point, Edward had seen enough of the gem’s destructiveness and threw it into a canal to rid himself of it once and for all. Imagine his surprise when a gemstone dealer showed him the same Delhi Purple Sapphire that he had thrown in the canal shortly thereafter. It had found its way back to him. Edward bought the gem on the spot, though exactly why is unclear. Maybe he wanted to keep other people safe from its curse.

Maybe he was accepting his fate. Either way, he eventually donated it to a museum because he was going to have a daughter and he wanted her nowhere near the thing. By the way, museum workers have suffered horrible health problems both times that the Sapphire has been transported.

1. “The Passion of the Curse”
In 2004, Mel Gibson directed The Passion of the Christ, a movie which reenacts the biblical events leading up to the crucifixion of Christ and his resurrection. The movie received a lot of criticism for its touchy subject matter, and some people believe that God Himself gave it two thumbs-down by cursing the entire set.

Mel Gibson chose Jim Caviezel to play Jesus Christ. During his role, all kinds of accidents happened to him. Jim got pneumonia, dislocated his shoulder, and even had a huge chunk of flesh taken out of him during the whipping scene. But then there’s the lightning, too.

While filming one scene, lightning struck Jim straight in the head. When an assistant named Jon Mikalini ran out to check on Jim, lightning struck him, too. Unbelievably, this was the third time that lightning had hit the set – Jon the assistant had been struck once before. During an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, Jim says that he knew lightning was going to hit him a full four seconds before he was struck. Something inside of him felt that it was coming.

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Top 10 Real Kids Born With Unbelievable Incredible Features

Cute, charming, and irresistibly adorable. That's how most of us describe babies. But there are some babies that display unique features that sets them apart from the rest. It can be a unique birthmark or a medical condition that makes them look a bit different compared to other babies. But no matter how different they may look, they're always a proud parent's precious little child. Here are the top 10 kids born with incredible and unique features! Amazing!

10. Deepak Kumar Paswaan
Having a few extra limbs would be impressive. But for seven-year old Deepak Kumar Paswaan, this is a nightmare. Nicknamed octopus-boy, the young boy has an extra set of limbs protruding out of his chest from his undeveloped twin. This unnatural feature of his resulted in him being perceived as the incarnation of Vishnu, a Hindu god usually depicted as having four arms, while others said that he houses a demon within his body. Regardless of what people think about him, Deepak only wants one thing, to be able to live normally, just like the other children in his community.

This wish of his came true on May 30th, 2010, when a team of 15 doctors performed a complicated surgery to remove his extra limbs. The operation was a complete success, with doctors stating that he is 100% fit. Of course, Deepak, after years of being  ridiculed by other people, still needs to have a bit of counseling in order to lead a normal life. And while there are no updates currently about Deepak's status, this photo of him back in 2011 is enough to prove that he is now able to live a normal life.

9. Pixie Rose Masters
Most babies are usually born with a small amount of hair on their heads, but Pixie Rose Masters is an exception. When she was born back on July 4, doctors and nurses were surprised to see that she was born with a full mop of jet black hair. And while it's not a rare condition per se, her hair was unusually thicker compared to other babies born with hair. And that's not the only unusual thing about Pixie, as she was also born with a medical condition called microtia, which affects one in every 7,000 newborns.

This condition is quite severe as her right ear is deformed, making it hard for her to hear things. And while it is possible that her parents can hide her deformed ear with her long, black hair, her mother mentioned that her flaws won't stop her from styling her daughter's hair. It is unknown whether they'll have doctors perform surgery to fix her right ear, but for now, Pixie is enjoying the compliments she receives from people worldwide.

8. Bence and MilliAnna
Many of us spend hundreds to thousands of dollars just to get the hair color and style we want. But not these babies, because they were already born with it. Born in Hungary, Bence was nicknamed Prince Charming by the hospital's residents due to his platinum blonde hair. Initially, doctors thought that he might have some sort of albinism, which can be dangerous as his skin won't have enough melanin to protect him from the sun's UV rays. But in reality, Bence was a normal, healthy boy. He was just lucky to be born with a really striking hair color.

And in South Carolina, MilliAnna also possesses a unique trait that sets her apart from other babies. She has a white streak of hair on her forehead. Surprisingly, it's not only her that has this, as her mother, as well as her grandmother and great-grandmother, possesses this birthmark. This is caused by a condition called poliosis, which is basically results in a lack of melanin on the affected area, causing it to grow white. Still, it doesn't stop MilliAnna's mother from telling her that she is special and beautiful for inheriting their family's unique birthmark.

7. Fu Wengui
From the right angles, it's hard to see what's wrong with Fu Wengui, a 15-year old boy from China. But once you get near him, it's impossible for you to not notice his abnormally long neck. Having 10 vertebrae rather than the usual seven in his neck, it has caused Fu Wengui great distress both physically and emotionally. His head movement is severely hindered and even the simplest of movements can cause him great pain.

This also causes several unwanted attention and he's had problems with regards to socializing. According to doctors, Fu Wengui suffers from a condition called congenital scoliosis, a condition wherein vertebrae within the neck aren't formed properly. Fortunately, the doctors of Chaoyang Hospital have formulated a treatment plan to fix this irregularity and give Fu Wengui a normal neck. Currently, there are no updates on how the surgery went. Let's just hope that it went well so that he can live a normal life.

6. Gabby Williams
It's hard to treat a medical condition that has no name. Such is the case of Gabby Williams, who suffers from a medical condition so complex and unknown, there's no medical term for it. Currently at age nine, Gabby has the face of a baby and a body similar to that of toddlers. Her medical condition, according to experts, dramatically slows down her aging process and causes her to age once every four years, resulting in her still having the body of a two-year old. And to make matters worse, she is also plagued with a host of ailments, such as heart defects and an abnormality in her swallowing reflex, which requires her to be fed with a tube in her nose.

While there are similar cases like hers on other parts of the globe, medical experts still haven't pinpointed the exact cause of this perplexing medical condition. Even worse is that they don't know if Gabby will survive her ordeal. For now, the only thing Gabby and her family can do is to stay positive and hope for the best. Before we carry on, take a look at this photograph of supposedly the darkest baby in the world, which began circulating in 2015. It went viral online, along with this image. So my question is, can you explain the image? I'll reveal the answer at the end so stick around!

5. Arnav Sharma
Only a few people can ever hope to achieve Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking levels of genius. But a young boy from India who has grown up in the UK not only succeeded in reaching the levels of the two geniuses, he also surpassed them. As early as two years old, Arnav Sharma has shown remarkable intelligence, capable of counting to 100 without being taught by his relatives. At age eight, he showed a great interest in singing and dancing, participating in a contest and reaching the semi-finals.

And at age 11, he took the Mensa test, reaching an IQ score of 162, which is higher than Einstein and Hawking. Even more outstanding is that he was able to do it with zero preparation, even explaining that he was not nervous while taking the test. Currently, he's studying at Crossfields School, but he's eligible to enroll at a number of prestigious schools including Eton College and Westminster. When he's not studying, he can be seen partaking in stereotypical smart kid activities like playing the piano or reading books. His plans for the future? Well, he says hasn't thought of it at the moment, but I'm pretty sure we can expect great things from him as long as he continues to nurture his gift.

4.Cinar Engin
Birthmarks are often seen as a skin imperfection, but for Cinar Engin and his parents, his birthmark is anything, but a flaw. Having a birthmark shaped like a heart on his forehead, Cinar has captured the hearts of many, including the doctors and nurses who helped in birthing him. His unique birthmark is so popular, that people they meet during their walks often stop and adore Cinar and his birthmark, with some even taking photos with him!

It even earned him the nickname love baby or hearted boy, as dubbed by the doctors in the hospital where he was born. His parents don't seem to mind his newfound popularity. In fact, both of them seem to love the attention he is getting. For them, Cinar's birthmark is a special one, as if it was his own way of thanking his parents for being born into this world.

3. Archie Innes
Most babies open their eyes once they're birthed into the world. However, this is entirely impossible for Archie Innes. Not because he can't open his eyes, but it's because he has no eyes to begin with. Afflicted with the SOX2 syndrome, a medical condition that causes abnormal development of the eyes, and a number of other medical conditions, Archie was able to defy the odds and survive, dubbing him as a miracle baby by the doctors. However, even the most basic of movement, such as crawling and walking, its especially hard for him due to his complications.

But, this did not stop Archie's parents from pursuing therapy in order for him to be able to live normally, hoping that someday some type of potential treatment can help sort out all his medical conditions in the near future. The family has started a fundraiser for people who are willing to help out Archie should doctors be able to formulate a treatment plan for him. For now, the only thing Archie's family can do is to shower him with love, as they want him to feel special and loved, regardless of his medical conditions.

2. Ollie Trezise
Ollie Trezise, a little boy from Wales, has been called by many, the real-life Pinocchio. But unlike Pinocchio, his nose doesn't grow longer. Rather, he has the round, red nose Pinocchio usually has. This is caused by a rare medical condition called encephalocele, which causes his brain to grow in his nose, creating a brain sac. If left untreated, he could contract infections including meningitis should his nose, and effectively his brain, get injured.

Fortunately, he was treated before his condition worsened, thanks to the doctors of Birmingham Children's Hospital. Today, he is a young boy actively enjoying his life, bonding with his parents and his older sister. Though he might have some imperfections, his parents are still right to believe he's still a perfect little boy, just like the boy Pinocchio's creator, Geppetto, would like to have.

1. Loyalty Adonis
The average weight of a newborn is around 3.4 kilograms. But LaQueena Hunter Grover gave birth to a gigantic baby. She gave birth to Loyalty Adonis, who weighed 6.35 kilograms, making him the heaviest baby for the year 2017. And while she wasn't new to this, seeing that she gave birth to babies way past the average weight before, Adonis was in an  entirely new league, so she was rather surprised when she found out his weight.

Despite his large frame, Adonis is a perfectly healthy baby. In fact, he is quite an active one, with his mother saying that he acts like the Incredible Hulk whenever he doesn't get something. He immediately bawls when his mother fails to change his diapers when he's wet or forgets to feed him when he's hungry. But no matter how much of a troublemaker he may be, LaQueena says that he is her own special child. And as a final word, she said that Adonis will be her last baby and that she is closing her womb for good.

Maybe she fears that she'll have an even heavier baby, hmm? And now back to the world's darkest baby image. Although many sites promoted it as being a real story, the truth is that the photo is fake. While its origins are up for debate, the figure shown in the image was actually a life-like doll created by Breath Of Heaven artist Lilah Pearsons. The second image circulated was likely just photoshopped to make the child look darker than it really was.

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Top 10 Youngest Moms of All Time

Ask any pregnant woman, and she'll tell you that growing another living being inside your body takes it's toll. This fact holds doubly true if said mother is only a child herself. No, not 16 and pregnant. Try preteen and pregnant. There isn't a girl in this video older than 10. To destroy your faith in humanity, we give you the top 10 youngest mothers of all time.

10. Leyla Mafi
This list is ordered by age at which young mothers gave birth, but if it were set by the level of depravity, then Layla Mafi would be right at number one. Leyla, from Iran, was only eight years old when her own brother started paying their  mother for the chance to have sex with her. Yes, you heard that right. Leyla's mother didn't just know her son's were abusing their sister, she charged them money for the privilege. I can't even process the level of disgusting that is.

To make matters worse, if that's even possible, Leyla suffered from a developmental disability, being assessed as mentally the age of eight at 19. Leyla was only nine years old when her first child was born, twins following when she was 14. Her brothers were caught and flogged for their crimes. Leyla, on the other hand, was sentenced to death for illegal sex and incest. Thank God a lawyer from amnesty stopped the execution, and finally got Leyla the help she needed.

9. Dafne
On January 27th, 2013, a beautiful baby girl was born via caesarean section. She weighed 5.7 pounds, and was  approximately 19 inches long. By all accounts, this was a perfectly normal, healthy child. There was just one tiny  difference. Her mother, known only as Dafne, was nine years old. Dafne's parents claimed they didn't report the unusual and alarming pregnancy, because the father was Dafne's 17 year old boyfriend. Apparently, they saw that as a perfectly okay and consensual relationship.

At first, it looked like a case of extremely bad judgment on her parents part, but the more people dug into the story, the worse it got. Police couldn't seem to find the supposed boyfriend, and when they separated her from her parents, Dafne was adamant that the father of her child was actually her own 56 year old father, classy huh? For God knows what reason, authorities allowed Dafne and her baby to go home with her parents, and just a warning that they'd frequently be dropping by.

8. Anna Mummenthaler
Precocious puberty is the term for a child who hits puberty earlier than is considered normal. The average age for young boys is somewhere between nine and 12, while girls will usually begin menstruation around eight to 11. In the case of Anna Mummenthaler from Switzerland, she was only two years old when she had her first period. This crazy fact ensured that Anna was a frequent flyer with her physician, Doctor G E Von Haler.

Not surprisingly, she did everything a little too early, including menopause at 52, and dying at age 75. But perhaps her most well known achievement, was the age at which she became a mother. She was only eight years nine months old when she gave birth to an unfortunately stillborn baby girl. The father of the child was identified as a friend of her father's. I certainly hope they never allowed him anywhere near Anna again, and that he, you know, went to jail, because that's exactly where a monster like that belongs.

7. Hilda Trujillo
Hilda Trujillo was the daughter of a humble servant. She lived in a one bedroom house in Peru with several family members, including a 22 year old cousin, who came to live with them when he needed a soft spot to land. Unfortunately, the pig landed right on top of Hilda. At first, her parents suspected nothing, but when the nearly eight year old girl became increasingly sick, her mother went to their mistress and begged for help. Doctors were shocked to find that Hilda was already five months pregnant.

On December 2nd, 1957, at eight years seven months old, Hilda gave birth to a tiny baby girl she named Maria del Rosario. At just over nine pounds, Maria was delivered a month early, the old fashioned way, and was a healthy, normal baby, aside from the age of her mother. As for Hilda's cousin, that creep was tossed in jail, where I hope he spends the rest of his days being nibbled away at by rats.

6. Anya
Being unable to stop someone from hurting your child is every good parents worst nightmare, but that nightmare turned out to be more than just a bad dream for the parents of a little girl in Russia. Little miss Anya was an early bloomer, hitting puberty at just seven years old. It wasn't long after that her neighbor, a 13 year old boy, took a rather pointed and unhealthy interest in the young girl.
I think we can all agree that 13 is plenty old enough to know basic rights from wrongs, so you can bet her neighbor knew what he was doing when he raped her. Her family only became aware of the situation when Anya really started to show signs of pregnancy. I'd imagine they thought she was just getting a little fat, or maybe she had a tumor. They never expected their little girl to have her own little girl. She was eight years seven months old when she gave birth to her daughter in April of 2000.

5. Columbian girl in 2004
It's not very often that a cop pegs you as a drug smuggler and ends up doing you more help than hurt, but that's exactly what happened to an unnamed girl in Columbia. A passing officer noticed her tight, swollen belly, and immediately arrested her and her mother. He expected to find the poor girl stuffed full of bags of cocaine, but not in a million years did he imagine that x-rays would show a much darker story. This innocent child wasn't smuggling drugs at all. Instead, it was discovered that she was already 32 weeks, or seven months, pregnant.

Seven months, seven whole months. As it turned out, she'd been raped by some poor excuse of a human being, while picking up medicine for her sick other. The crime was considered too embarrassing  for her family to report. On October 11th in 2004, she gave birth at the Measen Hospital. She was eight years and five months old. Her attacker never faced a single charge.

4. Mum-Zi
It can be difficult for us sometimes to understand why other cultures do things the way they do. There are so many different ways to go through life, different foods we will and won't eat, and sometimes cultures flat out disagree on what counts as normal. In certain parts of Africa, a chief collecting a harem of young girls is completely par for the course, and there are certainly multiple cultures that practice polygamy, involving all ages.

But many of us would object to a grown man making an eight year old his wife, regardless of whether or not her parents were onboard with the idea. Yep, a grown man marrying children less than half his age is apparently a thing. Normally these young girls do not conceive for their husbands until at least their teenage years, but for Mum-Zi, motherhood came at the tender age of eight years and four months. Her daughter also conceived ridiculously early, making Mum-Zi into a grandmother at age 17.

3. H
Out of all the girls on our list so far, they share one thing, they have gone through puberty. Each of these girls matured at an unusually young age, some of them incredibly so. But a six year old girl in India, identified only as H, puts herself at an unusual place in history for being the only known girl who never actually menstruated before conceiving her first child. H was rushed to the hospital with a distended stomach and abdominal pains.

Doctors assumed she had a tumor, until their scans revealed she was, in fact, pregnant. Her baby, a four pound girl, was delivered via ceasarean section, and despite not having developed much mammary tissue yet, she was still able to nurse her child for a full nine months. H was only six years seven months old. The father of her child was never publicly known, nor was any indication given that it was privately known, but you can bet it wasn't a voluntary kind of situation.

2. Yelizaveta Gryshchenko
Liza was a few days shy of her sixth birthday, when she was rushed to a hospital in Russia to deliver a baby. It came as no surprise to anyone that It was a long, difficult labor. Her hips and birthing channel were not yet fully developed, and the baby was basically stuck inside her. But c-sections were considered extremely risky back in 1934, so, in compliance with her parents wishes, and with the help of forceps, Liza's child was eventually dragged from her body.

The baby unfortunately died during the process, due to lack of oxygen directly related to the length of the labor. Had they been allowed to act more quickly, doctors may have been able to save the child. However, what made this particular case so disturbing was the identity of the father of her child. You might be tempted to suspect her dad, but no, it's worse. The sub human monster who impregnated such a young child was Liza's own 70 year old grandfather.

1. Lina Medina
Lina Medina went down in history as the youngest mother of all time. Her parents brought her to the hospital, due to a rapidly swelling stomach. Instead of the tumor they expected to find, doctors were shocked to discover that Lina was seven months pregnant. They literally had to send her to a specialist to double confirm the diagnosis, because, you see, Lina was just about halfway over five years old. Apparently she went through puberty somewhere between the ages of two and three, and by age five, she already had fairly well developed breasts. Talk about growing up fast.

A month and a half after the discovery of her pregnancy, doctors delivered a healthy baby boy via ceasarean section. She as just five years seven months and 21 days old. Pretty much literally a baby herself, having a baby. That was back in May of 1939. The identity of the man who raped her remains a mystery to this day. Hopefully he died a slow, painful death. Were you shocked by any of these young mothers? What do you think the authorities should have done to the fathers? Slow death, I hope.

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Facts About Costa Rica Facts About Czech Republic Facts About England Facts About France Facts About Germany Facts About Greece Facts About Guyana Facts About Haiti Facts About Hollland Facts About Hong Kong Facts About India Facts About Israel

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Ridiculosly Expensive Things President Trump Owns

Donald Trump is known for his billions and billions of dollars, but now he's also president of the United States. Before he was potus however, he was simply a billionaire with lots of expensive stuff. Here are ridiculously expensive things Donald Trump owns.

Penthouse in New York city
Spenning three floors Trump's luxury penthouse is referred to as the 68th floor, even though Trump tower is only fifty-eight stories tall. Located in the heart of midtown Manhattan this is the place Trump, his wife Melanie and thier son Barron call home. The penthouse is decorated with marble, diamonds, murals painted on the ceilings, Crystal chandeliers and basically anything that can be made out of or played with 24 karat gold has been. The Decor was inspired by Louis cub.

Rolls Royce phantom
Truman's first Rolls-Royce was a 1956 silver cloud, one of the oldest in his collection , but he also has a $500,000 phantom. It was once called the 'best card in the world' and could be customized to the owner's specifications. Knowing Trump that probably means a fair amount of gold plating was added. Now that he's becoming the president of the United States however he may have to give it up for a secret service Cadillac.

Golf courses
It's certainly no secret that Trump loves golf. In fact he currently owns seventeen golf courses valued well over $300 million. As of December 2016 he owns three courses in New York, three in Florida, two in New Jersey, one in north Carolina, one in Philadelphia and one in Washington, D.C. and those are just his local investments. He also own two courses in Scotland, where the sport was born, two in Dubai and one Ireland. While not all of his courses are private, they are all luxurious.

Trump tower
This Fifty-Eight story skyscraper located on fifth avenue in Manhattan, New York city is Trump's headquarters and home. The grand building houses shops, an atrium, apartments, Trump's penthouse and offices. This is the home base of the Trump organization. The building was also used to film 'The afterentice' reality TV show and appearans in 'The Dark Knight Rises' as Wayne enterprises and 'The Wolf of Wall Street'.

Boeing 757
Once upon a time Trump's Boeing 757 was a commercial passenger plane, but has received some updates since Trump got his hand on it. All the original seating, floors and interior Decor was gutted and replaced with gold plated seat belts, an office and several bedrooms, including a master bedroom with a 24 karat gold sink in the En-Suite bathroom. He even replaced the original Boeing engines with a pair of Rolls Royce engines. It is worth over $35 million and some say it puts air force one, the president's private plane, to shame.

Built in the late I920S, Mar-A-Lago is a 110,000 square foot mansion in Palm beach, Florida. It currently houses a private resort and club in one section and a private residence for Trump and his family in a separate, closed off area. He bought it in 1985 for $7 million and has since renovated it to include fifty-eight bedrooms, twelve fireplaces, thirty-three bathrooms and even three bomb shelters. It is equipped with tennis courts, pools, a spa and a 20,000 square foot ballroom. Members must pay a $100,000 imitation fee then an annual fee of $14,000.

Solitary S-76 Helicopter
This is no ordinary helicopter. Truman's Solitary S-76 received an overhaul when he purchased the $7 million chopper. It cost him nearly $750,000 to hut the interior and refurbish it Trump style. The inside is now outfitted with 24 karat gold plated seat belts, handles and various other hardware. The Trump family crest is stamped in gold on the side table and cabinets as well. There are four luxury leather chairs with plush, Trump crest embroidered pillows for passengers to travel in style and comfort.

Mercedes-Benz-SLR McLaren
While it's not the most expensive thing Trump Owns his 2003 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren isn't cheap eiter. Trump's luxury car collection tends to lean towards rolls, but his $445,000 Mercedes is still pretty impressive. While he usually has a chauffeur to drive him around this is one of the cars Trump prefers to drive himself.

The Trump organization
The Trump organization deals in real estate such as golf courses, hotels, casinos and private residences. They also have their own production company, which wade 'the apprentice', a modelling agency and even retail busineses. Trump's primary net wort comes from these ventures. He also had a winery, but sold it to one of his sons a few years ago. It remains part of the organization however. The majority of his businesses run out of Trump tower in New York city.

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10 Horror Animals Movie

They're murderous creatures with a lust for human flesh. Today we're counting down the top 10 most memorable horror movies that starred animals.

Number 10: The mosquitoes from "Mosquito"
Kicking off our list is a film that's so bad, it's good. This movie answers a timeless question: What happens when ordinary mosquitoes feed on alien carcasses? The answer involves a campy, good time filled with horrible dialogue, bad acting, terrible effects and buckets full of gore. If you thought you hated these pests before imagine meeting one this big, without a can of bug spray.

Number 9: The crocodile from "Lake Placid"
This film is a similarly funny, yet scary tale of animal cruelty on man. A 30 foot crocodile has begun snapping at victims in Maine. This water dwelling amphibian is a vicious killing machine that not only devours people but also loves munching on cows.

Number 8: The sheep from "Black Sheep"
In this off-beat horror, the dangers of genetic engineering are explored when experiments turn harmless sheep into bloodthirsty killers. As a result, these modified animals go on a rampage of a New Zealand farm, bringing new meaning to the term "Baaad".

Number 7: The snake from "Anaconda"
A National Geographic film crew is taken on a trip to hunt the world's largest giant anaconda in the Amazon rainforest. Unfortunately for them, this snake is so massive, it is capable of consuming a live person.

Number 6: The ants from "Them"
Now we're getting serious and delving into the real questions of radioactivity. Here, atomic testing in New Mexico causes regular sized ants to mutate into massive man-eating monsters that are hell-bent on devouring human civilization.

Number 5: The piranhas from "Piranha"
In this 70s horror flick, military scientists have genetically modified piranhas for use in the Vietnam war However, these man-eaters are accidentally released into the river and find their way to a day camp, where they begin to multiply and feed on the guests.

Number 4: The spiders from "Arachnophobia"
A Venezuelan spider stows away on a boat to America It mates with a local spider and their offspring eat their way through the inhabitants of a small town in California. This is easily the scariest flick to ever star 8-legged freaks with large fangs.

Number 3: The St Bernard from "Cujo"
In this Stephen King tale, a rabid bat bites a friendly St Bernard named Cujo. As a result, the dog becomes incredibly violent and goes on a killing spree through a small town in America.

Number 2: The birds from "The Birds"
Terror from the sky reigns in this iconic horror film by the master of suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock. The anticipation of a feathery attack never lets up and is especially nerve-wracking when the winged killers decide to converge on a child's party.

Number 1: The shark from "Jaws"
Rounding out our top 10 list is the great white that made us afraid to go to the beach. The film combines an excellent score by John Williams with suspense and pools of blood. Jaws will grip you and never let go.




























































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