Donald Trump is known for his billions and billions of dollars, but now he's also president of the United States. Before he was potus however, he was simply a billionaire with lots of expensive stuff. Here are ridiculously expensive things Donald Trump owns.

Penthouse in New York city
Spenning three floors Trump's luxury penthouse is referred to as the 68th floor, even though Trump tower is only fifty-eight stories tall. Located in the heart of midtown Manhattan this is the place Trump, his wife Melanie and thier son Barron call home. The penthouse is decorated with marble, diamonds, murals painted on the ceilings, Crystal chandeliers and basically anything that can be made out of or played with 24 karat gold has been. The Decor was inspired by Louis cub.

Rolls Royce phantom
Truman's first Rolls-Royce was a 1956 silver cloud, one of the oldest in his collection , but he also has a $500,000 phantom. It was once called the 'best card in the world' and could be customized to the owner's specifications. Knowing Trump that probably means a fair amount of gold plating was added. Now that he's becoming the president of the United States however he may have to give it up for a secret service Cadillac.

Golf courses
It's certainly no secret that Trump loves golf. In fact he currently owns seventeen golf courses valued well over $300 million. As of December 2016 he owns three courses in New York, three in Florida, two in New Jersey, one in north Carolina, one in Philadelphia and one in Washington, D.C. and those are just his local investments. He also own two courses in Scotland, where the sport was born, two in Dubai and one Ireland. While not all of his courses are private, they are all luxurious.

Trump tower
This Fifty-Eight story skyscraper located on fifth avenue in Manhattan, New York city is Trump's headquarters and home. The grand building houses shops, an atrium, apartments, Trump's penthouse and offices. This is the home base of the Trump organization. The building was also used to film 'The afterentice' reality TV show and appearans in 'The Dark Knight Rises' as Wayne enterprises and 'The Wolf of Wall Street'.

Boeing 757
Once upon a time Trump's Boeing 757 was a commercial passenger plane, but has received some updates since Trump got his hand on it. All the original seating, floors and interior Decor was gutted and replaced with gold plated seat belts, an office and several bedrooms, including a master bedroom with a 24 karat gold sink in the En-Suite bathroom. He even replaced the original Boeing engines with a pair of Rolls Royce engines. It is worth over $35 million and some say it puts air force one, the president's private plane, to shame.

Built in the late I920S, Mar-A-Lago is a 110,000 square foot mansion in Palm beach, Florida. It currently houses a private resort and club in one section and a private residence for Trump and his family in a separate, closed off area. He bought it in 1985 for $7 million and has since renovated it to include fifty-eight bedrooms, twelve fireplaces, thirty-three bathrooms and even three bomb shelters. It is equipped with tennis courts, pools, a spa and a 20,000 square foot ballroom. Members must pay a $100,000 imitation fee then an annual fee of $14,000.

Solitary S-76 Helicopter
This is no ordinary helicopter. Truman's Solitary S-76 received an overhaul when he purchased the $7 million chopper. It cost him nearly $750,000 to hut the interior and refurbish it Trump style. The inside is now outfitted with 24 karat gold plated seat belts, handles and various other hardware. The Trump family crest is stamped in gold on the side table and cabinets as well. There are four luxury leather chairs with plush, Trump crest embroidered pillows for passengers to travel in style and comfort.

Mercedes-Benz-SLR McLaren
While it's not the most expensive thing Trump Owns his 2003 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren isn't cheap eiter. Trump's luxury car collection tends to lean towards rolls, but his $445,000 Mercedes is still pretty impressive. While he usually has a chauffeur to drive him around this is one of the cars Trump prefers to drive himself.

The Trump organization
The Trump organization deals in real estate such as golf courses, hotels, casinos and private residences. They also have their own production company, which wade 'the apprentice', a modelling agency and even retail busineses. Trump's primary net wort comes from these ventures. He also had a winery, but sold it to one of his sons a few years ago. It remains part of the organization however. The majority of his businesses run out of Trump tower in New York city.

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