Top 10 Youngest Moms of All Time

Top 10 Youngest Moms of All Time

Ask any pregnant woman, and she'll tell you that growing another living being inside your body takes it's toll. This fact holds doubly true if said mother is only a child herself. No, not 16 and pregnant. Try preteen and pregnant. There isn't a girl in this video older than 10. To destroy your faith in humanity, we give you the top 10 youngest mothers of all time.

10. Leyla Mafi
This list is ordered by age at which young mothers gave birth, but if it were set by the level of depravity, then Layla Mafi would be right at number one. Leyla, from Iran, was only eight years old when her own brother started paying their  mother for the chance to have sex with her. Yes, you heard that right. Leyla's mother didn't just know her son's were abusing their sister, she charged them money for the privilege. I can't even process the level of disgusting that is.

To make matters worse, if that's even possible, Leyla suffered from a developmental disability, being assessed as mentally the age of eight at 19. Leyla was only nine years old when her first child was born, twins following when she was 14. Her brothers were caught and flogged for their crimes. Leyla, on the other hand, was sentenced to death for illegal sex and incest. Thank God a lawyer from amnesty stopped the execution, and finally got Leyla the help she needed.

9. Dafne
On January 27th, 2013, a beautiful baby girl was born via caesarean section. She weighed 5.7 pounds, and was  approximately 19 inches long. By all accounts, this was a perfectly normal, healthy child. There was just one tiny  difference. Her mother, known only as Dafne, was nine years old. Dafne's parents claimed they didn't report the unusual and alarming pregnancy, because the father was Dafne's 17 year old boyfriend. Apparently, they saw that as a perfectly okay and consensual relationship.

At first, it looked like a case of extremely bad judgment on her parents part, but the more people dug into the story, the worse it got. Police couldn't seem to find the supposed boyfriend, and when they separated her from her parents, Dafne was adamant that the father of her child was actually her own 56 year old father, classy huh? For God knows what reason, authorities allowed Dafne and her baby to go home with her parents, and just a warning that they'd frequently be dropping by.

8. Anna Mummenthaler
Precocious puberty is the term for a child who hits puberty earlier than is considered normal. The average age for young boys is somewhere between nine and 12, while girls will usually begin menstruation around eight to 11. In the case of Anna Mummenthaler from Switzerland, she was only two years old when she had her first period. This crazy fact ensured that Anna was a frequent flyer with her physician, Doctor G E Von Haler.

Not surprisingly, she did everything a little too early, including menopause at 52, and dying at age 75. But perhaps her most well known achievement, was the age at which she became a mother. She was only eight years nine months old when she gave birth to an unfortunately stillborn baby girl. The father of the child was identified as a friend of her father's. I certainly hope they never allowed him anywhere near Anna again, and that he, you know, went to jail, because that's exactly where a monster like that belongs.

7. Hilda Trujillo
Hilda Trujillo was the daughter of a humble servant. She lived in a one bedroom house in Peru with several family members, including a 22 year old cousin, who came to live with them when he needed a soft spot to land. Unfortunately, the pig landed right on top of Hilda. At first, her parents suspected nothing, but when the nearly eight year old girl became increasingly sick, her mother went to their mistress and begged for help. Doctors were shocked to find that Hilda was already five months pregnant.

On December 2nd, 1957, at eight years seven months old, Hilda gave birth to a tiny baby girl she named Maria del Rosario. At just over nine pounds, Maria was delivered a month early, the old fashioned way, and was a healthy, normal baby, aside from the age of her mother. As for Hilda's cousin, that creep was tossed in jail, where I hope he spends the rest of his days being nibbled away at by rats.

6. Anya
Being unable to stop someone from hurting your child is every good parents worst nightmare, but that nightmare turned out to be more than just a bad dream for the parents of a little girl in Russia. Little miss Anya was an early bloomer, hitting puberty at just seven years old. It wasn't long after that her neighbor, a 13 year old boy, took a rather pointed and unhealthy interest in the young girl.
I think we can all agree that 13 is plenty old enough to know basic rights from wrongs, so you can bet her neighbor knew what he was doing when he raped her. Her family only became aware of the situation when Anya really started to show signs of pregnancy. I'd imagine they thought she was just getting a little fat, or maybe she had a tumor. They never expected their little girl to have her own little girl. She was eight years seven months old when she gave birth to her daughter in April of 2000.

5. Columbian girl in 2004
It's not very often that a cop pegs you as a drug smuggler and ends up doing you more help than hurt, but that's exactly what happened to an unnamed girl in Columbia. A passing officer noticed her tight, swollen belly, and immediately arrested her and her mother. He expected to find the poor girl stuffed full of bags of cocaine, but not in a million years did he imagine that x-rays would show a much darker story. This innocent child wasn't smuggling drugs at all. Instead, it was discovered that she was already 32 weeks, or seven months, pregnant.

Seven months, seven whole months. As it turned out, she'd been raped by some poor excuse of a human being, while picking up medicine for her sick other. The crime was considered too embarrassing  for her family to report. On October 11th in 2004, she gave birth at the Measen Hospital. She was eight years and five months old. Her attacker never faced a single charge.

4. Mum-Zi
It can be difficult for us sometimes to understand why other cultures do things the way they do. There are so many different ways to go through life, different foods we will and won't eat, and sometimes cultures flat out disagree on what counts as normal. In certain parts of Africa, a chief collecting a harem of young girls is completely par for the course, and there are certainly multiple cultures that practice polygamy, involving all ages.

But many of us would object to a grown man making an eight year old his wife, regardless of whether or not her parents were onboard with the idea. Yep, a grown man marrying children less than half his age is apparently a thing. Normally these young girls do not conceive for their husbands until at least their teenage years, but for Mum-Zi, motherhood came at the tender age of eight years and four months. Her daughter also conceived ridiculously early, making Mum-Zi into a grandmother at age 17.

3. H
Out of all the girls on our list so far, they share one thing, they have gone through puberty. Each of these girls matured at an unusually young age, some of them incredibly so. But a six year old girl in India, identified only as H, puts herself at an unusual place in history for being the only known girl who never actually menstruated before conceiving her first child. H was rushed to the hospital with a distended stomach and abdominal pains.

Doctors assumed she had a tumor, until their scans revealed she was, in fact, pregnant. Her baby, a four pound girl, was delivered via ceasarean section, and despite not having developed much mammary tissue yet, she was still able to nurse her child for a full nine months. H was only six years seven months old. The father of her child was never publicly known, nor was any indication given that it was privately known, but you can bet it wasn't a voluntary kind of situation.

2. Yelizaveta Gryshchenko
Liza was a few days shy of her sixth birthday, when she was rushed to a hospital in Russia to deliver a baby. It came as no surprise to anyone that It was a long, difficult labor. Her hips and birthing channel were not yet fully developed, and the baby was basically stuck inside her. But c-sections were considered extremely risky back in 1934, so, in compliance with her parents wishes, and with the help of forceps, Liza's child was eventually dragged from her body.

The baby unfortunately died during the process, due to lack of oxygen directly related to the length of the labor. Had they been allowed to act more quickly, doctors may have been able to save the child. However, what made this particular case so disturbing was the identity of the father of her child. You might be tempted to suspect her dad, but no, it's worse. The sub human monster who impregnated such a young child was Liza's own 70 year old grandfather.

1. Lina Medina
Lina Medina went down in history as the youngest mother of all time. Her parents brought her to the hospital, due to a rapidly swelling stomach. Instead of the tumor they expected to find, doctors were shocked to discover that Lina was seven months pregnant. They literally had to send her to a specialist to double confirm the diagnosis, because, you see, Lina was just about halfway over five years old. Apparently she went through puberty somewhere between the ages of two and three, and by age five, she already had fairly well developed breasts. Talk about growing up fast.

A month and a half after the discovery of her pregnancy, doctors delivered a healthy baby boy via ceasarean section. She as just five years seven months and 21 days old. Pretty much literally a baby herself, having a baby. That was back in May of 1939. The identity of the man who raped her remains a mystery to this day. Hopefully he died a slow, painful death. Were you shocked by any of these young mothers? What do you think the authorities should have done to the fathers? Slow death, I hope.

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Top 10 Scary Bloody Mary Urban Legends

10. Bloody Mary experience
One night at a slumber party, all of the girls dared one of them to go into the bathroom and call out Bloody Mary’s name. The friend accepted this dare but she was also terrified to death. After fifteen minutes had passed, they heard the poor girl scream and she was struggling to open the door. When her friends finally got the door open, the girl in the washroom was whimpering, shaking and crying for help. Her arms were covered in bruises and cuts and even to this day, she apparently refuses to talk about what happened to her in that bathroom.

9. Classic Bloody Mary
Three friends were hanging out on Friday the 13th and they were talking about Urban Legends, especially Bloody Mary. So, they all convinced one another to try the ritual for themselves. The three of them gathered candles, went into a pitch-black bathroom and waited until 2:55am. They chanted bloody Mary 13 times and all of a sudden, they saw a swirl of smoke and a figure of an old woman appear in the mirror. All three girls instantly screamed, turned on the lights and Bloody Mary vanished. But that doesn’t mean that they are safe.

8. Queen Mary the first
The origins of Bloody Mary vary from country to country but the most popular theory is that Queen Mary I is the spirit of Bloody Mary because during her reign as Queen during the Tudor period, she was nicknamed Bloody Mary because she had an unusual amount of miscarriages and she was also very quick to order executions during her five years as Queen of England. In some versions of Bloody Mary, the person is supposed to chant her name three times and then say “I stole your baby” or “I killed your baby.” Which is an awful and pretty harsh was to summon an already aggressive ghost.

7. The mirror cracked pierces
A group of girls at a summer camp thought it would be fun to summon Bloody Mary. Personally, this isn’t my idea of a good time, but that’s just me. So, they ran into a dark bathroom and chanted her name three times. At first, nothing happened so the girls were mocking bloody Mary but then the mirror began to violently crack and all of the girls ran out of the bathroom except for one because she was paralyzed with fear. When she was alone with Bloody Mary in the bathroom, she saw a flash of movement in the mirror as if someone was standing right beside her. Eventually she was able to get up and run for her life. The next morning, they all laughed about the incident but they all vowed to never attempt to summon her ever again.

6. The Japanese version of Bloody Mary
Different regions and cultures have their own versions of Bloody Mary and this is the Urban Legend that is haunting Japan. According to the legend, if someone goes into the third stall of the girl’s washroom on the third floor of a school, then knocks three times and asks “Are you there, Hanako-san?” the spirit will answer, “I am here.” And then if you chose to enter the stall, there will be a small girl wearing a red skirt waiting for you. Some people have claimed that after summoning her, Hanako-san’s bloody hands can be seen from under the door. Some people have even said that if you enter the stall, you will be eaten by a three-headed lizard.

5. Dead silence
Two friends just finished watching a horror movie and one of the friends wanted to scare the other one. So, she took her friend into the bathroom, chanted Bloody Mary three times and waited for her to appear. After a couple of minutes, she was disappointed and decided to turn on the lights when all of a sudden, she saw a third reflection in the mirror. When she looked closer, she saw a black and white woman with her mouth wide open. This sent shivers down their spines because they were expecting this figure to let out a piercing scream. However, this creepy spirt remained silent and she began to lift up her arms. Her hands were drenched in blood and her fingernails have been torn off. Bloody Mary reached for the girls and touched one of their shoulders. The two girls desperately screamed for help, turned on the lights and ran for their lives. Well I guess it’s safe to say that these two are never going to attempt to summon Bloody Mary ever again or use that washroom.

4. Bloody Mary with cuts on her face
During a sleepover, nine-year-old Katie and her friends decided that they wanted to have a little fun so they tried to summon Bloody Mary. They all brought candles into the washroom, turned out the lights and began chanting her name. That’s when they saw an old woman with cuts and scrapes all over her wrinkled face. She also had chains tightly looped around her neck and shoulders. The girls were so frightened that they all began to scream and suddenly the shower curtain burst into flames. They all ran out of the bathroom and her older brother put out the fire. These girls were blamed for the fire but they all know what the truth was that night.

3. The possession
When Amanda was only 12 years old, she attempted to summon Bloody Mary and ever since that night, she believes that Bloody Mary’s spirit opened up a portal that allowed demons and ghosts to enter into her soul. As she grew up, she believed that she was possessed by demons so she became addicted to drugs, she suffered from psychosis and she was even institutionalized for a month. Amanda has even attempted to perform many exorcisms without any success. So now, lots of people believe that if you attempt the Bloody Mary ritual, you are opening up a portal for demonic spirts that can really harm you.

2. The red reflection
Lauren and her friend were driving one night and they started talking about the scariest urban legends. Bloody Mary came up and they thought it would be cool to see if this urban legend was true or not. So they pulled over and went inside of a gas station’s bathroom. They turned off the lights, splashed water on the mirror, spun around and chanted bloody Mary three times. When these girl’s looked into the mirror, they discovered that one of their reflections began to turn red. They kept staring at the reflection for a couple more minutes and then they ran out of the bathroom in fear. Once they were far enough away, they realized that one of the friend’s face was covered in blood and once they cleaned it up, she had tiny scratch marks all over her face.

1. Bloody Mary ritual
This is definitely the worst-case scenario when attempting to summon this evil spirit and although this might just be an urban legend, it’s still enough for me to never want to attempt to summon her spirit. This urban legend focuses around two friends who wanted to provoke Bloody Mary. They summoned her by writing 666 on the mirror with red lipstick, lit some candles and only one of them stayed in the bathroom because they thought that it wouldn’t work if more than one person was inside. After he chanted her cursed name, the candles went out, the door was locked and his friend couldn’t get into the bathroom to save him. After fifteen minutes of trying to break into the bathroom, he finally got in and saw his friend’s lifeless body resting on the sink.

Scary Indian Urban Legends

Today are continuing our world tour of Urban Legends with a highly requested country - India. India has more history than some other countries combined and as always, with history comes stories and some of them are scary. Lets take a look at the Top 10 Scary Indian Urban Legends.

10. The Muhnochwa

In 2002, the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh was gripped by a panicked frenzy. People had reported seeing the Munochwa - a beast thats name roughly translates to The Face Scratcher. It would reportedly dash through the air at night like a UFO, emitting red and green beams of light. When it got close, it would slash their face with steel claws, leaving deep scratches that burnt and bled. As the panic continued, the theories began. Some said it was an angry spirit or an elemental creature. Pakistans intelligence agency even chipped in to suggest it was a chemically engineered insect. Whatever it was, people were so scared they held special ceremonies at their local temples to ward away The Face Scratcher - some believe it may return again.

9. Nale Ba

In the 90s, there were reports of a witch visiting houses in Bangalore India. She would come at night, knocking on the door and calling out to the person inside. Whats creepy is she was said use the voice of one of their relatives, especially their mothers. If they opened their door, theyd be dead within 24 hours. As panic spread, rumours of a solution did too. Some said to write -Nale Ba- on the door. That means -come tomorrow- so the witch would see the sign and return the next day. For many years after, it this became a tradition - a way of warding off evil spirits. Some say that Nale Ba has been forgotten by the younger generation, who have now put themselves at risk of the witch returning again.

8. The Wolves of Pavagada

In 1983, several girls younger than 5 went missing at night in the village of Pavagada. They were taken right under their parents noses but nobody saw who or what did it. On one occasion, villagers found a pool of blood and the clothes of the missing child. The footprints of an animal were visible and the police dogs tracked the sent back to a cave, its entrance blocked by a wall of bricks. The police claimed that man eating wolves were on the prowl. Others were confused though, why would all the targets be girls - all of them the only daughters of their parents. Why were they always taken from their sleeping parents and why were there no drag parks on the ground? One father even reported the wolf threw stones at him. This led some locals to believe the children were actually taken by a cult of black magic practitioners who were using them as human sacrifices to the Goddess Kali. To this day, the case remains a mystery.

7. The Milk Miracle

20 years ago a rumour began spreading around India that Ganesh idols everywhere were drinking milk. When people held a spoon or bowl of milk to the lips of the idols, the milk would slowly get depleted. In just a few hours, news had spread beyond India and Hundi temples in the UK, Canada and the US were reporting the same phenomenon. Hindu organisations announced that a miracle was happening. Some scientists have claimed it was caused by a mix of surface tension, the capillary effect and confirmation bias.

6. Jhalak Dikhlaja

Thats the name of a song by a popular India musician back in 2006. It dominated the music charts for weeks but among all the hype, there were some darker stories attached to it. Some people said the song was attracting the dead. In the small village of Bhalej, locals claimed that one of the lyrics was acting as a call for ghosts. They said people were becoming possessed by evil spirits after hearing the song and were going to the local priest to be cured. It was also claimed that listening to the song in the local graveyard was practically inviting possession. In the end, fear of the song grew so much that the village actually banned the song - nobody was allowed to play it. Presumably the possessions stopped - what do you guys think of that? Can a song on the radio be cursed?

5. Monkey Man

In 2001 people in Delhi claimed that an ape-like monster was roaming the streets at night. It was said to be attacking people. Description of the Monkey Man differed but it was about four ft tall, covered in thick black hair, with a metal helmet, metal claws, glowing red eyes and 3 buttons on its chest. Many people reported being scratched and some even said 2 or 3 people died when leaping from the tops of buildings or stairwells in a panic. Its been years since the event but some people still claim the monkey man is out there and could attack another day.

4. Kuldhara

Established in the 13th century, this used to be a prosperous Indian village for hundreds of years until the early 19th century when everyone disappeared. Years later, some historians said this was due to a lack of water or heavy taxes on the people - but the legend is much darker. People say that the leader of the area was attracted to a beautiful girl from the village. He sent his guards to force the villagers to hand over the girl. The villagers asked the guards to return the next morning and while they were gone, they abandoned the whole village. The village chief then cursed the abandoned village for eternity, meaning anyone who lives there will die. Those who have dared to stay overnight have reported supernatural happenings such as shadows in the night, footprints and mysterious noises.

3. Mande Burung

For many people, this is the Indian equivalent of the North American bigfoot. The Mande Burung is an ape like creature said to inhabit the subtropical forests in Northeast India. Its been described as a large, hairy bipedal hominid. The locals call him the -Man of The Jungle- and say theyve seen it for generations. More often though - they hear it - its strange calls echoing out across the rice paddies. Some say it stands 10ft tall and weighs over 600 pounds. In 2008, a gro7up of yeti hunters gave two hairs they found to a renowned British primatologist. After examining them, Ian Redmond said they most closely resembled human, chimp, gorilla or other so called -yeti hair- samples … but with or without science to back it up, the legend lives on.

2. The White Lady of Sanjay Van

In the forest of south delhi, people have reported seeing a spectral woman in a white saree. She is said to walk among the banyan trees before disappearing. Some reports say theyve seen her hanging from the trees and that this is what ended her life. One local said -she comes alive at night, when those leaves start glowing. There are many such lovely spirits here- … personally, I wouldnt use the term lovely to describe that. Shes also said to wave at you and then disappear. Thats a definite nope from me.

1. The Onion Witch

In 2005, reports of a witch visiting homes in Delhi was said to be linked to a number of deaths in the Indian capital. According to the rumours, a witch in the guise of a hungry woman rang peoples doorbell and asked for an onion. If shes given the onion, she cuts it in half and blood squirts out. The onion donor then dies instantly, a moment after realising what has happened. Some say it wasnt just 1 but rather 3 witches. Locals began applying palm prints of turmeric and henna on doors to ward off the witches and some still fear their return.

Top 10 Scary French Urban Legends

Its about time we talked about France! Its a country known for its rich history and culture - but today were not going to be talking about restaurants, museums and buildings - were going to be talk about the dark stories that have haunted the people of France for hundreds - or even thousands of years. Will they end haunting you too? And this is the Top 10 Scary French Urban Legends

10. The Lou Carcolh

This urban legend originates from the Gascony region of France. The Lou Carcolh is said to be a disgusting, grotesque creature that wanders the countryside of southern France. Its described as half snake, half snail. Its massive and long body carried an enormous shell on its back. Its hideous mouth is surrounded by several long, hairy and slime covered tentacles that can extend for not inches or feet - but for miles, yes, miles. They send these tentacles stretching out from the caves they live on. They wait for people to accidentally touch one and then - bang - they grab hold of you and drag you down underground where they swallow you whole with their huge mouth.

9. Meat Pies

In the 15th century, the story goes that a barber and a cook made a deal in Paris. The barber would slit the throats of his clients who were mainly poor college students. He would then chop up their bodies and send them through a trapdoor to a cook - straight to his kitchen. The cook would then use the human meat for his pies - there were many different flavors and sizes to reflect the diversity of his supply … business grew for both of them and the bakers became one of the citys most well known Patisseries. Nobody was wise to what was going on - at least no human. One day, a German student called Alaric was visiting the barber. His dog sensed that something wasnt right and began barking at the  neighbors. When people came to investigate - they found the cellar, full of torture tools used to hack apart the corpses. The two men confessed to their heinous crimes and were burnt alive in iron cages.

8. The Peluda

This creature has been a feared part of French folklore for generations. Its name means -hairy or shaggy beast- but to be honest - its a whole lot more than that. They are said to have stingers like a porcupine, the head and neck of a snake, tortoise feet and a serpent tail. Their breath withers crops, they can fire their quills like arrows, spit acid out of their tail and if they attack you - youre doomed - they are said to be invulnerable all over their body except for their tail. With their huge size, people say they could create floods simply by stepping on rivers. Some believe that the Peluda was on of the animals that was not saved by Noah and his Ark in the Bible. However, it still survived the Great Flood that came by hiding in a cave. Afterwards, it went on a rampage across the world - killing everything that got to board the ark. Some say it still continues this today, even if theyre only left in France.

7. The Chateau de Trecesson

This is a medieval castle in the Brittany region of France. From the outside, its an impressive looking building - attracting tourists from all over - but don't be fooled by its outward charm, the Chateau is famous for its terrifying ghost stories. One night, many years ago, a black coach stopped near the moat and two men got out. They used shovels and picks to dig a deep grave in silence. From the coach they dragged a young woman dressed as a bride - her face as pale as her dress. She doesnt cry or beg for mercy as her executioners lay her in her grave and cover her with dirt. The men then ride off into the darkness. A local man saw the whole thing from the trees and gathered the other villagers to help. They dug her up and tried to save her but by sunrise she had died without saying a word. They never knew who she was or why they killed her - but it wasnt the last time people saw her. In the centuries since then, locals have sworn they still see her ghost floating on the waters of the moat, still in her wedding dress - and still deathly silent.

6. Catacombs

This is perhaps one of the most famous and creepy parts of Paris. They are a series of tunnels that wind underneath the city. They are said to hold the remains of some six million people there. They were first started in the late 18th century to help deal with the citys overflowing cemeteries. A sign at the entrance reads -Stop! This is the empire of the dead!800 meters of the walkways in lines entirely with bones. Over the years locals have shared stories of dark goings on among the bones - legends of Masonic cults meeting, black masses, Nazi Gatherings, gang fights and serial killers.

5. The Wooden Leg

In The Chateau de Combourgis, there is a ghost with a wooden leg. It is said to be the ghost of Comte de Combourg - he was a general who lived there 300 years ago and lost his in battle, having it replaced by a wooden one. In life, his leg was said to send echos around the castle so that everyone knew where he was. After he died though, that never went away. In the years since, many visitors have said theyve heard his leg thumping in the night. Some even say theyve seen it walking up and down the stairs by itself - no body attached to it - accompanied only by a mysterious black cat.

4. A Strange Concert

On June 2nd 1925, a 24 year old medical student named Jean Romier was studying in a garden in Paris. An elderly man approached him dressed in a strange riding coat. The two men began to talk about classical music and eventually, the  old man invites Jean to come and listen to his concert he was putting on with some friends on Friday. Jean accepted and asked him for his name and address. He said he was Alphonse Berruyer and his address was Rue de Vaugirard, 3rd floor, on the left. Next Friday, Jean arrived at the given address and was welcome in where he met the Alphonses whole family. They were lovely to him but Jean couldn't shake this strange feeling that something wasnt right. Maybe it was the old fashioned apartment with its outdated decor and gas lighting. They musicians sit down and perform some classical music including Mozart. Jean stayed for a few hours after and talked to Alphonses about music. He thanked him and left.

Out in the street, he realised he had left his lighter inside. He went up and rang the bell but there was no answer. He kept trying until a neighbor came out and asked what the problem was. Jean said he is trying to see Alphonse but the neighbour said - I think youre mistaken, Jean has been dead for 20 years and that the apartment has been empty since then. Jean tells him thats impossible, he had just spent a whole night with him and his family. The neighbour started to become suspicious of Jean and accused him of being a thief. The police unlocked the apartment and took Jean inside along with the owner of the place - Alphonses great-great-great Grandson. They walked through the apartment which was now empty, when they got to the back room they found a side table covered in dust. There, sitting on top, was Jeans lighter. Some say Jean experienced a time slip, others refuse to believe this happened at all - either way, theres an official police report out there that contains this story - and many believe its unsolved.

3. The Tuileries Phantom

This is the story of a man called Jean. He worked as a butcher near the Tuileries palace in Paris during the reign of Catherine de Medicis in the 16th century. She ordered Jean to be killed because he had threatened to reveal many of the royal familys secrets. Just before he was executed, he told his executioner that he would rise from the dead. The executioner left Jeans corpse in the garden. He then went to tell Catherine the deed had been done. When he returned to the garden to dispose of the body, he found Jeans corpse missing. A few days later, the Queens astrologist reported having a vision.

In it, he claimed he saw all the inhabitants of the palace die a terrible death and that Jean would haunt the palace until it was destroyed. Not long after, the executioner was on his way to the palace when he looked behind him - and froze in horror. There stood Jean, drenched - as if he was still alive - covered in blood - thus began the legend of the Red Man. He is said to have haunted the grounds ever since. People believe that comes across Jean - the little red man - means a terrible tragedy will follow shortly.

2. The Devils door of Notre Dame

Notre Dame is a very famous Cathedral in Paris - many visitors notice its elegant side doors with their intricate iron pattern. They were designed by an artist called Biscornet - his talents were known throughout France. The doors were considered a masterpiece - taking months to complete in Biscornets workshop. Parisians were so impressed that some of them began to doubt he did it alone. This was the 1300s - an age of deep superstition in Europe - some people said that Biscornet had sold his soul to the devil in exchange for this masterpiece.

Locals said they had been to his studio during his work hours where they had found him unconscious on the floor next to the finished piece which had been mysteriously completed in record time. When they came to first use the door on the Cathedral, the priests claim that they could only get it to work after sprinkling it with Holy Water. Biscornet died soon after and in the years since, many experts have struggled to explain how he made this with the basic tools of the time. Some also point to his name - Bis means two or twice while cornet means horn - put it together and you have the two horned man.

1. Chateau de Brissac

This old French castle in the Loire Valley was first built in the 11th century. Its been almost a thousand years since then and its walls have seen some grizzly deaths and hauntings. Perhaps the most famous is the story of Charlotte. She was the wife of Jacques de Breze, the lord of the castle in the 1400s. One night, he came home after a hunt and had dinner with Charlotte - then, they went to bed in their separate rooms - the marriage was said to be for political reasons, not love. That night, he was woken by his servant who said Charlotte had another man in his room - it was one of his hunter partners.

He flew into a rage, grabbed his sword and attacked both of them - slashing and hacking away. By the time they were dead, their bodies had almost 100 wounds inflicted. Charlotte was actually the half sister of King Louis the 6th. He stripped Jacques of all his titles and took possession of his castle. As for Charlotte, well, people say she never left - her traumatic death made her a ghost, cursed to haunt the castle forever. They say at night on the walls of the castle you can see a female ghost in a green dress with bloody, gaping holes all over her body. She is silent except for when she returns to the room where she was murdered - where deathly moans and cries can be heard until dawn.

Top 10 Scary Pakistani Urban Legends

Alright so, urban legends have been circulating around the world for hundreds of years. These scary stories, rumors and myths have been spread in every country and Pakistan is no exceptions. So grab a friend because we are about to dive into this list of the top 10 scary Pakistani urban legends.

10. The Chadda group

During the 90’s, the Chadda group was known across the country as a scary and sinister group of young men who would break into houses and steal your most valuable possessions. Once they would break into your house, they would steal your valuables, break your possessions and do it all in record time. That’s because they are extremely stealthy, agile and they would lather themselves in oil or grease so that they would be impossible to catch. During these times, people were extremely scared of the Chadda group urban legend and they were always scared that they would be their next victim.

9. Contracting aids injects itself

There is an infamous urban legend in Pakistan that was circulated back in 1998 and it says that random victims who attended a crowded movie in a theatre or nightclub would be injected with Aids. It’s easy to say that this urban legend obviously isn’t real today but back then, people were legitimately scared that this would happen to them or their loved ones. There are so many chain letters that circulated all of the internet and here is an example of one. This creepy letter says, “Please check your chairs when going to the movie theatres! An incident occurred when a friend’s co-worker went to sit in a chair and something was poking her. She then got up and found that it was a needle with a little note at the end. It said, “Welcome to the real world, you’re HIV positive.” Yeah I think I would be totally freaked out too but thankfully we now know that this urban legend is just a myth.

8. The vanishing hitchhiker

Have you heard this one before? This is a common Urban Legend that exists in a bunch of other countries such as the UK, Algeria, Korea and Romania. Well the story goes like this, a young man is driving alone at night when all of a sudden he spots a beautiful woman on the side of the road who asks him for a ride. He picks her up and she tells him that she wants to go straight home. Once they are driving, she falls asleep in the back seat so when they get to her house, the man knocks on the door and tells the mother that he has her daughter in his car who is fast asleep. She tells the man that this can’t be possible because her daughter has been dead for a few years. When the man goes back to his car to check the back seat, all that remains are her clothes. There is no sign of this missing girl anywhere.

7. The haunted Devil’s point in Karachi

According to the local legend, there have been many reports of voodoo, dark magic and ghost sightings at this location. People have also claimed that they have seen a creepy and evil looking man sitting on a chair in the water, chanting something evil. People who have seen this man never went up to him because they were too freaked out to approach him. If I saw a scary old man, floating in the water on a chair, making some creepy chanting noises – I would probably run in the opposite direction and never look back. Actually, I would probably never go to a place that is known as Devil’s point. I think I would much rather spend my time at angels point, or heavenly point.

6. The Hathora group

In the late 1980’s, the city of Karachi had an increase in murders, and they all were done in a similar manner. At first, the police suspected that the killings were done by a sadistic serial killer but then the police theorized that the murders were actually done by a group of people who went out on a killing rampage. This group would supposedly break into your house, steal all of your valuables and then hammer you to death. This stirred up a lot of panic in this city which caused all of its residents to hire guards and beef up their security. The last known case was reported in May 1986 but no arrests were ever made and the mystery of the Hathora group remains unsolved to this day.

5. The Bride of Karsaz

There are a lot of reports of people claiming to have seen a ghost bride wearing a red dress at a very busy intersection in Karsaz. According to the legend, back in the 1970s a young couple was driving home from their wedding night when all of a sudden they got into a terrible accident that killed both of them. So now, people have said that if you are travelling on this road at night time, you will see a beautiful but scary ghost asking you for a ride. If you stop to look at her face, she apparently turns into something evil. Locals from this area have an unwritten rule. They will never travel along this road alone because they are scared that this evil bride will try to pull them over.

4. 40 dead children

The tallest peak in the Chiltan range is said to be haunted by the ghosts of 40 dead children. According to this local urban legend, a couple left 40 babies on top of this peak and left them there to either survive on their own or die. People have claimed that if you go to this peak at night, you can hear children crying out in sadness and begging you to climb up the mountain and rescue them. Well, I think it’s safe to say that I will never visit this peak in my lifetime.

3. Jinn’s breathe

Jinns are supernatural creatures with demonic tendencies and in Pakistan, there are countless urban legends that focus solely on Jinns. It is believed that if you wake up at 3 in the morning, it means that a devil was staring at you. Oh, and if you shower after sunset, you will probably get possessed by a jinn. They also love to attack you when you are sitting under a tree in the evening or night time, so you probably shouldn’t do that either. It is also believed that when you talk about jinns, they will gather around and listen to you. Great…so now my studio is going to be haunted by Jinns.

2. Pichal Peri flies

If you say Pichal Peri out loud she is supposed to make an appearance, so maybe she will appear in this video, hopefully not though. This demonic witch takes on two forms. In most stories, she appears as a beautiful woman who targets vulnerable men. Her entire appearance is disguised except for her feet, which point backwards. When she is in her true form, she looks like a witch with a long face, dirty fingers, a hunchback, messy hair, bloody clothes and large scary eyes. According to the legend, the Pichal Peri will kill any person who she encounters by ingesting their blood or ripping out vital organs from their bodies. Apparently, in many villages in Pakistan, lots of locals and tourists who go into the woods alone and they are never heard from again.

1. The Killer phone number

This urban legend goes by many different names. In Pakistan it is either referred to as the killer phone number, red number or cursed phone number. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you call it, it matters if you answer the phone or not. Legend has it that you should never answer a call from numbers that appeared red on the screen. These are known as cursed phone numbers and if you were dumb enough to answer the call, you would hear a high frequency sound that would case you to have a brain hemorrhage which would kill you instantly. And supposedly, there were dozens of reports of people who had already been killed by answering calls from these sinister numbers.

Top 10 Scary Swedish Urban Legends

10. The Silver Train
This is a true ghost train story. Locals called it the Silverpilen. In Swedens capital of Stockholm, legend says that passengers waiting on the platform may see a silver train slowly pull up. You must not get on. The train is heading to an abandoned station in the middle of the woods - its passengers are the souls of the dead. People who get on will never return. The legend is also connected to the abandoned Kymlinge metro station which is said to be a ghost station. Locals say only the dead get off at Kymlinge. Some even believe The Silver Train takes people to an underground station with  no exit - it never returns to pick them up.

9. The Palace of Scheffler
Located in the capital of Stockholm, ghosts have been reported in this palace for well over 200 years. Some of the stories involve people seeing mirrors and windows shattering for no reason as well as music and songs floating down the corridor with no source in sight. One notable story involves a man called Jacob Von Balthasar Knigge - trying saying that in a hurry. He was a former owner of the palace who was allegedly a worshiper of Satan. He disseapeared one night and witnesses said he was last seen entering a black carriage being pulled by a coachman with horns and a tail. Had he sold his soul to the devil? Some people certainly think so. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the creepy goings on here. The palace is now owned by Stockholm University who use it for storage - thats probably for the best.

8. The Borgvattnet Vicarage
Borgvattnett is a small village with just 50 residents there - but apparently a lot of ghosts. Its actually said to have the highest number of ghosts per people anywhere in the country. Perhaps the most haunted spot is the old vicarage. Built in 1876, it seemed like a normal building for some 50 years. Then, locals began reporting creepy goings on. Ghosts that are not just scary, theyre also violent. Some of the ghosts have reportedly knocked people out of chairs, moved furniture around while people are sleeping or even one case of a ghost throwing babies out of a window. If that sounds like your idea of fun, you can actually book a room there for the night and breakfast is included - if you make it to morning.

7. Toftaholm Herrgard
Some Swedish people proudly claim this place as the most haunted hotel in the world. Located along the edge of Lake Vikostern, the hotel is picturesque but comes with a dark story attached to it. One night, a young man killed himself in one of the hotel rooms after he was forbidden to marry the daughter of the landowner. Hed had a secret love affair with her for months but her father, a rich baron, refused to give their blessing because he was a poor commoner. Instead, he married her off to an older man not too dissimilar from the baron himself. Heartbroken, he hanged himself from the rafters of what is now room 324. While most visitors avoid that room, that hasnt stopped them seeing the ghost of the heartbroken man. He is said to wander through the hotel at night, shutting windows and crying out into the night.

6. Gamla Stan
In 1520, the Danish King Kristian the 2nd invaded Sweden. 92 members of the Swedish royal family refused to obey the invader so, Kristian sentenced them to death. All 92 of them were either beheaded or hanged in the main square of the Old Town of Stockholm known as Gamla Stan. Some say their blood flowed across the cobblestones for months. In the red building nearby, 92 white stones came to represent the 92 swedish nobles. Now, locals believe that if a stone is removed, the ghost of one of the dead nobels will rise up and haunt the streets of Stockholm.

5. The Skogsra
In ancient Swedish folklore, the Skogsra are forest spirits. From the front they look like a beautiful woman but from the back they resemble a tree trunk. There stories of men who were entranced by these spirits without ever seeing their other form from the back. The Skogsra wear the men down over days and weeks, draining them until they were helpless - playing on their temptations, fears and fantasies. If they manage to outsmart the spirit, the men will see their true form from behind and the Skogsra will disappear forever. If they do not, they are carried off into the woods at their weakest, never to be seen again.

4. The Mylingar
These are said to be the undead corpses or ghosts of infants murdered by their mothers. They haunt the places where they were buried with cries that pierce the night air. Why do they cry? Well, they want you to give them a name - they were often said to be killed before receiving a name, now thats all they want. Theyll ask you to carry them to hallowed ground to be buried - they grow in size as you get closer. There have been stories of these undead babies asking people for other tasks on roads at night - if they don't perform the tasks, the person will often return home to find a member of their family has been killed - often in the same theme as the original request. I would go into some of the details I saw but they really are gruesome. All you need to know is that theyre Zombie Babies - not two words you want to hear together.

3. The Nyk
Also known as the Nokken or Nykkjen, this is a mysterious water creature that always crops up in Scandanavian folklore. In Swedish tradition, the Nyk lives in freshwater, lakes and deep ponds. They are shapeshifters and will often transform into a handsome young man. They then trick women into jumping in the water before drowning them. There are also other versions of the legend that involve him changing into a white horse to let children ride on his back before jumping into his bond to drown them. Some believe the only way to save yourself is to throw metal in the water, like a needle or iron cross.

2. Stockholms Royal Palace
As you might expect from a palace, this place is huge. Many of its 1400 rooms come with some of Swedens most famous ghost stories. Among them is the White Lady, her name in life was Vita Frun. She is said to appear anytime a member of Swedens royal family dies. King Oscar once wrote that she is tall, wears a long white dress with a white veil and dark cloves. She wanders the rooms and halways clutching a ring of keys which jangle and echo in the night. In 1971, Princess Eugenie saw The White Lady 3 days before the death of Queen Louise. Over half a century before, she was also said to appear as Princess Margaret lay dying. Despite not actually being dead yet, a guard saw The White Lady standing on the roof - keys in hand. Two hours later, the princess was dead.

1. Svaneholm Castle
This is another castle in southern Sweden known for its high concentration of ghosts. Perhaps the most famous is King Frederik the 2nd who his said to wander the halls at night searching for his long lost love who he never married. Then there are the 3 ladies. In previous Urban Legend videos, you may have heard me talk about a castle or house having the White Lady, the Black Lady or the Grey Lady ghost. Things like that. Well, how about all 3. Thats right, visitors to Svaneholm castle have reported 3 seperate ghost ladies - some even say they compete for each others territory. Another regular on the scene is said to be the Grey Monk who was murdered in the castle in the 1500s and now occasionally helps staff carry heavy items up the stairs from the cellars.

Top 10 Scary Disney Urban Legends

10. Walt Disney Haunts Disneyland California
Walt Disney opened the original Disneyland in 1955 and he LOVED the place. In fact, saying he loved the place is a huge understatement. He doted on the place, he spent the majority of his time there until his death in 1966. Walt had an apartment above the Fire Station on Main Street. When he was in residence it is said he always kept a lamp burning in the window so everyone knew he was there. When he died, the lamp was switched off. Eerily, it seemed that the lamp would turn itself back on. One day, a staff member was cleaning the apartment when she heard a voice that said “I’m still here.” From that day on, Disney’s lamp keeps burning in the window as a mark of respect and acknowledgement for his ghost.

9. Real Skeletons on the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride
So according to legend, REAL human skeletons are used in the Pirates of the Caribbean Rides, and this is exactly what Walt Disney Ordered. Guess, this makes riding on the scary themed log ride even spookier, knowing you are surrounded by actual skeletons. Some people even say that Walt Disney’s own skeleton is hidden amongst the bodies on the ride. Now actually do know the truth behind this creepy urban legend – like most stories that have been passed down over the years, there is some truth in it. When the ride first opened in 1967, one year after Disney’s death, fake skeletons looked pretty rubbish….pretty…well..fake… so in the planning and building stage, Walt Disney wanted real skeletons to be used. He never got to see the finished product, but true to his wishes, real skeletons were indeed used. Eventually, though, they were replaced. Not only was it kind of morbid to have a bunch of dead people in a Disney ride, fake skeletons started looking a lot better. Now the only real human skull that still exists is on the headboard of a bed at Disney World, Florida…which is weird as that ride was never fully human skeletoned like California was.

8. Ghost Hitchhiker on Space
Mountain Legend has it that a red haired man who died on the ride still enjoys a spin today. The man, often dubbed Mr One Way, is said to have died in the 1970s while on the attraction. It is said that he sits next to single riders, but by the time the ride ends, there is absolutely no sign of him. For those that don’t see him, they say they can feel him behind them if there is an empty seat at the back. There have been a number of reports of the hitcher, and he may or may not have been caught on camera a couple of times, check this out.

7. Mowgli’s Palace
So this is kind of an urban legend creepypasta surrounding an abandoned Disney attraction. Redditor Slimebeast, aka Christopher Howard Wolf, write a post about an illicit visit to the grounds of a defunct Disney Theme Park in North Carolina. So allegedly, Disney wanted to open a Junglebook resort in Emerald Isle, North Carolina. From the very beginning it seemed to be fraught with issue, with locals not wanting Disney to but the land. None the less, it was bought and primed for opening when all of a sudden, the project just stopped.

The park was closed, employees were dismissed, the whole place was shut up and hushed up. According to the urban legend, a dude goes to explore, camera in hand, and finds the place in a state of expected disarray. He finds the words Abandoned by Disney graffitied in a number of areas. Eventually the intrepid explorer finds staff areas and deduces that the place was not just simply abandoned, it was evacuated. It is then the explorer finds mascot costumes. They are actually alive…or where…it seemed the costumes had skeletons inside them…as the explorer was trying to escape…he said he a mickey mouse chased him. While there have been some arial images posted of the secret park.

6. Sacrificed Snow White
A story submitted on Reddit four years ago really gives me the chills. Posted in the no sleep subreddit, Redditor Bleetch1994 shared his experience of working for the Magic Kingdom. Upvoted over 2 thousand times, the poster kept his real name anonymous. He said that 99 percent of all the work at Walt Disney World goes on after the show is over. He was working construction on the park for a while, mainly working on the Seven Dwarves Mine Train Ride which was set to open up. Long reddit story short, the guy said that a lot of the crew were sketchy about being alone in various places. They had to take their lunch breaks at 3am and one day the guy forgot his lunch bag and headed back to get it, but stumbled across what can only be described as a sacrificial cult scene.

Robed figures were crowded around a snow white character who was bound, gagged and crying. The guy said a half moon was carved into her forehead and she was cut by the figures. The guy said he turned and ran. The next day he told his older foreman what he had seen, now this man had worked at the park for nearly 4 decades. The foreman told him that he had seen a lot in his time at Disney and the land was brought from a lot of groups who required special payment in the form of blood sacrifice. He urged the construction worker to never discuss what he had seen, mentioning that the executives at club 33 were more powerful than he could ever imagine. He finished the reddit post by saying that he quit.

5. Platform D Bellhop on the Tower of Terror
In 2017, Walt Disney’s Hollywood Studios Tower of terror took its final plunge…but what will happen to the ghost of the Bellhop said to haunt the Twilight Zone? Built in **, legend has it that one of the Disney Cast Members who operated the ride as a Bellhop dropped dead one day on their shift. The Tower of Terror has 4 elevators, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta. The Bellhop died on Platform Delta as he loaded guests into the attraction. It seems that the man may never have clocked out from his shift. Disney cast members test the rides before they open to the public, and some have reported someone else sitting with them in the elevator when testing from Delta. There have even been pictures of a ghostlike figure sitting in the back of the ride. Again, a photo was taken after hours of the tower and some people have spotted a ghostly figure. The ride is currently being torn down to make way for a marvel attraction, so who knows what will happen to the ghost, perhaps it will make him angry.

4. Disney is Cryogenically Frozen
Don’t really know where this one comes from, but a lot of people seem to believe it! When the topic of freezing comes up, a lot of people cite Walt Disney as a main contender. Disney died of lung cancer in December of 1966 age just 65. The urban legend seems to come from a comment made by the president of the California Cyrogenics society in the 1970s. Bob Nelson told the LA tomes that Walt Disney Wanted to be frozen. This led to Disney’s daughter Diana making a public statement to target the claims, saying : There is absolutely no truth to the rumour that my father, Walt Disney, wished to be frozen. If he had been frozen and we eventually found a cure for lung cancer, a whole new generation could enjoy Disney movies. Wonder how it would feel to be woken up over 50 years after you died.

3. Disney used Mind Control
Kids watching his movies because the illuminati told him to. There have been so so many Disney conspiracy theories out there that Walk Disney wanted to turn kids into sex crazed teenagers. Movies including Aladdin, the Lion King, who framed Roger Rabbit, Ariel the Little Mermaid and the Rescuers have all been accused of trying to brain wash kids with non pg content. So called truth seekers have tried to expose Disney for his sexual content, saying there is Sex written in the sky in The Lion King, that the genie in Aladdin tells teens to take off their clothes, and of course, there is Jessica rabbits vajay flash. Some say that Disney wanted to sexualise children from a young age as the illuminati wanted them to be targets of abuse. Disney’s club 33 has also been amid pedophile ring claims…but we’ll get to that later.

2. Small World Dolls
Move and Switch Places I think we can all agree that the It’s A Small World Ride is pretty creepy. It just is. Tiny Dolls scare me at the best of times, but tiny singing dolls…eeesh. It is also one of the oldest Disney attractions, which somehow makes the whole thing creepier. Anyway, legend has it that the dolls come alive when no one is looking. How do we know? Well, it seems that they have often been found in switched positions. Employees at Disney have mentioned it on several occasions, with many too freaked out to go near the ride. Some even go as far as to say the dolls keep singing after hours. Author Ridley Pearson is one of the more high profile people who swears he saw the dolls move… he was on a VIP afterhours tour and is convinced they have a life of their own.

1. Club 33 is the Illuminati Headquarters
There have been a lot of links between Walt Disney and the Illuminati. When Walt Disney was alive, many people accused him of being part of the freemasons, a group that is constantly linked to the illuminati. There definitely seems to be something shifty going on at Club 33, the exclusive club house in the Disneyland California location. It is the only place in Disneyland that serves alcohol. It actually seems that these days, clubhouses exist across the parks. Officially the club was intended for use by Disneyland’s corporate sponsors and industry VIPS. The location is somewhat hidden in New Orleans Square and gaining membership is by invite only. Paul Mcartney and Elton John are said to be members, although a lot of people are totally convinced something very suspicious and culty is going on behind those doors.

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