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Top 10 Youngest Moms of All Time

Top 10 Youngest Moms of All Time

Ask any pregnant woman, and she'll tell you that growing another living being inside your body takes it's toll. This fact holds doubly true if said mother is only a child herself. No, not 16 and pregnant. Try preteen and pregnant. There isn't a girl in this video older than 10. To destroy your faith in humanity, we give you the top 10 youngest mothers of all time.

10. Leyla Mafi
This list is ordered by age at which young mothers gave birth, but if it were set by the level of depravity, then Layla Mafi would be right at number one. Leyla, from Iran, was only eight years old when her own brother started paying their  mother for the chance to have sex with her. Yes, you heard that right. Leyla's mother didn't just know her son's were abusing their sister, she charged them money for the privilege. I can't even process the level of disgusting that is.

To make matters worse, if that's even possible, Leyla suffered from a developmental disability, being assessed as mentally the age of eight at 19. Leyla was only nine years old when her first child was born, twins following when she was 14. Her brothers were caught and flogged for their crimes. Leyla, on the other hand, was sentenced to death for illegal sex and incest. Thank God a lawyer from amnesty stopped the execution, and finally got Leyla the help she needed.

9. Dafne
On January 27th, 2013, a beautiful baby girl was born via caesarean section. She weighed 5.7 pounds, and was  approximately 19 inches long. By all accounts, this was a perfectly normal, healthy child. There was just one tiny  difference. Her mother, known only as Dafne, was nine years old. Dafne's parents claimed they didn't report the unusual and alarming pregnancy, because the father was Dafne's 17 year old boyfriend. Apparently, they saw that as a perfectly okay and consensual relationship.

At first, it looked like a case of extremely bad judgment on her parents part, but the more people dug into the story, the worse it got. Police couldn't seem to find the supposed boyfriend, and when they separated her from her parents, Dafne was adamant that the father of her child was actually her own 56 year old father, classy huh? For God knows what reason, authorities allowed Dafne and her baby to go home with her parents, and just a warning that they'd frequently be dropping by.

8. Anna Mummenthaler
Precocious puberty is the term for a child who hits puberty earlier than is considered normal. The average age for young boys is somewhere between nine and 12, while girls will usually begin menstruation around eight to 11. In the case of Anna Mummenthaler from Switzerland, she was only two years old when she had her first period. This crazy fact ensured that Anna was a frequent flyer with her physician, Doctor G E Von Haler.

Not surprisingly, she did everything a little too early, including menopause at 52, and dying at age 75. But perhaps her most well known achievement, was the age at which she became a mother. She was only eight years nine months old when she gave birth to an unfortunately stillborn baby girl. The father of the child was identified as a friend of her father's. I certainly hope they never allowed him anywhere near Anna again, and that he, you know, went to jail, because that's exactly where a monster like that belongs.

7. Hilda Trujillo
Hilda Trujillo was the daughter of a humble servant. She lived in a one bedroom house in Peru with several family members, including a 22 year old cousin, who came to live with them when he needed a soft spot to land. Unfortunately, the pig landed right on top of Hilda. At first, her parents suspected nothing, but when the nearly eight year old girl became increasingly sick, her mother went to their mistress and begged for help. Doctors were shocked to find that Hilda was already five months pregnant.

On December 2nd, 1957, at eight years seven months old, Hilda gave birth to a tiny baby girl she named Maria del Rosario. At just over nine pounds, Maria was delivered a month early, the old fashioned way, and was a healthy, normal baby, aside from the age of her mother. As for Hilda's cousin, that creep was tossed in jail, where I hope he spends the rest of his days being nibbled away at by rats.

6. Anya
Being unable to stop someone from hurting your child is every good parents worst nightmare, but that nightmare turned out to be more than just a bad dream for the parents of a little girl in Russia. Little miss Anya was an early bloomer, hitting puberty at just seven years old. It wasn't long after that her neighbor, a 13 year old boy, took a rather pointed and unhealthy interest in the young girl.
I think we can all agree that 13 is plenty old enough to know basic rights from wrongs, so you can bet her neighbor knew what he was doing when he raped her. Her family only became aware of the situation when Anya really started to show signs of pregnancy. I'd imagine they thought she was just getting a little fat, or maybe she had a tumor. They never expected their little girl to have her own little girl. She was eight years seven months old when she gave birth to her daughter in April of 2000.

5. Columbian girl in 2004
It's not very often that a cop pegs you as a drug smuggler and ends up doing you more help than hurt, but that's exactly what happened to an unnamed girl in Columbia. A passing officer noticed her tight, swollen belly, and immediately arrested her and her mother. He expected to find the poor girl stuffed full of bags of cocaine, but not in a million years did he imagine that x-rays would show a much darker story. This innocent child wasn't smuggling drugs at all. Instead, it was discovered that she was already 32 weeks, or seven months, pregnant.

Seven months, seven whole months. As it turned out, she'd been raped by some poor excuse of a human being, while picking up medicine for her sick other. The crime was considered too embarrassing  for her family to report. On October 11th in 2004, she gave birth at the Measen Hospital. She was eight years and five months old. Her attacker never faced a single charge.

4. Mum-Zi
It can be difficult for us sometimes to understand why other cultures do things the way they do. There are so many different ways to go through life, different foods we will and won't eat, and sometimes cultures flat out disagree on what counts as normal. In certain parts of Africa, a chief collecting a harem of young girls is completely par for the course, and there are certainly multiple cultures that practice polygamy, involving all ages.

But many of us would object to a grown man making an eight year old his wife, regardless of whether or not her parents were onboard with the idea. Yep, a grown man marrying children less than half his age is apparently a thing. Normally these young girls do not conceive for their husbands until at least their teenage years, but for Mum-Zi, motherhood came at the tender age of eight years and four months. Her daughter also conceived ridiculously early, making Mum-Zi into a grandmother at age 17.

3. H
Out of all the girls on our list so far, they share one thing, they have gone through puberty. Each of these girls matured at an unusually young age, some of them incredibly so. But a six year old girl in India, identified only as H, puts herself at an unusual place in history for being the only known girl who never actually menstruated before conceiving her first child. H was rushed to the hospital with a distended stomach and abdominal pains.

Doctors assumed she had a tumor, until their scans revealed she was, in fact, pregnant. Her baby, a four pound girl, was delivered via ceasarean section, and despite not having developed much mammary tissue yet, she was still able to nurse her child for a full nine months. H was only six years seven months old. The father of her child was never publicly known, nor was any indication given that it was privately known, but you can bet it wasn't a voluntary kind of situation.

2. Yelizaveta Gryshchenko
Liza was a few days shy of her sixth birthday, when she was rushed to a hospital in Russia to deliver a baby. It came as no surprise to anyone that It was a long, difficult labor. Her hips and birthing channel were not yet fully developed, and the baby was basically stuck inside her. But c-sections were considered extremely risky back in 1934, so, in compliance with her parents wishes, and with the help of forceps, Liza's child was eventually dragged from her body.

The baby unfortunately died during the process, due to lack of oxygen directly related to the length of the labor. Had they been allowed to act more quickly, doctors may have been able to save the child. However, what made this particular case so disturbing was the identity of the father of her child. You might be tempted to suspect her dad, but no, it's worse. The sub human monster who impregnated such a young child was Liza's own 70 year old grandfather.

1. Lina Medina
Lina Medina went down in history as the youngest mother of all time. Her parents brought her to the hospital, due to a rapidly swelling stomach. Instead of the tumor they expected to find, doctors were shocked to discover that Lina was seven months pregnant. They literally had to send her to a specialist to double confirm the diagnosis, because, you see, Lina was just about halfway over five years old. Apparently she went through puberty somewhere between the ages of two and three, and by age five, she already had fairly well developed breasts. Talk about growing up fast.

A month and a half after the discovery of her pregnancy, doctors delivered a healthy baby boy via ceasarean section. She as just five years seven months and 21 days old. Pretty much literally a baby herself, having a baby. That was back in May of 1939. The identity of the man who raped her remains a mystery to this day. Hopefully he died a slow, painful death. Were you shocked by any of these young mothers? What do you think the authorities should have done to the fathers? Slow death, I hope.

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