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Top 10 Battle Royale Games

The concept of battle royale is by no means a new one. But for whatever reason, 2017 was a major year for this genre that blends survival, exploration and scavenging elements into a last man standing challenge. The name for the genre actually originates from the 2000 Japanese film of the same name. And while since then there’s been quite a few stories to explore the battle royale concept, successful video games that work within the genre really only started to boom recently, giving players the opportunity to engage in satisfying MMOs where the aim is to outlast the competition. So today, we’re taking a look at some of them with our list of the top 10 battle royale games.

10. The Culling
The Culling has often been compared to The Hunger Games; 16 players enter an arena, either on an island or in a prison, and they must interact with their environments to survive. This means navigating maps that include caves, bridges, explosive barrels, and poison gas, and tasks that require players to kill one another, obtain items from air drops, travel certain distances or complete a goal within the specific setting they are in. It’s immersive, and players can build up their characters through the in game currency they earn by completing tasks. The game looked like it was on the rise in terms of popularity, but after an update in 2017, the amount of regular players dropped excessively, and continued on a  steady decline, currently pulling in around 10,000 and under players a day as of this recording.

9. Fortnite
Fortnite has managed to garner a lot of controversy when it comes to how it compares to other battle royale games - specifically, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, whose developers have called out Fortnite as being a carbon copy of their game, but more cartoon-ey. It was created on the Unreal Engine, the same as Battlgrounds, but was released as a free-to-play game. Whether or not you agree, Fortnite has still managed to be one of the more popular battle royale games, at times seeing similar player counts as Battlegrounds, but incorporating its own aspects that make fans want to return to it again and again. This includes incorporating crafting, and features a ton of fascinating new weaponry, which ultimately allows the player to get more creative with how they execute their wins.

8. Last Man Standing
If you're looking for a challenge – or a good ol blood bath – Last Man Standing might be the right pick for you. It's a 100 player battle royale military sim. While it isn't as well put together as some of the other games higher on this list, and doesn't feature any vehicles, its got that boots on the ground feel that leaves a lot of players coming back for more. You spawn in a random area when you start, and must scavenge nearby buildings for weapons asap. If that doesn't tickle your fancy, it also has a free to play option that has managed to win over some players who don't want to finacially commit to a battle royale game, especially if they're new to the genre.

7. Rules of Survival
Switching it up to a platform that you can play with on the go, Rules of Survival is for all of you who enjoy playing mobile games. Or, at least until the Battlegrounds mobile edition comes out, that is. Anyway. Rules of Survival is one of the standout mobile games when it comes to the battle royale genre, letting you face off on an island in which up to 120 players can partake. Critics have noted that it doesn't do anything new or innovative with the genre, and it has quite a few bugs, but despite all of this, is still very entertaining to play.

6 Ark: Survival of the Fittest  Dinosaurs
I feel like that’s all I really need to say in order to sell you on this game. Basically, Ark is a battle royale spin off game of Ark Survival Evolved, and it’s the only one where you’ll find yourself threatened by dinosaurs. Although critics have called it buggy and called its user interface terrible, the game does offer a dose of epic in terms of creatures, beasts and prehistoric reptiles that you can interact with, that in turn, makes your matches unforgettable.

5. Arma 3 Battle Royal Mod
This mod for Arma 3 is what eventually lead to the success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, being the first dabble into the genre by PlayerUnknown himself, Brendan Greene. Known as the Call of Duty of DayZ, the mod isn’t nearly as in depth or well developed as Battlegrounds itself, but the mod’s focus pretty much makes up for that. It’s much more about being patient and pursuing your enemies in a very realistic way. Unlike most other battle royale games, you can only play this mod solo, making it all the more intense.

4. GTA Online Motor Wars
When Grand Theft Auto online was released in 2014, it was a huge hit. Still is. They’ve been pumping out solid content and events over the past several years. So it should be no surprise that in August of 2017, Rockstar released an update that let players enter a battle royale mode. It made sense - in a world like GTA, people were already running around killing each other off in the other modes of the game. It was called Motor Wars, described by Rockstar as “a tense battle for survival” in which players are contained to something called a kill box - an area that increasingly shrinks as the gameplay progresses. Up to four teams parachute into the box and must hunt down a “lethal assortment” of guns, explosives and weaponized vehicles to work together and fight your opposing team.

3. Rust: Battle Royale
Rust is the battle royale game where you’re butt naked. Literally. When you spawn at the edge of the map, you’re in nothing but your birthday suit. And you have a torch, a map and a bandage. Critics have called this game fairly terrifying to play at times, due to it’s simplified barebones survival instincts; less strategy, more guttural, with an emphasis on just staying alive. For those wanting a more brutal and intense game play, Rust is definitely for you.

2. H1Z1 King of the Kill
H1Z1 features multiple game modes, including the ability to face off in an arena in which up to 150 players can compete, and features the likes of crafting and scavenging to enhance your gameplay. As the match progresses, a toxic gas cloud begins to close in on you, which can cause you damage, but ultimately pushes you towards taking out your remaining opponents as soon as possible. It was created by a collaboration between PlayerUnknown and Daybreak Games, the game is a step up from Battlegrounds, and focuses more on shooting than scavenging. In terms of mechanics, it’s also a simpler game than Battlegrounds, making it more accessible to a larger audience. It’s even got it’s own esport.

1. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Perhaps one of the most popular battle royale games to date, and a game we’ve mentioned already multiple times on our list, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the game that really set the genre on fire this past year. In a good way. Since it's release, it's been nominated for several different Game of the Year awards, and is highly considered to be the battle royale game that has defined the genre, becoming an esport as well. The game made $11 million US within its first three days of its Windows early access release, and has surpassed many other popular titles to become the mosrt played game on Steam back in August of 2017. Insane.

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Top 15 Scariest Gaming Theories

Before we get started I wanted to give a quick warning for spoilers, and to let you know about my gaming countdown channel, GamerBrain. If you’re into gaming and these kinds of list videos, I think you’ll ready like it. The channel is practically brand new and any support is greatly appreciated. The link is at the very top of the description.

15. The Mysterious Stranger
Red Dead Redemption has been described as an atmospheric and beautifully written game, with strong characters, engaging storyline and addicting gameplay. During the game, players can find countless Mysterious Strangers, for which they can do missions for. These usually range from running errands for them, intimidating others, and just simply talking with people.

However, one of these characters stands out among all others. A nameless, well dressed man can be found in all three regions of the game, and he speaks to John Marston in a somewhat condescending tone. He reminds John of his previous criminal life and that of his gang, before asking John to conduct missions of morality. Whether or not John completes the mission in a good way or bad way is up to the player,which the man seems to not care either way.

In the final encounter, John becomes enraged and attempts to shoot the man, but apparently misses before the gun jams and the man vanishes without a trace. Later, this becomes the site where John, his wife Abigail and the ranch hand Uncle are buried after the game's final mission. There are many theories as to who the man is, but three appear to be the most popular. People have suggested the man is God or some sort of angel, while others say he's the Devil.

However, the most credible answer seems to be the man is Death; evidence to support this is the man is neutral to John's actions, since he will collect his soul either way, he calls himself an accountant “of sorts”. Rockstar have not commented on the man, leaving it entirely up to players to analyze and interpret. Before we go any further, do you think video game theories could be true? Let me know in the comments with a simple yes or no. My answer would for sure be yes, there’s just too much evidence to support these theories. If you’re feeling generous, please leave a like as it really helps out.

14. The Pokemon War
Since its introduction in 1996, Pokemon has become an entertainment phenomenon, with a successful anime series and trading card franchise. While heavily targeted towards kids, there have been subject matter in the games seemingly targeted to an adult audience. The most famous is Lavender Towns original purpose of hosting the graveyard of deceased pokemon.

However, there is a major theory which brings the entire game into a different light. Fans have pointed out how the main character has no father, how his neighbour is an orphan, and how there are not a lot of adults found throughout the game, and those who you do encounter are either rather old, or act aggressive to the player. With the scarcity of people in the Kanto region, and an abundance of younger generations, fans have speculated there was a devastating war, leaving many people dead.

One of the gym leaders, Lieutenant Surge, is regarded as a respected soldier, and is even quoted saying “I tell you, kid, electric Pokemon saved me during the war!” This certainly puts a lot of backing behind this theory, and many people take is as credible. This even puts further explanation of the generations the video game titles have used, since Red and Blue is Generation I, as in the first generation after the war. Whether it is meant to represent a devastated post-war society or present a hopeful future is up for players to decide, but it certainly puts a dark spin on the most beloved children's franchises in history.

13. Glados
The Portal games gained unexpected popularity upon the release of the first game Players found the unique puzzle mechanics and comedic narration enjoyable, leading to a massive fan following. Hardcore players have analyzed to storyline and the layout of the maps, and various theories have arose as to the backstory.

The most popular ideas is Aperture Science is a rival company of the Black Mesa facility in the Half-Life franchise, and that both games take place in the same universe. The big focus of analysis has been the antagonist Glados, a large super computer which, at first, guides the player through the various puzzles, but then turns on you after she attempts to kill you and as you attempt to escape.
When players find Glados at the end of the game, she is revealed to be hanging from the ceiling during the boss battle. In Portal 2, Glados's backstory is revealed; she was Aperture founder's, Cave Johnson, personal secretary Caroline, and she had her mind placed inside the computer. This has led to disturbing revelations about Glados's design, as she appears to resemble a women in bondage hanging upside down.

Furthermore, unreleased audio from the game shows Caroline was forced into undergoing the procedure. This has fueled credibility that Glados's design was made to purposefully resemble a woman in bondage, as Caroline was an unwilling participant in the dark happenings at Aperture Science. While the game is overall a comedy, this does shed a dark tone on a beloved game.

12. The Madden Curse
Sometimes, it's not the games themselves which inspire theories. The Madden NFL games have been widely popular since the first game was released in 1988. With every new game, a new NFL player from a different team is featured on the box cover. A series of coincidences have led people to believe the Madden games are cursed, and will go after anyone featured on the cover.

Initially, the idea started as a joke, but as strange things kept happening to the people on the cover, it ballooned into an entire superstition. The first instance occurred in 1998, when Garrison Hearst was on the cover and later broke his ankle. Out of the 19 players to be featured on the cover since then, 17 have experienced personal, physical and career trouble, and several have had injuries which prevented them from completing the season.

This has led many to attest the Madden Curse is real, and players should decline to be on the cover. However, both the NFL and EA Games have dismissed the idea as mass hysteria and imagination run wild. This hasn't deterred fans from attempting to figure out a way to break the curse, and allow players to safely pose for the cover of future Madden games.

11. Limbo, Purgatory or Hell?
Limbo was a puzzle game released in 2010. It was praised for its simplistic, but beautiful artwork and immersive gameplay. The entire game contains no dialogue and minimal sounds, depending on ambient music and background noises to create the atmosphere of the game. While the story is largely left to speculation, it is believed the player is travelling to find his sister, but for reasons unknown.

There are subtle clues in the game which hint at the background story, and many theories have appeared since its release. The most popular explanation is the entire game takes place in either Purgatory or Hell, with the title being used as the main hint. Limbo is the first circle of Hell in Dante's Inferno, and is a place for those who were unbaptized reside, though not necessarily being punished.

Limbo is also a word used to describe being in between one plain of existence and another, which makes the idea it takes place in Purgatory as likely. Once the player completes the game, he walks slowly towards his sister, before the game abruptly ends. The main menu screen shows the area the game ends, but with a broken ladder and two groups of flies in separate areas. It is believed the main character died along with his sister, and he was somehow responsible for their deaths.

Therefore, he was sent to Purgatory, and must now navigate through the world to redeem himself. Another theory is the main character is on a mission to kill his sister, with the AI characters encountered along the way tasked with stopping you. Whichever the real meaning is is left up for speculation, but it certainly makes the simplistic storyline much more in depth and complex.

10. Luigi's Dead
Players of Luigi's Mansion will note that while the game is still very family friendly, it still has a darker tone than the rest of the Mario series. The game was a quick fan favourite, with the new game mechanics and with players controlling Luigi for a change. Ever sine its release, people have tried to analyze the game and it's strange storyline, leading some to believe Luigi is actually dead throughout the game.

Interestingly enough, this theory began as a result of a glitch found in the attic. Whenever lightning flashes, Luigi's shadow is cast several feet in the air and in the AI's default pose, not matching Luigi's stance at all. People thought it was meant to represent Luigi had hung himself in the mansion's attic, and now he is in some sort of Hell and attempting to escape.

Developers dismissed this claim, stating it was a glitch not caught during development and was too late to fix by the time of its discovery post-release. This has not dissuaded fans from adding to the theory, coming up with reasons why Luigi might be dead or have committed suicide.

A common theory is Luigi was tired of being in the background of his brother, so he took his own life. It is much too dark for a game meant to be child friendly, but it be the first time developers have added adult themes into video games. To this day, gamers continue to speculate about Luigi's Mansion, while the developers have stood their ground with the official explanation.

9. Satanic World of Warcraft
With a world as vast as World of Warcraft, it's no surprise various bizarre encounters occur. In the region of Goldshire, players have found a group of six children, who move together throughout the Elwynn Forest. The children seem to reside in a cottage, which they always stay near. The children spawn from the house at 7am server time, run to the Valley of Heros, then to Mirror Lake, and then right back to the cottage, where they stand in a distinct pattern before despawning.

Those who have explored the house have reported to hear unsettling music when in the house, and the children will sometimes stand in a pentagram pattern. Sounds heard in the cottage have also been a banshee scream, a ghoul call, growling, a woman crying, and a dark voice saying “You…will…die” and “Death is close.” This has caused speculation that the children are worshipers of some sort of Satanic entity in the World of Warcraft lore. One of the children has been rumoured to say “Remember C'Thun? Good ol' C'Thun.”

So far, no official explanation has been given about the children by Blizzard, but the community accepts them to be an easter egg meant to make players feel creeped out and speculate. There has also been comparisons to Children of the Corn and Village of the Damned, since both also contain creepy children conducting malevolent actions. However, the children appear to have no in game and real life consequences to players, but it surprising no creepypasta story has taken advantage of this to date.

8. Death and Majora's Mask
The Legend of Zelda series has a huge nostalgia factor on people today, and with each new game a new generation to admire its beauty. Back in 2000, Nintendo released Majora's Mask, a direct sequel to the critically acclaimed Ocarina of Time. Both games have similar themes in terms of time, but it is what aspect of time that have intrigued players. There is a huge theory about Majora's Mask that the entire theme is Death, and how people deal with the inevitability of death.

The five areas in the game is said to represent the five stages of grief: Clocktown is denial, with the citizens ignoring the falling moon in order to celebrate the carnival, the Swamp is anger, with the habitants blaming others for their despair, the Goron Village is bargaining, with the habitants begging Link to save them, the Great Bay is depression, with the  people saddened by the circumstances befalling them, and finally the Ikana Valley is acceptance, with the spirits of the dead there accepting they are dead, and mainly keeping to themselves.

This has caused wide spread debate amongst the online community, and there is so much to discuss that it can't all be detailed here. There is so much speculation and analysis to give great credibility to this theory, and it makes for an interesting topic of analysis and discussion.

7. Braid and the Destroyer of Worlds
Back in 2008, Number None, Inc. developed the puzzle game Braid, and it quickly rose to the top of the Xbox Arcade charts. Game reviewers from Metacritic to Gamespot gave it overwhelming praise, furthering the games popularity. The game has you play as Tim, who is searching for a princess who was kidnapped by a monster. As the game goes on, it becomes more evident Tim is in fact the monster, which is revealed at the very end of the game.

Those who have analyzed the game have discovered links between the game's themes to that of the creation of the nuclear bomb. This has led people to theorize the game is an allegory of the guilt the scientists felt upon the bomb's creation. The evidence to suggest this are hidden messages players can find in the game, including the famous quote “Now we are al sons of bitches,” which was uttered by Kenneth Bainbridge after he witnessed the first nuclear test in New Mexico.

Furthermore, Tim is a scientist, and the main mechanic of the game is Tim's ability to alter the flow of time; it is speculated this is Tim's desire to reverse time so he would have nothing to do with the bomb's creation. While without this revelation, Tim appears to be the true antagonist, but now knowing what he wants to do and what the princess possibly represents, he becomes more of a sympathetic anti-hero rather than full blown villain. With the amount of hype and speculation surrounding this game, it is a further example of video games being an art form.

6. The Weighted Companion Corpse
Besides the non-existent cake which took fans by storm, Portal players also took a liking to the Weighted Companion Cube. It looks no different than the other cubes used for puzzle solving throughout the game, but this one has a heart on the sides, and is used in more than one of the rooms in the game.

However, once its purpose is complete, Glados asks you to dispose of the cube into an incinerator. Disturbingly enough, Glados warns the player not to listen to the cube should it begin to talk, even though it's an inanimate object. This has caused players to speculate there's more than meets the eye. The way Glados speaks about the cube almost makes it seem it has some sort of sentient being.

This evolved into people theorizing the Weighted Companion Cube is infused with the corpse of a previous test subject. The popularity the cube has taken outside of gaming has taken on a scary twist, since the real world literally grew attached to a fictional object, much like how Glados warns not to become too attached to the object in the game.

In the graphic novel Lab Rat, the story follows Dough Rattman, who has a Weighted Companion Cube with him wherever he goes, which talks to him unless he takes psychiatric medication. There is discussion in the book about the other subjects lost during testing, which have led people to believe the cubes and the dead subjects are related. In one of Rattman's hideouts, the companion cube is taped over the faces of people. The most compelling evidence is the achievement for incinerating the cube is called Fratricide, possibly hinting you have just incinerated a fellow test subject without hesitation.

5. Squall's Dying Dream
Final Fantasy has certainly redefined the RPG genre since the first game was released back in 1987. People have become engulfed in the Final Fantasy world, and its numerous cast of characters. The storylines have also been known to be complex and well written, even to the point where symbolism has been discovered within. By far the most popular symbolism discussion concerning the games is during the events of Final Fantasy 8.

The main character, Squall, suffers a grave wound during a fight, when he's impaled by an ice shard. However, in the next scene, Squall appears in good health and unphased, despite the severitiy of his inflicted injuries. Fans have wondered why this is, and have theorized Squall is in fact dead, with the remainder of the game being his dying dream before slipping into the afterlife. The dream is similar to the life flashing before ones eyes, but is instead representing Squall's regret of not living to his full potential, and him witnessing where he could have gone and what he could have been.

There are several points of dialogue which seem to support this theory, with Squall even acting surprised when he sees his wound is gone upon awakening.Also, during the ending, Squall is seated under a starry sky, as memories flash  through his mind. This is believed to be Squall reliving his happiest moments before moving into the afterlife. As the Final Fantasy series continues, there is bound to be further deep meanings behind them, and the fans will certainly jump to analyze every bit and piece.

4. The Hell Valley Mystery
Mario Galaxy is a family friendly game, using the familiar Mario mechanics and implementing them in a space environment. However, one area has become a hotbed of discussion amongst players. In the Shiverburn Galaxy, the player must navigate over pools of lava, avoid fireballs and defeat enemies in order to progress. Players began to notice strange figures on the cliff faces looking down towards the player, and once viewed in first person, they appeared to be misshapen humanoid figures observing the player.

When checking the game files, someone discovered the name of the texture for the background above the cliffs is called “Beyond Hell Valley,” and the figures are labelled as “Hell Valley Sky Trees.” After this discovery, people began to dismiss the creepy figures, believing them to simply be bizarre trees, but their humanoid shapes still have provoked theories. The most common of the theories is these “trees” are actually aliens which inhabit the planet, and choose to study Mario from a distance rather than make direct contact. Nintendo developers have never made a statement about the Hell Valley Sky Trees, leaving the actual explanation hidden in the dark.

3. San Andreas's Mythical Creatures
With a game map as large as the ones in Grand Theft Auto, it is no surprise the developers have included hundreds of easter eggs. However, it is sometimes the fan speculation which becomes more intriguing than the actual content. When Rockstar released San Andreas back in 2004, it didn't take long for players to start writing about mysterious sightings in the game's vast backcountry.

Several mythical creatures were rumoured to be in the game, most famous of which was Bigfoot. People swore they had seen an humanoid ape creature in the region Back-o-Beyond, which is a rather bizarre and creepy area on its own. Photos were uploaded to the internet claiming to be evidence of Bigfoot, but they were either to pixelated to be confirmed, or were proven to be a hoax, either through mods or a glitch. Rockstar issued a statement that Bigfoot was not present in the game, but this did not deter gamers from searching frantically for the beast.

Several mods were made to include Bigfoot, and other mythical beasts. The hype also led to speculation that there were Megaladon sharks, a lock ness monster, giant squids and even aliens somewhere in the game, but none were ever confirmed. Rockstar seemed to enjoy the publicity the mythical creatures were bringing, and even provided fan service years later. In the Red Dead Redemption DLC Undead Nightmare, players can find not only several Bigfoot in Tall Trees, but also hunt down the Chupacobra. Achievements await those who kill a Bigfoot, titled Seven Years in the Making in reference to the time between the release of San Andreas and Undead Nightmare.

2. The Tetraforce
The Triforce is a major plot element in the Legend of Zelda series. It is the most divine object in the game's universe, holding the abilities of wisdom, courage and power. Zelda holds the triforce of Wisdom, and Link holds the Triforce of Courage, while Ganondorf usually takes possession of the triforce of Power in order to achieve his malevolent goals. However, fans have found hints of a possible fourth missing piece of the triforce, leading to the Tetraforce theory.

In several games, the number Four has a significance to the plot. Majora's Mask has four temples, Four Swords has you play as four different Links, there are four light guardians in Twilight Princess, and there is also a lot of discussion about Light and Shadow in the games. The Triforce itself has a blank space in the middle, which is also a triangle, though darkened. This is believed to represent the Triforce of Shadow, explaining all the evil in the world of Hyrule; evidence for this is the Shadow Medallion has an upside down triangle in Ocarina of Time.

In the Japanese language, the word for Four sounds similar for the word for Death, and so it is believed the fourth Triforce could in fact be the Triforce of Death. On a more positive level, there have also been references and use in the games mechanics of Time manipulation, leading many to believe the fourth piece is related to Time. This theory has gathered a lot of support simply because there are so many different theories behind what the fourth piece could be, and it could possibly be explained in future games.

1. The Earthbound Abortion
For the most part, Earthbound is a family friendly game. But once the game progresses, the story gets noticeably darker in tone. In the final level of the game, the main character, Ness and his companions travel back in time to fight the final boss, Giygas. Essentially the embodiment of evil, Giygas is a truly terrifying form, resembling a grotesque screaming face in its first form.

As the boss battle goes on, it becomes more and more terrifying and surreal. People analyzing the game noticed Giygas's final form seems to be the outline of a fetus, and people have speculated the final boss battle is representing an abortion. People have observed the Devil Machine, where Giygas dwells, resembles a cervix, with Giygas in an egg shaped vessel in the centre.

As the story goes, Earthbound creator Shigesato Itoi had a traumatic experience in childhood, when he accidentally walked into a showing of “The Japanese Policeman and the Dismembered Beauty.” The scene playing was disturbing, and Itoi believed he was witnessing a rape on screen. This has led some people to believe Itoi is using the game as a way to cope with the memory, and is literally having an a fetus aborted due to it being a production of rape. None of the theories have been confirmed, but it continues to lead to speculation to this day.

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10 Junk Food That's Actually Good for You

Junk food we know what it consists of and while most of us can't totally get off it, we understand that cutting back can be a good thing. Interestingly enough, some of the most well-known junk foods we've come to know over the years have actually turned out to be more beneficial than we first realized.

1. M&M'S


M&M'S are delicious but how on earth can this candy be considered healthy? After all, it's just sugar and food coloring. Turns out, the food coloring is actually what gives these tasty little guys a healthy side effect. Specifically, the dye use in blue M&M'S has been linked to a reduction in damage caused in spinal injuries. When researchers injected the dye into rats with spinal injuries, the rodents showed improved recovery and the ability to walk. This doesn't make M&M'S healthy for the majority of us, but now we don't have to feel so bad when filling our mouths with this delicious candy.

2. Beef Jerky


Often sold in convenience stores, this snack food doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to health. After all, it's dried meat in a bag. Actually, beef jerky is high in protein and is a snack that won't throw off your sugar and insulin levels. Even better, there are low-sodium varieties which can make this misunderstood snack appropriate for athletes and even those of you looking to keep the weight down while enjoying a tasty treat.

3. Pork Rinds


Deep fried pig skin - how on earth is this junk food healthy? Okay, so pork rinds aren't going to replace your daily serving and vegetables but this snack food isn't as junky as you once thought. A 1 ounce serving contains 17 grams of protein and 9 grams of fat. That's more protein and less fat than is found in a serving of most potato chips. Additionally, pork rinds contain a healthy dose of oleic and stearic acids which are actually healthy fats that don't raise your cholesterol levels.

4. Popcorn


Popcorn is often considered a healthy alternative to chips but empty calories as well. Throw on some buttery topping or other seasoning and you've likely got a full-out junk food on your hands. It doesn't have to be that way, however. Popcorn is loaded with fiber and has the benefit of containing a healthy dose of antioxidants which can help prevent heart disease and certain cancers. In fact research has shown that in the world of snack food, popcorn has the most poly phenol antioxidant levels of any other snack.

5. Chocolate Bars


Most people love chocolate but we often associate this treat with high levels of fat and sugar. Chocolate also contains flavonoids, thanks to the cocoa used. Flavonoids have been shown to be good for your heart and circulatory system. The darker the chocolate, the more flavonoids are present. As an added bonus, most of the fat in this case is made up of oleic and stearic acids, both considered to be good fats. Of course, this doesn't make it a health food and moderation is still key.

6. Ketchup


Loaded with sugar and/or high fructose corn syrup which dangerously spikes our blood sugar levels, we have often been told that there is little redeeming quality when it comes to using ketchup. This may not totally be the case. In fact, fine brands that don't have added high fructose corn syrup and this junk food sauce can actually have some real benefits. Ketchup is loaded with a very powerful antioxidant lycopene. Researchers have linked lycopene as a successful treatment for cardiovascular disease, stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes and male infertility.

7. Sour cream


Light ketchup, for  years people thought there was little redeeming quality to the sour cream they dumped on their foods. After all, much of the calories come from fat which is saturated. It actually isn't as bad as we once thought. A two tablespoon serving has half the calories of a single tablespoon of mayonnaise and there's less saturated fat than you'd find in a 12 oz. Glass of a 2% milk. Plus, it has a little calcium and your potato just wouldn't taste the same without it.

8. Hot Sauce


It's hard to imagine eating some of your favorite foods without a healthy dose of hot sauce. Often seen as having no nutritional value and being a likely source of heart burn, hot sauce was often clustered into the junk food category because it offered no real benefits. Not anymore.  Hot sauce contains something called capsaicin. This compound has been shown to curb your appetite levels by controlling the levels of hormones that tell us if we are full or hungry.

9. Pizza


When we learned about nutrition in school, many of us were told that pizza was one of those 'iffy' foods. That is, it had some nutritional value but often had a lot of salt and fat included. In fact, pizza can be loaded with calcium, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants if it's made right. This means staying away from frozen pizza and that local pizza chain that uses a lot of cheese and processed meats. Instead, add vegetables like onions and peppers and cut back on cheese to take your pizza from the dark side over to a healthy choice.

10. Cheese Whiz


Ya, right! if one thing is for certain, cheese whiz has personality but absolutely no nutritional value. After all, it's a man-made synthetic cheese product, right? Think again. Sure, it's loaded with emulsifiers and stabilizing agents but this processed cheese is also a very high source of something called conjugated linoleic acid. According to researchers, this natural trans fat is one of the most powerful cancer fighters around and cheese whiz has a most of it in comparison to any other cheese.

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10 Science Facts You Didn't Learn in School

We all had to take basic science classes in school, and we all took what was said verbatim. Surely there had to be more interesting things to talk about? Well, guess what? There was, and we were deprived of learning about the cooler stuff! Here are 10 science facts you didn't learn in school! Were you a wiz kid in school? Then stay tuned for our upcoming quiz! The best answer will win the coveted award of being pinned at the top, so be sure to upvote your favorite answer!

1. Flying Balls


If you played any kind of sport like tennis or soccer, then you might be familiar with the Magnus effect. For example, a group of guys dropped a basketball from the top of a 415 foot High Dam. When they just dropped the ball, it landed below under where it was droppped. On the next basketball, they added a spin before dropping, and the result was that the ball ended up flying through the air. The Magnus effect has been used to describe how balls fly in the air in tennis and soccer, and it has been used in lieu of sailboats and wings for an airplane. It's all about the direction of the spinning and flow of the air!

2. Grenade Survival


Grenades and explosives are no joke, and if we encounter one in person, we think we're generally doomed. If you encounter a grenade underwater, you're actually less likely to survive that if you encounter a grenade by land. Why? the blast from a grenade on land is less lethal because air is compressible. But underwater, the blast wave will crush your lungs because you can't fight back with a wave of equal force. So if you see a grenade underwater, get out of the water ASAP!

3. No glasses No problem


If you wear glasses, and you know that if you don't have them, you're pretty much screwed. But not all hope is lost! whether your glasses broke, or your contacts fell out, there is another way! All you need to do is make a pinhole with your hands and look through it. It's works! But what is this witchcraft?  Vision is connected with light, and how much of it is coming through your retinas. By making a pinhole, you are controlling and focusing the light that's coming into your retinas, and will help you see clearer without your glasses. Obviously, don't try this while driving. You hear us, mr. Magoo?

4. Exploding Whales


Dead whales pop up on beaches often, and that is literal! If you see a dead whale on the beach, you might be tempted to get a closer look. But in reality, you need to stay as far away as possible. As the dead whale decomposes, it fills up with methane and other gases. Because humans love to poke around at dead whales, this causes the body to explode when provoked. That is not only a massive mess, but it is a mess that smells awful!

5.Raining Diamonds


As that famous song goes, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend!" and if it was possible to inhabit Saturn and Jupiter, we imagine women everywhere would want to live on the planet. Scientists strongly believe that diamonds rain from the skies of Saturn and Jupiter. It all has to do with methane, and the planets' lightning storms turning into soot. Then, the soot hardens into chunks of graphite and diamond as it falls to the ground. Are there any science experiments you wish you did in school? Stay tuned to find out more cool science facts and see if your answer changes!

6. Swallowing a Star


Stars and black holes have been studied for hundreds of years. In science class, we learned that stars can get swallowed up by black holes. But what actually happens? And what does it look like? When a black hole swallows the star, the star is ripped apart by the black hole's gravitational force. Some of the stars remains go into the black hole, while the rest is "burped out", causing a huge jet of plasma to shoot out. So next time you get in trouble for burping at the table, just say you're emulating a black hole!

7. Fungus for Relatives


When Charles Darwin first introduced the theory of evolution, religious people went nuts because it went against their belief in creationism. There are still creationist that take offense to the fact that we may have evolved from monkeys. But we might have another relative, and that is mushrooms. This is because mushrooms are fungi and they share a common ancestor with animals, which is algae. Also, fungus plays a major role in the decomposition process of living things, including humans. Want some stuffed human meat...erm...we mean mushrooms?

8. Burping in Space


If you are dreaming about becoming an astronaut, and you hope to one day be able to burp in space, then call us"dream dashres." You actually can't burp in space. It all depends on gravity. Gravity helps keep the solid and wet stuff down so that all that comes out is gas. But when there is no gravity, after you try to burp, you'll end up vomiting instead. The same goes for farting...taking starting to a whole new cosmic level!

9. Frozen Boil


We have learned that if water gets to 32 degrees fahrenheit, then it freezes. If water reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit, it boils. With this in mind, it should be impossible for water to freeze and boil at the same time, right? Wrong! It's called, "the triple point" and it happens when conditions are just right for all three phases of water (solid, liquid, and gas) to coexist in thermodynamic equilibrium. It's not an experiment you can do at home safely, but it can happen!

10. Wide Open Spaces


Atoms are like many solar systems, and matter is generally empty. In other words, atoms have a lot of space between each other. If you were to remove that space, you can fit the entire human race into the volume of a sugar cube. Atoms are 99.99% empty space! Only four percent of the mass of the universe is the atoms that make up the planets, stars, and humans, the rest is empty space. Remember that question we asked earlier based on these new facts, what experiments the you wish you did in school?

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horrible serial killer beautiful phenomena deadly UFO attacks
most mysterious sounds creepiest website most toxic ghost towns
coronavirus explained deepest hole in the world weirdest discoveries
what is darkest material facts about mars facts about sun
most dangerous plant most science facts most venomous snakes
most dangerous animals dangerous africa animals most venomous spider
dangerous gangs all time weird and gross candy weird history story
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