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10 Urban Legends That Inspired Real Crimes

Urban legends are supposed to be fictional stories that we read for entertainment, while these urban legends might inspire a few nightmares at the end of the day. We know these stories aren't real, however there are a select few people who are greatly inspired by these stories and even risk their freedom to show their dedication.

1. Wrinkles The Clown
Urban legends surrounding clowns are less than positive, usually they involve someone going down the sewers having bad dreams or something that will cause you to have to go to therapy for the next 20 years. Websites are full of clown related urban legends that tend to pick up momentum on social media, then these stories end up perpetuating copycat incidents that once again end up on the news thus the never-ending cycle continues and the urban legend grows stronger. For example parents in South Florida were hiring a clown by the name of a Wrinkles to hide in their children's bedrooms and scare them at night. Why in the world would parents do this to their children? Well to scare them into behaving properly because nanny cams basically record everything that's happening videos began to surface of Wrinkles appearing under beds and placing stuffed animals next to the child before turning off the camera to wreak havoc, basically this is where horror movies get their ideas from. Granted this wasn't technically a crime, but it was likely that these parents probably got a visit from social services. Perhaps instead of saving for a college fund, and they need to put up a therapy fund for their child.

2. Penpal
Probably one of the most unsettling things one can experience is when they receive pictures of themselves in the mail from an unknown source, it forces you to realize that you're being watched, and there's nothing you can do about it. It forces you to realize that regardless of how protected you may think you are, you are still vulnerable. A story called Penpal made its way onto the website Creepypasta. It was about a boy who was participating in a school project where they released balloons to see if they can get a Penpal. The boy ended up not getting a letter. but instead he got tons of polaroid pictures. Initially they were blurry, but once he looked at all the pictures he realized he was in every photo. So it makes it all the more unsettling when there were true stories out there remotely similar to this seemingly urban legend. There was a story in Connecticut of a school principal named John Bean who was following his students to Walmart and taking their photo. In North Carolina a school's volunteer of the year got in trouble for taking pictures of elementary school girls without their permission. Walter Shore ended up pleading guilty to some pretty awful charges

3. Slender Man
Spoiler alert: this won't be the last time you hear about Slender Man It's amazing how a made-up character managed to inspire some pretty intense crimes We'll start off with the most famous crime where two young girls who lured their friend into a park bathroom and proceeded to do her in like Julius Caesar. Miraculously the girl survived. Why did the two girls do such a heinous crime they wanted to sacrifice their friend to Slender Man, so that they could go live with him in his mansion. Well as we know, Slender Man isn't real and he's based on a meme from creepypasta. the mansion actually came from a video game That was inspired by Slenderman. So he know that preteen girls aren't always the smartest people in the world, but did they really think that they were going to get away with such a terrible act? One of the teens was sentenced to 25 years in a mental hospital. If she was so gullible to do this to someone for the sake of an urban legend ,that's probably the best place for her.

4. Laughing Jack
You know what would really lift up our spirits? Let's talk about clowns again! Yay!! The story of Laughing Jack is definitely not for the faint of heart. Laughing Jack is basically an imaginary friend. Who is the opposite of nice. He infiltrates children's dreams very much like Freddy Krueger, and he replaces their organs with candy. Ain't that nice? Anyway,  of course you could read the story online and be able to tell right away that it's just a scary story And an urban legend. Yet one girl thought that Laughing Jack was the real deal. Apparently instead of being filled with candy, Laughing Jack told the girl to pretty much end the life of her stepmother the twelve-year-old not only did her stepmother in, but she also set the apartment on fire. The kid actually ended up admitting that she committed the crime. And she was eventually declared too incompetent to stand trial. That basically means that she'll be spending the rest of her adolescent in a psych ward.

5. Walking Sam
Walking Sam is a similar entity as slender Man, who drove teens from a Sioux tribe in South Dakota to harm themselves. Basically the urban legend has a few variations were Walking Sam is either wandering the earth to collect souls or he drives people mad because he looks so spooky. Either way Hundreds of people between the ages of 12 and 24 attempted to end their lives. The local tribe even had to remove nooses that were placed at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Out of those hundreds around nine people were sadly successful at their attempt. While one can say that the author of Walking Sam's story is an incredible storyteller. It is also Alarming at how gullible an entire generation can be? But because it's the Internet and a lot of people don't know how to distinguish fact and fiction. It's entirely possible that people thought this was the real deal.

6. The Call
The urban legend goes like this. There's a babysitter working the late night. She gets a call from a mysterious caller who says "Have you checked the children?". There might be some heavy breathing for a few calls and of course the babysitter is scared. When she calls the cops they trace the call and the big twist is that the call is coming from inside the house. This urban legend was inspired by an unsolved case from 1950 in Missouri. An 8th grader named Janett Christman lost her life one night while she was babysitting a three year old boy. She was later discovered at 1:00 a.m. Too late. Calls had been coming to the house, but unlike the urban legend, the police weren't able to trace them. The boy Janet was babysitting was thankfully safe. This story is often told at slumber parties as well as camp outs. Some have even tried to emulate the urban legend only to run-in with the police afterward.

7. Constant messaging
We've all heard that iconic urban legend, where a man is receiving Facebook messages from his long past girlfriend. It made us all wonder whether the girlfriend was actually alive she turned into a bot or she was a ghost still checking her social media from beyond the grave. However one man seemed to be inspired by the ghost messaging and decided to use it to try to get away with a heinous crime. Todd Colhab kidnapped a woman named Kayla Brown as well as her boyfriend Charles Carver. In order to make it look like Kayla and Charles were fine and enjoying life, Todd was posting on their Facebook pages, posing as them. There were status updates and everything. However, when deputies were searching Todd's property and ready to serve a search warrant. They passed a metal container and Kayla made a bunch of noise. She was found inside the container with a collar around her neck and chained like a dog. Sadly Charles did not survive the crime.

8. Pope Lick Monster
This might be better categorized in the people who do stupid things for urban legends. The Pope Lick Monster is a goat human hybrid creature that lives on top of a bridge above a railroad track. Legend has it that the public monster will hypnotize its victims and draw them to the tracks where they will get hit by a train. If you think that there aren't people curious enough to check it out for themselves, think again. There have been a startling amount of people who have lost their lives looking for the Pope Lick Monster. Most of them end up getting hit by an oncoming train. So in this instance would this be more truth than urban legend? Well the local police in Louisville Kentucky had to issue public statements declaring that anyone looking for the Pope Lick Monster will be trespassing plus in the United States wandering the train tracks can be considered a federal offense and receive charges of terrorism. So is it really worth looking for this terrifying urban legend?

9. Don't turn on the light
One of the creepiest urban legends is of a person in their bedroom hearing strange noises. When they wake up the next morning, they see a horrifying message written in bodily fluids that says "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?" It's a story that has given us nightmares and inspired us to check every nook and crevice in our house before going to sleep. But this story did inspire someone to try it out for themselves. In 2016, a teenage girl from England received a text message. That said "I'm watching you.". She also got a text that said that he would end his life outside her bedroom window. The teen was so creeped out that she decided to sleep with her mom. She also didn't take the sender seriously when he said that he was in the house, but the next morning the sender was discovered to be in the house. He was sleeping under her bed.

10. Slenderman... again
It seems that some of the most horrifying crimes have been inspired by the one and only Slender Man. With his tall and faceless persona, you would think that people would automatically know he isn't real or they'd head for the hills. There are a lot of people who are willing to risk their freedom and personal safety for the sake of the iconic urban legend. In 2014 a 13 year old girl heard her mom repeatedly with a knife.The mom miraculously survived. Then a 14 year old girl from Florida tried to burn her house down for Slender Man. If you think Slender Man is only hitting up the teenage girls He also inspired a man named Jared Miller to attack two police officers and a civilian before he took his own life. Investigators found out that he liked to dress up a Slender Man for fun.

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Update New Topic

65 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games of 2017

65 Nintendo Switch games have just been announced. Let’s start with the launch titles. Five games are confirmed to launch alongside the Nintendo Switch games this March 3.

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

65 UPCOMING NINTENDO SWITCH GAMES OF 2017, The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild

Need we say more? We’ve been drooling over this open-world adventure. So much so that it has been a staple of our upcoming lists in the past few months. And to fans of the series, this might be enough reason to get new upcoming console.

2. 1-2 Switch


This party game makes use of the new HD rumble, a haptic feedback system embedded on the console’s Joy-con controller that allows for a more specific sensations. 1-2 Switch comes with various mini-games like a wild-west duel, cow-milking competition, dance-off and many more.

3. Super Bomberman R


The much-beloved Bomberman is back with new tricks up its sleeves. The basics are the same, place bombs and blast your enemies But of course with some modern twists. It now supports 8 players in one session with local and online battles. 50 stages, new clearing rules, and it’s now in 3D.

4. Just Dance 2017


After a successful release on other consoles last October 2016, Ubisoft’s dancing franchise is set to conquer the new Switch with songs from Hatsune Miku, Queen Beyonce and more. Basically, it’s the same Just Dance game…with the added portability of the Switch.

5. Skylanders Imaginators

65 UPCOMING NINTENDO SWITCH GAMES OF 2017, Skylanders Imaginators

This is a port of another popular game released in 2016. Kaos is building an army of Doomlanders. You must stop Kaos and get back the ancient power of Mind Magic. It’s now up to you to create your own Skylanders that will defeat the enemies and save Skylands from devastation.

6. I Am Setsuna

And we have another port of a game released last year on PC and consoles. It’s a story of the Setsuna, who must journey to a distant island to offer herself as a sacrifice to stop the violent outbursts of a powerful entity. This is an RPG that conjures classic 90s JRPG feel of titles like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy. Coming this March 2017.

7. Has-Been Heroes

The kingdom’s legendary heroes have largely been forgotten in time of peace. But not for long. The king has one final request to escort the two princesses to school. Countless monsters, powerful items and spells and a lot more are in store for you Coming out of retirement won’t be so easy. Releasing this March 2017.

8. Snipperclips - Cut it out, Together.

This is an e-shop release, a simple puzzle game to challenge your creativity. Cut paper characters to solve different puzzles… alone or together with friends It’s not the system-seller we’re looking forward to but it’s a good addition to the Switch’s line-up. It’s set for release this March 2017.

9. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

After its critically-acclaimed release on the Wii U, it was obviously bound for the Switch. We were just secretly hoping for a Mario Kart 9. Anyhow, the Deluxe edition comes with the Mario Kart 8 game, including all the DLCs. With added playable characters Bowser Jr., King Boo and Inkling Boy & Girl. Coming this April 28, 2017.

10. Arms

This is a new IP from Nintendo, developed to showcase the Switch’s new controller. It’s a fighting sports game that makes use of extendable arms to battle. The player holds both Joy-Con on each hand to punch, block, direct attacks and all other movements. So far, five fighters have been unveiled Spring Man, Ninjara, Master Mummy, Ribbon Girl and Mechanica, each with unique playstyles. We’re hoping for more fighter reveals soon. Coming this Spring of 2017.

11. Redout

This pod racer claiming to be the “fastest game ever made” was first released on the PC and consoles last year. It looks like the Switch version will be a direct port, with all the racing modes such as time attack, speed and survival. We’re looking forward to seeing how well it uses the Joy-Con. It’s scheduled for release this spring of 2017.

12. Disgaea 5 Complete

This tactical role-playing game was first released on the PlayStation 4. The game centers around a young demon named Killia as he leads an army to a path of vengeance. It’s coming to the Switch with all downloadable contents new characters, classes and bonus scenarios. It’s set for release this Spring of 2017.

13. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+

Famed indie team Nicalis will bring the craziness of their dark, dark indie hit to the Switch packed with all the addons. More than 500 items and weapons, 6000-plus rooms, 30 challenge modes, 50+ bosses and multiple endings. I wonder if this includes Mod support.

14. LEGO City Undercover

Play as Chase McCain on a mission to capture the criminal escapee Rex Fury. This game was originally released on the Wii U in 2013, as one of the few LEGO games to feature an original story. No further details have been revealed yet. It would be awesome if it comes with cool new addons. Releasing this Spring 2017.

15. Sonic Mania

SEGA’s favorite hedgehog makes a return in the most unconventional way. Take the memories of the Genesis-era days and experience Sonic in pixel-perfect wonder. Play as Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles to stop the evil Dr. Eggman from achieving his evil plans. It also has a neat Collector’s Edition so you might want to check it out! Coming this Spring.

16. Splatoon 2

This sequel to one of Wii U’s most iconic games is coming to the Switch. It’s better than ever with cool new weapons, battle stages, customization features and many more. And it comes with local multiplayer in either handheld or TV modes… along with the promise of more post-launch contents. The Inklings are coming to this Summer.

17. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Fus-Ro-Dah! Behold Bethesda’s biggest Elder Scrolls game makes a return to the Switch. There’s only three words we could say to this: IT. JUST. WORKS. Just imagine switching from the big screen to the small screen while fighting dragons. It still has the same features from the original, but it’s totally bringing the Epic to the Switch. Coming this Fall.

18. NBA 2K18

No details have been revealed much as of yet. But we do know that popular sports titles from EA makes a redefined port to the Switch. Who’s to say 2K Sports can’t do it too? With the Joy Con at our hands, it’s gonna be a fantastic experience. Set for release this September 2017.

19. Super Mario Odyssey

Mario is on a new sandbox adventure this time not in the Mushroom Kingdom..But somewhere else familiar. It’s like a kiddie version of Grand Theft Auto. And not to mention Mario’s cap is now part of the game. Co-op, perhaps? Hopefully we’ll get more info soon. Releasing this holiday seasons.

20. Project Sonic 2017

Now this is a game every fan is hopeful for. Take control of the fastest Hedgehog in the world as he saves a post-apocalyptic world in robotic ruin. Robots have populated our planet and he needs help more than ever. Let’s hope it doesnt disappoint us this time! Coming late this year.

21. Fire Emblem Warriors

Fans of the Fire Emblem series must’ve been jumping like crazy when its trailer showed The Shield of Seals. Koei Tecmo, the developer of Hyrule Warriors takes the adventure much further to the Fire Emblem franchise. More snazzy actions, fluid combat More snazzy actions, fluid combat and more. However, not much details yet. Coming this holiday season.

22. Yooka-Laylee

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, these adorable creatures are stepping the Switch in a colorful platforming adventure. Follow Yooka and Laylee in a quest to find Pagies. The game features the same elements of Banjo-Kazooie, and a co-op multiplayer for added fun. Let’s hope PlayTonic Games won’t disappoint us! It’s coming sometime this year.

23. Dungeon of Zaar

After its successful Kickstarter campaign, this deep and tactical Turn-Based game makes a debut on the Switch. Explore a castle filled with rare treasures and fight for what’s left of it. Enjoy its fast-battles, mercenary hiring system and intense PvP action and sit to the throne of Zaar. It’s set for release sometime this year.

24. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

This cute action-platformer is a spiritual successor to the Wonder Boy series. You play as Jin, a young warrior who must stop his uncle from spreading chaos across the kingdom. It was first announced in 2015, with planned releases on the  PC, Xbox One and PS4. Now with the Nintendo Switch added to its list of supported consoles, it’s finally gonna be released sometime this year.

25. Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap

This is a remake of the classic Wonder Boy III. It’s a story of a cursed adventurer on a journey to find a cure. The game is said to keep -- more or less -- the same gameplay style as the original… with a more modern visual. It’s scheduled for release this year.

26. Nobunaga's Ambition: Sphere of Influence.

This is a historical simulation based on the chaotic Warring States era in Japanese history with Daimyo’s like Oda Nobunaga and Takeda Shingen. It’s scheduled to release in Japan this March 3 but English localization may follow this year.

27. Tank It!

This a brutal war simulation game. You take command of a drone that controls a tank. Your goal is to search and destroy terrorists. You will encounter villages with civilians. How you choose to proceed is all up to you. Coming sometime this 2017.

28. The Sacred Hero

This is one of the few games that were announced for the Nintendo Switch. The game is still under development and little details have been revealed. We do know that it’s an adventure game that will twist roleplaying conventions. It’s scheduled to release in 2018.

29. Arcade Archives

First released on the PS4 in 2014, this is basically an emulation classic arcade games from the 80s and 90s. This will, most likely, include titles like Double Dragon, Wonderboy, Contra and many more.

30. Constructor HD

Harking back to the old days of PC gaming, this classic RTS gets a new life on the Nintendo Switch -- as well as with other  platforms. Better graphics, re-balanced gameplay, new maps and modes.

31. Cube Life: Island Survival HD

This Minecraft inspired game borrows pretty much the same mechanics from it. However, the aim of the developer Cypronia was to create a huge sandbox world for players to play around and have fun. We’ll hear more about this game soon.

32. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

This is merely the working title for the Switch release of the game. That’s all we know, so far. It could be a port with some addons, or a definitive edition of the game. We don’t really know but we expect Bandai Namco to release more information in the coming weeks.

33. Dragon Quest Heroes 1•2

Three Dragon Quest games on the Switch? Hot damn, that’s good. This is a compilation of The World Tree’s Woe, The Blight Below and Dragon Quest Heroes II. This will feature a band of additional playable characters, new boss battles and adapted combat to suit the Switch.

34. Dragon Quest X

Originally a Wii release, then moved to the Wii U, and eventually to the Switch, this 10th entry of the acclaimed Dragon Quest franchise is the first of its series to provide online-play. Square Enix aims to provide an MMORPG experience to the world of Astoltia with elements from the previous games. Unfortunately, Japan gets to taste it first and we have no details when this game gets released.

35. Dragon Quest XI

The Sword of Erdrick makes a return in this 11th main entry to the Dragon Quest franchise. Powered by the Unreal Engine 4, expect a beautiful huge world to discover while taking the series’ distinct elements with a modern charm. No release date yet but hopefully we’ll hear more news this year.

36. Farming Simulator 17

Publisher Focus Home Interactive has confirmed that they’re currently working on a Switch edition of the original. We don’t know that much about this version but it looks like it will be a direct port of the PC release. We’ll have to wait for more details, specially the online coop multiplayer.

37. Fast RMX

This is a speedy arcade racer with a choice between 15 vehicles and 30 tracks set in different locations from city scapes to alpine peaks. It also includes support for up to 4 split screen local or 8-player online multiplayer sessions.

38. Minecraft Story Mode

This is a five-part episodic game based on the popular game Minecraft features an original story that features around a group of heroes tasked to rid the world tasked to rid the world of impending doom. With Telltale’s touch, expect choice-driven scenarios and beautiful cel-shaded visuals. It’s Minecraft like never before and it’s a good take on making the world come to life.

39. Minecraft: Switch Edition

It’s everywhere. Microsoft and Mojang’s proud block-building game makes a leap towards the Switch. This voxel-powered sandbox game is sure to make children and creative people giddy with excitement. Moving from the big screen to the small screen and vice versa makes the game so accessible.

40. New Frontier Days: Founding Pioneers

Arc System Works’ lineup comes with this western frontier themed farm/town building simulation title. It appears to be a follow-up to an earlier Nintendo 3DS title that released awhile ago in Japan, and that Circle Entertainment recently announced they would be bringing to the North American market. No details have been revealed so far, but we’re hoping we’ll hear more from this game soon.

41. Oceanhorn: Monster Of The Uncharted Seas

A game with similar elements to the Legend of Zelda series. This adventure game encourages you to explore dungeons, slay badass monsters and find the rarest weapons. Despite the game’s age, it still proves it can still leave players in awe with its excellent presentation.

42. Project Octopath Traveler

This is a side-scrolling RPG developed by Square Enix. The trailer shows some info about the game…turn-based combat, pixel-art graphics set in a fantasy world of magic and adventure. The characters and story. One can only guess. Let’s wait for other announcements by Square Enix.

43. Puyo Puyo Tetris

A game developed by the Sonic Team, no need to explain the concept much further. It’s a crossover between Puyo Puyo and the acclaimed Tetris franchise. The game offers a mix of gameplay between the two games such as swapping, fusion and the return of the adorable tetriminos.

44. Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition

Rayman and his gang of high-speed platformers are coming to the Switch. This version comes with the exact same game released on the Wii U plus all new contents, of which we know nothing about yet. This release aims to make full use of the the console’s controllers. That sounds interesting.

45. Rime

Originally an exclusive to Microsoft, this game makes a series of decisions due to publisher issues and finally Tequila Works decided to put it to the Switch. It's a third-person platformer with beautiful cel-shaded visuals. It takes various inspirations from classic Miyazaki films such as Princess Mononoke.

46. Riverside

Take on the most colorful adventure with developer Zockrates Laboraties. This is a journey of self-discovery with vivid charm. The main goal of the game is to find the end of the river, well,if you’re not busy customizing the game’s textures.

47. Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Koei Tecmo’s simulation game Sphere of Influence and Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII. It still has a Japanese release and no details are available on its Western launch.

48. Seasons of Heaven

A game based on a book with the same title. It follows a young boy and his dog in a magical adventure. They’ll encounter weird statues, creepy ghosts and monsters. That’s how much we know of the game Info is still limited when it comes to the actual story or gameplay.

49. Shovel Knight Treasure Trove

If you played the original, this is basically a re-packaging of it with the inclusion of the two expansions Plague of Shadows and the upcoming Spectre of Torment. So all those 2D platforming goodness is more!

50. Untitled Splunker game

This is a game that uses Splunker world as the base game. We don't know the exact scope of the game or how much different it will be from the base. It will released it Japan this spring. Hopefully the worldwide release follow soon.

51. Stardew Valley.

This indie hit of 2016 is, of course, coming to the Switch. It's an engaging game focused on farming, building, crafting, fighting and socializing. It's one of the highest-rated releases on the PC and we expect great things of it on the Switch.

52. State of Mind

This game will feature the themes of transhumanism and will help players explore a dystopian world filled with a dark government mystery. This third-person action adventure will also take on the idea of existentialism and other philosophical nature.

53. Untitled SteamWorld Project

This new project to the strategic steam funk powered series makes return to the switch. Unfortunately no further details has been revealed yet. Image and form promises to make a game a worthy addition to the console If you love SteamWorld Heist and World then you're surely love this game once it gets announced soon.

54. Sunu Ikkibu: Din Nahu.

This survival-horror game has no details to show. Expect more news to drop sometime soon.

55. Steep

After releasing in the PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Ubisoft’s open-world extreme sports game set in the Alps is reported to release on the Switch. Ski, snowboard and paraglide We just don’t know when.

56. Siberia III

This is a sequel to the adventure game imagined by Benoit Sokal. It continues the journey of American lawyer Kate Walker after the events of the second game. She’s rescued by the nomadic Youkol people this is where her next adventure begins.

57. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The return of JRPG’s and Xenoblade is a wonderful time to be alive. Developed by the same team that’s responsible for the first game, this whole new world will increase the scale of its Wii U and 3DS predecessor. Although not much details have been announced, we do know that with the Switch’s new hardware, we’re gonna gonna expect bigger monsters and a beautiful expansive world.

58. Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

This 90s classic is coming to the Switch. It comes with all the fighters of the original with the addition of Evil Ryu and Violent Ken. There’s also Buddy Battle mode where you can team-up with a friend to defeat the AI. Perfect for the console’s Joy-Con controller.

59. Untitled BlazBlue Game

The Wheel of Fate turns and turns into the Nintendo Switch with another mysterious BlazBlue game. No details have been revealed yet the word glad the're putting another fighting game to the Switch.

60. Untitled FIFA

EA just announced its support for the Nintendo Switch. This untitled FIFA game makes a sweet kick to its new console. However, the details of this game are scarce. Stay tuned to our channel to hear more about this game.

61. Untitled No More Heroes

Travis Touchdown will be back in a new game. 7 years after it graced the Wii with all that awesome hacking and slashing. No further details have been revealed. What we do know is that Goichi Suda will both write and direct the game. Oh.. and it’s not a port of the previous releases.

62. Untitled Pokémon Game

It wouldn’t be Nintendo without Pokemon, right? This untitled Pokemon game might revolutionize the series since it’s on a modern platform, who knows? We’ll expect more news about this game soon.

63. Untitled Shin Megami Tensei

Atlus’ latest project was revealed during the Nintendo Switch announcement. It was all but darkness and a wide array of monster types found in the trailer. Fans of the Shin Megami Tensei would know who they are and our glad that another game is in the works. This time, with the Unreal Engine 4.

64,65 Untitled Taiko Drum Master & Untitled Tales

Bandai Entertainment’s list of upcoming games for the Switch includes a new Taiko Drum and an unknown Tales series. No details have been revealed for both games yet so expect more news to come soon. We will update this list as soon as more games are announced for the Nintendo Switch in upcoming gaming events and conventions.

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Update New Topic

10 Video Games That Caused Real Life Deaths

Video games can be a fun way to pass the time, especially when playing with other friends. But what happens when one's competitive spirit goes too far? What happens when the urge the play becomes anything but a game? These are 10 video games that caused real life death.

1. Halo 3
On October 20th, 2007, 16 year old Daniel Petric of Wellington, Ohio, shot his mother and father in the head with a handgun that he stole from the family safe. Daniel had been playing a lot of the sci-fi first-person shooter, Halo 3, which he had secretly purchased without his father's consent and had been playing almost non-stop up until his mother caught him. Daniel's father punished him by taking the game disc away and placing it in the safe next to his handgun. Daniel stole the key, used it to retrieve the game, and decided to also take the handgun, and told his parents to close their eyes because he had a surprise for them. His mother, Susan, died of a gun shot to the head, but Mark, his father, survived only to learn that his son tried to frame him with the murder/suicide. Daniel was caught and given 25 years to life for the crime.

2. Diablo 3
An 18 year old boy from Taiwan named Chuang, died on July 15, 2012, after he used a private room in an internet cafe to play the popular PC RPG game Diablo 3 for 40 hours straight, without eating or resting. He was an avid gamer, and upon release of the third installment of his favorite game, he couldn't get enough. After the marathon, an employee came to check on him, and found him asleep in a room. Upon waking up, he stood and walked a few steps, before collapsing to the floor from a blood clot that had formed in his leg, and then traveled to his heart, killing him where he stood. He was pronounced dead following his arrival at the hospital, all because he couldn't take a break from his favorite game.

3. World of Warcraft
Xao Ye, a 13 year old from China, was an avid player of the online massively multi-player game World of Warcraft. He played Warcraft so often that he found he couldn't bear not to play it for too long. When asked by his parents about his gaming addiction, he claimed to be hopeless, and that he could no longer control himself, or curb his need to keep playing. His addiction was taking a major toll on his life, with the vast majority of his time being spent staying in internet cafes for days, sometimes without eating. Xao finally decided that he had enough, and one day jumped off a 24 floor building to his death. He left a suicide note, disturbingly written as it if were from an actual video game character, stating that he wished to be reunited with three of his friends who played the game online in the afterlife.

4. Starcraft
Lee Seung Seop walked into an internet cafe on August 3rd, 2005 in South Korea, and started playing Starcraft, a popular real-time strategy game. His gaming session lasted 50 hours, in which time he barely ate or drank anything, and would only pause the game to go to the washroom. On August 5th, Lee's friends discovered him in the cafe and made him promise to return home, which he did, but died of heart failure shortly after they left. His death was brought on by extreme exhaustion and dehydration that his body was experiencing. Lee had cared so much about playing Starcraft, that he forgot to care about himself or anything in his life, for that matter. Previously, Lee had played the game so often, that he ruined social relationships and was even let go from his job, because he would always arrive late. Lee's story gained worldwide attention and after that, gaming addiction has become a more serious issue in South Korea ever since.

5. Xbox games
In 2008, in the city of Philadelphia, Tyrone Spellman brutally beat his 17 month old daughter, Alayiah Spellman after she accidentally pulled on the cords to his Xbox console and caused it to fall. He would spend 6-7 hours a day playing games on his Xbox, and when Alayiah caused it to fall and crash, it sent Tyrone into a violent rage. He cracked his daughters skull multiple times, and even threw her across the room. She died from the physical trauma he inflicted, while her oblivious mother slept soundly in the room next to them. Tyrone confessed to the crime the next day, but changed his mind and tried to explain that he was confessing to save his wife, and that Alayiah had just fallen off the bed and gotten all of her wounds.  He was found guilty of third degree murder and child endangerment and was sentenced to 47 years behind bars.

6. Legend of Mir 3
In March of 2005, 41 year old Qiu Chengwei won a powerful and rare sword called the Dragon Saber online in a game called Legend of Mir 3. He lent the sword to his friend, 26 year old Zhu Caoyuan, and Zhu unexpectedly sold the sword to another player for $871 in real money, all without Qiu's knowledge. He was so outraged when he found out, that he went to the police station in Shanghai, only to learn that they could not take any action against Zhu because of the lack of laws protecting the theft of property acquired in online games. When he did not receive his weapon back, or any money from the transaction, he went to Zhu's home and broke in while he slept. There, he confronted Zhu, who offered to give him the money, but Qiu was focused on revenge instead, and stabbed him to death. After two hours, he turned himself in and was later given a suspended death sentence, which could amount to him spending the rest of his life in prison.

7. Internet cafe games
On January 8, 2015, a 32 year old man from Taiwan died in an internet cafe of heart failure caused by extreme exhaustion. The unidentified man was unemployed and had been playing online video games at the cafe for three full days, only stopping to sleep with his head on his desk. Of course, marathons are not that rare when it comes to things like charity, where people play for 42 hours straight to raise money, but playing for 72 hours with no break is incredibly dangerous. The cafe staff noticed that he was slumped over on the desk and believed that he was simply sleeping. But they soon realized that he wasn't moving and found he had died earlier that morning. Apparently the man was well-known at the cafe, and his family said that he often wouldn't come home for two or even three days, because he was there playing computer games. It would seem that video game addiction and internet cafes can become a deadly mixture.

8. Lineage 2 Battle Clan
Lineage 2 is an online massively multiplayer fantasy game, where players battle each other for valuable items and glory. The rivalry between two Russian player clans, the Platinum clan and the Coo-Clocks clan, had been taken to a boiling point when one player was killed unfairly. This led to the dispute spilling out of the world of Lineage and onto the real one. One player from each clan agreed to meet in the city of Ufa, and while there, a real-life brawl broke out and Albert, a 23 year old Platinum clan player died from his injuries while he was being taken to the hospital. The other player in the fight, a 22 year old Russian man, was charged with murder soon after the incident. Following the fight and Albert's death, the members of the Coo-Clocks Clan began to harass his family while they grieved over his loss, and even threatened his sister with harm.

9. Berzerk
On April 3, 1982, 18 year old Peter Burkowski and his friend walked into a local arcade in Calumet City, Illinois. Peter, a straight A student in high school, put a quarter into the machine for a game called Berzerk. The 1980 Atari arcade game involves controlling a character that runs around a level and shoots enemies while the player tries to avoid their shots. Within less than 30 minutes, Peter had received the top score, entering his initials into the game's leaderboard. However, moving on to the next game, Peter was about to start playing when he instantly dropped dead of a heart attack. The coroner's examination determined that Peter had scar tissue around his heart, and the excitement and stress of playing had caused his weak heart to simply stop. This of course was back in the days when games with simplistic two-dimensional characters and early graphical effects were considered to be exhilarating. Unfortunately for Peter, who seemed to have his whole life ahead of him, video games were the unlikely trigger of his early demise.

10. Grand Theft Auto
On June 7, 2003, 18 year old Devin Darnell Thompson, also known as Devin Moore, was apprehended on suspicion of having stolen a car in Fayette, Alabama, and was taken to a local police station to be processed. Devin was an avid Grand Theft Auto player, and decided one day, to act out his in-game fantasy. While at the station, he managed to steal a .45 caliber handgun from an officer, and then used it to shoot Officer Arnold Strickland and Officer James Crump, and police dispatcher, Leslie Mealer, all of whom died. Immediately after the shooting, Devin stole the keys to a police cruiser and fled the scene. He was arrested again the same day, where he confessed, saying that he shot the officers and ran to avoid going to jail. Although Devin pleaded not guilty, he was charged with the three murders, and on October 9, 2005, he was sentenced to death by lethal injection. It was later discovered that before Devin had shot the officers at the station, he was quoted as saying, life is a video game. You've got to die sometime. So, those were ten video games that caused real life deaths. Do you still think it's a game?

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The Most Evil Kids in the History of the Mankind

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Kids can be so cruel,” which is usually in reference to schoolyard bullying. It might also relate to such things as young kids pulling the legs off spiders. Psychologists tell us one of the reasons for such cruelty, especially against animals, is that children have not fully developed their sense of empathy. Sometimes they just don’t understand the gravity of their actions. But then older kids should know better. Psychologists also tell us older kids that tend to be evil might have suffered from abusive relationships.They might also just be little psychopaths in the making, domineering devils with an anti-social attitude, and sometimes it seems there’s no rational explanation why they are they way they are. Today we are going to introduce you to some of the worst children ever, in this episode of the Infographics Show, The Most Evil Kids that Ever Lived.

10. Peter Woodcock
We’ll start with the oldest kid on this list, who we admit could be said to have been almost an adult when he did his wicked deeds. He was 17 when he first started raping and killing young children in Toronto, Canada, in the 1950s. Woodcock had a bad start in life – like many kids on this list – he was put up for adoption by his 17-year old mom and then he was physically and sexually abused by his foster parents. He moved from home to home and was constantly bullied. At age 17, some say 16, he stalked young kids in Toronto. He molested and killed a boy of nine, another boy of 6, and also a girl of 4 in a short time span, and was soon arrested. He did strange things to his victims, like biting them, or with the girl, committing the rape partly with a tree branch. He defecated next to one of his victim’s bodies and ritualistically sprinkled pennies or paper clips over the dead. He was found to be insane and was locked up in a psychiatric facility. There he underwent all kinds of strange therapies, including being given powerful LSD and locked in a dark room. Nothing worked. As an adult, he would kill again, and that’s a very strange story for another time. He is so high on this list only because it’s debatable if he was actually a kid when he did those evil things.

9. Brenda Ann Spencer
We could of course include numerous school shootings on this list, most of which happen in the USA for some reason. We won’t start a gun debate here or mention the worst of those tragedies (that’s a show in itself), but we will mention this 16-year old girl only because of her utter lack of remorse. In 1979, she took a rifle to school. She shot 8 kids and a police officer, none of whom died. She also killed her school principal and a custodian. When asked why she did it, she replied, “I don’t like Mondays. This livens up the day.” She said it was a lot of fun, adding that the kids “looked like a herd of cows standing around; it was really easy pickings.” Before being imprisoned, she had lived in poverty with her alcoholic dad. It’s been said she is psychotic and also depressed. She is still in prison today.

8. Edmund Kemper
Ok, so you probably know this guy already as one of the worst serial killers in history, a man who fits the description of the killer genius. Kemper certainly sounds quite clever in his numerous interviews that you can see on YouTube. He also looks scary at 6 foot 9 (206cm) and 300 pounds (136 kg). We won’t say too much, as we may feature him in his own show, but we will tell you that at age 15 he shot and killed both his grandparents. He was always a dark kid, and not the only cat killer on this list. When asked why he killed his grandparents, he replied, “To see what it was like.” He underwent many tests and it was discovered he had a high IQ and that he was a paranoid schizophrenic. He stayed in an institution for mentally ill convicts until he was 21. Was he cured? Definitely not; he would go on to do some very, very bad things.

7. The unnamed Brit
This sounds like something from the opening scene of a horror movie. A 13-year old boy walks into a police station holding a knife. He is covered in blood. Shocked police look on as the boy tells them he just killed his little brother. This happened in the UK in 2001. Police rushed to the house where they met the mother who knew nothing about what had happened. She’d been asleep on the sofa. They all dashed upstairs to find a six-month old baby dead in its cot. The baby had been stabbed 17 times and one of his hands was cut off. When interviewed by police, the boy said he knew what he was doing when he got a knife from the kitchen drawer, but he wasn’t sure why he wanted to hurt his brother. He told police when they asked him why he did it, "I want to be with my mom."

The police report stated that the boy had obviously had his faculties together when he committed the crime, as it wasn’t over quickly: "The wound through the spine would have required a significant degree of force even with a sharp-tipped knife, and he couldn't have severed the hand without looking,” said the report. But the boy only got manslaughter due to his circumstances. His mother had severely neglected him and she had been abused by her own mentally ill father. It’s said the boy had also been sexually abused by her parents. So, it’s not surprising that the court heard that the boy suffered from "serious psychiatric problems", and also had Aspergers syndrome. One of three psychologists that examined the boy said, “His existence was wretched.” The question is, should we have any pity for him?

6. Mary Bell
Now for some more female evil. Bell made the headlines in the UK after she was convicted of strangling to death both a four year old and a three-year old in 1968 in Newcastle, England. She may be on here with a double murder, but she perhaps gets more sympathy from the public because of her childhood. Her mom was a prostitute and it later became known that Bell had suffered continually from sexual abuse from her own mom and from her mom’s clients. It gets even worse. This mother from hell even tried to kill Mary on several occasions and make it look like an accident. One time she threw Mary out of a window and another time overdosed her on sleeping pills. But Mary survived. She committed one murder at age 9 and another at age 10.

On one victim, she had carved an “M” in his stomach. After the murders Bell was sentenced, and she got out of jail in 1980 when she was 23. This was too early for many Brits to stomach, and those devilish tabloids told the people where Bell was staying. Because of this she had to go into protective custody lest the mob string her up from a lamppost. The plot thickened years later when Bell’s 14-year old daughter started receiving abuse, a girl who hadn’t before then even known what her mom had done. The public was also angered that Bell made money from a book that was written about her. The author of the book said Bell was not a criminal but a “horribly damaged child”. It also turned out that the tabloids that were ostensibly furious about Bell getting some cash for the book had actually offered her more money for her story.

5. Joshua Phillips
This is the story of Joshua Phillips, a story you may have heard as it’s been on TV plenty of times. Philips bludgeoned his 8-year old neighbor, Maddie Clifton, to death in 1998. Search parties went looking for the girl, and in the party was Philips himself. But it was his mom who discovered the gruesome truth when she checked a water bed that was leaking in one of the bedrooms. Stuffed inside the bed was the beaten body of Clifton. She had been beaten with a baseball bat, strangled, and repeatedly stabbed. Philips was arrested while at school and he admitted to the murder straightaway. He was given life in prison without parole. Speaking of his crime, Philips said, “I really don’t know if I deserve (to be released) or not. But I know I want... a second chance. Maybe I deserve to die in prison.” So, what drove him to this act of evil? Some people blame the father, who was a violent alcoholic who ruled over the household with an iron fist. The perpetrator now wants a second chance in life and has appealed his sentence. Many people in America think that he should stay in prison for the rest of his life. Others say crimes such as this merit the death penalty, but there are people who believe some amount of leniency should be shown when it is a child that does the damage. The parents of the girl don’t think so, and they once told press: "We were raising our girls in a Christian home where we prayed every day. What we didn't know was that the devil himself had moved in right across the street.”

4. Robert Thompson and Jon Venables
This is the crime that shook the UK in 1993, a crime that has never been forgotten and remains divisive among the public. The boys that committed the crime were just ten. If you are from the UK and old enough to remember, you will have seen CCTV footage of these two young boys taking a 2-year old from a shopping mall. It later turned out that their first plan had been to abduct a child and then take him into the street and push him in front of a vehicle. But they didn’t do that. Instead they took the child on a journey, all the time hitting him and dropping him on his head. People even saw them with the child, but the boys told them the kid was their little brother. They then took him close to a railway line where they poured paint into the boy’s eyes, stamped on him, threw stones at him, and even put batteries they had bought into the boy’s orifices.

They then killed him by dropping a heavy part of the railway line on his head. They left the boy on the track and he was later cut in half when a train passed. As you can imagine, many of the British people wanted blood. The killers remained hidden and the public was not allowed to know where they were kept. They were released in 2001, but still today people debate what should have been done about this. Are kids that young wholly responsible or should their somewhat abusive backgrounds be taken into consideration? As adults, the two men lived under different identities to protect themselves from street justice. Venables was later arrested numerous times for downloading and distributing child pornography. He is in prison right now for that crime. Robert Thompson, who the press say was the ringleader in the brutal crime, has not re-offended. It’s believed he educated himself and is currently settled down in a stable relationship. Many Brits believe he doesn’t deserve that kind of happiness.

3. Eric Smith
Smith also didn’t get a good start in life. It’s thought that the epilepsy drug his mom was taking while she was pregnant with him may have been one of the reasons this child had extreme violent urges. These urges culminated one day when he was riding his bicycle back from summer camp in Steuben County, New York, in 1993. At the time, Smith was just 13-years old. He came across a 4-year old boy in a park and asked the kid to go further into an area surrounded by trees. There Smith strangled the boy to death.  But the evil didn’t stop there. He then raped the boy with a tree branch and also dropped a large rock onto the boy’s head.

The New York Times described what happened like this: “He then lifted a 26-pound rock in the air and smashed it several times against the boy's head. He took another rock and hurled it into the boy's chest. He poured Kool-Aid from a lunch carton on the body and pulled down the boy's shorts to shove a four-inch stick up his rectum.” As you can imagine, this shocked America. Smith underwent all kinds of psychological examinations and it was said he had something called “intermittent explosive disorder”, which means a person can just fly into a violent rage for no reason. Whilst in jail, Smith wrote to the family of the victim, saying, “If I could go back in time, I would switch places with Derrick and endure all the pain I've caused him. If it meant that he would go on living, I'd switch places, but I can't.” He is still in prison right now, and many Americans think he should stay there forever.

2. Amarjeet Sada
This young Indian boy is said to be the world’s youngest serial killer. The eight-year old comes from Begusarai in the state of Bihar. In 2006, he was convicted of killing three babies, including his sister and cousin. The babies, just a few months old, were either strangled or had their head smashed with a stone. He was called a sadist, but psychologists said he just didn’t know right from wrong and was said to have "Conduct Disorder". As he was so young, he couldn’t go to prison, but it’s thought he spent about three years in a psychiatric facility and also a remand home. He never denied what he did, telling police of one murder, "She was sleeping in the school. I took her a little away and killed her with a stone and buried her.”

As we said at the beginning of this show, sometimes children who are older and have suffered from abuse may commit such violent crimes, but in the case of Sada, psychologists have been stumped given that he was so young. A professor of criminology at Birmingham City University had this to say, “It is impossible to say with certainty whether a person is born a killer or becomes a killer, but most criminologists believe that it is a messy combination of the two.” So, perhaps young Sada didn’t kill because of environmental damage, maybe he was just a natural born killer. Perhaps sadism just runs through some people’s blood.

1. Jesse Harding Pomeroy
This is the story of a young man from Massachusetts who was born way back in 1859. He is known for being America’s most evil kid, and as it seems the USA pretty much has a monopoly on serial killers, we might just call him the world’s worst kid. Stories differ as to how many victims he had, but he brutally tortured many kids aged 4 to 8 when he was aged 12-14. His tools of the trade were knives, sticks, pins, and rope. According to a story in Gizmodo, ”He killed two children and assaulted at least seven more in a criminal career that scarcely spanned a year. At times, he was attacking a boy a week.” He really was quite the sadist, too.

There is one report that says he tied some kids up to a beam and whipped them until they were unconscious. With other kids, he put pins in their bodies and mutilated their faces with a knife. What makes him different from some other people on this list is that he seemed to take great joy in his work, sounding something like a character from a Marquis de Sade novel (that’s where the name ‘sadist’ comes from by the way. His books are not for the faint-hearted). It’s said Jesse loved those acts of sadism. According to reports, and interviews with some of his victims, when Jesse was beating and stabbing them, he would laugh out loud. According to his own mother, he had a normal upbringing. They had money and his parents were kind to him.

She also said that he was a sickly kid, and around him was a certain kind of darkness. This became known early on as it’s reported he had strangled dogs and stabbed cats. After his first few tortures, he was caught and sent to juvenile reform prison but was released just after a year. Later, two kids were found stabbed and tortured… and dead; one had been almost castrated. Yep, it was Jesse. He was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to hang. But being a child, this didn’t go down well with some people. His sentence was later reduced to life in solitary confinement. Apparently, he tried to escape a number of times and then gave up. Over the decades in solitary, it’s said he read 8,000 books and became fluent in several languages. In all, the ‘Boston Boy Fiend’ served 59 years. He died at age 72 in 1932. So, what do you think about all these cases? Should we show leniency to kids who kill? Does their background mitigate what they did? Are some people just born bad or is nurture always working with nature? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video called The Most Infamous Serial Killer - Why Was He Never Found!

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