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10 Insane True Crime Stories That Deserve Their Own Netflix Shows

10. The Disappearance of Bobby Dunbar
In 1912, four-year-old Bobby Dunbar disappeared in Louisiana. 8 months later, a lookalike child had been found in Mississippi, with a man named William Winters. Winters affirmed the boy was his nephew, Bruce, travelling with him with the permission of the boy’s mother, Julia Anderson. But the Dunbar family were CONVINCED that it was Bobby. The court found the boy to be Bobby and awarded custody to the Dunbars. Meanwhile Winters was found guilty of kidnapping and spent 2 years in jail while the boy was raised as a Dunbar.

In the 21st century, Bobby's son, Bobby Dunbar Jr., took a DNA test. It showed he was NOT related to the Dunbars - meaning Bobby WAS Bruce all along. That means William Winters was wrongfully convicted of a crime, Julia Anderson had her biological son taken from her, and the fate of the REAL Bobby Dunbar is still a mystery.

9. The Double Life of Lawrence Bader
In 1957 Lawrence Bader disappeared after taking his boat out on Lake Erie. He left behind three children and a pregnant wife. But 8 years later, Bader’s doppelganger was found in Chicago. The man’s name was John ‘Fritz’ Johnson, a well-known television personality. Johnson insisted that he wasn’t the missing Bader. He claimed he was brought up in an orphanage and was in the Navy before he moved to Nebraska where he married and had children.

He took a fingerprint test and, guess what, Johnson's fingerprints matched Bader's. Johnson lost his television job and, when his SECOND wife found out, she annulled their marriage. Not only that, but being brought back to life meant the life insurance company wanted their $40,000 payout back from his FIRST wife. Johnson stated he had NO memory of being Bader. He said he had amnesia which had not only wiped his memory, but had also created false ones.

8. The Love Story of Dr Carl Tanzler
In 1930 Dr Carl Tanzler was working at a hospital in Florida when he met patient Maria Elena Milagro de Hoyos - the woman of his dreams - and with whom he soon became obsessed. Maria had tuberculosis and, despite Tanzler’s best efforts to save her, she eventually died. Tazler visited Maria’s grave most nights. Then, after two years, he dug up her body and took it to a new resting place - his home.

Using a clothes hanger wire, he joined her skeleton, put glass eyes in her sockets, made new skin with wax-coated fabric and plaster, dressed her in her own clothes. After keeping her in his bed for SEVEN years, the jig was FINALLY up and Tanzler was arrested and charged with desecration of her grave. But as the crime had passed the statute of limitations at the time, the case was dismissed. Maria’s body was finally returned to a proper resting place.

7. The Marriage Of Valerie Spruill
Valerie Spruill was made to live with her grandparents when she was 3 months old. She was told that her grandfather was her father and that a woman who was simply a family friend was her mother. But this was a lie. Later in life, Valerie married a man named Percy who was 15 years her senior. In 1998, Percy died at the age of 60. But it was only SIX years LATER that the rumours and hearsay about the true nature of their relationship she’d heard throughout her marriage was confirmed.

In 2004, Valerie’s uncle informed her that the rumours WERE true and a DNA test confirmed it. But what did it confirm? That Percy, Valerie’s husband, was in fact her biological father. Percy Spruill was just 15 when he met Valerie’s biological mother, who was a well-known ‘night lady’. It remains unknown whether Percy knew who he was marrying.

6. The Liquid Matthew Case
In December 1983, a man was found dead in a parking lot in Florida. A note was found nearby reading: “Now the motive is clear and the victim is too. You’ve got all the answers. Just follow the clues.” It contained a riddle which led police to another note reading: “Yes, Matthew is dead, but his body not felt. Those brains were not Matt’s because his body did melt. For Billy threw Matthew in some hot boiling oil. To confuse the police for the mystery they did toil.”

While this may seem like the murderer was DELIBERATELY trying to tease the police, there was in fact a surprisingly innocent explanation. On Halloween, local churches had organized a murder mystery game where cryptic clues were placed in the vicinity - but they hadn’t been removed AFTER the event. By complete coincidence, a REAL murder had taken place in the exact same area, the motive for which was believed to have been related to drug smuggling.

5. The Reappearance Of Bobby Worley
In 1968, ex-convict Bobby Worley disappeared. While his family presumed him dead for over two decades, in 1993 they finally got the answers they were looking for. The answers, bizarrely, came following the death of famous New York Drag Queen, Dorian Corey. When Dorian’s apartment was being cleared out after his death, a large trunk was  discovered. Inside was a partially mummified body and, as you can probably guess, a fingerprint check confirmed that it was Bobby Worley.

An autopsy revealed that Worley had been shot and was believed to have been dead for between FIFTEEN to TWENTY-FIVE years. Exactly how the murder happened still remains a mystery but before Worley’s disappearance, his brother recalled him talking about a relationship with a transvestite named Dorian. The most widely-believed rumour is that Worley was shot by Corey in self-defense and that his mummified body was concealed in the trunk to avoid a scandal.

4. The Crime of Antoinette Frank
In New Orleans in 1995 a robbery took place in a restaurant and an off-duty police officer was shot. Police arrived on the scene and immediately arrested one of the culprits. Pretty standard, right? Well not in this case since the person they arrested was one of their OWN officers. Officer Antoinette Frank and friend Rogers Lacaze [La-car-zee] were responsible for the robbery. A fellow colleague of Frank, Officer Williams had been working at the restaurant that night as security but ended up being shot by Lacaze, along with a restaurant worker, during the seize.

After the pair fled the scene, another restaurant worker called 911 which Frank heard through her portable radio. Posing as a responding officer, she returned to the scene, planning to kill the remaining witnesses. She entered the back of the restaurant, but, luckily, the witnesses were waiting at the front when other officers arrived. Frank was immediately arrested and is now one of two women on death row in Louisiana.

3. The Friend of Ann Rule
In 1971 crime writer Ann Rule was volunteering as a suicide hotline operator when she quickly became friends with a fellow colleague, so much so, that he shared extremely personal details and stories with her. A few years later, Rule was investigating the unsolved murders of women in when she discovered that one of the women had heard the killer call himself ‘Ted’ - the same name of her close friend. And he ALSO matched the killer’s PHYSICAL description. Turned out, it was notorious serial killer Ted Bundy.

So Ann informed the police but no immediate action was taken - Bundy continued to kill and Rule continued to be his friend. When he began a prison sentence in 1976, Rule STILL corresponded with him, visited him and even sent him money. He was found guilty of murder in 1979, confessing to 30 killings, and was sentenced to death via the electric chair.

2. The Vampiress of Barcelona
In early 20th century Barcelona, Enriqueta Marti [En-ree-ketta Mar-tee] was working as a prostitute at night and beggar during the day. She also made children on the street, ranging from infants to up to 9 years old, follow her own agenda and introduced them to prostitution.

Enriqueta would lure the children back to her house, kill them and drink their blood, earning her the name ‘The Vampiress of Barcelona’. Also a witch-doctor, she received large sums of money for her potions. But what people didn’t know was that the ingredients came from the remains of the children that she killed.

She was finally arrested in 1912 after a life of crime spanning a decade. Forensic experts managed to number her total killings to AT LEAST twelve children with the evidence form her lair. They also found 50 jars of children’s remains. Marti died a year after her arrest at the hands of her fellow prison inmates by lynching.

1. The Arkansas Ghost Trial
In 1929 a man named Connie Franklin and a woman named Tiller Ruminer left town to get married, but Ruminer came back alone. Months later she told the police that she and Franklin had been attacked by 4 men who then burned Franklin alive, but forced her to keep quiet. The four men were charged with murder but a twist came in the form of the defense’s primary witness - Connie Franklin.

Yes a man claiming to be Connie Franklin showed up saying Ruminer told him she didn't want to get married, so he left and never came back. But a fingerprint test showed that ‘Connie Franklin’ was in fact a man named Marion Rogers. Now, bear with me here, while this proved he wasn’t Connie Franklin by name, it DIDN’T prove to the jury that he WASN’T the person that Ruminer was supposed to marry and the one who had allegedly been killed. The four defendants were eventually acquitted as the jury couldn’t be absolutely certain that Marion wasn’t Ruminer’s ‘Connie’.

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