Top 15 Scariest Deaths That Remain Unsolved

Top 15 Scariest Deaths That Remain Unsolved

15. “Please Recycle”
On September 22nd, 2012, Canadian student Garrett Elsey sent a text message to his parents letting them know he had made it to the United Kingdom without a problem. By the next day, the 22-year-old was found crushed to death in the back of a garbage truck. Investigators pieced together the events of the night before and learned that Garrett had gone out drinking with an old friend.

At some point during a night of drunken bar hopping, Garrett was kicked out by bouncers while his friend was using the restroom. This was the last time anyone saw Garrett again. According to police officials, Garrett most likely wandered around the streets for a while in a drunken haze. He then came across a large metal bin and climbed inside to avoid the harsh cold of the autumn night.

When he woke up two hours later, he was being slowly crushed to death. All of the injuries suggest that Garrett was still alive as the walls of the trash compactor slowly closed in on him. A neighbor with his window open heard the screams, but he was used to hearing rowdy students so he did nothing about it. Still, nobody can say for sure exactly what happened to Garrett after he was thrown out of the bar that night.

Could Garrett have angered someone at the bar enough to follow him, knock him out and toss him in one of the disposal bins? Garrett was not robbed. His passport was on still him and his wallet contained all of his money, so if anybody did hurt him, it had to have been out of anger.

The workers at the recycling plant have caught three other people sleeping in their containers before, and they say nobody has ever chosen the large steel bin that Garrett was found in. Instead, they always preferred to sleep in the plastic ones because they were softer. This isn’t enough to prove police wrong, but it certainly does raise some suspicions.

14. “Don’t Open the Trunk”
In 1986, a man named Newell Sessions was living in Thermopolis , Wyoming when he decided to finally open an old trunk that was laying around in his shed. His friend had left the trunk with him a full six years ago and he had since grown tired of waiting for him to come back for it. When Newell pried open the lock, a full skeleton grinned back at him.

Newell immediately called his friend to ask where he got the thing from, but his friend couldn’t remember. A garage sale was his best guess. The police disagreed and found this story incredibly suspicious. Who would buy a large and heavy trunk at a garage sale and not open it for years? When they x-rayed the skeleton, they found a bullet in its head. The angle of the bullet suggested the person had been murdered as opposed to committing suicide.

All signs pointed towards Newell’s friend as the murderer. Later, when they found out the bullet was fired from a gun made in 1908 – well before the murder suspect was even born – then they knew it was not him. His name has since been withheld by police to protect his innocence. Still, no matter how hard authorities pressed him, Newell’s friend could not recall exactly when or where he bought the trunk.

He said he could have bought it in one of as many as three different states, and maybe as early as 1973. Police think that he knows more than he is letting on, but even though he probably knows who originally killed the man, they can’t pin anything on him. The case remains unresolved to this day.

13. “Dead and Rotting”
In 2006, London housing officials conducted a sweep on a shady apartment building where almost all of the tenants owed rent money. The building was also a haven for drug use and all sorts of other types of local crime. Just the other week, for example, someone was found dead in the elevator still holding onto a bag of alcohol.

They housing officials came across one apartment in particular that the residents said had been abandoned for years. When they took the door off the hinges and stepped inside for a look, they were surprised to find a skeleton rotting on the couch. All of the food and medication in the apartment had expired in 2003, meaning the person had been dead for around three years.

Some stuff didn’t make sense though, like how their television and electricity were still running, why they hadn’t been evicted for not paying rent in years, and why they were surrounded by unwrapped Christmas presents. The corpse was eventually identified by dental records as Joyce Carol Vincent, a loner who drifted in and out of people’s lives for years at a time.

As such, nobody noticed when she went missing and nobody reported her. Since the government paid for half of her housing, it looked like she was still making partial rent payments, and her electricity stayed on due to automatic  payments and a debt forgiveness system aimed at helping the poor.

Neighbors thought the constant rotting smell was coming from two nearby dumpsters outside, and nobody investigated any further until they noticed that she owed thousands in back rent. Joyce’s exact cause of death is unresolved. Her remains were too decomposed to tell for sure. Theories range from asthma to a stomach ulcer, but other people are convinced of murder. She was 38 when she died, and 41 when she was discovered.

12. “6 Feet ‘Down Under”
There was an Australian physicist named Dr. Gilbert Bogle who worked for the government doing research on lasers. On New Year’s Eve of 1962, Gilbert and his wife, Margaret, snuck out on a nearby riverbank together to have a little late-night fun. It was the last time they would ever be able to enjoy each other’s company again. The next day, both of them were found half naked and dead, covered in vomit and feces. At first it looked like they may have suffered from a poisoning, but an autopsy revealed no signs of foul play.

In fact, they couldn’t determine a cause of death at all. The scene made absolutely no sense at all to investigators. The best they could come up with is an invisible gas bubble came out of the polluted river and choked them to death. Still, this riverbank was a popular make-out spot. Why would these two be the only people to die? Since he was a researcher, many people think that the doctor was murdered due to his government connections. The laser that he was working on was reportedly later used to guide smart bombs in Vietnam. Both of their deaths remain completely unsolved.

11. “Don’t Shoot the Messenger”
In 1999, a woman driving along a stretch of Missouri [“Miz-zor-ree” (say “zor” like the first syllable of “Zorro”) highway spotted a dead body frying under the hot June sun. Using fingerprints, police found out the rotten body belonged to Ricky McCormick , a 41-year-old man who lived about 15 miles from where he was found. Finding a body by the side of the road usually means foul play, and Ricky’s case seemed no different.

For one, this forgotten mile had long been a popular spot to dispose of murder victims in the past. Two, his throat appeared to be slashed. What separates this from most murders, however, was what they found in his pocket. Ricky died with couple sheets of paper of him. These mysterious papers had over 30 lines of letters and numbers arranged in some sort of code.

For whatever reason, Ricky’s handwritten documents have sparked the interest of the FBI ever since. Yet try as they may, even their best men have been unable to crack the code. Investigators didn’t have to look hard to find a motive. There were plenty of reasons for the local population to want to kill Ricky. The man had been convicted for raping a minor, but he had only served less than a year in prison. Still, why would the FBI continue to care about the letters for so many years after his death? What important information could Ricky and his message be hiding, if anything at all? The FBI has since asked public’s help with cracking the code.

10. “Another Encrypted Demise”
Ricky McCormick was not the only man to die with a mysterious message on him. In December of 1948, a dead body washed ashore on the South Australian beach of Somerton , and his bizarre message has made him famous ever since. The unknown man was first seen by a jeweler named John Bain Lyons and his wife as they were going for a romantic walk. They noticed him laying against the sea wall, hardly moving. He was dressed nicely and seemed to be of no harm, so they decided not disturb him. It was not until the next day when John returned and saw the body still there that he knew something was wrong.

Investigators found no identification on the body and fingerprints turned up nothing. Stranger still, the man’s clothing tags had been carefully cut away. It was as if someone really didn’t want his identity to be discovered. They eventually tracked down his suitcase by searching every nearby hotel and laundromat, but it had no stickers on it and the label had been torn off. The only way they were able to determine that it had belonged to him in the first place was by matching a spool of orange thread found in the suitcase with an identical piece of orange thread that he had used to sew his pants.

The clothing inside of the suitcase had some labels on it – somebody with the first initial of “T” and a last name of “Keane” . Police would later determine that there was nobody by this name. The fake labels had been deliberately put there to throw them off track. Then they found a hidden pocket in the trousers that the man was wearing. Inside this pocket was a scrap of paper torn from an extremely rare collection of Persian poems.

Somebody had ripped two foreign words from the pages which roughly translated into a phrase meaning, “It is ended”. Sometime later, a person comes forward with a copy of the extremely rare Persian book. Missing from the book are the exact same two words that were found in the man’s pocket. On the reverse side of the page is a coded message. The case has taken a number of different twists since then, but ultimately nobody has been able to figure out the code means, who the man was or even how exactly he died.

9. “The House Visit”
In December of 1966, Don Gosnell was a meterman living in Coudersport, Pennsylvania. He let himself into the basement of an elderly man named John Irving Bentley to read his electric meter like usual. J. R. Bentley had been a family doctor for 25 years, but now he was a 92-year-old man who lived entirely on his own. He didn’t leave the house much ever since a hip replacement left him with problems moving around. As soon as Don let walked into the  basement, he knew something was not right. There a giant hole in the ceiling and the edges were still glowing red with heat. Smoke was everywhere. Something had blown up recently. The air smelled strangely sweet.

As Bentley went through the house to investigate, he came across the good doctor’s remains in the bathroom. All that was left was a burned lower leg next to 2-by-4-foot hole in the floor. The doctor’s foot was still inside of his slipper, his burnt bathrobe was still partially there, and his walker had fallen against the tub. The rest of him was completely missing.

When the fire marshal investigated, he didn’t know what to think. He knew that it would take 2,500 degrees of heat and several hours to disintegrate a body like that. So why then was the bathtub hardly burned, why were the rubber tips of the walker not melted, and why was the rest of the house completely fine? Nobody knows. Many people believe this was a case of spontaneous combustion , which is where a person literally blows up for no reason at all.

8. “The Unluckiest Irishman”
Dr. John Irving Bentley may be an early case of spontaneous combustion, but he is far from the last. In 2010, Michael Faherty made Irish history by similarly blowing the heck up for no reason at all. Michael was 76 years old when he was found dead at his house. According to investigators, he was lying on his back with his head next to an open fireplace. The fireplace was roaring with a fire that was determined to have somehow started from Michael’s body. His corpse was completely burnt and the ceiling and floor were burnt as well, which meant that at one point there was a huge flash of heat. Everything else in the home was fine.

The official cause of death was spontaneous combustion, the first verified case in the country’s long history. A lot of people have trouble believing this verdict, but they can offer no other explanation as to why Michael’s would be completely burned, yet the surrounding areas of his house still relatively intact.

Even though Michael’s death has an official-sounding name, the actual mechanisms behind spontaneous combustion are so little understood that at this point it’s little more than a working theory for now. A true case of instance of spontaneous combustion has never been witnessed or recorded in real time. Until then, all scientists have to work with is the grisly aftermath.

7. “Bewitched”
In 1991, a woman living in Fayetteville , North Carolina got a disturbing phone call from her old friend in Washington, a man named Christopher Case. Christopher was 35 years old and had recently moved to Seattle, but it didn’t sound like the move was going very well at all. In fact, he sounded to be on the verge of panic.

Chris explained how, of all the things that could have gone wrong, a witch had actually managed to put a curse on him. The witch had fallen in love with Chris at first, but he had refused her advances, so she put a curse on him instead. When Chris hung up the phone, his friend felt worried for him, so she called Seattle police and told them to check on his residence. When they got there, what they found was beyond strange.

Chris had crammed his house with candles and crucifixes everywhere. He had also poured salt all around the perimeter of his apartment walls. He was found dead with all of his clothes on in a bathtub that had no water in it. The official ruling of his death was heart failure, but nobody could tell exactly why. The supposed witch who cursed him has never been found.

6. “Nevermore”
Edgar Allen Poe died as mysteriously as any character did in his poems or short stories. He himself was found in the gutters of 1849 Baltimore, Maryland by a journalist named Joseph Walker. Poe told him to write to a magazine editor friend named Joseph Snodgrass because he had medical training and could help. While they waited for a response, Poe ranted and raved for days as his health got worse.

He was hallucinating and kept calling out for somebody named “Reynolds”. Four days later, he was dead. Medical examiners said the cause was brain swelling, and theories of his death range from alcohol abuse to a beating – even rabies. Nobody but Poe will ever know what truly happened.

5. “Hoffa Nice Day”
When something is lost forever, an older person might say that they “put it next to the body of Jimmy Hoffa”. But who exactly is this person, and why is their disappearance famous enough to get its very own euphemism? Jimmy Hoffa was in charge of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, which was the largest workers’ union in the United States. In 1975, federal authorities learned that millions of dollars had gone missing from the Teamsters’ pension. Two weeks later, Hoffa went missing with it.

Jimmy Hoffa had a lot of enemies during his lifetime, including the entire Kennedy family. They had been going at it since the 1960s, ever since Robert Kennedy held monthly committee meetings to grill Hoffa on his union activities. When his brother, JFK, was assassinated, Jimmy Hoffa stood on a chair and clapped. Eventually, the many lawsuits against Hoffa got the best of him. He was found guilty by way of jury tampering and pension fraud.

He was eventually pardoned by Richard Nixon in 1971 for helping him win the election earlier. Nixon told him that he could not participate in any more union business, but Hoffa decided to assume his former position as head of the union anyway. He went to the parking lot of a restaurant one day to hold a meeting and never returned. To this day, absolutely nobody knows what happened to him.

 4. “The Secret Base of Death”
At first glance, the small town of Fernald , Ohio looks safe and unassuming, especially back in the early 1980s. Most of the town at that time worked at The Feed Materials Production Center, a nearby dog food processing plant that they thought was owned by the Purina Chow company. Little did they know, however, that the plant was involved in something much more dangerous than just making dog food.

Dave Bocks was one of the pipefitters who inspected and repaired various mechanical systems throughout the factory. He was a vital asset to the plant, so they let him in on a big secret – a secret so big, it most likely cost him his life. One morning, a technician noticed that his furnace was acting strange and had a foul odor. The plant workers didn’t think much of it until Dave Bocks failed to show up for an important meeting later.

This was totally unlike him, so when they checked their logs, they were surprised to find that the plant’s core temperature took a dip at around 5 in the morning, something that happens only when something large falls into the furnace – like a body. When they searched the furnace, they found a set of keys belonging to Dave Bocks. It looked like a simple accident to everyone, but this didn’t sit right with a worker named Harry Easterling.

He had watched as Dave put his keys on top of his workbox at the beginning of his shift. The keys remained there until at least 7 in the morning when Harry came back for his next shift the day after. So if Dave fell in the furnace at 5 in the morning, and the keys were found with his remains, then how did Harry see the same keys on top of the workbox a full two hours later? Unless someone had thrown Dave into the furnace at 5am and then chucked his keys in there a couple hours later.

But why would someone want to kill Dave? Well, it turns out that this no dog food processing plant, and Dave knew about it. They did happen to make some dog food, but that was just a cover-up for their real purpose. This was actually a nuclear weapons plant owned not by Purina, but rather by the government, and it had been leaking high levels of radiation into the environment ever since the 1950s. Dave’s mysterious death occurred only weeks before the scandal became public. Many people think that he was murdered before he could blow the whistle, but the official ruling is still an accident. Weirder still is that he died in a different area of the plant then he normally works at. What he was doing there and how he fell in is unresolved.

3. “India’s Deadliest Canal”
There’s a place in India where bodies have been constantly washing up for the past five years. The Bhakra Canal in India has a steady supply of dead bodies that get stranded on land and eaten by stray dogs. Nobody knows why all of these bodies are showing up, but many guess that they are farmers who have committed suicide.

Since the mid-1990s, it has been estimated that more than 250 million Indian farmers have killed themselves. Other explanations for the mass deaths could be family homicides and fatal accidents while using industrial farming equipment. Why they choose the Bhakra Canal as a dumping ground is anyone’s guess. Although government officials have pledged to identify as bodies as best as they can and give them a proper burial, nobody will truly know why the bodies are there to begin with.

2. “The Jack-and-Dive”
In 1971, a man boarded a plane heading for Seattle, Washington at the Portland International Airport. Once the plane was in the air, he gave the flight crew a note saying that he had a bomb in his briefcase, and that he wanted 200  thousand dollars along with some parachutes. His ticket identified himself as Dan Cooper, though this name is obviously a fake.

Somehow, his plan seemed to be working. The plane landed Seattle and Dan traded most of the hostages with the FBI for the parachutes and the cash. He ordered the plane to take off again, and then he actually used one of the parachutes to skydive out of the plane with all of the money.

The FBI decided that he most likely died somewhere over the woods of the state of Washington and have written this case off ever since. At one point, they were even sure that they had found his skull. However, nine years later, in 1980, a little boy found $5,800 buried by the Columbia River in Washington. The serial numbers of the bills are the same as the money that the FBI gave to the hijacker. Apparently somebody had found the money and buried it. Could it have been Dan Cooper?

1. “Sliced and Crashed”
In 2003, a 54-year-old man named Philip Michael Shue fatally ran his car off of a Texas roadway into a tree. He had just bought a new home and drank coffee in bed with his wife that morning. Two hours later, he was dead. Aside from the expected head trauma, examiners found that his camo fatigues had been ripped wide open. There was a large gash in his abdomen that was made with a sharp instrument, and his pinky finger along was removed along with both nipples. None of these missing body parts were ever recovered from the scene. Duct tape was on both of his wrists and on his boots, too.

Over the course of three years leading up to his death, Philip Shue had been receiving letters that threatened his life. He also decided to update his will only five days before he died. Still, the medical examiners decided to rule this death as a suicide. They offer no explanation as to how Philip could have gone from calmly drinking coffee with his wife to mutilating himself and crashing into a tree on the same day.

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10 Scariest Real Horror Stories
10. Barrie Hepburn
Barrie Hepburn was a sports car enthusiast who was sadly involved in a shooting that left him a paraplegic and wheel chair bound. According to sources, he had made numerous requests to his doctor to have his legs amputated so he could get in and out of his sports car more easily. When his doctors refused, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Hepburn attempted to remove one of his legs with a hacksaw figuring that his doctor's would have to finish the job he started. Paramedics arrived shortly after Hepburn called 911 and found him dead with his right leg almost completely cut off and a packed bag for the hospital sitting beside him.

9. Elisa Lam
Elisa Lam was a 21-year-old Canadian-Asian student who was staying at the Cecil Hotel at the time of her death, in January 2014. The Cecil hotel once housed two serial killers, Richard Ramirez and Jack Unterweger, making this story all the creepier. Lam's body was discovered after residents of the hotel began to complain about the taste and color of the drinking water. As it turned out, Lam's body had been lying in the water tank for two weeks. Her death was ruled accidental but there were some interesting circumstances surrounding the case that led many to suspect foul play. First of all, there was no way for Lam to get on the roof by herself, as there was an alarm. Second of all, there was no way Lam could have opened the water tank by herself, and of course there is the last known footage of Lam seen alive, showing her behaving erratically.

8. Greg Garrett
Greg Garrett, a young boy in Enfield, Illinois, was playing in his backyard when an unknown animal attacked him. The attack left the boy in a puddle of tears and confusion. Just moments after Greg's attack, another local resident named Henry McDaniel opened his front door to find the same creature that had just attacked Greg. Henry grabbed his gun and took a shot at the creature before it bounded away. Both Henry and Greg described the creature as having three legs, stubby arms with claws, hairy, slimy and having reddish-pink eyes. Luckily the creature hasn't been seen since.

7. Dog Suicides At Overtoun Bridge
The terrible events that have occurred at Overtoun Bridge are ones that will most likely never be explained. According to the Dailymail, over the course of 50 years, 50 dogs have jumped to their death at Overtoun Bridge, and in one short six-month period, a grand total of five dogs jumped to their death. There have been many people who have tried to solve the mystery of Overtoun Bridge but to no avail. There have been many theories as to why the dogs jumped, such as the bridge being haunted, the dogs sensing a human presence, or a nuclear base that omits a sound only audible to dogs.

6. Kelly Anne Bates
Kelly Anne Bates was the victim of horrific torture and ultimate murder at the hands of her boyfriend, James Smith. On April 17, 1996, Smith told police that he had accidentally killed his girlfriend in the bathtub. When investigators got to the scene of the crime, they made a gruesome discovery. According to sources, Bates' blood was found all over Smith's apartment. It soon became apparent that Bates had been tortured for weeks before her death. When describing Bates' torture, the prosecutor at Smith's trial said, "It was as if he deliberately disfigured her, causing her the utmost pain, distress, and degradation". Smith was found guilty of his crimes and received life in prison.

5. Bella In The Wych Elm
On April 18, 1943, four boys had the scare of their life when they found a human skull in a large Wych elm. One of the boys told his parents what they had seen and an investigation began. When police first checked the tree trunk, they found a nearly complete human skeleton. Along with the skeleton was a shoe, a golden wedding ring, and some pieces of clothing. Forensics quickly established that the body was female and had been dead approximately 18 months, but the identification of the female was a bit trickier. The mystery continued to haunt people in 1944 and 1999, when the message "Who put Bella in the Wych Elm" was painted on a wall and on a Wychbury Obelisk, respectively.

4. Terry Cottle And Sonny Graham
In 2008, a man who had received a heart transplant twelve years previously, shot himself and died. Here comes the interesting part, Sonny Graham had received his new heart from his wife's deceased husband, Terry Cottle. His wife's deceased husband died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. According to sources, Graham met his wife because he was so grateful for his new heart that he started writing letters to his donor's family. When he and his future wife finally met face-to-face, Graham explained, "I felt like I had known her for years. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. I just stared."

3. The Winchester House
The Winchester house was the residence of Sarah Winchester, the widow to gun magnate, William Wirt Winchester. Today, the house is better known for the mysteries it contains. Apparently, people that were killed by Winchester rifles and even Sarah Winchester herself, haunt the house. The story goes that Sarah was told by a medium that spirits would haunt her forever and even attempt to kill her unless she built the mansion and never stopped building it. To make things even creepier, Sarah believed that the number 13 would calm the spirits that haunted her. As such, many things in her house, like her chandelier, and even her sink drain cover have 13 holes.

2. Allen Showery
Allen Showery murdered Teresita Basa in 1976, by stabbing her to death and then setting her on fire. The reason police called him in for questioning a year later, is because Teresita told them about her killer. According to sources, a woman named Remy Chua saw Teresita roaming the halls of the hospital that both she and Teresita had worked at. Soon after, Remy's personality drastically changed. Things came to a high point when Remy started talking in Teresita's voice. Teresita talked to her husband and told her that Allen had killed her. She even mentioned some of the articles that both of them had stolen from her apartment. This information proved crucial and Allen was convicted of murder.

1. Carissa Glenn
When 18-year-old Carissa Glenn moved into her new flat, she knew something was wrong. She had the eerie feeling that someone or something was with her when she was alone at night. When Glenn heard a rumor that the previous tenant of her apartment had hanged himself, Glenn's suspicions were confirmed. Glenn told her family and friends about her fears and the terrifying nightmares she'd been having. Then in 2008, the worst happened. After a night out drinking with her friends, Clarissa hung herself with her scarf. Her friends were shocked, all of them said she'd been happy with the exception of one thing, she didn't want to go back to her apartment.

10 Scary Cursed Objects Scientists Still Can't Explain
Many objects around the world cause interest and intrigue, but other objects attract attention for all the wrong reasons, causing suffering, stress, anxiety, and sometimes, even death. This list is full of mysterious objects like this so keep watching to find out the top 10 most cursed objects in the world.

10. James Dean's car
James Dean was an incredibly popular actor decades ago. Just before he performed in his most famous role, a lead role in "A Rebel Without a Cause," he had begun trying to kickstart a career in car racing. He competed in one competition before Warner Brother's banned him from taking part in any competition while filming for the movie "Giant." Unfortunately, this ban went unheeded and James Dean sadly crashed his Porsche 550 Spyder and died. But the story gets weird when we focus on the car in question. Famous actor Alec Guinness recalls looking at Dean's car, turning to James, and telling him he was going to die in it, and that it was a sinister car. After James died, George Barris bought the wrecked Prosche for 25 hundred dollars. Strangely, a mechanic broke his leg getting it off the trailer. The car parts were integrated into other Porsches, two of which crashed, killing one person and seriously injuring another.

9. Thomas Busby's Dead Man's Chair
Thomas Busby was a murderer who lived in the north of Yorkshire in the UK around the 1600s. Busby married Elizabeth, the daughter of a man named Daniel Awety. He and Daniel became friends and partners in crime for quite a while, though supposedly, Busby was always in the foulest of moods with Awety. One faithful day, Busby grew so angry with Awety that Awety actually made his way around Thomas Busby's inn and threatened to take Elizabeth home with him. What made the dangerous drunkard even more angry was that Awety was sitting in his favorite seat.

Busby threw him out, and later that night, went over to his house with a hammer and murdered Daniel Awety. He was sentenced to death for the crime. The legend goes that Busby cursed his favorite chair before he left to be killed and wished death upon all those that sat on it. Strangely enough, in 1894, a chimney sweep was found dead out near Busby's gibit. The sweep had sat in that cursed chair. Again, during the second world war, a team of RCAF men were goading each other to sit in the chair. None of the men would make it back home alive and were killed in the war. Once again in 1968, the soon to be landlord, Tony Earnshaw, reported hearing two Airmen daring each other to sit in the chair. They both reportedly crashed in a car on the way back to the airfield. Fortunately, the seat now hangs as an attraction in the Thirsk Museum so no one can sit on it.

8. "The Crying Boy" painting
There are a load of supposedly cursed paintings in the world, a lot of which reportedly bring death to those that own them. One particularly interesting painting is "The Crying Boy" painted by Giovanni Bragolin in the 1950s as part of a series. It proved to be quite popular in its time, but it turns out the owners of this painting were met with a strange and eerie set of events. Multiple owners of the painting have been reported to have suffered a terrible fire in their homes, two of which happened for the same reason: a chip pan became too hot and exploded. Many things were destroyed in the blaze, but in both instances, the painting remained untouched. The rumor then blew up even more as the firefighter claimed that he had been to fifteen houses where he found that painting completely untouched. "The Sun," a popular tabloid newspaper in the UK, ran story after story claiming more and more people had been sufferers of bad luck through owning the painting. It was concluded that the painting must've been printed on flame retardant material, but for those families back in the days of the 60s and 70s, the curse is all too real. Another more modern painting that has been claimed to be cursed also exists in the UK, and is entitled "The Anguished Man." There are a lot of cursed artists out there, by the sounds of it.

7. The skull of Katherine Griffith
Katherine Griffith lived in Burton Agnes Hall around the 1600s. Supposedly, the story goes that one afternoon, when the house was almost officially finished, Katherine was robbed by a group of thugs, who also beat her to death. She had told her sisters before she died that she would never rest until a part of her was safe in that house. Yet her sisters forgot about this, and she was buried in the churchyard. The house preceded to be haunted by her ghost. The sisters, realizing their mistake, sought to make peace with the vicar and asked if they can dig up their sister. The grave was dug up and Katherine's skull was brought into the house. After a while, many attempts were made to get rid of it but every single time, strange and ghostly things would happen around the house. It is believed that all these years after, the skull is still in the house, built into the walls. Thank God she's in the house, because she'd be causing a fuss if she wasn't.

6. Robert the doll
Robert Eugene Otto was the first owner of this doll, which resembles a boy with a sailor's suit on. His relationship with the doll was very questionable. Supposedly, a young Robert began to blame mishaps and accidents on the doll. Servants also reported that he had closed door conversations with the doll, saying they could also hear a deeper tone voice replying and conversing with the child. Robert's relationship with the doll continued into his adult life. He reportedly treated it like a real person, and the two of them were inseparable. After Otto's death, many people reported hearing giggling and footsteps from the attic and children that passed by Robert's house would often claim to see the doll move from the window regularly. Although the doll is locked in a glass case in a museum now, people still report that lights flicker, cameras malfunction, and tourists must ask to take a picture of Robert, or suffer dire consequences. Speaking of dolls that inspire movies, did you know that the Annabelle doll is also real? It looks a bit different that the one in the movie, but it's just as scary.

5. The Basano Vase
The Basasno Vase is probably one of the oldest artifacts in this list. It was carved from silver in the 15th century. The legend goes that it was a gift made for a bride who resided in the northern village close to Naples. However on her wedding night, the bride was found lying on the floor dead, clutching the vase. After the woman's funeral was sorted out, the vase began to be handed down from family member to family member, but with each person that decided to take ownership of the vase came another suspicious death. Some reports even state that the vase had a piece of parchment in it that read 'beware, this vase brings death,' but that it was thrown out very early on. An archeologist took ownership of the vase, only to die of an unknown infection. And one of the vase's last known actions was to nearly hit a policeman on the head as someone threw it out of a window. It was handed over to police, who tried to give it to museums, who all flat out refused to take it. After a while, it was buried in an undisclosed location. Some even claim it was considered so dangerous, it was buried in a lead coffin and put in an ancient cemetery. Whereever it is, let's hope it stays in the ground.

4. The Hope Diamond
It was supposedly stolen by a thief from the face of an idol standing by an Indian temple. The thief suffered a slow, agonizing death shortly after this. It was then uncovered again and was sold to King Louie the Fourteenth by a French merchant who soon met his death as well. Of course Louie and his wife Marie Antoinette are often referred to as victims of the diamond, as they were beheaded in the overthrowing of the monarchy. From then, everybody that was reportedly to have owned the diamond has suffered a horrible death. There are a lot of jewels that are said to be cursed, such as the Delhi Purple Sapphire, another jewel stolen from it's resting place and passed around owners. Each owner has reportedly suffered bad financial situations and health problems. When will we learn that jewels stolen from spiritual places can cause bad luck by the bucketful?

3. Maori Warrior Mask
The Maori people are the indigenous, or original inhabitants of New Zealand before settlers went over there. Their ancient practices remain a bit of a mystery to historians, but what we do know is the masks from those times were carved before battle. It was said that if the warrior died in battle, his soul would be encased in the mask forever. Sounds like just another silly story? Well at the Auckland Museum, the masks are accompanied with their own warning messages, and one Wellington based museum know as Te Papa, a Maori name that translates as 'Our Place' tells pregnant women to stay away from the tour of scared Maori artifacts, or risk incurring a curse. I would say it is all a bit silly to be true, but you never really know with the ancient and mystical cultures.

2. The woman of Lemb Statue
Those that know the history call if the Goddess of Death. Having been created around 35 hundred BC, many historians believe it was probably a statue representing fertility. Lord Oliphant was it's first reported owner after it's mysterious background. Within six years, all the members of his family were dead. It's next owner, Ivor Menucci and his family died within a shorter, 4 year period. And surprise, surprise, the third owner, a Lord Thompson Noel and his family and perished within four years as well. It vanished for a brief period, and within that period, it came into the ownership of Sir Alan Biverbrook who died along with his wife and daughters. The two sons of Alan that survived the curse donated the statue to the Royal Museum of Edinburgh and is now readily available for any brave tourist that doesn't believe in (coughs) silly superstition.

1. Petrified Forest National Park
This last one is an extremely interesting case of multiple cursed objects. The Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona has enticed and attracted visitors for quite some time now. It has one of the world's largest collections of petrified wood, which results in an amazing experience, as well as an educational one for those not familiar with the science behind wood. All throughout its history, people have taken bits of wood home as little souvenirs so much so that they made it a felony. But has that stopped people? Absolutely not. Around 1930, people who visited the park and took a piece of wood would complain of experiencing a lot of bad luck. It has since become part of the national park's history. In fact, there is a whole room at the park dedicated to the telling of bouts of bad luck, divorces, incarcerations, and deaths that have followed from a stolen bit of petrified wood.

10 Scary Movies Based on Real Life Events
1. The hills have eyes

Shawney bean was a clan leader in Ireland in the 15th century. He fed his falimy of 14 with the flesh of other humans. He is rumored to have captured over 100 victims and eaten them all with his family.

2. The haunting in connecticut

When a family moves into a home that used to be a morgue things start going wrong fast. The family that lived in this home started that the movie was very close to the actual events that occurred in the home.

3. The girl next door

This movie was inspired by the real life events of Sophia Marie Likens. She was only 16 years old when she was held captive and tortured to death by her aunt.

4. The Conjuring

A couple living in the Rhode island farm house where terrorited by paranormal activity. The paranormal investigators who investigated the real events said. "The movie is very closed to the actival events that traumatizedthe family".

5. The Blob

The Blob was inspired by a real life event that happened on a farm in the 1950s when a Purple Blob fell out of the shy into a farmers field, before scientists were able to run tests on this Purple Blob, it disintegrated.

6. Jaws

In 1916 there were a series of shark attacks in New Jersey that terrified beach cores. these attacks are what inspired the story for the novel and movie, Jaws.

7. Open water

In 1998 A couple was left by a diving excursion off of The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The bodies were never discovered and it was assumed that they had been eaten alive by sharks.

8. The Amityville Horror

When the Lutz family moved into a house where the previous owner murdered his family, stuff turned ugly. A sereis of hauntings occurred that eventually made their way into the Amityville horror movie.

9. A nightmare on Elm street

Wes Cravin attributed his main idea for his Freddy Kruger movies to a story of a south east asian who died during a nightmare. The man told everyone that he didn't want to sleep because of terrifying nightmares. He died in his sleep one night after being heard screaming.

10. The Texas chainsaw massacre

The Texas chainsaw massacre is based on the true life story of Ed Gein. His house was raided and skin suits and masks were found, along with furniture covers and lampshades made out of human skin.

10 Serial Killers Still at Larges
It’s comforting to know that most serial killers are arrested and put behind bars. Unfortunately not all serial killers are found, and some still stalk the streets today in search of their next victim. From the original night stalker to the infamous zodiac killer we countdown the top 10 serial killers that are still at large.

10. Connecticut River Valley Killer

In the mid 1980’s along the new Hampshire and Vermont border, an unknown assailant was stalking and killing unsuspecting female victims. A total of 7 women between the ages of 16 to 38 were killed, and all of them were found to have multiple stab wounds which reinforced the presence of a twisted serial killer. On August 16th 1988 Jane Boroski was on the way home when she was attacked and stabbed 27 times but was able to escape with her life. After this attack, the killings stopped, and although the police have several suspects, the case has gone cold.

9. West Mesa Bone Collector

On February 2nd 2009, Christine Ross took her dog Ruca for a walk near their home in Albuquerque New Mexico. During their excursion she noticed a bone protruding from the ground, and contacted the police department who quickly determined it was human. Police descended on the area, and discovered the remains of 11 women. It was determined the women had gone missing between 2001 to 2005, and most were known prostitutes or drug users. The police have little to go on, as no forensic evidence was found at the burial site and no witnesses have come forward. There is currently a $100,000 reward for anyone with information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for this horrifying crime.

8. Long Island Serial Killer

In December of 2010, a police officer who was on a routine training exercise with his dog found the skeletal remains of a woman in a burlap sack. After searching the area, Police found the remains of an additional 9 victims. There has been much speculation of the identity of the killer, and has been suggested he may knowledge of techniques used in law enforcement, which has helped him avoid detection.

7. Stoneman

Over the course of 6 Months in 1989 , 13 people were murdered in the streets of Kolkata India. All of the victims were homeless, and would sleep in dimly lit areas making them easy targets. Police assumed the killer was a large muscular male, because of the gruesome way the murders were committed by dropping a heavy stone or concrete slab on the persons head. Although the police had several suspects, and interviewed several suspicious people, no arrests were made and the killings stopped.

6. Rainbow Maniac

Between February of 2007 and august 2008 13 gay men were murdered in cold blood in Paturis park in Carapicuiba Brazil. All of the victims died from a gunshot wound to the head, and the last victim was shot a total of 12 times. Although a suspect was arrested, a retired state police officer, he was never convicted and the crimes remain unsolved.

5. Original Night Stalker

Also known as the East Area Rapist, this unidentified killer was responsible for at least 10 murders and the rape of another 50. Police believe the suspect began as a burglar that targeted women in middle class neighborhoods and slowly evolved into killing his victims. DNA evidence has linked the 10 slayings, and police believe the killer could be responsible for another 3. The Original night Stalker has never been apprehended and several suspects have been cleared through DNA.

4. Doodler

This unidentified serial killer was given the nickname doodler because he would sketch his victims before having sex with them and then stab them to death. Targeting his victims at gay clubs and restaurants, he is responsible for killing 14 men from the gay community in San Francisco between January 1974 and September 1975. Although police had a suspect, the case wasn’t able to proceed because three of his surviving victims didn’t want to reveal their sexual orientation publicly by testifying against the perpetrator in court.

3 Monster of Florence

Also known as Ill Monstro, This psychopath is responsible for killing 16 people in Florence Italy between 1968 and 1985. Usually targeting couples the killer would shoot the male victim, then stab the female victim to death and mutilate the corpse. Police arrested several men, but were later released when subsequent killings happened using the same weapon and method. American Author Thomas Harris based character Hannibal Lecter from the novel Silence of the Lambs on The Monster of Florence, and attended the trial of one of the suspects.

2. In British Columbia Canada

A killer stalks an 800 KM section of Highway 16 dubbed the “Highway of Tears”. A total of 18 young women have either disappeared or been found dead since 1969. Although police have linked some of the murders to deceased criminal Bobby Jack Fowler, investigators are doubtful they will ever solve all of the cases. Police have a strong suspicion that there may be more than 1 killer involved, and are using new forensic technologies to re-examine the evidence.

1. Zodiac Killer

The most infamous serial killer on our list, the zodiac killer is responsible for killing up to 37 people. Usually targeting young couples in secluded areas he would either shoot or stab his victims. After killing the Zodiac would taunt local authorities by either calling the police or sending in letters to local newspapers. A total of 18 letters were sent, and would include physical evidence from the crime scene. In some letters, the Zodiac Killer would include cryptograms which he claimed revealed his identity, and to this day only 1 of 4 has been solved. A number of suspects have been named, but no conclusive evidence has surfaced and the case remains open with the San Francisco Police Department.

10 Urban Legends That Inspired Real Crimes
Urban legends are supposed to be fictional stories that we read for entertainment, while these urban legends might inspire a few nightmares at the end of the day. We know these stories aren't real, however there are a select few people who are greatly inspired by these stories and even risk their freedom to show their dedication.

1. Wrinkles The Clown
Urban legends surrounding clowns are less than positive, usually they involve someone going down the sewers having bad dreams or something that will cause you to have to go to therapy for the next 20 years. Websites are full of clown related urban legends that tend to pick up momentum on social media, then these stories end up perpetuating copycat incidents that once again end up on the news thus the never-ending cycle continues and the urban legend grows stronger. For example parents in South Florida were hiring a clown by the name of a Wrinkles to hide in their children's bedrooms and scare them at night. Why in the world would parents do this to their children? Well to scare them into behaving properly because nanny cams basically record everything that's happening videos began to surface of Wrinkles appearing under beds and placing stuffed animals next to the child before turning off the camera to wreak havoc, basically this is where horror movies get their ideas from. Granted this wasn't technically a crime, but it was likely that these parents probably got a visit from social services. Perhaps instead of saving for a college fund, and they need to put up a therapy fund for their child.

2. Penpal
Probably one of the most unsettling things one can experience is when they receive pictures of themselves in the mail from an unknown source, it forces you to realize that you're being watched, and there's nothing you can do about it. It forces you to realize that regardless of how protected you may think you are, you are still vulnerable. A story called Penpal made its way onto the website Creepypasta. It was about a boy who was participating in a school project where they released balloons to see if they can get a Penpal. The boy ended up not getting a letter. but instead he got tons of polaroid pictures. Initially they were blurry, but once he looked at all the pictures he realized he was in every photo. So it makes it all the more unsettling when there were true stories out there remotely similar to this seemingly urban legend. There was a story in Connecticut of a school principal named John Bean who was following his students to Walmart and taking their photo. In North Carolina a school's volunteer of the year got in trouble for taking pictures of elementary school girls without their permission. Walter Shore ended up pleading guilty to some pretty awful charges

3. Slender Man
Spoiler alert: this won't be the last time you hear about Slender Man It's amazing how a made-up character managed to inspire some pretty intense crimes We'll start off with the most famous crime where two young girls who lured their friend into a park bathroom and proceeded to do her in like Julius Caesar. Miraculously the girl survived. Why did the two girls do such a heinous crime they wanted to sacrifice their friend to Slender Man, so that they could go live with him in his mansion. Well as we know, Slender Man isn't real and he's based on a meme from creepypasta. the mansion actually came from a video game That was inspired by Slenderman. So he know that preteen girls aren't always the smartest people in the world, but did they really think that they were going to get away with such a terrible act? One of the teens was sentenced to 25 years in a mental hospital. If she was so gullible to do this to someone for the sake of an urban legend ,that's probably the best place for her.

4. Laughing Jack
You know what would really lift up our spirits? Let's talk about clowns again! Yay!! The story of Laughing Jack is definitely not for the faint of heart. Laughing Jack is basically an imaginary friend. Who is the opposite of nice. He infiltrates children's dreams very much like Freddy Krueger, and he replaces their organs with candy. Ain't that nice? Anyway,  of course you could read the story online and be able to tell right away that it's just a scary story And an urban legend. Yet one girl thought that Laughing Jack was the real deal. Apparently instead of being filled with candy, Laughing Jack told the girl to pretty much end the life of her stepmother the twelve-year-old not only did her stepmother in, but she also set the apartment on fire. The kid actually ended up admitting that she committed the crime. And she was eventually declared too incompetent to stand trial. That basically means that she'll be spending the rest of her adolescent in a psych ward.

5. Walking Sam
Walking Sam is a similar entity as slender Man, who drove teens from a Sioux tribe in South Dakota to harm themselves. Basically the urban legend has a few variations were Walking Sam is either wandering the earth to collect souls or he drives people mad because he looks so spooky. Either way Hundreds of people between the ages of 12 and 24 attempted to end their lives. The local tribe even had to remove nooses that were placed at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Out of those hundreds around nine people were sadly successful at their attempt. While one can say that the author of Walking Sam's story is an incredible storyteller. It is also Alarming at how gullible an entire generation can be? But because it's the Internet and a lot of people don't know how to distinguish fact and fiction. It's entirely possible that people thought this was the real deal.

6. The Call
The urban legend goes like this. There's a babysitter working the late night. She gets a call from a mysterious caller who says "Have you checked the children?". There might be some heavy breathing for a few calls and of course the babysitter is scared. When she calls the cops they trace the call and the big twist is that the call is coming from inside the house. This urban legend was inspired by an unsolved case from 1950 in Missouri. An 8th grader named Janett Christman lost her life one night while she was babysitting a three year old boy. She was later discovered at 1:00 a.m. Too late. Calls had been coming to the house, but unlike the urban legend, the police weren't able to trace them. The boy Janet was babysitting was thankfully safe. This story is often told at slumber parties as well as camp outs. Some have even tried to emulate the urban legend only to run-in with the police afterward.

7. Constant messaging
We've all heard that iconic urban legend, where a man is receiving Facebook messages from his long past girlfriend. It made us all wonder whether the girlfriend was actually alive she turned into a bot or she was a ghost still checking her social media from beyond the grave. However one man seemed to be inspired by the ghost messaging and decided to use it to try to get away with a heinous crime. Todd Colhab kidnapped a woman named Kayla Brown as well as her boyfriend Charles Carver. In order to make it look like Kayla and Charles were fine and enjoying life, Todd was posting on their Facebook pages, posing as them. There were status updates and everything. However, when deputies were searching Todd's property and ready to serve a search warrant. They passed a metal container and Kayla made a bunch of noise. She was found inside the container with a collar around her neck and chained like a dog. Sadly Charles did not survive the crime.

8. Pope Lick Monster
This might be better categorized in the people who do stupid things for urban legends. The Pope Lick Monster is a goat human hybrid creature that lives on top of a bridge above a railroad track. Legend has it that the public monster will hypnotize its victims and draw them to the tracks where they will get hit by a train. If you think that there aren't people curious enough to check it out for themselves, think again. There have been a startling amount of people who have lost their lives looking for the Pope Lick Monster. Most of them end up getting hit by an oncoming train. So in this instance would this be more truth than urban legend? Well the local police in Louisville Kentucky had to issue public statements declaring that anyone looking for the Pope Lick Monster will be trespassing plus in the United States wandering the train tracks can be considered a federal offense and receive charges of terrorism. So is it really worth looking for this terrifying urban legend?

9. Don't turn on the light
One of the creepiest urban legends is of a person in their bedroom hearing strange noises. When they wake up the next morning, they see a horrifying message written in bodily fluids that says "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the light?" It's a story that has given us nightmares and inspired us to check every nook and crevice in our house before going to sleep. But this story did inspire someone to try it out for themselves. In 2016, a teenage girl from England received a text message. That said "I'm watching you.". She also got a text that said that he would end his life outside her bedroom window. The teen was so creeped out that she decided to sleep with her mom. She also didn't take the sender seriously when he said that he was in the house, but the next morning the sender was discovered to be in the house. He was sleeping under her bed.

10. Slenderman... again
It seems that some of the most horrifying crimes have been inspired by the one and only Slender Man. With his tall and faceless persona, you would think that people would automatically know he isn't real or they'd head for the hills. There are a lot of people who are willing to risk their freedom and personal safety for the sake of the iconic urban legend. In 2014 a 13 year old girl heard her mom repeatedly with a knife.The mom miraculously survived. Then a 14 year old girl from Florida tried to burn her house down for Slender Man. If you think Slender Man is only hitting up the teenage girls He also inspired a man named Jared Miller to attack two police officers and a civilian before he took his own life. Investigators found out that he liked to dress up a Slender Man for fun.

The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

On the 5th December, 1945, 14 navy airmen left Florida and took to the skies in 5 torpedo bombers, on what was supposed to be a routine 2 hour return flight as part of a training exercise, known as Flight 19. But 1:45 minutes into the journey, the flight’s leader, Lieutenant Charles Taylor, radioed the control tower, alerting them that something was dreadfully wrong. Taylor reported that all 3 of his compasses had malfunctioned. He was heard over the radio transmission reporting “we don't know which way is west. Everything is wrong. Even the ocean doesn't look as it should”. Flying over the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean in what’s now called the Bermuda Triangle, the flight and crew, shortly lost contact with the control tower and were never seen again. Later that evening a search plane was sent in a desperate attempt to locate the missing flight and guide them back to base, but just 27 minutes after take off, the search plane and its 13 man crew became lost to the Bermuda Triangle.

Surreal activities in the Bermuda Triangle have been reported since 1492, when the crew of explorer Christopher Columbus edged ever closer to what he would call, ‘The New World’. Columbus’ log reported seeing strange lights, whilst the sea took on an eerie calm before rising high without wind. He also noted that the ship’s compass gave erratic readings, which panicked the already restless crew. Situated in between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico, the legend – do you mean the phrase? – of the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ was coined by author Vincent Gaddis, in a 1964 article in the magazine Argosy, to explain the perceived phenomenon of airplanes and ships going missing without a trace, without explanation. He was compelled by mysteries such as Flight 19 and the USS Cyclops, which got lost at sea off the coast of Barbados in 1918, resulting in the loss of 306 lives: the biggest loss of life in US Navy history, not related to combat.

Gaddis reported that the Bermuda Triangle is a true mystery and that even the ‘U. S. Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard investigators have admitted they are baffled’. In the last century alone 1,000 ships & planes have disappeared without a trace within the 500,000 square miles of the Bermuda Triangle. Despite no wreckages to attain evidence from, there are endless theories about the disastrous paranormal mechanisms involved in the Bermuda Triangle. The area surrounding the Bermuda Triangle has one of the highest incidences of UFO sightings, leading some conspiracy theorists to conclude that missing aircraft fall victim to alien abductions or are even absorbed by portals to other dimensions. This has been suggested to be the case in explaining the story of the Ellen Austin, an American vessel that found a deserted schooner on the Atlantic Ocean. In order to capture the schooner for themselves, members of crew from the Ellen Austin agreed to man the ship back to shore, but during the journey the two ships separated and when the re-united the schooner was once again deserted, the crew of the schooner had once again vanished without a trace.

Author Gian Quasar believes that electromagnetic anomalies in the area's atmosphere have been responsible for historic compass breakdowns. He describes the electronic fog as ‘something that will seize the aircraft and travel with you… You are not flying into the fog, it is flying with you’. This is further supported by Floridian pilot Bruce Gernon, a claimed survivor of the Bermuda Triangle. He describes the Bermuda Triangle as an engulfing ring-shaped electric fog. As he flew through the fog, he was stripped of his visibility and his electronic and magnetic navigational instruments malfunctioned causing his compass to spin wildly. Gernon only managed to break through the supernatural fog when he noticed a tunnel forming in the cloud, when he broke out he had reached the coast of Miami, leaving Gernon to conclude that the cloud he’d flown through was a time vortex.

Whilst some conspiracists look to the skies of the Bermuda Triangle for answers, others believe that the answers lie deep underwater. With the discovery of the submerged rock formation known as the Bimini Road, off the island of Bimini in 1968, conspiracy theorists Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki, have come to believe that this formation is man-made and therefore evidence of the underwater city of Atlantis. It has been suggested that the planes and ships that have vanished in this area, may have been affected by leftover technology from this empire such as the ancient crystals thought to have powered the civilisation. Despite the mystery that surrounds the Bermuda Triangle, the U.S Coast Guard state that the majority of disappearances can be attributed to human error or the area’s unique natural features and no studies have found conclusive evidence for unusual magnetic anomalies in the area. The Gulf Stream essentially acts as a river within the Atlantic ocean, it flows through the Straits of Florida into the North Atlantic and it’s powerful current is a possible explanation for why there is no debris from ship and plane wreckages, which may be swept away by the Gulf Stream, erasing any evidence of disaster.

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