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Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Action Games of All Time

Our ranking is not a personal opinion. It's based on a 1 to 10 score that aggregates gamers and critics' reviews into a unique score called playscore. Opening at number 10 is Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

10. Fight in the shadows
Overall, the game is like Assassin's Creed 2, but with an enhanced graphical quality, a larger open-world to explore, a thrilling ''hunt or be hunted'' multiplayer, and the Apprentice system; where you can recruit assassins to help you when things get rough. Sadly though the story is somewhat lackluster, and sometimes audiovisual glitches pop-out. It holds a playscore of 8.8

9. Saints Row IV
Crazy Fun! This sequel is like a 'cheat-code enabled' version of Saints Row The Third, but with more super powers, better character customization like my personal favorite, the dubstep gun, and Aliens! Though the game is so fun to play casually, the story is somewhat - short and forgettable. Also, as time goes by, combat gets boring. But those are overshadowed by the sheer fun and humor that this game offers. It has a playscore of 8.9

8. Watch Dogs
Cyber attack at its best! A unique game, that looks and plays great. I like how they give more importance on stealth gameplay and tactical approach, since it really gives you the feeling of being a black hat hacker. great concept and solid gameplay While Aiden Pearce's character is bleak, the other supporting characters are really interesting and gives color to the whole experience. Overall, its a good game. A playscore of 8.9

7. Batman: Arkham Asylum
Explore the dark and bizarre confines of Arkham Asylum as you try to put a stop to Joker's plans to bomb Gotham City. Its success is based on: fast-paced yet uncomplicated combat. tons of unlockables and a very interesting story mode. Sometimes you can't fight certain Supervillains, which is a downer, but the overall video game and comic-based value of this game is too good not to notice. a playscore of 8.9

6. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The dragons are here! This game set the high bar for open world roleplaying games with A big world to explore complete with hidden dungeons, ferocious creatures and warring factions. Interesting lores and side-quests that you can pick up any time. Skill and combat systems that offer endless possibilities. And, most important of all, a strong modding community that continues to improve the game! It holds a playscore of 8.9

5. Red Dead Redemption
Saddle your horses and get crazy in this awesome Wild West rendition of GTA. Its open world is wide, beautiful and full of cowboy things to do; Ranging from herding cattles to heart-pounding pistol duels. it also boasts good story, varied and fun missions, good voice acting but mis-matched lip synching, and a superb multiplayer, that can even be considered a whole separate game in itself a playscore of 9.0

4. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Enter into the neon-colored wacky world of Blood Dragon, where techno music, lasers and every 80's movie reference can be found! it has hilarious dialogues and cutscenes. nostalgic 1980's pop culture references. cool new weapons. flashy explosives. and awesome blood dragon encounters that makes this game a good recommendation for those who appreciate the 80's or just any mayhem of that sort. It holds a playscore of 9.1

3. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
It has one of the largest open-world setting in any video game. Combat, stealth and magic are the 3 main battle options and is always fun to switch around. it has very high replay value, gorgeous graphics. impressive A.I. as plendid musical score. and over a hundred hours of gaming! there are still frequent loading times and some minor bugs present, but nonetheless, an epic unforgettable experience. a playscore of 9.2

2. Fallout 3 Let's hunt some aliens!
You start out born in an underground shelter. Plan out your choices, and play the game how you want it to. With a rewarding exploration system. simple and satisfying combat. outstanding depiction of a post-apocalyptic US. and a karma system that greatly impacts your story, this game is a classic. Even though the object collision can be improved, the overall quality is so good that you'll find yourself playing it nonstop. a playscore of 9.2

1. Grand Theft Auto V
This is not even a surprise. Since its release, GTA 5 has been dominating the gaming ranks, and in terms of action and overall quality nothing beats this game.. for now. with stunning visuals a new playground called Los Santos very good writing awesome voice acting adrenaline-pumping heist missions a new first-person mode and a fun online multiplayer, this game will stay as my favorite for a looong time. GTA 5 holds a playscore of 9.7

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Top 15 Unsolved Paranormal Mysteries

15. The Enfield Poltergeist
The unexplained paranormal events at an Enfield, England council house in Brimsdown are some of the strangest and most fascinating happenings in haunted British history. From 1977 to 1979, poltergeists were alive and well in the home – or, rather, dead and unwell. They disturbed the residents’ children, including two sisters, Janet and Margaret, ages 11 and 13. Flashback to 1977, when Peggy Hodgson alerted the police that her two daughters had heard knocking sounds on the walls of their home and had witnessed furniture shaking. When the police constable arrived, she experienced even more paranormal activity – a chair scraping across the floor without any explanation.

Even further than a few muffled knocks and moving furniture, others alleged to have heard demonic voices, seen rocks and toys thrown across the  home, and even witnessed the children levitating. Reports of this paranormal activity came to an end in 1979, but not before infatuating the British press and serving as inspiration for books, TV series, and horror films. The activity has yet to be explained. Though many believe the girls were behind it and the whole thing was a hoax, photographer Graham Morris and two members of the Society for Psychical Research claimed the haunting was genuine.

14. The Seriously Strange Sunnyvale Toys ‘R’ Us
From Chuckie dolls to haunted figurines, toys are often objects of paranormal activity. So it may come as no surprise that the Toys ‘R’ Us in Sunnyvale has played center stage to strange unexplained paranormal events since the ‘70s. What kind of events? Whispered names, chilly breathes of air, strange odors, the stacking up of toys and, of course, objects moving around all by their lonesome. Female employees seem to be the target of the paranormal events, as the unseen  force has been known to play around with their hair and turn on the faucet in the women’s bathroom. Legend has it that the alleged ghost who haunts the store is looking for his love, which would explain why women are targeted.

In fact, the site of the 130 East Camino Street Toys ‘R’ Us was once atop farmland owned by a man who had hired a Scandinavian immigrant, by the name of Johnny Johnson, to work the land. Johnny fell hopelessly in love with Elizabeth, the owner’s eldest daughter. But, alas, she’d already been won over by another. Johnny also suffered from an acute brain inflammation, called encephalitis, which resulted in confusion, memory problems, and hallucinations, making many in Sunnyvale nickname the poor guy “Crazy Johnny.” In 1884, Crazy Johnny died by bleeding to death from a self-inflicted axe wound made when he was chopping wood. This is the ghost who is said to haunt the Toys ‘R’ Us and continues to haunt it to this day. There seems to be no other explanation for these paranormal events

13. The Sarah Joe Shipwreck Shiver me timbers
This strange unsolved shipwreck will send shivers up and down your spine. It all started in 1970, when five Maui men set sail on the open sea aboard their fishing boat, the Sarah Joe. Unfortunately for them, the perfect storm was a-brewin’, and the sea seemed to swallow them whole, vanishing the entire crew and its ship. For nine years, no wreckage from the ship was found, and the men were all assumed long dead. But in 1988, on an island more than 2000 miles beyond, scraps of the Sarah Joe had washed ashore.

Even more mysterious was the shallow unmarked grave discovered on the island. Beneath a rockpile was laid to rest Scott Moorman, one of the ill-fated fishermen. The other four men were nowhere to be found. And what’s stranger is that several years prior, this same island had been searched, and the search party turned up nothing. Neither the grave, nor the scraps of Sarah Joe had been there. The unexplained event leaves many questions and no answers: Where are the remaining fishermen? Were they the ones to bury Scott Moorman? If not, who? And where had Scott been all this time? Did he die in the storm or did he face some other ill-fated end? A mystery on the open sea.

12. The Doppelganger of Emilie Sagee
Some people have twins; others have ghostly doppelgangers. Emilie Sagee seems to be one of the latter. The 32-year-old French teacher had moved around for sixteen years, changing schools nineteen times, and finally arriving at an exclusive girls’ school in 1845. The strangest thing about it was that Sagee, herself, didn’t seem to see the spectral doppelganger, although nearly fifty people paid witness to its appearance alongside her. First it appeared within her vicinity, mirroring her movements. Then, when Emilee was outside the classroom, working in the garden, the spectral doppelganger appeared in the classroom in her stead.

Students thought it was Emilee but, looking outside, saw that she was still in the garden. Two of the braver students even approached the twin to touch it. They reported that she felt empty like cobwebs. The school’s official records even reported that Emilee looked “listless and lethargic” every time the doppelganger appeared. Emilee, herself, reported that her thoughts and desires at the time of the doppelganger’s appearance mirrored those of the doppelganger’s. Did the specter disappear? Did the school find fault in Emilee Sagee? The answer to both those questions is no. The apparition remained and its appearance became a not-so-unusual occurrence, although it did make some parents pull their children out of school. This resulted in the school firing poor Emilee Sagee, despite the fact that she was a wonderful teacher. And, unfortunately, no one ever got to the bottom of the mystery of Sagee’s spectral twin.

11. The Taured Tale
As the story goes, during a sweltering day in July, 1954, an average-looking Caucasian man from Taured arrived at Tokyo airport. When requested, he handed over his official looking passport. Nothing strange here…apart from the fact that there’s no country on Earth named Taured. Becoming suspicious, Japanese officials pulled the man aside to interrogate him. They asked him to locate his country on a map. He pointed to Andorra but, in seeing that the country was indeed not Taured, the Tauresian (as I assume he would be called in his imaginary native land) grew confused. He told the Japanese officials that Taured had been in existence for over a thousand years.

When further examined, the man’s passport showed it had been in use all over the world, accepted and stamped – even in Tokyo! The man also held various currencies, along with official documentation for the company he claimed to work for. Customs placed him in a guarded hotel room with no balcony, on an upper-level floor, while they tried to figure out what in the world was going on. They found that his so-called employer had no knowledge of him, neither did the hotel he’d reserved in Tokyo, neither did the businessmen he’d come to do business with. After their investigation, they returned to the man, opened his hotel room door, and found he’d vanished without a trace, never to be seen again. A man from an unknown land with no discernible links to anything or anyone vanishes into thin air, along with his documents from airport security? This paranormal event is bizarre and remains, to this day, entirely unexplained.

10. Amityville Ghost
Most horror fanatics know of the Amityville Horror – and all the films that followed the home’s history. But what about the photo of the Amity “ghost boy” that’s been at the center of paranormal debate for years? The haunted pic appeared in George Lutz’s collection of photos, while investigating the 1976 haunting. Ed and Lorraine Warren, famed demonologists, were looking into the allegedly haunted house, when the photo was snapped. In it appears a young boy with glowing eyes. Some have thought the boy was a demon, while others have suggested he was one of the murdered DeFeo children, come back to haunt Amityville. Still others have taken a more realistic view that the “boy” is actually a man kneeling: Paul Bartz, to be exact, who was helping the Warrens the night the photo was taken. The latter seems to offer the most level-headed explanation. But can we be sure it was Bartz? Will we ever be?

9. The Buzzing in Taos
What’s that noise? If you visit Taos, you might go insane trying to figure it out. For many years, those who’ve lived in the small New Mexican city have been Chinese water tortured to death by the mysterious low-frequency noise that seems to buzz like electricity through the desert air. But not everyone hears the torturous noise, which has been described as a buzz or a hum. In fact, only around 2 percent of residents have heard it, and most of them describe the sound differently. There have been a range of theories as to what is causing the buzz: strange acoustics in the desert or perhaps some dark secret plot a la Stranger Things. And still others suggest mass hysteria has driven everyone sick with the crazies. Whatever it is, the mystery remains, because not a single soul has yet located the originator of the sound. Maybe it’s a supernatural colony under the earth. Maybe it’s some deep, dark government secret. Or maybe the entire population of Taos needs to clean out its ears. Whatever the case, this paranormal event remains unexplained and, until we get to the bottom of the mystery, all we’ll be hearing from Taos, New Mexico is buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

8. The Immortal Count Count de Saint
Germain has made so many appearances throughout history that it’s safe to say he truly is immortal. With no known origin or birthdate, some claim he was born in the late 1600s, while others believe he was alive and well even earlier, around Christ’s time. Whatever the case, he keeps popping up, again and again, and is always around the same age when he does – a young 45 years old. A number of famous people knew the Count – from Voltaire to Catherine the Great, from Casanova to George Washington – , and his immortality has been connected to many a conspiracy theory, legend, folk story, and secret society, including the Illuminati and the Freemasons.

Voltaire described him as “a man who never dies, and who knows everything.” Some claim that he had Transylvanian blood, so perhaps the immortal  count is a vampire. Others claim he was an accomplished alchemist, so maybe it’s more likely that he discovered a potion for immortality. Whatever the case, he traveled throughout Europe for decades at a time and never did age. He was also greatly accomplished: apart from his work as an alchemist, he spoke more than a dozen languages, was a brilliant painter, and played the violin. He also seemed to be incredibly wealthy, with jewel-studded clothing, and  enjoyed dining out with company, while offering up remedies for various ailments. Is he a man, rekindled? Or has he always been alive?

7. The Dancing Disarray of the Chase Family Vault
The well-to-do Chase family purchased an eighty-year-old vault, whose only occupant was Thomasina Goddard, whom they left to rest in the tomb. The vault was beautifully structured out of the island’s compacted coral and laid  underground. The first Chase to perish and join Goddard in the vault was Mary-Anne Maria. In the years that followed, Thomas Chase also joined them. The strange thing was, when the marble slab was slid away, the young Chase’s coffin had moved to rest “standing on end, with its head downward,” on the far side of the vault. The incident was blamed on vandals, and not much else was thought of it. That is, until the next time they opened the vault to find Thomas’ heavy coffin – a coffin that took eight men to carry – flung in disarray around the vault.

The vault was opened four more times over the next several years, and each time, the contents seemed to have danced in disarray while no one was looking. Eight months after cement seals had been placed on the vault in order for officials to discover any tampering, the Governor and several men checked on the contents again. They found the seals in place and, outwardly, no indication of vandalism or theft. But when they opened the vault, it was a mess, with all the coffins set askance from their final resting places. The Chase family was moved to a new burial site, leaving the vault empty. One can only guess who or what wreaked such havoc on the crypt. Did Thomasina Goddard not warm to the intruders sharing her grave? Was there an undetected earthquake or flood below ground? Did thieves tunnel their way in through some other entrance? The mystery remains unsolved.

6. Time Traveler Rudolph Fentz
Is time travel real? Follow the odd case of Rudolph Fentz, and you might become a believer. The curious event took place in 1950, when a Victorian-dressed man with mutton chops suddenly appeared in Times Square. A moment later, he was smacked into by a car and died instantly. Witnesses of the incident say that the man look shocked when he appeared there, as though he was completely out of place. And he was. When he was taken to the morgue to be examined, several strange items were found on his body, none of which showed signs of aging: $70 in old banknotes, a copper token for a 5-cent beer at an unknown saloon, a livery stable bill for the washing of a carriage and horse care, Rudolph Fentz’s business cards, listing a Fifth Avenue address, along with a letter posted to this same address, dated June 1876.

Captain Hubert Rihm followed up on the case, checking NYPD’s Missing Persons’ Department to see if Fentz had been reported missing. He also checked up on the Fifth Avenue address and the man’s fingerprints. You can probably guess all of this was for naught. Nothing was found. Being a true detective, however, Rihm didn’t let the case drop. He investigated the Fentz family name, which is when he discovered that the last Fentz died five years prior. But, through that man’s widow, Rihm learned that her husband’s father had vanished at 29-years-old in – you guessed it! – 1876, the date of the letter he’d received. The man is said to have gone on a walk, never to have returned again. While some claim that the story is a work of science fiction, the story’s source has never been verified. So what are we to believe? I’d err on the side of caution and say that we’ve got a time traveler on our hands – albeit, this one didn’t live long enough to disrupt anything in the future.

5. Déjà vu
Though not a specific set of circumstances, déjà vu is a paranormal event that nearly each and every one of us has experienced at one time or another. It’s that eerie sensation of the familiar within some place, person, thing that is unfamiliar. Take, for instance, entering someone’s apartment – an apartment you’d never been in before – and feeling a distinct flash of memory. It is an intimate feeling, a familiar feeling and, yet, a wholly unexplained feeling. The knowledge that your memory is betraying you, and you’ve never truly been here before, is what makes the whole scenario so spine-tingling. And even though most have experienced the stomach-turning, skin-crawling sense of déjà vu, it continues to be a mystery. Taken from the French phrase, “already seen,” déjà vu has puzzled scientists and psychologists for centuries.

Observational and experimental studies have been done on the topic, and although déjà vu was found to occur in those who are younger, the cause for déjà vu remains unknown. An examination of those with temporal lobe epilepsy shows that many report experiencing déjà vu directly prior to a seizure, suggesting that the eerie occurrence may be  connected to the brain’s temporal lobe. As a result, it’s been hypothesized that déjà vu may be a brief seizure in the temporal lobe. It’s also been suggested that these glimpses of pseudo-memory are the recollections of a past life or some strange psychic tendency. Who knows? The answer could lie in the realm of paranormal activity or could be scientifically explained. Until concrete evidence of either is unearthed, the mystery remains.

4. Human Combustion
Here’s something entirely unexplained: spontaneous human combustion. This event involves the – you guessed it – spontaneous human combustion of a human body for no apparent reason and with no source of inflammation. The victims’ torsos are burned completely, with limbs remaining intact – often, creepily, the skull and a few bones. Hundreds of cases of spontaneous human combustion have been reported, leading forensic analysts to investigate the causes and mechanisms of the event. They’ve studied everything from the victims’ alcohol consumption to their  behavior to their proximity to flammable sources of ignition. And, yet, no explanation has surfaced.

3. Bigfoot
One of the greatest folk-loric paranormal mysteries of all time involves the simian-like humanoid, Bigfoot – aka Sasquatch. This enormous, hairy beast is said to lurk around the forests of the Pacific Northwest. While most reputable scientists call hoax on Bigfoot, casting shade at the paranormal activity by deeming it folklore and human error – i.e., misidentification of other living animals, like black bears – , other “investigators” have reported sightings of the 7 to 9 foot creature all over the place. The paranormal being is said to have dark brown, red, or black hair, big eyes and forehead, with a low pronounced brow. The head, itself, is said to be shaped similarly to a gorilla’s, and the beast supposedly gives off a putrid smell.

Last, but certainly not least, the characteristic that most exemplifies Bigfoot is, of course, his big feet, said to stretch about 2 feet long and 8 inches wide. The creature is also said to be nocturnal and omnivorous. As mentioned, many have tried to explain away the existence of this paranormal creature, but few have been able to provide concrete evidence as to how the mysterious wild man is entirely a hoax, when many have paid witness to it. One-third of sightings have happened in the Pacific Northwest, but they’ve also been claimed in the Southeast and in the Great Lakes region. Cryptozoologists claim Bigfoot is a yet unidentified ape, while others ascribe its existence to various other phenomenon. Will we ever know the truth about Bigfoot? Unlikely.

2. The Baltic Sea Anomaly
The “Ocean X” diving team uncovered a true phenomenon in the Baltic Sea: a 200-foot by 26-foot rock disk in the seafloor, at the very center of the Bothnian. The strange rock formation stands atop a pillar, with a staircase-like structure winding its way into a hole. The diving team said it appears that a runway lies not far from it, leading many to believe the anomaly is a vessel of some kind. What type of vessel? Maybe an anti-submarine relic from World War II, perhaps a flying saucer, maybe a gun turret from a battleship? Or perhaps nature created the perfect natural formation, as some geologists have suggested. Whatever it is, the findings have led many to suspect underwater sorcery of some kind.

1. The Locked-Door Mystery of Elisa Lam
On January 26, 2013, 21-year-old Canadian tourist, Elisa Lam, checked into the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. She was alone when she checked in and, five days later, her parents reported her missing when she failed to answer her phone. The police department began their investigation and found video footage of Lam. She was captured in an elevator security camera, acting strangely. She is seen leaving and entering the elevator, chatting and motioning in the hallway, and seeming to hide in the elevator, itself. The entire episode is unsettling, leaving many to suggest paranormal activity must have occurred.

Flash forward a month later. Management at the hotel began to receive reports of water pressure problems in various rooms, strange discoloration, and an odd taste to the water. When maintenance staff investigated the issue, they found Lam’s body in the hotel’s rooftop water tank, naked, with many of her clothes and personal items floating alongside her in the water. There was no evidence of physical trauma. The autopsy reported that the death was an accident. But was it? Or was Lam murdered? Did she kill herself? Why would she do so in the water tank? So many questions left unanswered and unlikely to ever be explained.

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Update New Topic

Top 15 Biggest Hacks on Youtubers

15. Nicole Skyes
This YouTuber has over 2 million subscribers for her content which consists of DIY videos and vlogs. Her hack started out simple, so she did not take immediate action. She received a text message from Twitter, asking that her password be verified. When she attempted to log in she was locked out, but decided to deal with the issue when she had more free time. A few hours after the Twitter incident, she got a call from a blocked number. Someone on the other end was claiming to be with Sprint support and requested that Nicole verify some personal information. She immediately knew something was fishy and called him out for being the hacker. He hung up on her, likely shocked that she had caught on. However, that was not the end of the calamity, as he called right back.

He told her that he had hacked into her cloud, her email and even her computer webcam. He threatened her by saying that he had nude photos of her, both that she had taken herself and that he had taken from her webcam. Nicole knew he was lying and just trying to scare her, because she had no nude photos in her iPhone. The hacker then logged into her Amazon account and spent over 2000 dollars. Nicole was fortunate enough to eventually regain access to all of her accounts. She did learn a major lesson in avoiding hacks, though. She says that now she uses various complex passwords and takes advantage of two step verification.

14. RedMercy
RedMercy is a popular YouTube gamer and vlogger with over 1 million subscribers. In June 2016 he found himself the victim of a major hack. Poodle Corp is an anonymous group, responsible for a vast majority of serious internet hacks. It’s unclear what the motive for these hacks are, but in RedMercy’s case he lost access to his YouTube account, Twitter account and even his PayPal. Anyone that frequently uses PayPal knows how damaging that could be, the hacker could potentially have obtained RedMercys credit card or bank information.

In additon to this, as common with Poodle Corp hacks, every video title and description on his channel was changed. Luckily for him, he quickly regained access and went back to change everything. An important note that RedMercy had for fans in a video he made about the hack, was to have unique passwords for every account. He admitted that while his passwords were intricate, he had the same password for every active account he used. This was what made the hack so easy to accomplish. Red Mercy also said “I’ve got complex passwords that are different on every account now, so if I get hacked again I don’t know what to do.”

13. The PS4 Hack
Jacksepticeye, Tmartn, VikkStar123 and countless others were all victims of the same hack. Many prefer the PS4 over other consoles and the majority of popular YouTube gamers use it as their exclusive system. From purchased games and credit card information to passwords and addresses; a PS4 account can hold valuable data that anyone would be concerned with having exposed. When a notorious hacker, known as UnderProp, logged into several popular YouTubers PS4 accounts, they were concerned with what information would be leaked. Many of the victims immediately changed passwords to their other accounts, cancelled credit cards and alerted their fans. Lucky for them, UnderProp did not do any extensive damage. For the most part, he just wanted to prove that his hacks were a success. After confirming and flaunting that he had hacked the accounts, he gave full access back to the rightful owners. As you will find later in the list, UnderProp is responsible for a series of hacks. So far he or she has not confessed a motive and usually doesn’t cause much trouble for those he has hacked. Maybe he’s just sending a message that online celebrities should be more protective over their accounts.

12. KSI
The FIFA games are a huge deal in specific counties across the world. Many YouTubers have built entire careers over FIFA commentary or gameplay. KSI is one of the more well-known FIFA YouTubers, with over 16 million subscribers. KSI is considered one of the most influential and profitable online content creators to date. In October 2015, though, that astonishing fame was the exact reason he was the target of hack.

KSI discovered that someone had hacked into his FIFA account, although it’s still unclear who exactly the hacker was. While most thing an online gaming account wouldn’t be that serious of a hack, KSI lost all of his accomplishments and data in the game. Considering he has built an empire on this game, a loss like that was fatal. Luckily E.A reimbursed him and helped him recover his data. This is a great tip for many who thinking their gaming account don’t matter, or won’t be targeted. Of course, this wasn’t the final hack for KSI. He was hacked twice after this, mostly by hackers just wanting to prove that it could be done.

11. Thiojoe
Despite having well over 1 million subscribers, many don’t know this YouTuber by name. A lot of viewers click his videos by accident and subscribe once they realize what’s going on. Thiojoe creates instructional and life hack videos. The joke here is that the hacks don’t work and the videos are more in an effort to troll viewers, much like the well-known work of HowToBasic. The instructions don’t work and often times go horribly wrong. Unlike some other hacks, this one had nothing to do with YouTube or a large hacker group.

The job was actually done by a random, unidentified person in China. The hacker logged into ThioJoes apple account and spent 70 dollars on random apps. Thio Joe spent hours with customer support trying to get control of the situation before it was eventually handled.  Thankfully not much damage was done, but we can all sympathize with the inconvenience of arguing with customer support for hours on end.

10. S-Sundee
This YouTuber gamer was hacked so severely that it actually became a meme for a while. S-Sundee was hacked by someone named Parody. Both his YouTube and Twitter accounts were hacked and in a unique circumstance, the hacker posted videos to SSundees channel. In addition to these funny and pointless videos, Parody also tweeted out personal information about SSundee, such as his monthly income, which most YouTubers choose not to share. This YouTuber quickly got things undercontrol and alerted his fans. Of course some major damage had already been done as all of his followers and subscribers knew personal information about him.

9. Niga Higa
This YouTuber has been an active content creator since the early days of YouTube. Ryan Higa, known as Niga Higa, has nearly 20 million subscribers. Such a popular YouTuber being targeted for a hack teaches us that no one is safe. On the brightside, this hack wasn’t as damaging as some others on the list. Ryan’s instagram account was hacked by an unknown hacker, for apparently no reason at all.

Instagram doesn’t have much personal information that the hacker could have been after. It’s safe to assume this was just a move to cause a struggle for Ryan. The hacker deleted every single photo and changed the name of the account. He even went as far as blocking several fellow youtubers, fans and Niga Higa fan accounts. While this wasn’t a positive occurrence, it’s pretty impressive that the hacker managed to delete nearly 2000 photos.

Instagram does not have an option to delete every photo, or even multiple at a time. Clearly this dedicated hacker took the time to delete every photo one by one. No other accounts of Ryans were hacked and it didn’t take long for him to recover from this blow. All in all it was just really inconvenient and rude. Ryan posted a video after the event, where he kept a positive outlook on the situation and thanked his fans for their support and patience.

8. Watch Mojo
This popular list channel has over 14 million subscribers and posts at least 5 videos per day.  So when they were hacked by the infamous Poodle Corp, it was clearly a drawback. This hack came just a few weeks before RedMercy, in 2016, and was by the same group. Evidently, Poodle Corp was keeping busy. Again, they didn’t do much more than change the name and description of every single video. The titles were changed to “Hacked by Obnoxious and Pein: Twitter at poodlecorp”.

Mostly it seems this group is just promoting themselves and it’s quite impressive that they were able to change every title, because Watch Mojo has about 12,000 videos up. However, it wasn’t such a funny situation for Watch Mojo. It likely took hours or even days to change every video to it’s original appearance. Considering that Watch Mojo is known for pumping out several videos a day, their subscribers were likely frustrated with a pause in creation. Poodle Corp has an extensive history of harsh hacks and at this point would likely face scriminal charges if they were uncovered.

7. Lilly Sing
Also known as ii superwoman ii, Lilly Sing is best known for her hilarious skits and vlogs. She has over 11 million subscribers and one of her most popular videos “How Girls Get Ready” recently passed 22 million views. None of this popularity makes her immune to a pointless hack, though. Once again Poodle Corp was the mastermind behind Lilly Sings hack. In this case, though, instead of changing the video titles to something that promoted their group they changed the titles to “The Dopest Video Ever”.

It’s unclear why they chose this as the new title, but it could have something to do with one of her past uploads. Or perhaps they just wanted to change things up and throw everyone off. Aside from hacking her YouTube channel, Poodle Corp also logged into her Twitter account and other social media apps. Even worse, this hack occurred while Lilly was on her way to a friends wedding.

Not only was she completely flustered, it really put a damper on what was supposed to be a good time. To Lilly’s advantage though, she has a whole team that helps her create content and control issues like this. The team went hard to work in an effort to get her accounts back and fix the title changes.

6. Eugenia Cooney
This famous fashion and makeup vlogger has been the center of controversy due to her weight. However, it’s unclear if this ordeal had anything to do with that. In late 2016, Eugenia Cooney was hacked via a text message. This hacker played a simple trick on Eugenia to gain access to her Twitter, Snapchat and Uber accounts.

The hacker texted Eugenia, though how he got her number has not been confirmed. When he texted her he claimed that her phone number used to be his phone number and that HIS Twitter account was requesting that he confirm a reset code to log back into his account. The way this works is that Twitter texts a special code to the phone number associated with the account and that code can be used to change the password without access to the old account or an email.

Eugenia, unfortunately, did not think the situation through and saw the good in a total stranger. She gave him the reset code to which he apparently responded “Thank goodness there are still good people in the world.” Eugenia admits that looking back, she should have known better because she has had the same phone number for roughly 10 years. The hacker was successful at logging into her Twitter account.

Where he changed her name and posted random and offensive tweets. After this he also somehow logged into her Snapchat account, which she has yet to recover. And her Uber app, where he racked up a hefty bill of Uber rides. After a struggle, Eugenia regained access to her Twitter account and deactivated her Uber app. When she confronted the hacker he allegedly said that the hack was out of boredom and just to prove it could be done. Eugenia claims that she’s confident it was not a fellow YouTuber that disliked her and plans to be more secure in the future.

5. Boogie2988
This YouTuber started out as a simple meme but now has over 3 million subscribers and considers YouTube his full time occupation. In the summer of 2016, though, his career almost suffered a serious downfall. A hacker logged into his YouTube account completely closed down the channel, which would have been a fatal financial blow, had it worked out.

For a popular YouTuber, even a single day without a scheduled video can be a major problem. Hacks like these commonly take weeks to fully sort out if you don’t have the right connections and contacts. Ironically, when the hack occured Boogie was VidCon. At the YouTube based convention many YouTube engineers and software specialists were present.

And thankfully, during the hack they helped Boogie out on the spot. It wasn’t long before his account was up and running and back in his possession. He didn’t endure any serious problems in relation to his revenue or any of his other accounts. A few weeks after the disturbance, Boogie posted a video. In the video he address the hack, maintained a positive and entertaining attitude, explained that he always used two step verification but the hacker somehow knew his phone number and threw out a huge thank you to the engineers that helped him out of his crisis.

4. LeafyIsHere
This YouTube gamer and commentator has been involved in his share of controversy, criticism and hacks. This was another hack played out by Poodle Corp, though it came before some others in the list. In the case of Leafy’s hack, his Twitter and other social media accounts were for the most part untouched. Poodle Corp pulled their usual tricks out and changed the title of every video to promote themselves. It didn’t take long for Leafy to get things under control.

After the hack he posted a video addressing the issue, where he stray from his usual persona and seemed mostly unfazed by the hack. This just proves that Poodle Corp has no “type” when it comes to targets. The channels they have affected are all different as far as content goes. Furthermore, there’s no way of knowing who’s next on their hit list.

3. Sam Pepper
This notorious YouTuber has been the center of controversy, criticism and flat out hate since day one. Sam was often called out for his overly sexual pranks. Despite these pitfalls, Sam is a major name in the pranking community and has over 2 million subscribers. In late 2015, he posted a video titled “Killing Best Friend Prank” where he kidnapped a friend of his and pretended to kill someone in front of him. The video was drastic, even for a prank.

Sam’s own fans were upset that he would go that far just for views. Of course he later claimed the video was staged, which sounds like a coverup but could easily be true. Either way, one hacker was particularly rattled by the video and took action after it was posted. The hacker claimed to be a member of the popular hacker group Anonymous. He threatened that if Sam didn’t remove the video within 24 hours, he would regret it.

Sam, thinking this was a bluff, did not remove the video or even address the hacker. The next day his YouTube account was, obviously, hacked. The subtitles of every video were changed to suggest that Sam had sexually assaulted people, an allegation that no one was surprised by. Sam eventually resolved the issue and the hackers Twitter account was removed. Members of Anonymous made a public statement that they did not endorse the idea of hacking Sam, or any YouTuber, for a prank.

2. Markiplier
One of the biggest content creators on YouTube, Markiplier, is beloved for his gaming related videos and vlogs. He has over 16 million subscribers and his most popular video has brought in over 57 million views. When a YouTuber reaches this level of fame, most of them consider YouTube their full time career and their income reflects that. However, many famous YouTubers aren’t comfortable with sharing their income information for various reasons.

In January 2016, Mark was hacked by a group named Our Mine. Much like other hacker groups, it seems the only goal of Our Mine was to promote themselves and give one of the world's biggest content creators a hard time. After successfully taking over Mark’s YouTube account, they posted a video in which their logo was presented several times and their Twitter was mentioned in the title.

In addition to their intricate self promotion, they also leaked Mark’s monthly earnings for November 2015. While we won’t disclose Mark’s income, it was a very large amount. There are several reasons Mark probably didn’t want his financial status plastered all over the internet and no matter the reasons this was a serious invasion of privacy. The brightside is that no further damage was done to his account.

1. PewDiePie
Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, is considered the most popular YouTuber in the world. In recent years he has become a household name. In fact, he has the most subscribers of any YouTuber in history, with about 54 million and counting. His videos never gain less than hundreds of thousands of views, and his most popular video totals about 64 million views.

Naturally though, this only makes him a massive desirable target for hackers. Oddly enough, when Felix was hacked in February 2016, it wasn’t by Poodle Corp or another well-known group. It was by the new and obscure Our Mine. The same group that hacked Markiplier. This hack was much more intricate though. Our Mine took over Felix’s personal website, amazon and second YouTube channel.

Our Mine posted a video to Felix’s channel, where they promoted themselves and simply proved they had accomplished the hack. Immediately after posting the video they gave all access back over to Felix without further damage or struggle. They tweeted that the hack was over and Felix was once again the rightful master of his several accounts. Felix responded by thanking the group for giving his accounts back.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Video Games Ever Produced

From RPG’s to MMO’s we countdown the top 10 most expensive games ever produced.

10. Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead is known as one of the best western games ever made, but with a budget of $80 million it was also very expensive. Based on the numerous awards, updates and critical acclaim, the money was well spent and people are still waiting for a sequel.

9. The Witcher 3
Wild Hunt: This is one of the newest titles on the list. With a cost of around $82 million its justified just by the sheer massiveness of the game world as well, they had a ton of professional voiceover work . But it was worth it, as the game has managed to sell millions of copies and made quite a large profit.

8. Halo MMO
Despite having a total cost of around $90 million, this game was cancelled, and as you would expect this was a huge loss for Microsoft. While the other Halo games are selling strong, you can only imagine how cool it would have been to have a Halo themed MMO, so hopefully development will eventually resume.

7. Star Citizen
$93 million has been poured into the game already and with no clear release date, the game will definitely surpass the $100 million budget line soon. But with massive support from the player base that already covered more than 60% of the entire cost, Star Citizen is set to become the most detailed, ultimate space themed game around.

6. Too Human
Another game without a happy ending, Too Human cost $100 million to make. The main issue is that this title was in development hell for more than 7 years, and this can clearly be seen in the final product. This was yet another loss for Microsoft, but an interesting take on the action RPG genre nonetheless.

5. Grand Theft Auto IV
It cost around $100 million to make, but let’s face it, this game was well worth it. All games in the GTA series are very detailed, and this is why they require a massive budget. Still, the investment was well worth it, with the game being immensely successful and spawning a sequel that you can find later down this list.

4 Max Payne 3
Just like GTA IV, this is another Rockstar game that was very expensive to create. It required a budget of $105 million, but the new take on the Max Payne series, combined with an action packed gameplay and an all-new multiplayer mode made the game an amazing experience and a cult hit!

3 Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V is the most expensive GTA game ever created, as it required around $137 million in total, but the fact that it made more than $1 billion clearly shows that the series is doing better than ever, and you can imagine that new, even more interesting titles will spawn in this series later on.

2. Destiny
Bungie is known to spend a lot on their games, but Destiny was by far their most expensive game to date. It cost $140 million to create, and the fact that they still work on additional content for the game clearly shows the massive investment poured in this title. Still, it was worth it as the game is very popular and surely one of the best shooters around.

1. Star Wars
The Old Republic: The Old Republic is still one of the most popular MMO games out there, but it didn’t manage to grasp the success the developer and publisher wanted. With a budget of $200 million, this is the most expensive game ever created, and at the same time it can easily surpass, at least based on its cost, most of the blockbuster movies that you can see right now. This clearly shows that EA saw it as a good investment, but while the game has recouped most of that money,
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10 Amazing Experiments You Can Do at Home

Who says that science can't take place outside of a lab? Here are some amazing science experiments that you can do at home! Kids, only do this under the supervision of an adult. Amazing science experiments that you can do at home

1. Magnetic Fluid
Ferro fluid is a magnetic fluid that you can make right at home. All you need is some vegetable oil, printer toner, and a rare earth magnet. Pour about 50 milliliters of the toner into a jar and then put in two tablespoons of the oil. Mix the two together so that is a very thin consistency. Then, grab your magnet and put it in the outside of the jar. You'll see the fluid react and form little spikes.

2. Glow Water
For this experiment, you'll need 2-3 highlighters, pliers, a measuring cup, tweezers, and a UV light. Fill a few glasses with some water, about 2-3 glasses, filling them about 2/3 of the way then grab your highlighters and pliers and pull out the bottom of the pen and grab the highlighter ink with your tweezers. Set each ink tube inside the water and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Then take the ink tubes out. Grab your UV light and turn off the lights and you have glow water!

3. Pasta Rocket
With some uncooked Ziti pasta, hydrogen peroxide, and yeast, you can create your own hybrid rocket. Using a canning jar about 1/8" hole, fill the jar with hydrogen peroxide and drop a quarter teaspoon of yeast. You'll see the mixture bubble. Don't screw the lid on. Do not screw the lid on! Place the Ziti pasta on top of the hole, and light it with a lighter. Because the yeast makes peroxide react and release pure oxygen gas, the flame will look like one that powers a hybrid rocket.

4. Homemade Lava Lamp
If you've always wanted a lava lamp but didn't want to put the money down, you can make something similar at home. All you need is some vegetable oil, water, food coloring, and salt. Pour the water into a glass, drop in some food coloring of your choice, and put in a few teaspoons of the vegetable oil. Since the oil is sitting on top, we have to make it move. And sprinkle some salt onto the mixture and the oil will start to move up and down just like a real lava lamp.

5. Rock Candy
Okay, so you're gonna need a clothespin, a wooden skewer, a cup of water, 2-3 cups of sugar, and a tall narrow glass or jar. Pin the clothespin around the skewer and place it on top of the glass to make sure it fits. Boil the one cup of water and once it starts bubbling, gradually add 2-3 cups of sugar until it dissolves. Once everything is dissolved, remove the solution in the heat and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Then pour the solution into the glass and put the skewers inside, making sure it isn't touching the sides. Let everything cool once more and then set it aside. In 3-7 days, sugar crystals will grow around the skewer and you have your very own rock candy! How does it work? As the sugar solution cools, the water and sugar separate and the sugar latches on to the skewer.

6. Liquid Art
OK, so all you need is some dish soap and milk. Mix the two fluids together and the surface tension of the milk starts to break down. Throw in some food coloring and you're in for an art show right before your eyes as the colors start to move around.

7. Instant Ice
If you want to look like you're frozen from "The Incredibles", then this experiment is definitely for you. First, you'll need 16.9 ounce bottles of purified water that have never been opened. Stick the bottle in the freezer for exactly two hours and 45 minutes. Grab a bottle, and give it a hard hit with your knuckle. You'll see the water flash freeze before your eyes. if you don't want to stop there, then grab a dish with some ice at the bottom. Open your water bottle carefully and pour it out on top of the ice. The water crystallizes instantly. You can also put the water in a glass and drop an ice cube. In the middle to freeze the whole glass.

8. Turn water into Wine
Water and wine have different densities. you'll need two wine glasses of the same size and a piece of plastic that is slightly bigger than the rim of each glass. Fill one glass with wine up to the brim and the other glass with water up to the brim. Place the piece of plastic over the glass and carefully turn the glass over. Did I mention this experiment is kind of messy? Place the water glass brim to brim with the wine glass. Pull the plastic out a little and you'll start to see gravity at work as the wine replaces the water.

9. Floating Orb
Grab a 1-inch PVC pipe that is about 24 inches long and about six strands of mylar tinsel. Tie the tinsel to one end, go down about six inches and tie the tinsel to the other end. Cut the extra tinsel then grab your PVC pipe and rub it all over your hair, creating static electricity. Drop the tinsel into the pipe and now you have your very own floating tinsel orb! This entire experiment costs about 80 cents and it's absolutely ridiculous.

10. Slime
You'll need water, borax, food coloring, white liquid glue,  disposable cups, and a couple of spoons. Mix your water and a spoonful of borax together in one cup and set it aside. In the other cup, fill it with about one inch of the glue and mix it with three tablespoons of water. Add your food coloring to the glue mixture then, add tablespoons of borax mixture to the glue mixture and you'll see your slime beginning to form. Let it sit for about 30 seconds and you can now take your slime out and play with it!

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10 Science Fiction Predictions That Became Reality

1. Artificial Intelligence
The cult sci-fi film "2001: A space Odyssey" introduced us to sophisticated form of AI. In this 1968 film, the computer known as HAL. is capable of speech and speech recognition. Today, artificial intelligence responds to our reuests in the same manner.

2. Bionic Limbs
The 1974 TV series "The Six Million Dolar Man" featured a character with bionic limbs which gave him superhuman strength and speed. Although they haven't achieved superhuman qualities. Bionic implants are now a reality and they are getting better and more sophisticated.

3. Genetic Engineering
The book "A Brave New World," anticipated developments in reproductive technology. Huxley's 1932 book described a world where babies could be manufactured. Today, artificial insemination is a reality.

4. The Internet
In 1904, Mark Twain wrote a short story about the "telectroscope". In his story, the telectroscope would create a network of world wide information sharing. He was describing the internet over a century ago.

5. Graphic User Interface
The 2002 film Minority Report showed us an advance version of GUI (Graphic User Interface). The protagonists could manipulate data using movements and gestures. Today, we have touch-screen devices and use gestures to interact with technology.

6. Digital Billboards
The 1982 sci-fi film "Blade Runner" imagined a dystopian Los Angeles in 2019. In the movie, digital billboards are pert of the cityscape. Which is something that is now a reality

7. Holograms
Star Wars (1977) gave us an idea of how we would use holograms. Holograms are now used during live music performances and even news reports.

8. Closed-Circuit Television
In 1949, George Orwell wrote "1984" and introduced a character named "Big Brother". Big Brother was a dictator who controlled the population by spying on them using cameras. Today, Britain has 4.2 million CCTV cameras surveilling its major cities.

9. Cellphone and Tablet Technology
Star Trek, first aired in 1966, and showed cell phones way before their inception. It also showed tablet and wearable technology.

10. Video Conferencing and Digital Newspaper
The Jetsons - created in 1962 - laid out its vision of the future including video conferencing and digital newspapers.

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