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10 Science Fiction Predictions That Became Reality

1. Artificial Intelligence
The cult sci-fi film "2001: A space Odyssey" introduced us to sophisticated form of AI. In this 1968 film, the computer known as HAL. is capable of speech and speech recognition. Today, artificial intelligence responds to our reuests in the same manner.

2. Bionic Limbs
The 1974 TV series "The Six Million Dolar Man" featured a character with bionic limbs which gave him superhuman strength and speed. Although they haven't achieved superhuman qualities. Bionic implants are now a reality and they are getting better and more sophisticated.

3. Genetic Engineering
The book "A Brave New World," anticipated developments in reproductive technology. Huxley's 1932 book described a world where babies could be manufactured. Today, artificial insemination is a reality.

4. The Internet
In 1904, Mark Twain wrote a short story about the "telectroscope". In his story, the telectroscope would create a network of world wide information sharing. He was describing the internet over a century ago.

5. Graphic User Interface
The 2002 film Minority Report showed us an advance version of GUI (Graphic User Interface). The protagonists could manipulate data using movements and gestures. Today, we have touch-screen devices and use gestures to interact with technology.

6. Digital Billboards
The 1982 sci-fi film "Blade Runner" imagined a dystopian Los Angeles in 2019. In the movie, digital billboards are pert of the cityscape. Which is something that is now a reality

7. Holograms
Star Wars (1977) gave us an idea of how we would use holograms. Holograms are now used during live music performances and even news reports.

8. Closed-Circuit Television
In 1949, George Orwell wrote "1984" and introduced a character named "Big Brother". Big Brother was a dictator who controlled the population by spying on them using cameras. Today, Britain has 4.2 million CCTV cameras surveilling its major cities.

9. Cellphone and Tablet Technology
Star Trek, first aired in 1966, and showed cell phones way before their inception. It also showed tablet and wearable technology.

10. Video Conferencing and Digital Newspaper
The Jetsons - created in 1962 - laid out its vision of the future including video conferencing and digital newspapers.

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