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Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Action Games of All Time

Our ranking is not a personal opinion. It's based on a 1 to 10 score that aggregates gamers and critics' reviews into a unique score called playscore. Opening at number 10 is Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

10. Fight in the shadows
Overall, the game is like Assassin's Creed 2, but with an enhanced graphical quality, a larger open-world to explore, a thrilling ''hunt or be hunted'' multiplayer, and the Apprentice system; where you can recruit assassins to help you when things get rough. Sadly though the story is somewhat lackluster, and sometimes audiovisual glitches pop-out. It holds a playscore of 8.8

9. Saints Row IV
Crazy Fun! This sequel is like a 'cheat-code enabled' version of Saints Row The Third, but with more super powers, better character customization like my personal favorite, the dubstep gun, and Aliens! Though the game is so fun to play casually, the story is somewhat - short and forgettable. Also, as time goes by, combat gets boring. But those are overshadowed by the sheer fun and humor that this game offers. It has a playscore of 8.9

8. Watch Dogs
Cyber attack at its best! A unique game, that looks and plays great. I like how they give more importance on stealth gameplay and tactical approach, since it really gives you the feeling of being a black hat hacker. great concept and solid gameplay While Aiden Pearce's character is bleak, the other supporting characters are really interesting and gives color to the whole experience. Overall, its a good game. A playscore of 8.9

7. Batman: Arkham Asylum
Explore the dark and bizarre confines of Arkham Asylum as you try to put a stop to Joker's plans to bomb Gotham City. Its success is based on: fast-paced yet uncomplicated combat. tons of unlockables and a very interesting story mode. Sometimes you can't fight certain Supervillains, which is a downer, but the overall video game and comic-based value of this game is too good not to notice. a playscore of 8.9

6. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
The dragons are here! This game set the high bar for open world roleplaying games with A big world to explore complete with hidden dungeons, ferocious creatures and warring factions. Interesting lores and side-quests that you can pick up any time. Skill and combat systems that offer endless possibilities. And, most important of all, a strong modding community that continues to improve the game! It holds a playscore of 8.9

5. Red Dead Redemption
Saddle your horses and get crazy in this awesome Wild West rendition of GTA. Its open world is wide, beautiful and full of cowboy things to do; Ranging from herding cattles to heart-pounding pistol duels. it also boasts good story, varied and fun missions, good voice acting but mis-matched lip synching, and a superb multiplayer, that can even be considered a whole separate game in itself a playscore of 9.0

4. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Enter into the neon-colored wacky world of Blood Dragon, where techno music, lasers and every 80's movie reference can be found! it has hilarious dialogues and cutscenes. nostalgic 1980's pop culture references. cool new weapons. flashy explosives. and awesome blood dragon encounters that makes this game a good recommendation for those who appreciate the 80's or just any mayhem of that sort. It holds a playscore of 9.1

3. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
It has one of the largest open-world setting in any video game. Combat, stealth and magic are the 3 main battle options and is always fun to switch around. it has very high replay value, gorgeous graphics. impressive A.I. as plendid musical score. and over a hundred hours of gaming! there are still frequent loading times and some minor bugs present, but nonetheless, an epic unforgettable experience. a playscore of 9.2

2. Fallout 3 Let's hunt some aliens!
You start out born in an underground shelter. Plan out your choices, and play the game how you want it to. With a rewarding exploration system. simple and satisfying combat. outstanding depiction of a post-apocalyptic US. and a karma system that greatly impacts your story, this game is a classic. Even though the object collision can be improved, the overall quality is so good that you'll find yourself playing it nonstop. a playscore of 9.2

1. Grand Theft Auto V
This is not even a surprise. Since its release, GTA 5 has been dominating the gaming ranks, and in terms of action and overall quality nothing beats this game.. for now. with stunning visuals a new playground called Los Santos very good writing awesome voice acting adrenaline-pumping heist missions a new first-person mode and a fun online multiplayer, this game will stay as my favorite for a looong time. GTA 5 holds a playscore of 9.7

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