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Top 10 Most Expensive Video Games Ever Produced

From RPG’s to MMO’s we countdown the top 10 most expensive games ever produced.

10. Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead is known as one of the best western games ever made, but with a budget of $80 million it was also very expensive. Based on the numerous awards, updates and critical acclaim, the money was well spent and people are still waiting for a sequel.

9. The Witcher 3
Wild Hunt: This is one of the newest titles on the list. With a cost of around $82 million its justified just by the sheer massiveness of the game world as well, they had a ton of professional voiceover work . But it was worth it, as the game has managed to sell millions of copies and made quite a large profit.

8. Halo MMO
Despite having a total cost of around $90 million, this game was cancelled, and as you would expect this was a huge loss for Microsoft. While the other Halo games are selling strong, you can only imagine how cool it would have been to have a Halo themed MMO, so hopefully development will eventually resume.

7. Star Citizen
$93 million has been poured into the game already and with no clear release date, the game will definitely surpass the $100 million budget line soon. But with massive support from the player base that already covered more than 60% of the entire cost, Star Citizen is set to become the most detailed, ultimate space themed game around.

6. Too Human
Another game without a happy ending, Too Human cost $100 million to make. The main issue is that this title was in development hell for more than 7 years, and this can clearly be seen in the final product. This was yet another loss for Microsoft, but an interesting take on the action RPG genre nonetheless.

5. Grand Theft Auto IV
It cost around $100 million to make, but let’s face it, this game was well worth it. All games in the GTA series are very detailed, and this is why they require a massive budget. Still, the investment was well worth it, with the game being immensely successful and spawning a sequel that you can find later down this list.

4 Max Payne 3
Just like GTA IV, this is another Rockstar game that was very expensive to create. It required a budget of $105 million, but the new take on the Max Payne series, combined with an action packed gameplay and an all-new multiplayer mode made the game an amazing experience and a cult hit!

3 Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V is the most expensive GTA game ever created, as it required around $137 million in total, but the fact that it made more than $1 billion clearly shows that the series is doing better than ever, and you can imagine that new, even more interesting titles will spawn in this series later on.

2. Destiny
Bungie is known to spend a lot on their games, but Destiny was by far their most expensive game to date. It cost $140 million to create, and the fact that they still work on additional content for the game clearly shows the massive investment poured in this title. Still, it was worth it as the game is very popular and surely one of the best shooters around.

1. Star Wars
The Old Republic: The Old Republic is still one of the most popular MMO games out there, but it didn’t manage to grasp the success the developer and publisher wanted. With a budget of $200 million, this is the most expensive game ever created, and at the same time it can easily surpass, at least based on its cost, most of the blockbuster movies that you can see right now. This clearly shows that EA saw it as a good investment, but while the game has recouped most of that money,
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