Top 10 Mysteries Science Has Yet to Explain

Top 10 Mysteries Science Has Yet to Explain

10. The Mystery of The Cocaine Mummy
In 1992 Researchers in Munich Germany began a project to investigate the contents of some mummies that were in a museum. As part of their study, they hired a toxicologist that used groundbreaking new methods for the detection of drugs in hair and sweat. To everyone's surprise it was discovered that one of the bodies contained large quantities of cocaine and nicotine. Tobacco and coca plants were completely unknown outside of the Americas during the time of the Egyptians, so scientists are completely baffled as to how anyone from the ancient civilization was able to get ahold of these substances.

9. Baghdad Battery
Also known as the Parthian battery these ceramic pots are believed to be about 2000 years old. The pots seem to have copper and iron inside, and if there were electrolytes present it could’ve created a basic battery. Not all scientists agree on the purpose of the clay pots, and some believe they were used as a storage vessel for sacred scrolls.

8. Baigong Pipes
This series pipes were found in 3 caves on Mount Baigong in China. The pipes were found by a group of scientists who were seeking dinosaur fossils at the time. The pipes vary in size, and people believe they were used as a plumbing system in Ancient China. Some scientists believe the pipes are fossilzed trees or tree roots, however this theory is unsupported by any scientific publication or reliable source, and in 2007 the Chinese Earthquake Administration reported they had found some of the pipes to be highly radioactive.

7. Stone Spheres of Costa Rica
Since the 1930’s hundreds of stone spheres have been in the Southern part of the country. Locally known as Las Bolas the spheres range in size from just a few centimeters to over 2 metres in diameter. The stones are believed to have been created around the year 600, and have been endangered ever since . Many of the balls have been destroyed, blown up by treasure hunters thinking there may be valuables inside. Myths surround the stones, with some claiming the came from the lost city of atlantis, and others claiming they were made by aliens.

6. Ancient Flying Machines
In the 1780’s, for the first time in accepted history 2 frenchmen achieved lighter than air flight when using a hot air balloon near Paris. A small minority of scientists believe there’s evidence to suggest that humans achieved flight much earlier in history. Small artifacts and carvings have been discovered from around 5500 years ago that some say points to the true record of human flight.

5. Taos Hum
Some people in Taos, New Mexico are able to hear a mysterious sound that science is unable to explain. Only 2% of the general population is able to hear the noise that started in the early 1990’s. Researchers have set up sensitive equipment in the homes of the people that were affected by the hum but after extensive tests they were unable to pinpoint anything unusual. Because the source of the noise has yet to be identified, a variety of theories have been offered, and some people believe the source of the sound comes from secret government mind control experiments while others believe the noise is generated by underground UFO bases.

4. Voynich Manuscript
The Voynich Manuscript is a hand written book which has been carbon dated to the early 15th century. The thing that makes the book a mystery, is that no one has been able to accurately decipher it.The book has both written text and diagrams, and has been studied by many professional and amateur cryptographers. One of the most famous cases in the history of cryptography. the meaning and origin of the manuscript has been the subject of much speculation.

3. Mohenjo-Daro
 This archeological site located in modern day Pakistan was one of the largest Indus Valley civilizations that thrived over 8,000 years ago. Skeletons have been discovered at the site that were found to be highly radioactive. Some believe the ancient city was destroyed by an atomic bomb that wiped out the the entire population which was estimated to be around half a million people. The site has been featured prominently on the History Channel’s show ancient aliens, and even though the thought of ancient atomic bombs seems ridiculous, people still argue over it to this day.

2. Crystal Skulls
These carvings made out of white or clear quartz have been a source of mystery and controversy for decades. The skulls are claimed to have been made by aztec or mayan civilizations, and are said to possess supernatural or mystical properties. None of the skulls made available for scientific study have been verified as pre-columbian, but that hasn’t stopped them from being the subject of several tv shows and blockbuster movies.

1. The Baltic Sea Anomaly
Discovered in June 2011, the baltic sea anomaly is a 200 ft formation on the floor of the baltic Sea. The discovery was made while searching for an old shipwreck, and because of its disc like shape it quickly became a topic of controversy. Some believe the structure could be a world war 2 anti submarine device, and others believe the object is an alien space ship. Scientists have stated the disc is most likely a natural formation, but geologist Steve Weiner tested a sample of the object and stated there were materials found in which nature could not reproduce itself.

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