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10 Taco Bell Hacks You Need To Try ASAP
Taco Bell is famous for its inexpensive, no fuss fast food Mexican dishes. If you are a big fan of Mexican food, there are a variety of ways to customize your order, create your own versions and bring your experience to a whole different level. To help you out, here are 10 Taco Bell hacks you need to try ASAP.

Tacos, Tacos, and More Tacos
Everyone is familiar with the hard-shell Taco at Taco Bell, but it’s not just all about tacos, all the time! Even though tacos are the most purchased and have remained their best-selling item for the last 57 years now. Are you hooked but tired of eating the same old ground beef tacos, served with the usual typical Mexican accoutrements? You can always swap out your hard-shelled taco for a soft-shelled one. You can change out the beef for spicy chicken or steak. Prefer hard shelled but need more flavor, change you regular corn tortilla to a Dorito tortilla shell, making it a Locos Taco Supreme, which packs quite a powerhouse of flavors, or you can add Pico de Gallo and sour cream and extra nacho cheese to make it a creamy mess.

Want extra spice, you can add-on jalapeno peppers and packets of hot sauce. Basically, you can create your own better and improved taco. For those die-hard vegetarians, you can order the Bean Crunchy Supreme or Soft Shell Supreme filled with mounds of refried beans, add diablo sauce for added flavor and spiciness. A new and popular item on the menu for vegetarians is the Bean Cheesy Gordita Crunch, a crunchy, refried bean-filled taco shell with zesty Spicy Ranch sauce, crisp shredded lettuce and real cheddar cheese, all wrapped up in a melted 3-cheese layered flatbread.

Burritos Por Favor
Another long-time proverbial favorite at Taco Bell is Burritos. There are too many to list here and it would get way too confusing. But basically, they all come served with a soft-shelled tortilla filled with a world of goodness and all your heart’s deepest desires. The base is some sort of meat like ground beef, spicy chicken, and even steak. You can virtually have anything in them and create your own with upgrades. At Taco Bell them come filled with every combination and permutation. Hearty beans, rice, sauce, shredded lettuce, diced onions, tomatoes, potatoes, zesty Pico de Gallo and even Doritos.

Feeling lazy and want everything, a must try is the Seven Layer Burritos served warm, with fixings of your choice, the difference is it has a blend of three cheeses like cheddar, Monterey Jack and mozzarella, sour cream and guacamole. A really good hack, is to lay a few of them in a casserole, top with more of your favorite cheese, loads of store-bought chipotle sauce, and pop in the oven till cheese is melted, you have yourself enchiladas! Serve with homemade Spanish rice and a Power Menu Bowl, or Taco Fiesta salad and your guests will think you are a Mayan god. If you can’t decide between a taco or a Burritos, then the way to go is a Crunchwrap Supreme. They are so hot right now. A Mix between a crunchy tostada shell wrapped between a soft tortilla, with layers of fixings, the perfect balance in a one-handed lunch staple for all those busy and undecided Libras.

Gotta love the name! A dish originating from Cholula in the state of Puebla Mexico. Chalupas are made by pressing together masa dough and molding it into a concave shell and deep frying it. It looks like a container resembling a boat, hence the origin of the name. A crisp, shallow corn boat filled with your favorite ingredients. A closer look reveals that it may pass for a thick pita or naan bread. They’re crunchy, crispy and chewy and can be filled with seasoned beef, or chicken and usually come with three types cheeses, sour cream, shredded lettuce, and diced ripe tomatoes.

In the mood for a fusion instead, try this Mexican-Indian hack. But you will have to do take-out for this one to complete your creation. Customize your order by asking for a plain Chalupa with spicy chicken, no cheese, no sour cream and no veggies. Just add your own curry spice, plain yogurt, or your favorite prepared butter chicken sauce from the grocery store and you have a totally different and exotic meal on your hands. Want to stick with the Mexican theme. Well, remember Chimigangas? They were all the rage and a proverbial favorite. Well here’s a chance to redeem yourself with this hack, order a chalupa and deep fry it in some peanut oil and you’ve got a Chimiganga, add your favorite hot sauce and it’s a whole other meal. A little trick from the food industry, the same can be done with your favorite burritos from Taco Bell.

These delicious pockets of flatbread are the Mexican version of a grilled cheese sandwich. The original quesadillas are typically filled with Oaxaca cheese, a stringy Mexican cheese made by a method of stretched curds called pasta filata. But it is hard to find it in North America in most fast food outlets, instead they substitute mozzarella or cheddar cheese. Simple, yet tasty, quesadillas are commonly served with just cheese, but can be filled with anything. For a more substantial meal and a bang of flavor you can add any type of meat. An inexpensive item on the menu at Taco Bell, they’re usually under $ 3.00, but did you know you can get a mini quesadilla for just a buck.

The cheapest hack of the menu items at Taco Bell is ordering two mini’s and you’ve got a whole one right there. You can also make loads of them yourself, by purchasing a dozen tortilla shells, adding some grated mozzarella and your favorite type of cold cuts, such as chorizo, mock chicken and roast beef slices. Place them in a griddle or panini press and you’ve enough for six of your friends and a quick lunch for a week. In a hurry, wrap it up and it’s a Quesarito. Make a good morning breakfast on the run, by just adding scrambled eggs and refried beans. At Taco Bell you can order this with a side of potatoes, and save yourself $ 2.00 for a full breakfast. A quicker version is taking one tortilla and folding into a half moon shape.

Mexican Pizza
Yes, Taco Bell serves pizza, and it will knock your socks off. Of course, it’s Mexican style but nonetheless still delicious. The ultimate fusion cuisine, pizza is more often associated with Italy, but who says Mexicans can’t have their own version. The Mexican variety of pizza is quite different and original in flavor. It contains all the favorite Mexican ingredients that you love so much. The common thing of course is that it all begins with some sort of a base, either flour or corn tortilla. All pizzas are always topped with cheese, tomatoes sauce, and some sort of meat and veggies. The similarities are not any different with a Mexican pizza. Like many Mexican dishes the main ingredients are a mix of refried beans, ground beef, cheddar cheese and Pico de Gallo and the kitchen sink.

You can customize and add as many toppings as you like to make it your own. But this hack will have you scratching your head, it’s purely ingenious. Turn your Pizza into Lasagna, by ordering two or more pizzas at Taco Bell for a total cost of under twelve bucks. You’ll need lots of nacho cheese sauce, and maybe extra chili, refried beans and plenty of cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Start by layering the pizza one on top of the other and adding lots of nacho cheese and mozzarella cheese in between the layers. Bake for 10 minutes to reheat and you can serve this with a Taco Salad from Taco Bell or Power Menu Bowl. The cost saved is at least half of a regular pizza or lasagna and you’ll have a meal that is totally new and original, rarely seen in any Mexican restaurants.

Tortilla Chips
Tortilla chips are another staple that originated from northern Mexico. These tiny morsels of chips were created by the Zapotec native women from the state of Oaxaca. Mostly made with corn tortillas, the natives would bake round tortillas in a clay oven known as a comixcal, and then salt them for preserving. The fried or baked tortillas would then be cut into triangular squares called tortilla chips. A staple to many meals served in lieu of bread. A whole round tortilla is known as a Tostada. Taco Bell and many Mexican restaurants serve both these items on their menu. Many high-end Mexican restaurants serve tortilla chips complimentary with drinks at the onset of a meal.

Sometimes they’re served with salsa or salsa Verde. Tortilla chips also make a great snack with a glass of sangria on a hot summer day, when you’re not too hungry. Tostadas are a whole different thing and an absolute craze these days. Deep fried and served hot, they’re open faced whole tortillas shells topped with most anything. At Taco bell, you can have any variation of tortilla chips, even Doritos. You can customize your order with nacho cheese or guacamole on the side. The more the better, top with any combination of cheese, vegetables, beans and salsa to maximize your meal. Combine them with a Power Menu Bowl Combo or Fiesta Taco salad, or use them as additional croutons or scoopers when you have eaten all the shell and need more chips with your plain salad. A spicy Tostada will only set you back one dollar, a total steal.

Nachos are usually heated tortilla chips or totopos. The ‘twisted sister’ counterpart of tortilla chips they’re covered with melted cheese or a cheese-based Nacho sauce, Pico de Gallo, even beans, chili and sometimes meats. They can be served as a snack or appetizer, but nachos can be a meal in and of itself. Don’t go for just plain, boring and simple nachos. Spice up your life by creating a junky gooey mess. This dish came to be and was originally was created by Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya in 1943 in the city of Piedras Negras, just over the border from Texas. The dish came to be when some wives of U.S. soldiers stationed at Fort Duncan dropped in after the restaurant had closed for the day.

Ignacio the maître d' at the time created a new snack for them with what little he had available in the kitchen, namely tortillas and cheese. He cut the tortillas into triangles, deep-fried them, added shredded cheddar cheese, quickly heated them, topped it with sliced pickled jalapeño peppers and the traditional nacho dish was born. This dish’s popularity quickly spread, these days they are being served in every pub, Mexican restaurant and fast food outlets across North America. Fed up of just plain nachos, order a few bowls of Taco Bell Supreme Nachos or the Belle Grande for take-out. Power them up with a Candy Freeze Drink, you can get one for free if you order multiples, add some tequila and invite some of your friends over to sit on the terrace for Happy Hour at your place.

Mexican Poutine
Still in the mood for nachos, but love those tater tots instead and can’t decide. You don’t have to! This is an actual dish, though not served at Taco Bell. The good thing is, you can customize and be inventive! These days anything goes and when you’re craving a fusion of cuisines, you need to be creative. If you’re the type of person who likes variety, this hack is for you. It’s all about self-gratification anyways, at least when it comes to what you want to put in your body.

This hack will pack that extra crunch in your taters. Order a side of Cheesy Fiesta potatoes or fries plain, also order a side of chips and nachos cheese sauce. Squish the chips up and add them to the top of an order of taters. Be creative and top as many layers of goodness as you want. You can also add Pico de Gallo, beans, chili and meat as well, don’t stop there, the more the tastier. Don’t forget loads of diablo sauce or hot sauce for that kick. Place them in the microwave or oven with extra mozzarella cheese and bake for 10 minutes till cheese is melted. You’ll get a Mexican poutine without spending lots of money and guaranteed to satisfy your deepest cravings. It’s simple and fun, and makes a delicious side dish.

Fajitas and Wraps
Have you noticed that wraps have become really popular. Taco Bell has also jumped on the bandwagon, by offering their version of a wrap called Grillers. They are not burritos or enchiladas, but actual perfectly round rolled flour tortilla filled with all your Mexican favorites, but wait! They also have the traditional Chicken and Ranch Griller (available in Canada only) and it’s better tasting than most fast food versions. They even have a vegetarian version with 5 layers of dip and beans wrapped in a grilled flour tortilla.

In the US, you can make this version by ordering a Cheesy Roll for one dollar and customizing it with sides. A similar item on the menu is the Beefy Nacho Griller or Cheesy Potato Griller for a few dollars more. Get a Power Menu Bowl with your preferred meat of choice and a cheesy roll and create your own. Ask for ranch dressing instead of sour cream. Add spice to your chicken, some avocado, guacamole, green peppers and onions and make fajitas wraps. Be a chef, deconstruct by asking for items on the side instead of the usual items on the menu. Put them back together to your liking, people will look at you weird, but it’ll be fine. At least you are getting exactly what you want.

The best way to complete any meal is with dessert. Taco Bell has three desserts if you crave something sweet. Treat yourself to the Cinnabon Delight, the Taco Bell version of a Churro munchkin. Doughnut-holes filled with a sweet cream cheese frosting, dusted with cinnamon sugar. Or an ingenious and inexpensive version of a Churros shaped differently for only a $1.00. As a matter of fact, all desserts at Taco Bell will set you back a buck. Finger foods for the soul, just pop in your mouth, ah, such delicious pockets of goodness. If you want something lighter, the puffed corn cinnamon twists are also decadent and not as heavy, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar they’re equally addictive but better for those calorie counters.

Another old-time favorite dessert at Taco Bell and a direct competitor to McDonalds boring Baked Apple Pie is Taco Bell’s Caramel Apple Empanada. Move over, baked apple pie, this is so much better. Drizzle some Dulce de Leche over the dessert, the caramel will bring it to a whole other level of sweetness. Diabetics be warned, this can be very hazardous to your health. But still, oh so decadent. Order up more by staying right here. Just tap on our next great video. And show us some love by hitting that subscribe button and ringing that bell to join our notification squad so you never miss out.

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Top 10 Amazing Facts About Chile

Just another stop on our journey around the world, this time to the southwestern edge of South America, to the coastal paradise of Chile. So practice with your Trompo, brush up on your football, and watch out for the indio picaro as we divulge these top ten amazing facts about Chile!

10. Chileans of Notoriety
Ever wonder who’s somewhat to blame for Jersey Shore? The city of Santiago, Chile can take a little credit for being the birth-town of Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi; but we’d rather not get caught up in the blame game and instead focus on incredibly notable people like first Chilean Saint Teresa of the Andes or Google’s Vice President of Design, Matias Duarte. Other names that may ring a bell include painter Miguel Venegas; actors Pedro Pascal, Horatio Sanz, and Cote de Pablo; Slayer leader singer and bassist Tom Araya; and for you YouTube fans, be sure to check out the likes of HolaSoyGerman, JuegaGerman, DogmasFour and Lele.

9. Cuisine of Chile
In Chile, rather than hear people ask for a Jack and Coke, you’ll likely find locals asking for a Pisco and cola or even the native version of a Pisco sour, two beverages that feature Chile’s national drink, the clear, brandy-like Pisco. To pair with your beverage, there’s always curanto, a method of cooking similar to an imu oven adopted from early Chilean natives. A selection of meats, shellfish, and vegetables are layered on heated stones in a near 5’ (1.5 m) hole and covered with wet sacks, dirt, and grass to simulate a pressure cooker.

8. Chilean Wildlife or Festivals
Though they’re often depicted as cold-weather animals, four species of penguin are known to call Chile home. In fact, outside of Punta Arenas, you’ll find the Seno Otway Penguin Colony, which, outside of being a tourist attraction, is also a habitat for the Otway Sound Penguin. Other species found in Chile include the Southern Rockhopper and Humboldt penguin. Other endemic species to the South American country include the pygmy deer, or shy pudu, llama and alpaca, and vicuna, a camelid known for its sought-after fur.

7. The Sights of Chile
Often considered the “cleanest” place on the planet, the South American region known as Patagonia is a wildlife paradise that stretches across Argentina and Chile, brimming with stunning visuals of crystalline glaciers, rolling green plains, and sparkling blue lakes. Within Patagonia, you’ll find Torres del Paine National Park, home to Cordillera del Paine, or the small grouping of towering mountains. Off the coast of South American lies the well-known Chilean island, Easter Island, which houses Rapa Nui National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for 887 strange statues known as moai.

6. The Moai of Easter Island
Speaking of the moai of Easter Island, the incredible statues are said to date back to sometime between the 15th and early 17th centuries, which dates around when Spanish conquistadors started to arrive at mainland South American to colonize what’s now present-day Chile. The 86-ton, 33’ (10 m)-tall statues were carved from the Rano Raraku volcano and were created to pay tribute to the current and prior chieftains of the island. Though many of the statues were overtaken by Earth, full-bodied examples of these towering figures can still be seen having survived the test of time at Ahu Tongariki.

5. Chile and Sports
Even if you love football, chances are you don’t love it nearly as much as a Chilean does! Formed in 1895, the Federacion de Futbol de Chile, or the Football Federation of Chile, is the second oldest South American federation and Chile itself is one of four founding members of the South American Football Confederation. The Chilean team has been around since the beginning, having been one of 13 teams to partake in the very first FIFA World Cup in 1930. Since then, the nation has enjoyed a series of wins, specifically at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, where the men’s soccer team took home the bronze, and in the 2015 and 2016 Copa  merica, where their team took first place.

4. Chilean World Records
And if you need even more proof of Chile’s love for football, consider that in 2016, 2,357 amateur and professional football players gathered for a five-day, 120-hour football match. The stunt earned the Guinness World Record for most players in a match but didn’t beat Scotland’s current record for longest game of 105-hours due to lack of verification. Other records earned for Chile include the “tree with most different fruit,” earned by Luis Carrasco who grafted five different fruit trees into one; the “largest virus,” awarded for the megavirus chilensis; and the “largest single copy of newspaper,” which measured at about 11' 9" x 8’ 4” (3.6 x 2.56 m).

3. What’s in a Name?
Was the food named after the country? Or the country after the food? Neither is true, actually, as the pepper derived from their Nahuatl name, spelled with two “L’s.” The etymology of the nation’s moniker, on the other hand, is a little more difficult to pinpoint. Some researchers theorize it was a bastardization of Tili, the Picunche tribal chief that ruled over the region during the 15th century. Other theories claim Chile was pulled from the Native American word for “ends of the earth” or “seagulls,” the Mapuche word for “where the land ends,” or even from the Quechua words “chiri” or “tchili,” meaning cold and snow respectively.

2. The Truth is Out There
It’s not often you hear a government touting the existence of UFOs, let alone come across a government-funded group devoted to the practice of extraterrestrial and UFO discovery and studies. Instead of blaming swamp gas and weather balloons, Chile’s Committee for the Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena (CEFAA) will outright claim something as being an unknown phenomenon. In fact, Chilean residents experience so many UFO sightings that the town of Sam Clemente dedicated a 19-mile (30 km)-long trail through the Andes Mountains to the country’s alleged ET epidemic.

1. The Chilean Independence
On September 18th, 1810, after Napoleon’s intervention in Spain initiated steps towards full autonomy in Chile, high-powered representatives gathered for a town meeting to alter the current administration and elect a council of native leaders. Despite a period of peace and progress under the new rule, Spain sought to step in to regain control, which it achieved at the Battle of Rancagua in 1814. Three years later, Chilean patriots fed up with Spanish rule marched against the militaristic supremacy, once again earning their emancipation from Spain. On February 12th, 1818, Chile declared independence from Spain, though it wasn’t recognized until April 25th, 1844.

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10. Spider-Man
Shattered Dimensions Shattered Dimensions is just top tier when it comes to Spider-Man video games and it has a multiverse element that's truly one of a kind. In Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions you're given the opportunity to suit up as so many different spider totems, everyone from ultimate spider-man to Spider-Man Noir and even Miguel O'Haras Spider-Man 2099. Throughout the game, you go head to head with a variety of different villains as you collect pieces of the mystical stone. The coolest thing is that each of the separate dimensions has unique art styles and gameplay. Even though there isnt an open world exploration aspect to the game it makes up for it with Ultimate Spider-Man being able to use the symbiotes tentacle attacks. Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions was released September 7th, 2010 for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS and PC. Review site Gamespot even gave it a 7.5 out of 10.

9. Marvel Ultimate Alliance
When this game hit consoles in 2006 it won Wizards Magazines Game of the Year as well as Gamespots Best Use of a Creative License. Its an action role-playing game that features 23 playable Marvel characters and 16 more that are system exclusives. Although its storyline could have been a bit better it certainly makes up for it with the number of locations you have to choose from. In the game, players select teams of four allowing them to recreate their favorite superhero teams or even create their own. Additionally, the game gives out bonus features for forming the Avengers, defenders, fantastic four, marvel knights and the x-men. It also has alternate endings that are decided by the number of optional missions you complete.

8. X-Men Origins Wolverine
If we were covering best Marvel movies, this title would never make that list, but when it comes to video games X-Men Origins Wolverine makes up for what the movie lacked. Its your classic hack and slash action adventure game loosely based on the movie itself, except with way more blood and gore. Released back in May of 2009 on all PlayStation platforms, Xbox 360 as well as the Wii and PC this game received a 7 out of 10 rating from GameSpot. For a game that was inspired by God of War and Devil May Cry, it stands out on its own with fast combos from your favorite x-men hero.

7. Deadpool
Speaking of excellent hack and slash games, Deadpool certainly does not disappoint on that front. Its also well deserved of that Mature rating for its beat em up video game style that frequently barrels through the fourth wall by Deadpool interacting with you as you play. Even though for the majority of this game you find yourself chopping through thousands of enemies the real love for the game comes from the comedy. Its vulgar, profane and is perfectly aligned with how we view the character of Deadpool. The game even begins with Deadpool pitching the video game which ultimately ends with him tearing up the script and then hunting down the corrupt media mogul Chance White. The most hilarious part of this sequence is that when he tackles Chance out of the penthouse window he admits that they may have just spent the entire budget for the game on that one move. Hence the reasoning for such repetitive combat moves. Either way, still one of the best Marvel video games.

6. Marvel Heroes
Back in 2013 when the initial version of this game launched it was a great concept, but unfortunately was plagued with bugs and just was nowhere near what we expected. Although on the bright side of things due to it being an online game the developers could handle updates and mistakes along the way. Because of this, they were able to bring the game up to par while renaming it first to Marvel heroes 2015, then Marvel Heroes 2016 before taking on its final complete form of Marvel Heroes Omega. Its a free-to-play massive online multiplayer RPG that allowed players to choose from a wide variety of their favorite heroes to take on various enemy factions.

5. Super Soldier
What else can you ask for in a game, Super Soldier has it all. You play as Captain America in a third person style as Cap takes on the Red Skull from the evil HYDRA organization. Not only do you get to storm Hydras castle, knocking down hundreds of henchmen as you go along, but you also are in charge of halting Red Skulls evil experiments. The game feels heavily influenced by the Batman Arkham series, but combined with stealth operations and a brawler combat system it does carve its own path. Its argued that the storyline would have served the game better if it was different from the plot of the movie, but regardless its still a great game. Common Sense Media even rated it a 4 out of 5.

4. The Hulk Ultimate Destruction
I'm going to go out on a limb here hoping that most of you will agree with me, but The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction is quite possible the best Hulk game to date. There I said it. For starters, nearly everything in your environment including your enemies are not immune to destruction. I would hope not with a game name like that. Not to mention the amount of creative moves at your disposal far reaches the basic smash everything tactics that the Hulk possesses. Lastly, the bosses that you face are far from a walk in the park. The boss battles are these intense face-offs that require you dig deep and get creative with your attacks. Such creative attacks include breaking a car in half and using each end as boxing gloves.

3. Ultimate Spider-Man
Based on the Sam Raimi Spider-Man film trilogy this action adventure game was released back in 2005. The game does a terrific job of encapsulating the brilliant scripts written by Brian Michael Bendis into a video game. Everything down to the art for the game was done exceptionally well and is partly due to the fact that Bendis wrote and directed the game as well. Its basically every spider-man comic book fans fantasy wrapped up into one Ultimate Marvel game. The web-swinging mechanics at the time of the games release were unprecedented and hit the nail on the head with its realism. The cherry on top has to be that parts of the game even lets you play as Venom. Which greatly cuts down on any repetitiveness you may have expected. Although when playing as Venom your goals turn from saving the city of New York to how can I cause the most destruction.

2. Lego Marvel Super Heroes
We gotta give a spot to this game mainly because of the insane amount of playable characters they offer. You can select up to 155 Marvel characters, which doesn't even include the downloadable extras. Everyone from your favorite heroes, villains, robots, Aunt May and even Stan Lee. Lego Stan Lee is legendary, I don't care what anyone says. Its a trip down memory lane in lego form with its comic book, MCU and even Marvel cartoon callbacks. You can clearly see that the developers had as much fun working on this game as we did playing it.

1. Spider-Man PS4
Without a doubt, this game takes the cake for the best Marvel video game out there. It scored an 8.7 out of 10 from IGN, 87 percent on Metacritic and a 9 out of 10 from GameSpot. The game pulls storyline inspiration directly from the comic book and web swinging mechanics along with combat have never been better. This open-world action adventure is everything you ever wanted in a Spider-Man video game. Plus the graphics alone for city of New York will absolutely blow you away.


18. Kissing And Telling
While filming 2012’s Spring Breakers, co-star and director James Franco reportedly made Selena Gomez reshoot the scene in which she makes out with him - more than 7 times. This was apparently a joke on Franco’s part, but Gomez mentioned in a later interview that James is a good kisser, and that she “didn’t do it enough”. The movie was a big hit, and we can only imagine this was in part due to the sparks Franco and Gomez displayed on-screen.

17. Staged For Success
Selena Marie Gomez was born on July 22nd, 1992. She was an only child for the first 13 years of her life, and grew up in Grand Prairie, Texas. Her mother, Amanda Dawn Cornett, is a retired stage actress. Gomez’s two younger siblings were born after her parents separated, each having another child with their new spouses. She’s stated that she first began to be interested in a life in the spotlight after watching her mom prepare for her stage performances.

16. Providing
The Path Selena’s mother, Amanda Dawn Cornett, gave birth to Selena when she was just 16 years old. This caused their small family to endure financial hardship, and it was made even harder when her parents split up when Gomez was just 5 years old. Her mother then struggled to provide for the two, and Selena says she recalls the two of them having to search for quarters in order to get gas for their car. Many of the pair’s meals were purchased from a nearby dollar store, and her mom worked 3 jobs to make ends meet. Times were extremely tough during this period, but Gomez has since stated that it has given her perspective on wealth and success.

15. What’s In A Name?
Selena’s mom named her after the famous Tejano singer who bore the same first name. That singer was of course Selena Quintanilla-Perez, who died in 1995, murdered just 3 years after Selena Gomez was born. It makes sense that Selena would go on to be a famous singer in her own right; and she has stated that her namesake has been a source of inspiration for her career.

14. Selena and Friends
Gomez met her lifelong friend Demi Lovato while the two were auditioning for the show Barney and Friends. Both girls were selected to appear in a 2002 episode in the series, and this would be Selena’s first experience with acting. She went on to appear in fourteen additional episodes, but was released from future roles because the show’s producers felt she was getting too old. She would continue her friendship with Lovato for years to come, however, and the two even had their own YouTube series at one point. This did not turn into anything bigger, however, mostly as a result of their career paths taking them in different directions. Nevertheless, the two remain close friends.

13. Less Than Magical
While Selena Gomez states that she loves the sciences - specifically earth science - she apparently isn’t much of a fan of magic. This is, of course, despite her starring role in Wizards of Waverly Place. Nevertheless, she has said on multiple occasions that magical movie franchises like Harry Potter are just not her thing. Regarding science, though, Gomez says that it was always her favorite subject in school. She has also said that she continues to have an interest in science, and loves hearing about new advancements in those fields of study.

12. Keeping Up With The Jenners
Although Selena Gomez has been seen as a close friend of Kendall and Kylie Jenner for quite some time, in 2014 she reportedly unfollowed both of them on Instagram after learning that they’d been spending time with Justin Bieber. She also deleted most of the pictures on her profile which showed them together, indicating that she was pretty upset about the whole thing. There were even rumors at one point that a fight between Selena and the Jenners would be featured on Keeping Up With The Kardashians - though that didn’t end up happening. Nevertheless, as of this year they seem to have patched things up - Kylie made some nice comments about Selena’s appearance at the Grammys, and Gomez has said that rumors of their alleged feud continuing are not true.

11. The Honest Truth
In 2015, Selena Gomez revealed to her fans that she suffers from Lupus, an autoimmune disease which is characterized by chronic pain and aches which can affect nearly any part of the body at any time. She also revealed that this was the reason she cancelled her 2013 tour - her symptoms were prohibitively intense. She also suffered from depression at this time, caused in part by the headlines she read, speculating incorrectly as to why she’d withdrawn from the spotlight. She says that the truth of the matter is that she was in chemotherapy at the time.

10. Pink With Embarrassment
Although the song “Love You Like A Love Song” was a huge success for Gomez, she came under fire when filming the music video for the song. This was because she apparently decided to have several horses spray-painted pink for the video. PETA, an organization dedicated to ending animal cruelty, came out strongly against the action, stating that there is no safe way to paint an animal, since paint can cause painful allergic reactions. After a large controversy as a result of the incident, Selena decided to cut all scenes with the painted horses from the video. Fellow star Pink even came out against Gomez’s actions, stating that “...artists should be more aware and responsible for their actions”.

9. Those In Need
Selena Gomez is a well-known and outspoken human rights activist, and actually became UNICEF’s youngest-ever Ambassador in 2009, when she was just 17. Since then, she’s played a large role in helping to advocate for the rights of children throughout the world. She has stated that she took on the role as a result of the dire need to help children who die from preventable causes - a figure she states is as high as 25,000 per day. Gomez now divides much of her time away from singing to the causes UNICEF supports, and her frequent humanitarian efforts can be seen both on the UNICEF website and her own social media.

8. A Spoonful Of...Olive Oil?
Gomez claims that her secret to preserving her amazing singing voice is that she drinks olive oil directly before going on stage. She says that during her tours, she often suffers from a sore throat - understandably so - and that taking a small drink of olive oil helps to soothe her vocal cords before she performs. She says it tastes terrible, but that because of the way it coats your throat, it helps to ensure that her voice sounds as great as possible for her fans.

7. Netting Some Cash
Gomez has a net worth of more than $45 million. A percentage of her annual income reportedly comes from the star’s Instagram feed, where she has more than 100 million followers. In fact, it’s estimated that she earns somewhere around $550,000 per post. This is mainly due to the tremendous influence she wields for her fans - they are likely to purchase any product they see Gomez using. Besides that, she also makes quite a bit from her concerts, merchandise, and acting gigs, with estimates putting her average annual income around $7 million.

6. A Pickle
In Particular Gomez apparently has an obsession with sour flavors. She’s said before that she is known to eat lemons whole and by themselves, occasionally adding a little salt to them. Further, she says that a favorite food of hers are deep fried pickles from Hooters, and that one of her favorite food combinations is popcorn and pickle juice. She has also said before, though somewhat jokingly, that she’d like to pioneer a pickle flavored gum.

5. Crushing It
It’s often forgotten that stars were once, and in many ways still are, completely normal people. Selena Gomez reminded us all of this when she met Shia LeBeouf unexpectedly. She reacted extremely nervously, as can be seen in the video which catches the encounter on film. Later, she said that the reason for her somewhat embarrassing reaction was due to having a “celebrity crush” on Shia.

4. Never Say Never
Although the “teen power couple” of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber has been over for some time now, Gomez has said in an interview previously that she “doesn’t know” if she would never consider a reunion. She has said that romantic relationships are not her focus as of right now, but the comment gave hope to many who want to see the two as an item once again.

3. Bad Blood
Between 2013 and 2015, Selena Gomez had a fairly public feud with fellow singer and Taylor Swift fan Lorde. The two were seen multiple times glaring at each other at public events, and also had some...not so nice things to say about one another. Sources close to the feud said that it was based on Selena’s jealousy of Lorde, particularly because “Lorde wrote her own musical success, Selena can’t write or produce on her own.” Lorde also apparently said that she “has no interest in arguing with Selena, because she doesn’t think she is a real musician.” Although the two publicly buried the hatchet at the 2014 VMAs - both of them performed at the event and showed their support for mutual friend Taylor Swift - comments have surfaced from both sides which seem to indicate that there’s still some animosity between them.

2. Smoking Gun
As of October 2016, Selena Gomez is confirmed to be in a rehabilitation facility in Tennessee. She says that she placed herself in the facility in order to recover from anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, and that she will be taking a break from the spotlight for the time being to ensure a full recovery. Interestingly, several photos of Gomez in the facility appear to show her smoking a cigarette. If she is a smoker, it wasn’t known until now. It’s not confirmed; though some images do show Selena clearly, the photos of her smoking don’t show her face. If so, this would only serve as fuel for the drug accusations she’s already faced. Gomez’s staff posted to her Twitter feed that it was not in fact her holding the cigarette in the photo, and that this is just an attempt by the paparazzi to drum up a story.

1. Finely Aged
There are rumors abound that Gomez is considering plastic surgery on her face. While she has openly stated that she is comfortable with her appearance and now accepts that many people find her attractive, she apparently has been affected by certain comments. Many people have referred to her as having a “sexy body but a 12-year-old face”, and apparently Gomez has considered getting plastic surgery to look a bit older. Though she has never publicly admitted to having had appearance altering procedures, this has not stopped the rumor mill from speculating that it’s actually already happened.

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11. Extra Shoelace Hole
Sneakers often come with multiple shoe lace holes and often aren't used when lacing up our shoes, so why is it there? Those additional holes in your shoes prevent blisters and create a better fit by using the method “heel lock” or “lace lock” By slipping your laces through those additional holes, it provides extra friction between the shoelaces at your ankle to keep the area snug and compact. This method helps aid runners or hikers doing a lot of physical activity without having to fasten the entire shoe. Just be careful not to tie your shoes too tight.

10. Padlock Holes
No matter what size of fastener you have, you'll notice that each latch contains a minuscule hole next to the key lock. Its purpose is to drain out liquid, if water gets into the lock and freezes without any expansion room, it could damage the lock or cause it to seize until it thaws out. The hole keeps it from rusting, and the hole can also be used to oil the lock to keep it functioning properly.

9. Extra Patch of Fabric
Many articles of clothing come with a small piece of fabric along with a button, which many people would think its use is for patching up holes if needed. However, it's real purpose is entirely different. Its intended use is for washing; you place the piece of fabric in the washing machine to see how it reacts with detergent or bleacher and the color fastness of the material. The color fastness determines if the dye will fade fast or bleed easily which can stain other clothing. Now you don't ever have to ruin your favorite shirt in the wash. You're welcome!

8. Tiny Pocket in Your Jeans
Ever wonder why there's a small pocket above the regular pocket in front of your jeans? No, it's not to store buttons, coins or other minuscule items but it's a watch pocket! It was originally intended for men who need a protective place to store their pocket watch. The Levi Strauss company stated on their blog that the first pair of blue jeans originally had four pockets. Only one in the front, one in the back and both pockets had small watch pockets. Tracey Panek, a Levi's historian, speculates the watch pocket dates all the way back to 1879!

7. Hole in Airplane
You don't have to be an aviation engineer to know that the tiny hole at the bottom of the airplane window plays an important role. It's called a breather hole, and it helps regulate the amount of pressures that cuts through the window's inner and outer panes. This safety feature ensures that the outer glass holds the most weight, so there was an instance that induced further exertion on the window, you would still be able to breathe. The breather hole also prevents the window from becoming fogged up from the moisture created between the panes.

6. Indentation at the Bottom of Wine Bottles
Also known as a dimple, the formal name of the indentation is called a punt. No, we're not referring this to football! Originally, glass blowers making the wine bottles would create the indentation to ensure the bottle would stand upright and not tip over. It also served to allow for even distribution of pressure making it easier to hold a wine bottle. However, bottles today are much stronger, so the punt is kept simply part of the wine bottle tradition. Aside from adding strength to the base of the bottle, it also adds flair and style to the bottle's design.

5. Jean Rivets
Go ahead, look down! Chance are the pants you are wearing have those small little rivets. In the 19th and 20th centuries, jeans were originally worn by manual day laborers who complained that their jeans would wear down in a short period. The rivets attach the garments in places where it would most likely fall apart, like the pockets. While the aspect of jeans changed over time, the design remains the same!

4. Hole in Pot Handles
Many people would think the hole in pot handles is so you can hang it up on a hook, although there's an entirely other use for it. It serves as a spoon holder which comes in handy when cooking in the kitchen. You no longer have to fuss about getting your cooking contents all over the counter or stove. By sticking the handle of your wooden spoon in the hole, it'll drop right back into the pot.

3. Power Cord Bulge
Most electrical cords contain a bulge that we probably ignore, but it serves a purpose. It's called the ferrite bead or the RF choke; it cuts our other electromagnetic interference emitted from other electronic devices to prevent your monitor from glitching or creating feedback in your speakers. The wires in the power cord are looped around the ferrite blocking radio frequency while it's connected to the power line. You might notice this one headphone adapters, audio cables and sometimes it's already built in the equipment. Mystery solved.

2. Keyboard Bumps
If you look closely on your keyboard, you can see two raised bumps on the “F” and “J” key. It's designed to help computer users correctly position their hands on the keyboard without having to look down. Usually, your index fingers sit on the two ridged keys. Your left hand sits above keys “A, S, D and F,” while your right-hand covers the “J, K, L, and colon buttons. his feature works ideal for those working in an office or if you have to type a term paper due for several hours and you haven't started on it yet!

1. Shirt Loops
We've all see the shirt loop, but probably haven't paid much attention to it. Obviously, the shirt loop was used instead of hangers to hang up shirts on a hook or to hold clothes on a wire to dry. Fashion history states, loops were originally used by sailors when they hung their uniforms on hooks while on board ships. By the 1960's, it became a popular U.S. trend. In some aspects. The shirt loop gained social importance when it was incorporated into the Ivy League dating culture. Young ladies would cut the loops of their boyfriend's shirts which caused the shirt to rip and guys would cut their shirt loops to indicate they were in a relationship. While modern day dating doesn't involve cutting shirt loops, just think of it as decoration.

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Indonesia

Tucked between Australia and China lies a mess of islands amidst the Indian Ocean. Right in the middle of it all is Indonesia, a tropical nation that just so happens to be the next stop on our Top 10 journey across the globe. We’ll uncover the history, local culture, and incredible people that make up this beautiful country with these top 10 amazing facts about Indonesia! As the locals say… uh… Saya harus berlatih Bahasa Indonesia saya.

10. Tropical Wildlife
When you look into a tropical ecosystem, you’re bound to come across an eclectic mix of wondrous wildlife, from exotic birds to slithery reptiles to oversized insects! The country of Indonesia is brimming with over 180 species of mammal, just under 120 species of bird, 32 species of reptile, 140 different types of fish, and 32 amphibians. Among some of the more exotic and sadly endangered – wildlife to look for is the Halmahera Bird-of-Paradise, Spectral Tarsier, the Roti Island Snake-necked Turtle, and the massive Raja Laut, also known as the Indonesian coelacanth. The most striking creature, however, is the oversized Komodo Dragon. Growing up to 10-feet or roughly 3-meters long, the Komodo is indigenous to the Lesser Sunda Islands and is known for its venomous saliva.

9. Cuisine of Indonesia
Every country seems to have its own standard set of ingredients and, wouldn’t you know,  Indonesia is no different! From lemongrass to palm sugar, Indonesian food is brimming with flavors found in tropical environments. Common local cuisine includes sambal, a chili-based sauce; soto, a meat soup with localized ingredients; gado-gado; and Indonesia’s national  dish, nasi goring, which is a take on fried rice made with soy sauce, acar, carrots, and pickled cucumbers. As an alternate to nasi goreng, there’s nasi gila, or crazy rice, which is made with a mess of different meats, even including sliced hot dogs.

8. The Fame of Indonesia
If you’re not from Indonesia and are trying to come up with local celebrities on your own, the task may prove to be a little challenging. While a slew of actors hail from the islands - such as Lukman Sardi, Yoshi Sudarso, Titi Kamal, Laura Basuki, and Oka Antara – they don’t quite have the same worldwide fame as, say, Famke Janssen, who is said to be ¼ Indonesian. If you’re a foodie, you may know Candace Nelson for her judging on the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars while music aficionados may recognize singers Agnes Monica and pop band Coboy Junior or CJR. Looking to get your fix of Indonesia on YouTube? Check out channels such as Edho Zell, Raditya Dikaame and Rezaoktovian.

7. Indonesian Attractions
With the islands being some of the greatest things you can see in Indonesia, it’s a little easy to forget that there are some manmade wonders and fun little nuggets spread throughout the country. For tourists, spots like the Buddhist temple Borobudur, Hindu temple Prambanan, the Ubud Monkey Forest Hindu temple complex, the Indonesia National Monument, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, and the National Museum of Indonesia bring to life the history and culture of the region. To glimpse nature’s untouched beauty, Komodo National Park serves as a great way to spot the Komodo Dragon while Mount Bromo and Mount Batur line the horizon beautifully.

6. Volcanoes of Indonesia
Peuet Sague, Talakmau, Marapi – these mountainous complex volcanoes stretch over 9,000 feet or roughly 2,700 meters into the airspace over Indonesia, and they’re only three of the multitude of formations that are scattered all across the Indonesian islands. Set on the Ring of Fire, Indonesia boasts around 150 volcanoes, most of which are active and have experienced an eruption within the past century. In the summer of 2016, the stratovolcanoes Rinjani, Gamalama, and Sinabung began their latest eruption, adding to the growing list of over 1,000 recorded eruptions in Indonesia. In 1815 and 1883, the region suffered its worst volcanic eruptions, with the 1815 eruption of Tambora being one of the largest known in recorded history.

5. Indonesian Islands
If you thought 150 volcanoes sounded like a lot, then brace yourself for the estimated count for the number of islands under Indonesia’s control. Depending on which agency you go with, Indonesia has anywhere between 13,466 islands to just over 18,300. Surprisingly, while that is an incredible number, Canada and Finland beat Indonesia for having the most islands. Of the vast amount of land scattered throughout the ocean, over 8,800 have names and just under 1,000 are inhabited. Keeping track of these islands is no easy feat, especially since they are often categorized as island chains comprised of one main island province and, as seen with North Sumatra, hundreds of smaller lands.

4. World Records of Indonesians
Sometimes finding out which Guinness World Records a country has achieved takes a little bit of digging, but Indonesia makes it a pretty simple task with Muri, its very own World Records Museum. Included in some of the boasted records could be the ones for the most participants in a fingerprint test, most people in a centipede procession, the most populated island – which goes to Java and its count of 136 million people as of 2010 - and the tallest cake, measuring at 108 feet or roughly 33 meters. The fun museum also showcases the school with the largest LEGO and plan collections, most apples eaten by a group of people, and largest bamboo bird’s nest.

3. The Monsters of Indonesia
Every country has its alleged monsters, and no, we’re not talking about some deep philosophical meaning of the word. We mean living, breathing creatures like Orang Pendek, the Sasquatch-like “short man” said to live on the island of Sumatra. With as many unexplored regions and hidden islands as it has, it’s no wonder Indonesia is brimming with cryptids and unexplained monsters. Local tales can be heard about Ahool, a giant winged creature in the jungles of Java; Murray, a bipedal amphibian with a slender tail, large legs, and a long neck; the giant snake Nabau located along the Baleh River in Kapit; and Orang Gadang, a Sumatran cryptid similar to the concept of Bigfoot.

2. Early People of Indonesia
They may not have been the Frodos of their time, yet in 2003 on the island of Flores, researchers discovered signs of an early settlement of tiny humans in the Liang Bua cave. Due to their small stature, the new species of human, Homo floresiensis, was given the nickname of “hobbit” hominin. Originally thought to be the remains of “diseased” modern humans, the small fossils were later attributed as an evolved form of Homo erectus, who underwent island dwarfism after reaching Flores. Predating the Hobbits even earlier, however, was a new species of miniature man discovered at Mata Menge on Flores in 2014. The new remains, which give little indication of whether they’re a direct descendant of floresiensis, was dated as being over 650,000 years old.

1. Gaining Independence
As you could probably guess, Indonesia didn’t start out as its own independent country. In fact, it was only within the last 75 years that it secured sovereignty over itself. On August 17th, 1945, shortly after the Japanese surrendered to the Allied forces and were pushed out of Indonesia, Sukarno and Mohammad Hatta took the opportunity to divide their country from its current rule under the Dutch. The Proclamation of Indonesian Independence was presented by Sukarno and instigated the Indonesian National Revolution, a four-year conflict between nationalists backed by Japanese volunteers and the Netherlands. Early in the conflict, the United Nations urged the Netherlands into negotiations to end the fighting, but it wasn’t until August 23, 1949 that the two sides convened for a roundtable conference. By December 27th, sovereignty was transferred to a new federal state known as the United States of Indonesia, which then dissolved in less than a year to form the Republic of Indonesia.

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This video game ranking is based on a 1 to 10 scoring system called playscore. It aggregates, averages, and combines all the ratings given by trusted critics and gamers.

10. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
A dark, mature, hack n  slash goodness! Witcher 2 outshines its predecessor greatly with: game-changing choices, most of which truly questions you re morality. very good overall grim tone. great replay value. and an awesome combat experience. The only problem I have with the game is its very unsatisfying conclusion. It holds a playscore of 9.0.

9. Divinity: Original Sin
The most rewarding RPG game I ve played so far. It pushes you to plan your moves and make full use of the  environment, something that modern RPGs lack. The game is very deep some features are complex... maybe too complex. and sadly, the inventory and crafting system is quite a hassle to deal with. It receives a playscore of 9 out of 10.

8. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
An open-world RPG that captures Tolkien s fantasy world and incorporating in it elements that would make it the best Lord of the Rings video game! Impressive boss fights outstanding soundtrack and good, yet annoying dialogues. Plus, with its Nemesis System, battles are never the same the second time around. A playscore of 9.1.

7. Dust: An Elysian Tail
A very under-rated game, that you can hardly believe to be made by one man! This side-scrolling action RPG is a gem of its own, with: mesmerizing art and background fluid combat animations (although its complexity is questionable) tons of hidden collectibles and lots and lots of content aside from its main storyline. It has a playscore of 9.2.

6. To the Moon
This is a role-playing adventure that relies on an emotional story to keep you engaged. And it does so effectively. It s visuals look like old-school Japanese RPGs, which I, personally love. The narrative, music and puzzles all work together to strengthen the story. And it s one of the few games that made me laugh and  cry  a lot. It receives a playscore of 9.2.

5. Fallout: New Vegas
This is a follow-up to the hit Fallout 3 released in 2008. An open-world action RPG set in the US after a nuclear holocaust. You will spend hours and hours completing side quests, exploring its vast wasteland and re-playing it. And it has more of everything! Character customizations, weapons, gears, mutated creatures, factions and things to do! It holds a playscore of 9.2.

4. South Park: The Stick of Truth
A game that perfectly nails the humor from the series and incorporates it well into a solid RPG game. Punch lines are hilarious and although the gameplay may not be for hardcore RPG fans, as a kid growing-up watching the show, the experience itself will make you want to play it. It holds a playscore of 9.3.

3. Mass Effect 2
Everything that made the original game awesome plus dozens of improvements  from graphics to weapon upgrades  but what I think the best aspects of Mass Effect 2 are...Each planet now feels and looks different. The characters are interesting, with impressive dialogue and voice acting. They ll grow on you, especially after loyalty missions. And a far more polished level design and gunplay! It has a playscore of 9.3.

2. Bastion
It s a one-of-a-kind game that presents a new take on RPG narratives. Your every move is narrated...from picking a hammer to killing a boss. You will play it again...and again, like I did. Beautiful art direction, from its colorful environment to character design & animation. It offers a lot of weapon choices and unlockables. And what an amazing voice over! It has a playscore of 9.4.

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
This game set the high bar for open world roleplaying games. A big world to explore with hidden dungeons, ferocious creatures and warring factions. Interesting lores and side-quests that you can pick up any time. Skill and combat systems that offer endless possibilities. And, most important of all, a strong modding community that continues to improve the game! A playscore of 9.6.


15. Russian Sky
Uploaded in 2014, this video shows a strange occurrence in the skies over Moscow. While driving down a mostly desolate road late at night, a driver captures this bright flash in the sky. The video begins with a typical night sky but soon a bright flash bursts into the shot and the sky is lit up as though it’s late afternoon. The flash eventually dims to leave the sky dark once again, before igniting several more times. Many excuse this as a forest fire illuminating the cloudy night, but others believe it’s yet another sign of the end of times. Of course, it’s entirely up to the viewer to interpret.

14. Black Ring
One evening in July 2017, a young woman was driving down an empty road in Birkenshaw Missouri when she and her boyfriend spotted something mysterious. A large black ring of what appeared to be smoke hovered in the sky above the street. The witness claims that while the ring seemed to float gently and dissipate, it didn’t appear to be ascending from a specific location. City officials claimed that despite a similar sighting a few days before, there had been no reports of fires in the area. Some believe the figure was a result of a smoke trick, something supernatural or even a common occurrence such as the result of an emission from a smokestack. Of course, no clear explanation has been released or confirmed.

13. Unidentified Flying Object Falling Towards Earth
This short clip from 2011 shows a bright aircraft falling to the Earth’s surface while leaving behind a trail of smoke and fire. Allegedly, no reports could confirm if this was a regular aircraft, so viewers jumped to the conclusion that it was an extraterrestrial ship wrecking towards the Earth. Unfortunately, no debris was ever discovered near the area. A similar video from February 1st 2017 shows a very similar case. A well lit object crashes to the ground as it burns. The disk shaped object is eventually obstructed from view so the impact is not recorded, and again any debris was never discovered.

12. Sky of Blood
This video from Brazil comes with very little information other than that a resident decided to capture the strange footage and share it with the world. The short clip, uploaded in 2015, shows a cloudy sky that is bright red on one side and typical blue on the other. There has yet to be a scientific explanation for this sight. Some claim that the video is edited, while others have taken it as a sign of the end of times. For those that are religious, the bible states that the end of times will be signaled by “fire and bloodshed”, which is a main reason why some people took this sighting as a warning from God. Additionally, various viewers have described the sky as unsettling, while others have deemed it beautiful and mesmerizing. Overall, this is just another mysterious video that may never have a solid answer.

11. Norwegian Spiral Anomaly
This mysterious sighting in the sky was captured in 2009 over Norway. Citizens immediately began snapping photos and recording low quality footage of the stunning phenomenon. A blue light allegedly shot upward into the sky, originating from an unknown location. The light widened as it went up and formed a bright blue spiral in the dark night sky. The light resembled a search light or signal, as from a superhero movie. No confirmation was offered on whether or not a local government was responsible for the strange light. So witnesses immediately jumped to paranormal and other-worldly explanations. The most popular of all being that extraterrestrials were signaling their home planet or spacecrafts to land. The number of uploads of this spiral reassure the fact that this video is real.

10. Green Skies
In September 2017 a 8.0 magnitude Earth quake shook the ground in Mexico City, causing fear and damage to cover the nation. Aside from the expected confusion of an Earthquake, something quite mysterious also occurred. Late at night from city buildings, various flashing lights can be seen in the dark sky. Though the lights alternated in color, the majority of them were a bright green that strobed without aim. Footage was shared all over the web and instantly sparked various theories from extraterrestrials to government theories that involved controlling the weather. However, NASA scientists suggested that the lights were the result of electrical reactions with certain rocks and minerals.

9. Finland Horror
A large dark, ominous cloud began to sweep over a local beach in Finland in late 2012. At first, it looked like nothing more than a massive storm cloud rolling in, so visitors didn’t react. As the cloud came closer, though, it began to emmitt deep growling or horn like sounds. Additionally, as it came closer, residents realized that it was very low hanging and appeared as though it could even be touched. Birds flew out of the clouds way as beach goers began to flee. The sounds were deafening and unexplainable. This whole clip in general seems as though it was taken straight from an “end of times” flick.

8. Unidentified Flying Object Uncloaking
This short video from 2016 unfortunately does not offer much context. Simply put, someone noticed a large round, brightly lit circle in the sky during a thunderstorm. Each time lighting would illuminate the sky, the circle could be seen for a few seconds after. Additionally, it appeared as though light was traveling around the circle, like a loading screen. The uploader believed that this was an extraterrestrial spacecraft accidentally uncloaking after lightning hit the ship. Others assert that this is how some extraterrestrial crafts charge while on Earth, through help of lightning, and that the ship exposing itself was part of the charging system. Others think that it was more of a natural anomaly related to the storm.

7. Surprised Driver
Many witnesses mistake flying saucers, or Unidentified Flying Object’s and airplanes. However, in this video there’s a clear distinction. Uploaded by Michael MacEachern in 2016, this short video shows what he saw on his drive home late one night. A large triangular aircraft floats through the sky in a straight line. Several lights flash and move as the large object speeds through the sky. At first this could be easily excused as a plane, but the lights are in locations on the ship that are not normal for most aircrafts here on Earth. Michael’s surprise and genuine reaction also help prove that the footage isn’t edited.

6. Phoenix Light
Security footage from the city of Phoenix, as well as phone videos from local residents, shows this bright blue fireball racing through the sky on a November night. The ball seems fall toward the Earth leaving a bright streak behind it. As it comes closer to the ground though, it bursts into a brilliant blue flash and vanishes. Reports were also documented in New Mexico, Texas, and even New York. Of course many think it was a meteor but skeptics are digging for a more extraordinary answer. Additionally, it has not been confirmed as a meteor by experts yet.

5. Unidentified Flying Object
Cloud Believers tend to assert that extraterrestrials use aircrafts that can be easily disguised, as to avoid being captured and studied by government officials from all over the Earth. Usually some tend to think that these crafts can turn invisible or hide in the clouds, but this witness seems to think that they can also disguise themselves AS clouds. A Philadelphia citizen uploaded this 2 minute clip of a small, isolated cloud in the clear blue sky. At first, it does appear to just be a random cloud. As the video continues, though, it becomes clear that this doesn’t look like a normal cloud. It is more transparent, slightly reflective of light, and it moves frequently in an unnatural way. The cloud travels across the sky much more quickly than a normal cloud would, and significantly more quickly than the clouds surrounding it. Additionally, the object seemed to be filled with various lights of different colors.

4. Tentacles
For years, photos have been shared on social media of alleged tentacles in the sky. Though these are just a few examples, many more photos out there exist. Some are convincing, others are noticeably edited, and a great few are poorly done. People think that some of these images may be proof of Cthulhu, a mythological celestial being. Others see the images as proof of extraterrestrial life, or demonic beings visiting from the underworld. And as always, some think it’s just all fake internet fun. Regardless, the images are unsettling.

3. Small Unidentified Flying Object
A YouTuber captured this 5 minute footage in 2016 of an alleged Unidentified Flying Object over his home. The Unidentified Flying Object, which is a very small distant round object, floats swiftly through the air for several minutes. At first it appears it could just be a very distant plane or even balloon. However, as it begins to move unnaturally, as if being controlled, it is obvious that the object isn’t normal or mundane in the least. While this video isn’t as mysterious or unsettling as the others, it is a great example of how everyday people can capture footage of Unidentified Flying Object’s or proof of extraterrestrials with just their personal cameras. Maybe if we spent a little more time looking up, we would spot something extraordinary.

2. Strange Cloud
YouTube user Jimmy Hotz shared this video of a very strange cloud in the California sky in 2007. The video instantly gained attention for the unexplainable and mysterious shape in the sky. The large dark grey mass was shaped like an aircraft with a fin on top. It is obviously just an oddly shaped cloud in the sky, easily explainable with the help of science. However, it still made the list because of the uproar caused by the footage. Witnesses and viewers  immediately jumped to the conclusion that this was an extraterrestrial spacecraft, or even the work of the U.S governments spy aircrafts. And although this has a logical explanation, it is still an unnerving scene.

1. Fireballs
This footage was uploaded in February 2017 shortly after the similar video on the list. It shows a large fireball falling toward the ground in Tasmania. It doesn’t appear to be any type of aircraft. And it’s unlikely to be a meteor, because most of them burn entirely before reaching the Earth’s surface. Again, in this footage the debris was never discovered or investigated, leaving even more questions than answers. Could this be part of a series of falling debris in February 2017? Perhaps an Unidentified Flying Object wrecked and then plummeted to the surface, all over the world. Still this leave the question of why no mess was left behind.

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