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10 Most Danngerous Weapons in the World

From your trusty flamethrower to all-in fighter jets, we countdown the 10 Most Dangerous Weapons In The World.

10. AK-47
Kicking off our list, we have an old gun-nut fan favorite across the globe—straight out of Counter Strike, Metal Gear, and many other game franchises. Now, the AK-47 is not a bomb or gunship. What it is known for, however, is its ability to be made cheaply and the fact that it has been smeared around every conflict since World War II. The Soviets first brought the AK-47 to prominence because of how fast they could put them in hands, the little training they required, and how reliable they were. Now they’re everywhere, even in the hands of ISIS.

9. Machine Gun
Someone looked at an automatic rifle and said, ‘no, we need it to be bigger’. The machine gun is a robust beast, and recent models can fire over 104,000 bullets in one sitting before the barrel goes kaput. Now, we don’t know who you’re fighting, but in case you ever need to fire that many in a row, this is the pup for you. Also, this thing is pretty heavy, so, you may want to start working out if you ever have hopes of holding one in person.

8. Heavy Machine Gun
I guess we spoke too soon. Remember when we got all up in arms over the machine gun? Well, this is its big brother. This bad boy is powerful enough to shoot down watercrafts, road vehicles, helicopters and other aerial vehicles. It also can chug out over 250 rounds per minute. We’d stay at a safe distance—as in, as far away as possible. What’s crazy to think about is all those guns in all those games like Halo—have to be modeled after something.

7. DSR-50 Sniper Rifle
The black market goes wild for these. The DSR-50 Sniper Rifle provides incredibly precise accuracy. Add to that the fact that it has literally no recoil and it’s notorious for being lightweight, and you have a sniper rifle that can fetch up to $25,000. What’s super cool about the DSR-50 is that it has what’s called a ‘blast compensator’, which sounds wicked awesome. Unfortunately, its function serves the complete opposite, and instead of compensating for a blast, its job is to smother any sound at all.

6. Napalm Bomb
 If the Vietnam War had a movie poster, the Napalm Bomb would take top billing. Used to create fire and heat explosions that reached 1,200 degrees instantly, these explosive nuggets peppered Vietnam. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, magnesium and lead were added to make sure those burns were both poisonous and exacerbated by water. This is pretty much where we’ll stop with the ‘bombs’ on this list. Obviously there are bombs out there that are incredibly dangerous weapons, but that wouldn’t be much of a surprise, and the graphics we’d have to use would be, a little disturbing

5. Flamethrower
While this list may feel like you’re cycling through an arsenal of Call of Duty, Doom or even Goldeneye level weaponry—it kind of is. Flamethrower technology was first used with oil by the Greeks, and was quite dangerous—carrying around flammable liquid on your back while creating trumpets of fire can be, well, deadly. The key to using a flamethrower is not getting yourself surrounded by your enemies, because spraying fire all around you in a circle will just trap you—engulfed in flames.

4. F2000 Assault Rifle
The F2000 was premiered in 2001—and can pump out 850 rounds a minute over a 500m range. That’s over 14 rounds per second. And hey, if you empty all 850 round and still have enemies around you, the F2000 comes fully equipped with an attached grenade launcher. Who in the world are these made for? If you think about it, guns keep getting bigger, and bigger. What kind of hybrid vehicle/aerial assault situation made someone say to themselves, ‘Hm. This Assault Rifle is really cool, but if it were grenade launcher, too, that would be even better’?

3. Taranis
Now we’re getting into science fiction-level weaponry. The Taranis cost 336 million dollars to make and it hasn’t even had a field test yet. The purpose for this chunk of metal was to fly so fast that it couldn’t be detected by modern radar—and then drop some serious bombs.

2. F-22 Raptor Fighter Jet
Beating out the F-15 and F-16 is the F-22 Raptor. The Raptor is the fifth generation of supersonic fighter jets. Not only is it a state of the art attack machine, but it dabbles in electronic warfare, and can even help transport when necessary. Soon it will be able to deploy its own drones. Talk about a serious war machine.

1. Nuclear Warhead
If you’re making lists about dangerous weapons, there can be only one to rule them all—or ruin them all; or pretty much just do whatever with them all because this is still the most dangerous weapon thing on our planet. The nuclear warhead is the pop star of the weapon industry. It has a huge impact, obliterates any semblance of intelligent life, and has the potential to destroy us all. All kidding aside, the most famous use of any nuclear weapons were the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the US during WWII—resulting in the deaths of over 200,000 civilians. Could you imagine seeing that mushroom cloud with your naked eyes? Nuclear weapons continue to be a hotbed in global politics. Let’s hope they get banned forever.


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