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10 Strange Times Donald Trump Appeared on Films and Televvision

1. Fresh Prince of Bel
Air In an episode titled "For Sale by Owner," Trump, appearing as himself (and trust us, that’s pretty much the only role he plays. It’s rare he plays a different character), visited the Banks family and was mistaken as a potential buyer of their Bel-Air Upon mansion. Once he’s spotted by Carlton Banks (Played by Alfonso Ribero), He does pretty much what he does best (Besides dancing to Tom Jones’ It’s not unusual), He screams in excitement, "It's the Donald! Oh my god!" while Hilary (Karyn Parsons) tells him, "You look much richer in person." I bet after hearing that quote, he probably couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day.

2. Home Alone 2
Now i think we can all agree that even though Home Alone 2 isn’t the best out of the first 2 films in the series (Although it is an opinion as i know a good few people who like the second film the most). Regardless of opinions though, you have to admit that this is still an incredibly fun film to watch around the holiday season. Whether it’s Macaulay Culkin taking his pranks to the next level or Joe Pesci being a creepy as ever (Seriously, i was always worried that he’d go goodfellas in both films), It was a good bit of fun to be had. However in recent years, Home Alone 2 has sort of gained a reputation for one singular reason. In the sequel to the original 1990 film, the president of the united states appeared in a short scene in which he tells Macaulay Culkin's character, who is lost inside New York's Plaza Hotel (then owned by Trump), how to get to the lobby.

3. WWE WrestleMania 23
Now i don’t know if this technically classes as television as it is a Pay Per View, However it is a form of fictional media so we’re going to allow this one. So a lot of wrestling fans will remember this one for sure. Back in 2007, The owner of the World Wrestling Entertainment (Or wwe for short), Vince McMahon challenged Donald Trump to what he called “The Battle of the Billionaires”. This would involve both Trump and McMahon choosing a wwe performer each to wrestle against one another.

McMahon would choose Umaga while Trump would choose Bobby Lashley. The stipulation of the match states that the loser must have their head shaved. While the match was happening, Donald Trump got involved by tackling Vince McMahon to the ground and throwing some of the most feeble punches anyone had ever seen. As expected, Trump won that match and Vince McMahon was shaved bald. After the match, Donald Trump was then given a Stone Cold Stunner by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Needless to say, this was one weird idea for a wrestling match. Trump would later appear on WWE Raw again in 2009.

4. The Little Rascals
Here we have yet another film cameo appearance made by Trump, However unlike his home alone appearance, this one was a much more substantial role rather than a throwaway cameo. Trump made a special appearance as Waldo's (Blake McIver Ewing) dad in the family comedy. In his cameo, he tells Waldo over the phone, "You're the best son money can buy."....I’m pretty sure that no matter what appearance he has, he always requests that he mentions money somewhere in his lines.

5. Zoolander
So here’s yet another really, REALLY weird cameo made by Trump. So in the film Zoolander (Released in 2001), he’s yet again playing himself and joins a long list of other celebrity cameos that appeared in this Ben Stiller film. On the red carpet, Trump praises Stiller's fictional character, telling reporters, Saying "Without Derek Zoolander, male modeling wouldn't be what it is today." My question here however is this. Do you think Donald Trump knew what this film was about when he signed on for this cameo?

6. Ghosts
Can’t Do It In Trump's cameo, he and Katie Scott (played by Bo Derek) are in a business meeting where Katie is receiving help from her husband Scott, who is a ghost only she can see. Apparently, Trump was so bad in this film that he actually won a Razzie award for worst supporting actor for playing himself in the fantasy film. That is kind of hilarious considering all he needed to do was to be himself.

7. Spin City
So who remembers Spin City? This show if you’ve never watched it was actually quite an entertaining as it centered around a fictional local government that runs New York City. I know that description doesn’t do it much justice but trust us, It’s from the creator of Scrubs and the first 4 seasons star Michael J Fox. It’s definitely worth watching if you like your sitcoms. Anyway before we go any further on track, In a 1998 episode of Spin City, Trump appeared opposite star Michael J. Fox, who introduces the businessman with mentions of his two best-selling books, The Art of the Deal and The Art of the Comeback.

8. The Associate
Here’s yet another film appearance where really, he wasn’t really needed. I mean that’s kind of the idea of cameo in films, you know adding in a nice, small appearance of a random actor who isn’t tied to the actual film’s story but this one felt like a bit of a throwaway. Trump appeared alongside Whoopi Goldberg for a second time in The Associate, the 1996 comedic film about making it on Wall Street, in which the businessman plays himself.

9. Comedy Central’s Celebrity Roast
Now, This one doesn’t seem too far fetched in terms of praticality, However it’s still crazy to think he went onto a show in which he would get roasted by other celebrities and comedians. Let’s be honest here, Donald Trump isn’t exactly the most thick skinned of people as whenever someone makes a joke about him on twitter, 9 times out of 10, he will most likely block you from following and tweeting to his account.

Anyway, he roast consisted of jokes toward Trump's hairstyle, his show The Apprentice, and his family. Jokes were also made about Jeselnik's fame (or lack thereof), Matlin's deafness, King's age, and Jersey Shore. Several roasters paid respect to Greg Giraldo, a Comedy Central Roast regular, who passed away on September 29, 2010. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's performance was widely panned by critics and viewers alike; as a result, Comedy Central pulled several of his jokes from the television airing of the roast

10. The Drew Carey Show
Trump seems to have a thing about having cameo appearances in both sitcoms and sketch comedy shows. So In the season two episode of the Drew Carey Show entitled "New York and Queens", Drew Carey, Ryan Stiles, Christa Miller and Diedrich Bader's characters run into Trump on the street while stuck in a bad traffic jam in the middle of New York City. In the scene, he offers the group of friends free tickets to his box seats at the Yankees game. Because i’m sure he would actually do that to a random group of people he’s ran into in a traffic jam. I mean let’s be real here, i’m sure you wouldn’t if you were a billionaire.

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