15 Weird and Gross Halloween Candy Treats

15 Weird and Gross Halloween Candy Treats

From bizarre and scary insect lollipops to spooky candy body parts, we count 15 weird and gross Halloween candy treats, both sweet and savory.

Number 15 Maggot Toffee Apples

Made by Hotlix.com, these toffee apples are apparently a healthy nutritious snack for your kids this Halloween. The creators claim the maggots are clean and have been fed on apple, banana and oatmeal. They may well be healthy but they're still

Number 14 Vampire Repelling Garlic Mints

Made by Archie McPhee, these mints are perfect for protecting yourself from the odd vampire attack. With potent garlic breath you'll not only keep the vampires away, but most likely everyone in your office, your family and the majority of people in your neighborhood as well.

Number 13 Insect Lollipops

Another mouthwatering treat from Hotlix.com. These lollipops are available in a variety of fabulous colors and flavors, each with their own exciting surprise waiting inside! Once you've licked off the candy, you're treated to a crunchy insect. Available in scorpion, cricket, worm and ant flavor. Yummy!

Number 12 Zit Poppers

Plump and ripe, as it says on the packet, these are no simple pimples. Fruit flavored gummies shaped like a zit, each has a sticky gooey filling that comes in strawberry and watermelon flavors. They're so gross, you might as well be eating a real zit. Or maybe not.

Number 11 Oven Baked Tarantula

Healthy oven baked, not fried. A delicacy in Cambodia, these crunchy black, hairy spiders are cooked ready to eat or can be warmed up in the microwave. Full eating instructions come with this snack because putting too much in your mouth at once results in too many sharp, stiff legs jabbing at your gums from various directions, making the spider seem alive. Probably not the sensation you were looking for.

Number 10 Ear Wax Candy

With a plastic container shaped like a human ear, Ear Wax Candy is supposed to look like gelatinous earwax but is actually fruit flavored gel. In addition to this unusual holder, you can also get marshmallow cotton swabs, so you can get right in there.

Number 9 Toasted Giant Ants

A delicacy of South American Indians. These crispy insects can measure up to 2 cm, and have a nutty bacon flavor. I'm not sure if these account for one or two of your five-a-day, as these can easily be mistaken for raisins and sultanas.

Number 8 Gummy Flesh Fries

If zombies opened a fast food chain I'd imagine these would go down a treat. Complete with a French fry box, these fingers are soft and slimy with a watermelon flavor. Not as gross as real fingers but I'd imagine that would be fairly illegal.

Number 7 Urine Sample Candy

It looks like someone actually found a way to recycle all those used sample pots. These realistic looking urine samples actually contain delicious sour candy. Guys your girlfriend would never know, when you tear off the 'Sterile' label and toss back a few swigs on your next date. But if she says you're breath smells of pee, you obviously picked up the wrong one.

Number 6 Blood Bag Candy

No matter what your blood type, your body won't reject this delicious sweet blood. Red liquid candy is packaged in real looking blood bags that comes with a handy IV tube. The blood is strawberry flavor and is vegan friendly.

Number 5 Bacon and Cheese Flavored Crickets

These crispy protein rich treats are perfect for those with diabetes or just sick of sweet candy. They come in three flavors, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt N' Vinegar and Bacon & Cheese. The best flavor is apparently Bacon & Cheese but perhaps it's because it covers up the taste of cricket slightly better.

Number 4 Body Part Sushi

Impress your friends by serving them chewy eyeball and brain rolls wrapped in gummy seaweed and severed fingers, noses and ears gently nestled on beds of gummy rice. Each packet comes with a pair of chopsticks. They may only be candy but this sushi looks pretty disgusting.

Number 3 Larvets

More yummy savory delights. These dried mealworms are actually an extremely popular source of nutrition in Asia, Africa and South America. They're even sold in vending machines alongside crickets, scorpions and butterflies. They come in a few different flavors, BBQ, Cheddar Cheese and fiery Mexican Spice, so you'll never get bored.

Number 2 Brain Candy

Think Geek's Gummy Brain candy comes with delicious strawberry flavored brain parts and a small vial of cherry flavored liquid candy blood. Packaged like a tasty cut of meat you'd find in your local supermarket. This candy is sure to freak out the youngsters and is one of the best looking 'normal' candy for Halloween.

Number 1 Chili Candy

Made with real chili peppers ranging from the mild Jalapeno to the inferno of the Ghost Pepper, these things are the perfect treat for those annoying brats next door. As with most candy, everyone loves the red ones. Unfortunately for those poor gullible kids, this particular candy will most probably blow their head off.

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