5 Equation That Changed the World

5 Equation That Changed the World

5. Law of Universal Gravitation
Newtons most important law, it explains why planets move the way they do, how gravity works and why are we all attracted to each other. Every object in the universe, no matter how far apart, will always be affected gravitationally by other objects, inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

4. Schrodingers Equation
Developed by the Austrian physicist, Erwin Schrodinger, this equation describes how the quantum state of a quantum system changes over time. It also predicts the behaviour of atoms and subatomic particles in quantum mechanics. This equation was a starting point for the nuclear power and electro-technology.

3. The Second Law of Thermodynamics
This law states that energy will always flow from a higher concentration to a lower one, until an energetic equilibrium is achieved, and all the energy is equally spread throughout the universe. Whenever energy moves, it becomes less useful. This law led to the development of combustion engines and electricity generators.

2. Maxwells Equations
Developed by James Maxwell, these equations are to electromagnetism what Newtons law are to gravity. They describe the interaction of charged particles and how electric and magnetic fields interact and are generated. These equations are at the root of all the electronics.

1. Theory of relativity
Probably the most famous equation, E=mc^2 describes the relationship between space and time. Proposed by Einstein in 1905, it later earned him a Nobel Prize. This equation truly changed the way we understand time, gravity and the universes past and future. After 200 years of Newtons work on gravity, Einsteins General Relativity replaced it, speaking of it not as a force, but rather the curvature change in space-time itself.

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