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5 Things that travel faster than Light According to Einstein, nothing in the Universe that has mass could move faster, or at the speed of light, which is about 300.000km/s. In reality, there is a number of phenomena that have the ability to actually beat the speed of light.

5. Quantum Entanglement
A group of scientists from have been able to achieve teleportation of information. The team has shown that its possible to transfer some information between photons. Then they used a laser pulse to create a quantum state known as entanglement, which essentially lets two atoms displace properties from one to the other. The information would travel faster than the speed of light. It would instantaneously displace proprieties, even if the particles would be at 2 different edges of the universe.

4. The light boom
Like the sonic boom, a light boom happens when something accelerates to a point that it breaks the light barrier. This mostly takes place inside nuclear reactors. When the core of a reactor is submerged in water, where light moves at 75% the speed it would move in vacuum, the electrons generated by the reactor move past that speed. This results in a blue glow, known as Cherenkov radiation, and creates a sort of shock wave of light.

3. The Universes Expansion
To clarify, relativity says that objects cannot travel faster than the speed of light through spacetime. It doesnt, however, have anything to say about spacetime itself. And in fact, spacetime is expanding and pushing matter apart faster than the speed of light. In this respect, every portion of space is expanding and stretching. Its not even that the edges are flying outwards, but that spacetime itselfthe area between galaxies, stars, planets, you and Iis stretching. And it is doing so faster than the speed of light.

2. A Laser
Imagine having a super-powerful laser, which is pointing at one side of the moon. In an instant, change its direction, so that it now points at the other side. This made the laser point travel across the moon faster than the speed of light. However, this doesnt break any rules, as you are only moving a geometric point, not a physical object. In reality, the photons the laser is made of, still move at the speed of light, you are just changing their orientation.

1. Wormhole
If youre trying to reach for the stars, even traveling at the speed of light, we would still need some good thousands of years. Thankfully, Einsteins general theory of relativity opened the possibility of warping spacetime, in what we call  wormholes. The biggest problem with this idea is the energy that it would take to hold that wormhole openand of course, all of the hazards that would come with diving into it. Were not even sure they can exist, but if they do, they would allow one to travel faster than light.


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