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Ed Kemper, The Co-ed Killer

Ed Kemper, The Co-ed Killer

He had an IQ of 136 and developed a socio-pathological behavior at an early age:  he tortured and murdered animals, simulated sexual rituals with his sisters’ dolls and even said that in order to kiss a teacher he felt attracted to, he would have to kill her first. His mother used to force him to sleep in the basement, fearing that he would abuse his sisters. In 1964, at age 15, Ed shot his grandmother as she was finishing reading a book. When his grandfather arrived, he killed him too. He called his mother and asked her to call the police because he had killed his grandparents. The woman told officers that Ed “just wanted to see what it was like to kill his grandmother” and that he had killed his grandfather because “he knew he would be angry.” Once he was admitted to the hospital, he fooled his doctor into discharging him. Between May 1972 and February 1973, Kemper killed several students, which he picked up on the highway and led to isolated rural areas to stab, shoot or strangle them. Then, he practiced necrophilia and dismembered their bodies. He discarded their remains by throwing them off cliffs or burying them in the fields. But on one occasion, he buried the head of a victim in his mother’s garden, as a macabre joke. Eventually, in 1973, Kemper also killed his mother. He beheaded her, raped her and threw her vocal chords in the garbage disposal. In his statement, Kemper said “she screamed too much.” He finally ate part of her organs and slept for four nights with the body in a state of putrefaction. Then, he managed to get one of his mother’s best friends to visit him and strangled her. As he didn’t hear any news on his murders on the radio, he was disappointed and called the police to confess. Although he claimed insanity at his trial, he was charged with eight murders. He intended to receive the death penalty, but as it was suspended, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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