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List of Venomous Snakes Family: Colubridae, Colubrids

The list of the venomous snake overview below is not to provide full and complex
taxonomy in terms of zoology and systematics. Instead, the purpose is to catalog the names of
known venomous snakes, as well as those, namely from the colubrid family (Colubridae),
capable of causing envenomation through bites, even though they may merely cause a local or
a very light affection. The list of potentially venomous snakes may not be comprehensive due
to the general shortage of information available. In addition, it features snakes that are known
to possess venom apparatus, but for which no envenoming has been described as a result of
rarity or a benign course.

Genus: Ahaetulla, formerly Dryophis, vine snakes
Ahaetulla dispar1* G?nther’s vine snake or Indian bronzeback (India)
Ahaetulla fasciolata* Speckle-headed whipsnake (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore,
Ahaetulla fronticincta* Burmese vine snake (India and Burma)
Ahaetulla nasuta* Long-nosed whipsnake (Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia)
Ahaetulla mycterizans* Malayan green whipsnake (Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, W
Ahaetulla perroteti* Western Ghats bronzeback (India)
Ahaetulla prasina ssp.* Oriental whipsnake or Asian vine snake (Sri Lanka, India,
Ahaetulla pulverulenta* Brown-speckled whipsnake (E Himalayas, former Indochinese
region and sea along the archipelagos between E India and N Australia)
Genus: Amblyodipsas, purple-glossed snakes, see Atractaspididae, Aparallactinae
Genus: Amplorhinus
Amplorhinus multimaculatus* Cape reed snake (S and E South Africa and E Zimbabwe)
Genus: Arrhyton (coasts of the Caribbean Gulf and Cuba)
Arrhyton ainictum* Cuban island racer
Arrhyton callilaemum*
Arrhyton dolichura* Habana island racer
Arrhyton exiguum* Ground snake
Arrhyton funereum*
Arrhyton landoi* Schwartz’s island racer
Arrhyton polylepis*
Arrhyton procerum*
Arrhyton redimitum*
Arrhyton supernum*
Arrhyton taeniatum* G?nther’s island racer
Arrhyton tanyplectum* St Vincent island racer
Arrhyton vittatum* Common island racer
Genus: Balanophis
Balanophis ceylonensis* Sri Lankan keelback blossom krait (Sri Lanka)
Genus: Boiga, boigas or cat snakes
Boiga andamanensis2** Andaman cat snake (India and the Andaman Islands)
Boiga angulata** Leyte cat snake (the Philippines)
Boiga barnesi** Barnes’ cat snake (Sri Lanka)
Boiga beddomei** Beddome’s cat snake (Sri Lanka and India)
Boiga bengkuluensis** (Sumatra)
Boiga blandingii** (Uganda and W Kenya)
Boiga bourreti** Blandings tree snake (Vietnam)
Boiga ceylonensis** Sri Lankan cat snake (Sri Lanka, India, the Andaman Islands)
Boiga cyanea** Green cat snake (India, former Indochina, S China)
Boiga cynodon** Dog-toothed cat snake (SE Asia and the Philippines)
Boiga dendrophila** Gold-ringed cat snake or mangrove snake
-- B. dendrophila annectens (Borneo)
-- B. dendrophila dendrophil (Java)
-- B. dendrophila divergens (the Philippines)
-- B. dendrophila gemmicincta (Indonesia - Sulawesi)
-- B. dendrophila latifasciata (the Philippines)
-- B. dendrophila levitoni (the Philippines - Panay)
-- B. dendrophila melanota (mainland SE Asia, Malayan Peninsula, Indonesia)
-- B. dendrophila multicincta (the Philippines)
-- B. dendrophila occidentalis (Indonesia)
Boiga dightoni** Pirmad cat snake (India)
Boiga drapiezii** White-spotted cat snake (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines,
Singapore, Thailand)
Boiga flavescens see B. irregularis
Boiga forsteni** Forsten’s cat snake (India and Sri Lanka)
Boiga gokool** Arrowback tree snake (India)
Boiga guangxiensis** (China and Vietnam)
Boiga hexagonata see B. cyanea
Boiga irregularis** Brown catsnake or brown tree snake (Indonesia, New Guinea,
Boiga jaspidea** Jasper cat snake (SE Asia)
Boiga kraepelini** Kelung cat snake (N Taiwan and S China)
Boiga multifasciata** Many-banded tree snake (India, Nepal, Bhutan)
Boia multimaculata (multomaculata)** Many-spotted cat snake (SE Asia and Indonesia)
Boiga nigriceps** Black-headed cat snake (Thailand, China, Indonesia, Malaysia)
Boiga nuchalis** (India and Nepal)
Boiga ocellata** Gray cat snake or eyed cat snake (India, Bangladesh, former Indochina,
NW Malaysia)
Boiga ochracea** Orange cat snake (India and Bhutan)
Boiga philippina** Philippine cat snake (the Philippines)
Boiga pulverulenta** Fischer’s cat snake (W and C Africa)
Boiga quincunciata** (India and Burma)
Boiga saengsomi** Banded cat snake (Thailand)
Boiga schultzei** (the Philippines)
Boiga tanahjampeana** Tanahjampea cat snake (Tanahjampea Island near Indonesia)
Boiga trigonata** Indian gamma snake (Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Sri
Boiga wallachi** Nicobar cat snake (India and the Nicobar Islands)
Genus: Calamodontophis
Calamodontophis paucidens* Tropical forest snake (S Brazil)
Genus: Cerberus
Cerberus microlepis* Dog-faced water snake (coastal S India, SE Asia, N Australia)
Cerberus rynchops* New Guinea bockadam (coastal S India, SE Asia, N Australia)
Genus: Clelia, mussuranas
Clelia bicolor* Two-colored mussurana (Brazil and Argentina)
Clelia clelia ssp.* (N Central America, N South America)
Clelia equatoriana* Equatorial mussurana (E Panama, NW Ecuador, Colombia)
Clelia errabunda* Underwood’s mussurana (the Antilles - Saint Lucia)
Clelia husami* (Brazil)
Clelia montana* (Brazil - Sao Paulo)
Clelia occipitolutea* Black mussurana (N Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina)
Clelia quimi* (Brazil)
Clelia plumbea* (N Central America and N South America)
Clelia rustica* (Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina)
Clelia scytalina* Mexican snake eater (Central America)
Genus: Coluber, racers
Coluber sp. A genus of a collective nature with a rather diverse taxonomy, it comprises
some 30 species of slightly venomous or non-venomous colubrids. More recently, species
once ranked amongst the genus have been reclassified under other genera, for instance
Hierophis, Hemorrhois, Platyceps, etc.
Coluber ravergieri see Hemorrhois ravergieri
Coluber rhodorachis see Platyceps rhodorachis
Genus: Coniophanes, black-striped snakes (North, Central and South America, Texas to
Coniophanes alvarezi* Chiapan stripeless snake
Coniophanes andresensis* Andresen’s snake
Coniophanes bipunctatus* Two-spotted snake
Coniophanes dromiciformis* Peters’ running snake
Coniophanes fissidens* Yellowbelly snake
Coniophanes imperialis* Black-striped snake
Coniophanes joanae*
Coniophanes lateritius* Stripeless snake
Coniophanes longinquus*
Coniophanes meridanus* Peninsula stripeless snake
Coniophanes piceivittis ssp.* Cope’s black-striped snake
-- Coniophanes piceivittis frangivirgatus*
Coniophanes quinquevittatus* Five-striped snake
Coniophanes schmidti* Faded black-striped snake
Genus: Conophis (Central America)
Conophis biserialis see Conopsis biserialis
Conophis lineatus* Road guarder
Conophis morai*
Conophis nasus see Conopsis nasus
Conophis pulcher* Beautiful road guarder
Conophis vittatus* Striped road guarder
Genus: Conopsis (Central America)
Conopsis biserialis* Two-lined Mexican earth snake
Conopsis nasus* Largenose earth snake
Genus: Crotaphopeltis
Crotaphopeltis acarina see C. braestrupi and C. hippocrepis
Crotaphopeltis barotseensis* Barotse water snake (Zambia and N Botswana)
Crotaphopeltis braestrupi* (Somalia and Burkina Faso)
Crotaphopeltis degeni* (N Sudan, Uganda, Kenya)
Crotaphopeltis hippocrepis* (W and C Africa)
Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia* Red-lipped snake (E Africa from Somalia as far as RSA)
Crotaphopeltis tornieri* Werner’s water snake (Tanzania and N Malawi)
Genus: Dipsadoboa (Africa)
Dipsadoboa aulica* Marbled tree snake
Dipsadoboa duchesnei*
Dipsadoboa elongata*
Dipsadoboa flavida ssp.* Cross-bared tree snake
Dipsadoboa shrevei* Shreve’s tree snake
Dipsadoboa underwoodi*
Dipsadoboa unicolor* G?nther’s green tree snake
Dipsadoboa viridis ssp.*
Dipsadoboa werneri* Werner’s tree snake
Genus: Dispholidus
Dispholidus typus3*** African boomslang
-- D. typus kivuensis (N Zambia to SW Kenya)
-- D. typus punctatus (N Angola, W Democratic Republic of Congo - DRC, NW Zambia)
-- D. typus typus (Sub-Saharan Africa)
Genus: Dromophis
Dromophis lineatus* Lined Olympic snake (C Africa)
Dromophis praeornatus* Striped swamp snake (W Africa)
Genus: Dryophis see Ahaetulla
Genus: Elapomorphus
Elapomorphus lemniscatus ssp.* Dumeril’s diadem snake (Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay,
Bolivia, Argentina)
Elapomorphus lepidus* Minas Gerais snake (Brazil)
Elapomorphus mertensi see Phalotris mertensi
Elapomorphus nasutus see Phalotris nasutus
Elapomorphus punctatus see Phalotris punctatus
Elapomorphus quinquelineatus* Raddi’s lizard-eating snake (Brazil)
Elapomophus spegazzinii ssp.* Spegazzini’s diadem snake (Argentina)
Elapomorphus tricolor see Phalotris tricolor
Elapomorphus wuchereri* Wucherer’s lizard-eating snake (Brazil)
Genus: Enhydris, water snakes
Enhydris albomaculata* (Indonesia)
Enhydris alternans* Reuss’ water snake (Indonesia)
Enhydris bennetti* Bennett’s water snake (SE China)
Enhydris bocourti* Bocourt’s water snake (Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, W Malaysia)
Enhydris chinensis* Chinese water snake (N China, Taiwan, Hainan, N Vietnam)
Enhydris doriae* (Sarawak)
Enhydris dussumieri* Dussumier’s water snake (India and Bangladesh)
Enhydris enhydris* Rainbow water snake (Pakistan, India, Malaysia, S China, SE Asia)
Enhydris indica* (W Malaysia)
Enhydris innominata* Tay Minh water snake (Vietnam and Thailand)
Enhydris jagori* Jagor’s water snake (Former Indochina)
Enhydris longicauda* Longhead water snake (Cambodia)
Enhydris maculosa* Blanford’s spotted water snake (Burma, Indonesia, probably SE
Enhydris matannensis* Boulenger’s water snake (Indonesia)
Enhydris pahangensis* Pahang water snake (W Malaysia)
Enhydris pakistanica* Sind River snake (Pakistan)
Enhydris plumbea* Yellowbelly water snake (SE China, former Indochina, Malaysia)
Enhydris polylepis* Macleay’s water snake (Papua-New Guinea and N Australia)
Enhydris punctata* Spotted water snake (NE India)
Enhydris sieboldi* Siebold’s water snake (India and W Malaysia)
Enhydris smithi* Smith’s water snake (Thailand)
Genus: Eteirodipsas
Eteirodipsas colubrina see Madagascarophis colubrinus
Genus: Ficimia, hooknosed snakes (North and Central America, S Texas to N Honduras)
Ficimia hardyi* Hardy’s hook-nosed snake
Ficimia olivacea* Mexican hook-nosed snake
Ficimia publia* Blotched hook-nosed snake
Ficimia ramirezi* Ramirez’s hook-nosed snake
Ficimia ruspator* Guerreran hook-nosed snake
Ficimia streckeri* Strecker’s hook-nosed snake
Ficimia variegata* Tehuantepec hook-nosed snake
Genus: Fordonia
Fordonia leucobalia* Crab-eating water snake or white-bellied mangrove snake (India,
former Indochina, Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua-New Guinea, N Australia)
Genus: Heterodon
Heterodon nasicus ssp.* Western hog-nosed snake (from the south to the north
throughout the central zone of the USA)
Heterodon platirhinos* Eastern hog-nosed snake (E USA)
Heterodon simus* Southern hog-nosed snake (N USA)
Genus: Hemorrhois
Hemorrhois ravergieri* Spotted whip snake (Kos Island near Greece, Turkey, the Middle
East and a part of Central Asia to China)
Genus: Homalopsis, water snake
Homalopsis buccata* Puff-faced water snake or masked water snake (India to SE Asia)
Genus: Chrysopelea, flying snakes (Sri Lanka, S India, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, the
Chrysopelea ornata* Golden tree snake or ornate flying snake
Chrysopelea paradisi* Paradise tree snake
Chrysopelea pelias* Twin-barred tree snake or banded flying snake
Chrysopelea rhodepleuron* Moluccan flying snake
Chrysopelea taprobanica* Indian flying snake
Genus: Ialtris (Dominican Republic and Haiti)
Ialtris agyrtes* Barreras fanged snake
Ialtris dorsalis* Brown fanged snake
Ialtris parishi* Parish’s fanged snake
Genus: Imantodes
Imantodes cenchoa ssp.* Blunt-headed treesnake (tropical South America and Central
Imantodes gemmistratus* Central American tree snake (Mexico to Colombia)
Imantodes inornatus* Western tree snake (Honduras to Ecuador)
Imantodes lentiferus* Amazon Basin tree snake (Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela,
French Guyana, Peru, Bolivia)
Imantodes phantasma* Phantasma tree snake (Panama)
Imantodes tenuissimus* Yucat?n blunthead snake (Mexico)
Genus: Ithycyphus (Madagascar)
Ithycyphus blanci*
Ithycyphus goudoti* Forest night snake
Ithycyphus miniatus* Tiny night snake
Ithycyphus oursi*
Ithycyphus perineti*
Genus: Langaha (Madagascar)
Langaha alluaudi* Southern leafnose snake
Langaha madagascariensis*
Langaha nasuta see L. madagascariensis
Langaha pseudoalluaudi*
Genus: Leimadophis (Central and South America)
Leimadophis attahuallpae see Saphenophis atahuallpae
Leimadophis pygmeus see Umbrivaga pygmaea
Leimadophis simonsii see Philodryas simonsii
Genus: Leptodeira
Leptodeira annulata* Banded cat-eyed snake (tropical South America)
Leptodeira bakeri* Baker’s cat-eyed snake (Venezuela and Aruba)
Leptodeira frenata ssp.* Rainforest cat-eyed snake (Mexico, Guatemala, Belize)
Leptodeira maculata* Southwestern cat-eyed snake (Mexico and Panama)
Leptodeira nigrofasciata* Black-banded cat-eyed snake (Mexico to Panama)
Leptodeira punctata* Western cat-eyed snake (Mexico)
Leptodeira rubricata* Costa Rican cat-eyed snake (Costa Rica)
Leptodeira septentrionalis* Northern cat-eyed snake (N Texas and NE Mexico)
Leptodeira splendida ssp.* Splendid cat-eyed snake (Mexico)
Genus: Leptophis (Central and South America)
Leptophis ahaetulla ssp.* Parrot snake
Leptophis cupreus* Copper parrot snake
Leptophis depressirostris* Cope’s parrot snake
Leptophis diplotropis ssp.* Pacific Coast parrot snake
Leptophis mexicanus ssp.* Mexican parrot snake
Leptophis modestus* Cloud forest parrot snake
Leptophis nebulosus* Oliver’s parrot snake
Leptophis riveti* Despax’s parrot snake
Leptophis santamartensis*
Leptophis stimsoni* Gray lora
Genus: Liophis (Central and South America, the Caribbean)
Liophis albiceps*
Liophis albiventris see L. epinephelus ssp.
Liophis almadensis* Almaden ground snake
Liophis amarali* Amaral’s ground snake
Liophis amazonicus see L. miliaris ssp.
Liophis andinus*
Liophis angustilineatus*
Liophis anomalus*
Liophis atraventer*
Liophis bimaculatus see L. epinephelus ssp.
Liophis boursieri*
Liophis brazili see L. frenatus
Liophis breviceps ssp.* Short ground snake
Liophis canaima see L. breviceps ssp.
Liophis carajascinsis see L. carajasensis
Liophis carajasensis*
Liophis ceii*
Liophis chrysostomus see L. miliaris ssp.
Liophis cobellus ssp.*
Liophis coralliventris see L. jaegeri ssp.
Liophis cursor* Lac?p?de’s ground snake
Liophis dilepis* Lema’s ground snake
Liophis elegantissimus*
Liophis epinephelus ssp.*
Liophis festae* Drab ground snake
Liophis flavifrenatus* Fronted ground snake
Liophis fraseri see L. epinephelus ssp.
Liophis frenatus*
Liophis guentheri*
Liophis ingeri see L. cobellus
Liophis jaegeri ssp.* Jaeger’s ground snake
Liophis joberti*
Liophis juliae* Julia’s ground snake
Liophis leucogaster*
Liophis lineatus* Lined ground snake
Liophis longiventris* Long ground snake
Liophis maryellanae* Maryellen’s ground snake
Liophis melanauchen*
Liophis melanostigma*
Liophis melanotus* Shaw’s black-backed snake
Liophis meridionalis*
Liophis miliaris ssp.* Military ground snake
Liophis mossoroensis see L. miliaris ssp.
Liophis obtusus*
Liophis oligolepis*
Liophis ornatus* Ornate ground snake
Liophis paucidens* Hoge’s ground snake
Liophis perfuscus* Tan ground snake
Liophis poecilogyrus ssp.*
Liophis problematicus* Problem ground snake
Liophis pseudocobella see L. epinephelus ssp.
Liophis purpurans see L. miliaris
Liophis reginae ssp.* Royal ground snake
Liophis sagittifer ssp.* Arrow ground snake
Liophis steinbachi*
Liophis subocularis*
Liophis tachymenoides* syn. Philodryas tachymenoides
Liophis taeniurus* Thin ground snake
Liophis torrenicolus*
Liophis triscalis* Three-scaled ground snake
Liophis tristriatus*
Liophis typhlus ssp.* Blind ground snake
Liophis vanzolinii*
Liophis viridis* Crown ground snake
Liophis vitti*
Liophis williamsi* Williams’ ground snake
Liophis zweifeli see L. reginae ssp.
Genus: Lygophis
Lygophis coralliventris see Liophis coralliventris
Lygophis flavifrenatus see Liophis flavifrenatus
Lygophis lineatus see Liophis lineatus
Lygophis paucidens see Liophis paucidens
Genus: Macropisthodon
Macropisthodon flaviceps* Orangeneck keelback or yellow-headed keelback (Indonesia,
Malaysia, Thailand)
Macropisthodon plumbicolor ssp.* Lead keelback (India and Sri Lanka)
Macropisthodon rhodomelas* Blueneck keelback (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore,
Macropisthodon rudis ssp.* Red keelback (Taiwan and the neighboring part of China)
Genus: Macroprotodon
Macroprotodon cucullatus ssp.* False smooth snake (N Pyrenean Peninsula, across N
Africa as far as Israel)
Genus: Madagascarophis, Malagasy cat-eyed snakes
Madagascarophis citrinus* (Madagascar)
Madagascarophis colubrinus* (Madagascar)
Madagascarophis meridionalis* (Madagascar)
Madagascarophis ocellatus* (Madagascar)
Genus: Malpolon
Malpolon moilensis* False cobra or Moila snake (N Africa and Near East)
Malpolon monspessulanus* Montpellier snake (SE Europe, NE Africa, Pyrenean
Peninsula, N Sahara)
-- M. monsspesulanus insignitus (Balkans, NE Africa, Middle East)
-- M. monsspesulanus monsspesulanus (SW Europe, Greece, NW Africa)
Genus: Masticophis (North and Central America and N South America)
Masticophis anthonyi* Clarion Island whip snake
Masticophis aurigulus* Baja California striped whip snake
Masticophis bilineatus ssp.* Sonoran whip snake
Masticophis flagellum ssp.* Coach whip
Masticophis lateralis ssp.* California whipsnake
Masticophis lineolatus see M. bilineatus ssp.
Masticophis mentovarius ssp.* Neotropical whip snake
Masticophis pulchericeps*
Masticophis schotti* Schott’s whip snake
Masticophis taeniatus ssp.* Striped whipsnake
Genus: Myron
Myron richardsonii* Richardson’s grey mangrove snake (coastal N Australia, New
Guinea, and the Aru Archipelago)
Genus: Oxybelis, vine snakes
Oxybelis aeneus* Mexican vine snake (Arizona to N South America)
Oxybelis acuminatus* (Central and South America)
Oxybelis argentus (argenteus)* syn. Xenoxybelis argenteus (South America - Colombia
to Bolivia)
Oxybelis brevirostris* Cope’s vine snake (Honduras to NW South America)
Oxybelis fulgidus* Amazonian vine snake (N Central America and N South America)
Oxybelis microphthalmu see O. aeneus
Oxybelis wilsoni* (Honduras)
Genus: Oxyrhopus (Central and South America, Mexico to Peru)
Oxyrhopus clathratus* Dum?ril’s false coral snake
Oxyrhopus doliatus* Bibron’s false coral snake
Oxyrhopus fitzingeri ssp.* Fitzinger’s false coral snake
Oxyrhopus formosus* Formosa false coral snake
Oxyrhopus guibei*
Oxyrhopus leucomelas* Werner’s false coral snake
Oxyrhopus marcapatae* Boulenger’s false coral snake
Oxyrhopus melanogenys ssp.* Tschudi’s false coral snake
Oxyrhopus occipitalis*
Oxyrhopus petola ssp.* Calico false coral snake
Oxyrhopus rhombifer ssp.* Amazon false coral snake
Oxyrhopus trigeminus* Brazilian false coral snake
Oxyrhopus venezuelanus*
Genus: Phalotris
Phalotris mertensi* formerly Elapomorphus mertensi (Brazil)
Phalotris nasutus* formerly Elapomorphus nasutus (Brazil)
Phalotris punctatus* formerly Elapomorphus punctatus (NE Argentina)
Phalotris tricolor* (Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay)
Genus: Philodryas, green snakes
Philodryas aestiva ssp.* Brazilian green racer (SW Brazil to N Argentina and Uruguay)
Philodryas arnaldoi* Arnaldo’s green racer (Brazil)
Philodryas baroni* Baron’s green racer (Argentina)
Philodryas bolivianus* (Bolivia)
Philodryas borelli see P. varius
Philodryas burmeisteri see P. trilineata
Philodryas carbonelli see P. olfersii
Philodryas chamissonis* Chilean green racer (Chile)
Philodryas cordata* (Venezuela)
Philodryas elegans* syn. Alsophis elegans (Ecuador, Peru, Chile)
Philodryas hoodensis* Hood racer (the Galapagos and Ecuador)
Philodryas inca* Tropical green racer (South America)
Philodryas laticeps* (Bolivia)
Philodryas latirostris* (Bolivia)
Philodryas livida* (Brazil)
Philodryas mattogrossensis* Miranda green racer (SW Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia)
Philodryas nattereri* Paraguay green racer (Paraguay, C and W Brazil)
Philodryas olfersii ssp.* Lichtenstein’s green racer (Brazil to Argentina and Uruguay)
Philodryas oligolepis* Gomes’ green racer (Brazil)
Philodryas patagoniensis* Patagonia green racer (Brazil to Argentina and Uruguay)
Philodryas psammophidea* G?nther’s green racer (Brazil to Argentina)
Philodryas pseudoserra* syn. Tropidodryas striaticeps (Brazil)
Philodryas serra* syn. Tropidodryas serra (Brazil)
Philodryas simonsii* (South America)
Philodryas tachymenoides* Schmidt’s green racer (South America)
Philodryas trilineata* (Argentina, maybe up to Bolivia)
Philodryas varius* Jan’s green racer (Bolivia)
Philodryas viridissima* Common green racer (N Venezuela to Argentina)
Genus: Philothamnus
Philothamnus angolensis* Western green snake (Cameroon and Congo-Brazzaville to
Namibia and S Mozambique)
Philothamnus battersbyi* Battersby’s green snake (NE Africa: Ethiopia to Tanzania)
Philothamnus bequaerti* Bequaert’s green snake (the Central African Republic,
Cameroon, Uganda, S Sudan, W Ethiopia, W and N DRC)
Philothamnus carinatus* Thirteen-scaled green snake (W, C and E Africa: Guinea to
Philothamnus dorsalis* Striped green snake (coastal W Africa, Gabon to Angola)
Philothamnus girardi* Girard’s green snake (the Gulf of Guinea countries)
Philothamnus heterodermus ssp.* Variable green snake (W and C Africa)
Philothamnus heterolepidotus* Slender green snake (W, C and E Africa)
Philothamnus hoplogaster* green water snake (E Africa)
Philothamnus hughesi* Hughes’ green snake (W, C and N DRC, Congo-Brazzaville,
Philothamnus irregularis* Northern green bush snake (E Africa)
Philothamnus macrops* Usambara green snake (coastal Tanzania)
Philothamnus natalensis ssp.* Natal green snake (SE Africa: Mozambique to the
Republic of South Africa - SA)
Philothamnus nitidus ssp.* Green bush snake (W and C Africa: Ghana to Congo-
Philothamnus ornatus* Ornate green snake (Angola, Zambia to N Botswana)
Philothamnus punctatus* Spotted green snake (Mozambique, E Tanzania, Kenya,
Somalia, E Ethiopia, N Malawi)
Philothamnus semivariegatus* Variegated green snake (Sub-Saharan Africa)
Philothamnus thomensis* (S?o Tom?)
Genus: Platyceps
Platyceps rhodorhachis* Braid snake or Jan’s cliff racer (NE Africa, Near and Middle
East to NW India)
Genus: Psammophis
Psammophis aegiptius* (N Africa: SE Algeria to Israel)
Psammophis angolensis* Dwarf sand snake (Tanzania and Zanzibar)
Psammophis ansorgii* Link-marked sand racer (Angola)
Psammophis biseriatus* Two-striped sand racer (NE Africa)
Psammophys brevirostris* (N, W and S Africa)
Psammophis condanarus ssp.* Sand snake (N India and Burma)
Psammophis crucifer* Cross-marked or montane grass snake (SE RSA and S Zimbabwe)
Psammophis elegans ssp.* Elegant sand racer (W Africa)
Psammophis jallae* Jalla’s sand snake (N Africa)
Psammophis leightoni ssp.* Cape sand snake (N Africa)
Psammophis leithii* Pakistan sand racer (Afghanistan, Pakistan and W India)
Psammophis leopardinus* Leopard grass snake (Angola and Zambia)
Psammophis lineolatus* syn. Taphrometopon lineolatum, Steppe ribbon racer (C Asia to
Mongolia and China)
Psammophis longifrons* Long sand racer (India)
Psammophis namibensis* Namib sand snake (N Africa))
Psammophis notosticus* Karoo sand snake Or whip snake (N Africa)
Psammophys orientalis* Eastern stripe-bellied sand snake (N Africa to Ethiopia and
Psammophis phillipsi ssp.* Phillips’ sand snake (V, C and W Africa)
Psammophis pulcher* Boulenger’s sand racer (Ethiopia)
Psammophis punctulatus ssp.* Speckled sand racer (NE Africa)
Psammophis rukwae ssp.* Rukwa sand racer (NW Africa)
Psammophis schokari* Schokari sand racer (N Africa, SW Asia, Pakistan, NW India)
Psammophis sibilans ssp.* Short-snouted grass snake (N, W and S Africa)
Psammophis subteniatus ssp.* Stripe-bellied sand snake (N Africa)
Psammophis tanganicus* Western link-marked sand racer (NE Africa: from S Libya as
far as Tanzania)
Psammophis trigrammus* Western sand snake (Namibia, Angolan and RSA border
Psammophys trinasalis* Fork-marked sand snake (N Africa)
Psammophis zambiensis* (Zambia)
Genus: Psammophylax
Psammophylax rhombeatus* Spotted or Rhombic skaapsteker (N Africa and SW Angola)
Psammophylax tritaeniatus* Striped skaapsteker (Angola and SE Africa)
Psammophylax variabilis ssp.* Grey-bellied grass snake (E Africa)
Genus: Pseudoboa (Central and South America)
Pseudoboa coronata* Crowned false boa
Pseudoboa haasi* Paran? false boa
Pseudoboa neuwiedii* Neuwied’s false boa
Pseudoboa nigra* Black false boa
Pseudoboa serrana*
Genus: Ptychophis
Ptychophis flavovirgatus* (Brazil)
Genus: Pythonodispas
Pythonodispas carinata* Western keeled snake (Namibia and Angola)
Genus: Rhabdophis, keelback snakes
Rhabdophis adleri** (Hainan and China)
Rhabdophis angeli** (Vietnam)
Rhabdophis auriculata ssp.** (the Philippines)
Rhabdophis barbouri** Barbour’s water snake (the Philippines)
Rhabdophis callichroma** (Vietnam, S China - Hainan)
Rhabdophis chrysargoides** (Indonesia)
Rhabdophis chrysargo** Speckle-bellied keelback (SE Asia: Burma to the Philippines)
Rhabdophis conspicillatus** (Malaysia and Indonesia)
Rhabdophis himalayanus** Orange-collared keelback (N India, Nepal, Burma, SW
Rhabdophis leonardi** Burmese keelback (China and Burma)
Rhabdophis lineata** Zigzag-lined water snake (the Philippines)
Rhabdophis murudensis** (Malaysia)
Rhabdophis nigrocincta** Black-striped keelback (Thailand, Vietnam, China)
Rhabdophis nuchalis**
-- R. nuchalis nuchalis (N Vietnam and China)
-- R. nuchalis pentasupralabialis (China and W Sichuan)
Rhabdophis spilogaster** Northern water snake (the Philippines)
Rhabdophis subminiatus** Red-necked keelback (N China, Hainan, Vietnam, Thailand,
Burma, NE India, Sumatra, Java, Borneo)
-- R. subminiatus helleri (N China, Hong Kong, Laos, N Thailand)
-- R. subminiatus subminiatus (mainland SE Asia, Hainan)
Rhabdophis swinhonis** Swinhoe’s grass snake (Taiwan)
Rhabdophis tigrinus,** Tiger grooved-neck keelback or tiger keelback or Japanese grass
-- R. tigrinus tigrinus (Japan)
-- R. tigrinus formosanus (Taiwan)
-- R. tigrinus lateralis (China, Korea, E Russia)
Genus: Saphenophis (Central and South America)
Saphenophis atahuallpae* Atahuallpa saphenophis snake
Genus: Siphlophis (Central and South America)
Siphlophis cervinus* Panama spotted night snake
Siphlophis compressus* Tropical flat snake
Siphlophis leucocephalus* Common spotted night snake
Siphlophis longicaudatus* Brazilian spotted night snake
Siphlophis pulcher* Guanabara spotted night snake
Siphlophis worontzowi* Worontzow’s spotted night snake
Genus: Spalerosophis (N Africa to the Middle East)
Spalerosophis arenarius*
Spalerosophis atriceps*
Spalerosophis diademy ssp.*
Spalerosophis dolichospilus* Mograbin diadem snake
Spalerosophis josephscotreccii*
Spalerosophis microlepis*
Genus: Stenorrhina (Central and South America, from Mexico as far as Ecuador)
Stenorrhina degenhardtii ssp.* Degenhardt’s Scorpion-eating snake
Stenorrhina freminvillei* Slaty grey snake
Genus: Tachymenis
Tachymenis affinis* Boulenger’s slender snake (Peru)
Tachymenis attenuata ssp.* Walker’s slender snake (Bolivia and Peru)
Tachymenis elongata* Depax’s slender snake (Peru)
Tachymenis chilensis ssp.* Chilean slender snake (Chile and Argentina)
Tachymenis peruviana ssp.* Peru slender snake (SW Bolivia, Peru, Argentina)
Tachymenis surinamensis* (Surinam)
Tachymenis tarmensis* Slender snake (Peru)
Genus: Tantilla (North, Central and South America, from the central zones of the USA
as far as Argentina)
Tantilla albiceps* Barbour’s centipede snake
Tantilla alticola* Boulenger’s centipede snake
Tantilla andinista* Andes centipede snake
Tantilla armillata*
Tantilla atriceps* Mexican blackhead snake
Tantilla bairdi* Baird’s blackhead snake
Tantilla bocourti* Bocourt’s blackhead snake
Tantilla boipiranga*
Tantilla brevicaudata (brevicauda)* Mertens’ centipede snake
Tantilla brevis* syn. Tantillita canula
Tantilla briggsi* Briggs’ centipede snake
Tantilla calamarina* Pacific Coast centipede snake
Tantilla canula* syn. Tantillita canula
Tantilla capistrata* Capistrata centipede snake
Tantilla cascadae* Michoac?n centipede snake
Tantilla coronadoi* Guerreran centipede snake
Tantilla coronata* Southeastern crowned snake
Tantilla cucullata* Big bend blackhead snake
Tantilla cuesta* Wilson’s centipede snake
Tantilla cuniculator* Peten centipede snake
Tantilla deppei* Deppe’s centipede snake
Tantilla deviatrix*
Tantilla eiseni see T. rubra
Tantilla equatoriana* Equator centipede snake
Tantilla excubitor* syn. Tantillita brevissima
Tantilla flavilineata* Yellow-lined centipede snake
Tantilla fraseri*
Tantilla gracilis* Flathead snake
Tantilla hendersoni* Peten centipede snake
Tantilla hobartsmithi* Southwestern blackhead snake
Tantilla impensa*
Tantilla insulamontana* Mountain centipede snake
Tantilla jani* Jan’s centipede snake
Tantilla johnsoni*
Tantilla lempira* Mena’s centipede snake
Tantilla longifrontalis*
Tantilla melanocephala* Blackhead snake
Tantilla mexicana*
Tantilla miniata see T. rubra
Tantilla miyatai*
Tantilla moesta* Blackbelly centipede snake
Tantilla morgana see T. rubra
Tantilla nigra* Black centipede snake
Tantilla nigriceps* Plains blackhead snake
Tantilla oaxacae* Oaxacan centipede snake
Tantilla oolitica* Rim rock crowned snake
Tantilla petersi* Peters’ blackhead snake
Tantilla planiceps* Western blackhead snake
Tantilla relicta ssp.* Florida crowned snake
Tantilla reticulata* Reticulate centipede snake
Tantilla robusta*
Tantilla rubra* Big bend blackhead snake
Tantilla schistosa* Red earth centipede snake
Tantilla semicincta* Ringed centipede snake
Tantilla sertula*
Tantilla shawi* Potos’ centipede snake
Tantilla slavensi* Slavens’ centipede snake
Tantilla striata* Striped centipede snake
Tantilla supracincta* Banded centipede snake
Tantilla taeniata* Central American centipede snake
Tantilla tayrae* Volcan Tacana centipede snake
Tantilla tecta*
Tantilla trilineata* Brazilian three-lined centipede snake
Tantilla triseriata* Mexican three-lined centipede snake
Tantilla tritaeniata* Three-banded centipede snake
Tantilla vermiformis* Hallowell’s centipede snake
Tantilla virgata see T. reticulata
Tantilla vulcani*
Tantilla wilcoxi* Chihuahuan blackhead snake
Tantilla yaquia* Yaqui blackhead snake
Genus: Taphrometopon
Taphrometopon lineolatum see Psammophis lineolatus
Genus: Tarbophis
Tarbophis see Telescopus
Genus: Telescopus
Telescopus dhara* Arabian tiger snake (Z, C and NE Africa)
Telescopus fallax ssp.* Mediterranean cat snake (Balkans, Syria, Iran, Georgia, Armenia)
Telescopus gabesiensis see T. obtusus
Telescopus gezirae* (E Sudan)
Telescopus guentheri see T. dhara
Telescopus guidimakaensis see T. obtusus
Telescopus hoogstraali* (Israel)
Telescopus iberus* (E Turkey, S Iran, S Russia)
Telescopus nigriceps* (Jordan and Iraq)
Telescopus obtusus* (N and NE Africa)
Telescopus pulcher* (Somalia)
Telescopus rhinopoma* Indian desert tiger snake (the Middle East)
Telescopus semiannulatus* Western tiger snake (SE Africa)
Telescopus tessellatus * Soosan tiger snake (Iraq)
Telescopus variegatus* (W Africa)
Genus: Thamnodynastes (South America)
Thamnodynastes almae*
Thamnodynastes chaquensis*
Thamnodynastes chimanta* Roze’s coastal house snake
Thamnodynastes corocoroensis*
Thamnodynastes duida*
Thamnodynastes gambotensis*
Thamnodynastes hypoconia*
Thamnodynastes longicaudus*
Thamnodynastes marahuaquensis*
Thamnodynastes pallidus* Northern coastal house snake
Thamnodynastes rutilus*
Thamnodynastes strigatus* Coastal house snake
Thamnodynastes strigilis*
Genus: Thamnophis (North and Central America)
Thamnophis angustirostris* Longnose garter snake
Thamnophis atratus ssp.* Aquatic garter snake
Thamnophis brachystoma* Shorthead garter snake
Thamnophis butleri* Butler’s garter snake
Thamnophis chrysocephalus* Goldenhead garter snake
Thamnophis couchii* Western Aquatic garter snake (Oregon and California, the USA)
Thamnophis cyrtopsis ssp.* Blackneck garter snake
Thamnophis elegans ssp.* Western terrestrial garter snake
Thamnophis eques ssp.*
Thamnophis exsul* Montane garter snake
Thamnophis fulvus* Highland garter snake
Thamnophis gigas* Giant garter snake
Thamnophis godmani* Godman’s garter snake
Thamnophis hammondii* Two-striped garter snake
Thamnophis marcianus ssp.* Checkered garter snake
Thamnophis melanogaster* Blackbelly garter snake
Thamnophis mendax* Tamaulipan montane garter snake
Thamnophis ordinoides* Northwestern garter snake
Thamnophis proximus ssp.* Western ribbon snake
Thamnophis radix ssp.* Eastern Plains garter snake
Thamnophis rossmani* Rossman’s garter snake
Thamnophis rufipunctatus ssp.* Narrowhead garter snake
Thamnophis sauritus ssp.* Eastern ribbon snake
Thamnophis scalaris* Longtail Alpine garter snake
Thamnophis scaliger* Short-tail Alpine garter snake
Thamnophis sirtalis ssp.* Common garter snake
Thamnophis sumichrasti* Sumichrast’s garter snake
Thamnophis valida ssp.* West Coast garter snake
Thamnophis vicinus viz. T. cyrtopsis
Genus: Thelotornis, twig snakes
Thelotornis capensis** Bird snake, twig snake or vine snake
-- T. capensis capensis (E Botswana and NE RSA)
-- T. capensis mossambicanus (Mozambique, as far as S Somalia to the north)
-- T. capensis oatesi (Lake Tanganyika, as far as C Angola to the west)
-- T. capensis schilsi (Burundi)
Thelotornis kirtlandii** Forest twig snake (W and C Equatorial Africa)
Thelotornis usambaricus** Usambara vine snake (Tanzania and Kenya)
Genus: Thrasops (Tropical Africa)
Thrasops aethiopissa* syn. Rhamnophis aethiopissa Large-eyed green treesnake or
splendid dagger-tooth tree snake
Thrasops flavigularis* Yellow-throated bold-eyed tree snake
Thrasops jacksonii* Black tree snake
Thrasops occidentalis* (Western) Black tree snake
Genus: Trimorphodon, lyre snakes (North and Central America)
Trimorphodon biscutatus ssp.* Chihuahuan desert lyre snake
Trimorphodon lyrophanes see T. biscutatus ssp.
Trimorphodon tau* Mexican lyre snake
Trimorphodon vandeburghi see T. biscutatus ssp.
Trimorphodon vilkinsonii* Texas lyre snake
Genus: Umbrivaga (Central and South America)
Umbrivaga pygmaea* Amazon tropical forest snake
Genus: Waglerophis
Waglerophis merremi* Wagler’s snake (South America)
Genus: Xenochrophis, painted keelbacks (Asia, from Afghanistan as far as Indonesia)
Xenochrophis asperrimus* Boulenger’s keelback
Xenochrophis bellula*
Xenochrophis cerasogaster* Painted keelback
Xenochrophis flavipunctatus ssp.* Yellow-spotted keelback
Xenochrophis maculatus*
Xenochrophis piscator* Asiatic water snakes
Xenochrophis punctulatus*
Xenochrophis sanctijohannis* St. John’s keelback
Xenochrophis trianguligerus* Triangle keelback
Xenochrophis vittatus* Striped keelback
Genus: Xenodon (Central and South America, Mexico to Argentina)
Xenodon bertholdi see X. rabdocephalus
Xenodon guentheri*
Xenodon neuwiedii* Neuwied’s false fer-de-lance
Xenodon rabdocephalus* False fer-de-lance
Xenodon severus* Amazon false fer-de-lance
Xenodon suspectus see X. rabdocephalus
Xenodon werneri*
Genus: Xylodentophis
Xyelodontophis ulugurensis** (Tanzania - the Uluguru mountain range)

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