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Pedro Alonso Lopez, The Monster of the Andes

A Colombian serial killer, who, after he was captured in 1980, confessed to killing more than 300 girls and young women in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Some experts say that no one has committed more serial murders. In his confession, he admitted that he had murdered at least 110 girls in Ecuador, 100 in Colombia, and “many more than 100” in Peru. He described a field in Ambato, Ecuador, where 53 bodies were found, and four more bodies were found around this location. He also noted other places where no bodies were found. In April 1980, a woman was going to a supermarket with her 12-year-old daughter, when Alonso López tried to kidnap the girl. The woman asked for help to stop the man, who was trying to escape with the girl. Several traders intercepted him before he could escape and held him until authorities arrived. He pleaded guilty to multiple murders and was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was imprisoned in Ecuador until 1998 and was delivered to the Colombian authorities due to a request for extradition. He was detained in a psychiatric hospital but, some years later, he was discharged and released. Interpol issued an order to search for, find and capture Lopez. His current whereabouts are unknown, but it is believed that he was executed illegally.

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