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10. Spider-Man
Shattered Dimensions Shattered Dimensions is just top tier when it comes to Spider-Man video games and it has a multiverse element that's truly one of a kind. In Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions you're given the opportunity to suit up as so many different spider totems, everyone from ultimate spider-man to Spider-Man Noir and even Miguel O'Haras Spider-Man 2099. Throughout the game, you go head to head with a variety of different villains as you collect pieces of the mystical stone. The coolest thing is that each of the separate dimensions has unique art styles and gameplay. Even though there isnt an open world exploration aspect to the game it makes up for it with Ultimate Spider-Man being able to use the symbiotes tentacle attacks. Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions was released September 7th, 2010 for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS and PC. Review site Gamespot even gave it a 7.5 out of 10.

9. Marvel Ultimate Alliance
When this game hit consoles in 2006 it won Wizards Magazines Game of the Year as well as Gamespots Best Use of a Creative License. Its an action role-playing game that features 23 playable Marvel characters and 16 more that are system exclusives. Although its storyline could have been a bit better it certainly makes up for it with the number of locations you have to choose from. In the game, players select teams of four allowing them to recreate their favorite superhero teams or even create their own. Additionally, the game gives out bonus features for forming the Avengers, defenders, fantastic four, marvel knights and the x-men. It also has alternate endings that are decided by the number of optional missions you complete.

8. X-Men Origins Wolverine
If we were covering best Marvel movies, this title would never make that list, but when it comes to video games X-Men Origins Wolverine makes up for what the movie lacked. Its your classic hack and slash action adventure game loosely based on the movie itself, except with way more blood and gore. Released back in May of 2009 on all PlayStation platforms, Xbox 360 as well as the Wii and PC this game received a 7 out of 10 rating from GameSpot. For a game that was inspired by God of War and Devil May Cry, it stands out on its own with fast combos from your favorite x-men hero.

7. Deadpool
Speaking of excellent hack and slash games, Deadpool certainly does not disappoint on that front. Its also well deserved of that Mature rating for its beat em up video game style that frequently barrels through the fourth wall by Deadpool interacting with you as you play. Even though for the majority of this game you find yourself chopping through thousands of enemies the real love for the game comes from the comedy. Its vulgar, profane and is perfectly aligned with how we view the character of Deadpool. The game even begins with Deadpool pitching the video game which ultimately ends with him tearing up the script and then hunting down the corrupt media mogul Chance White. The most hilarious part of this sequence is that when he tackles Chance out of the penthouse window he admits that they may have just spent the entire budget for the game on that one move. Hence the reasoning for such repetitive combat moves. Either way, still one of the best Marvel video games.

6. Marvel Heroes
Back in 2013 when the initial version of this game launched it was a great concept, but unfortunately was plagued with bugs and just was nowhere near what we expected. Although on the bright side of things due to it being an online game the developers could handle updates and mistakes along the way. Because of this, they were able to bring the game up to par while renaming it first to Marvel heroes 2015, then Marvel Heroes 2016 before taking on its final complete form of Marvel Heroes Omega. Its a free-to-play massive online multiplayer RPG that allowed players to choose from a wide variety of their favorite heroes to take on various enemy factions.

5. Super Soldier
What else can you ask for in a game, Super Soldier has it all. You play as Captain America in a third person style as Cap takes on the Red Skull from the evil HYDRA organization. Not only do you get to storm Hydras castle, knocking down hundreds of henchmen as you go along, but you also are in charge of halting Red Skulls evil experiments. The game feels heavily influenced by the Batman Arkham series, but combined with stealth operations and a brawler combat system it does carve its own path. Its argued that the storyline would have served the game better if it was different from the plot of the movie, but regardless its still a great game. Common Sense Media even rated it a 4 out of 5.

4. The Hulk Ultimate Destruction
I'm going to go out on a limb here hoping that most of you will agree with me, but The Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction is quite possible the best Hulk game to date. There I said it. For starters, nearly everything in your environment including your enemies are not immune to destruction. I would hope not with a game name like that. Not to mention the amount of creative moves at your disposal far reaches the basic smash everything tactics that the Hulk possesses. Lastly, the bosses that you face are far from a walk in the park. The boss battles are these intense face-offs that require you dig deep and get creative with your attacks. Such creative attacks include breaking a car in half and using each end as boxing gloves.

3. Ultimate Spider-Man
Based on the Sam Raimi Spider-Man film trilogy this action adventure game was released back in 2005. The game does a terrific job of encapsulating the brilliant scripts written by Brian Michael Bendis into a video game. Everything down to the art for the game was done exceptionally well and is partly due to the fact that Bendis wrote and directed the game as well. Its basically every spider-man comic book fans fantasy wrapped up into one Ultimate Marvel game. The web-swinging mechanics at the time of the games release were unprecedented and hit the nail on the head with its realism. The cherry on top has to be that parts of the game even lets you play as Venom. Which greatly cuts down on any repetitiveness you may have expected. Although when playing as Venom your goals turn from saving the city of New York to how can I cause the most destruction.

2. Lego Marvel Super Heroes
We gotta give a spot to this game mainly because of the insane amount of playable characters they offer. You can select up to 155 Marvel characters, which doesn't even include the downloadable extras. Everyone from your favorite heroes, villains, robots, Aunt May and even Stan Lee. Lego Stan Lee is legendary, I don't care what anyone says. Its a trip down memory lane in lego form with its comic book, MCU and even Marvel cartoon callbacks. You can clearly see that the developers had as much fun working on this game as we did playing it.

1. Spider-Man PS4
Without a doubt, this game takes the cake for the best Marvel video game out there. It scored an 8.7 out of 10 from IGN, 87 percent on Metacritic and a 9 out of 10 from GameSpot. The game pulls storyline inspiration directly from the comic book and web swinging mechanics along with combat have never been better. This open-world action adventure is everything you ever wanted in a Spider-Man video game. Plus the graphics alone for city of New York will absolutely blow you away.

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