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5. The Cold Shining Star
La Superba is a dying red giant about 710 light-years away from Earth. At around 2,400 degrees C, it is very cold for a red giant star, and yet it shines with a brightness that makes our Sun look like a mere nightlight, being over 4,400 times more luminous. This brightness allows the red glow of La Superba to be seen with the naked eye.

4. The Diamond Star
There is a binary system, in which the bigger star sucked away all of the other star's mass, leaving only the core, making it more like a planet than a star. It literally shines bright like a diamond. It is incredibly dense and heavy, which's composition appears to be crystalline in nature, therefore it likely resembles a giant diamond.

3. The Most Massive Star
UY Scuti is a bright red supergiant, and it is currently the leading candidate for being the largest known star by radius and is also one of the most luminous of its kind. It is about 1700 times bigger than the Sun, and is about 1.2 billion km wide. If placed at the center of the Solar System, the edge would reach Jupiter, although the radius is not known for certain and it could even reach Saturn.

2. The black hole's dinner
Scientists have discovered a star that is currently being devoured by a black hole over a million times more massive than the Sun. This discovery occurred because scientists noticed bright gamma-ray bursts that were peculiar. They were brighter and moved more rapidly than most other gamma rays they'd seen. In fact, as the rays were approaching the center of its galaxy, they were moving at 99.5 percent the speed of light, which had never been observed before.

1. The Star that Stuttered
In 2007 a pulsar was discovered which rotates at a rate of 200 revolutions per second. Such big speeds cause immensely bright rays of light, known as pulses. However, back in 2009, researchers noticed that the regular pulses of light simply stopped. For a typical pulsar, these shut downs happen regularly for a few minutes at a time. However, this pulsar shut off for one and a half years. Everyone declared the star dead, but in 2011, the star started pulsating again like nothing ever happened. No one is sure why the star turned off or what caused it to turn back on.


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