Health Benefits Of Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola Chinese Indian Herb For Life Longevity And Rejuvination And Health Benefits. An ancient herb popular in China and India, this herb presents itself in the shape of the human brain to suggest one of its many functions... brain energiser. And if the brain lives, so should the body. Any wonder, then, that Gotu Kola is also known as a longevity herb. Daoist master and herbalist Lich Yuen, who died at the age of 256 years, used this herb every day and advocated its use by every one, it is said.

But this plant was eclipsed, it would seem, by Ginkgo biloba, which became polpular for its ability to improve blood circulation to the brain and within it. Many studies have found that Gotu Kola improves memory, restores brain cells and nerves function, enhances blood quality and circulation, apart from promoting digestion and wound healing. One attribute of Gotu Kola, which recommends its use in improving brain energy, is that it is a middle-of -the-road herb in this regard, not stimulating or overstimilating the system and ceasing no unwanted side effects.

In this respect, JUSTIN Faerman, reports: In one study  children who took half a gramme of Gotu Kola extract every day for one year, demonstrated significant improvement of their intellectual level. After six months, there was a substantial improvement in intelligence, cognitive function and concentration. Besides this, there are many reports that Gotu Kola reduces anxiety and stress and rebuilds the nervous system.

For example, it is said to repair and restore axons which transmit nerve impulses in the brain and in the body. It is found useful in anxiety, stress and insomniac conditions. Dr. Robert Atkins says injustice has been done to Gotu Kola by a tendency to restrict its importance to brain energy. He says it nurtures skin and connective tissue as well, apart from tackling cellulite and varicose veins and phlebitis. It speeds up healing, improves circulation and reduces ankle swelling, he says, adding: People with scleroderma, a serious overgrowth of connective tissue throughout the body may benefit as well. In respect of the brain, Dr. Atkins refers to studies which suggest that Gotu Kola encourages the body to produce choline and assumes this may be why It can enhance brain function in mentally retarded children.

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