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Top 10 Scary Fortnite Creepypastas

Top 10 Scary Fortnite Creepypastas

Creepypastas are typically terrifying legends or images that have circulated their way around the internet. They’re the modern day scary camps fire stories told on a much larger, more accessible platform. Which makes em pretty creepy. Whether or not they’re rooted in fact or fiction is entirely up to you. These days, it seems like any big part of pop culture has their own set of creepypastas, including video game sensations the likes of Fortnite. So today, we’re taking a look at ten of the creepypastas that have popped up concerning the game with our list of the top 10 scary fort nite creepypastas. And warning, some of these are just flat out bad. What do you expect, they’re creepypastas.

10. Followed
From YouTube channel FlipLaScript, Followed is a story about a gamer who used Fortnite to help with his mental health since he got into an accident and almost died. He keeps seeing a Rabbit with a ski mask who keeps paying him a visit whenever he plays the game. The Rabbit talks to him, telling him that he will never cheat death again. He thinks that his mother keeps letting the bunny man in, but she tells him he’s seeing things. So one Friday night, he plays a solo match and notices that everyone in the pre-game lobby has the default blonde guy skin. He ignores it, thinking he’s in a server with a bunch of noobs. The match begins, he lands at tilted towers - and apparently so is everyone else on the server.

He grabs a loot chest, scores a SCAR, and then starts taking out foes. He begins to suspect that they’re all bots - they’re names are “default fort nite player #”. Every time he gets to kill, another player named Frank gets a kill too. Finally, it gets down to just him and Frank, and that's when the player realizes who Frank is - it’s the bunny man, in the game - he tries to take Frank out, and that’s when he hears the demonic voice say I dare you to kill me. He keeps missing Frank and is soon out of ammo. Before he can switch weapons, Frank appears in person, and says outlaid, I dare you to kill me. The player dies of a heart attack.

9. The Bus Driver
Another CreepyPasta from FlipLaScript, this one is called the Bus Driver, and it’s about a scary easter egg. The player heard a rumor on Reddit about the battle bus - an easter egg you can only see on Friday the 13th. At the start of the match, on that date, don’t get out of the battle bus - stay until you’re about to get kicked off, then unplug your router. Plug it back in, and do not find a new game to join, and you’ll still be on the bus. So the player tries this, and it works. Except, it’s not what they expected.

It’s not going over the map, but rather, a ‘passage of time’; events throughout history playing on the screen in front of him. Then, he sees the future. He sees world war 3 break out, there is a nuclear fallout, and he sees his family members die. Time flashes forward again, and he sees himself, trying to survive with other war survivors. A missile drops down from the sky and kills him. He’s then kicked off the bus.

8. Disappearing Teddy
The disappearing teddies are nothing new in Fortnite - they’ve freaked out a few people in the past, but generally, they’re kinda cool. But this creepypasta makes em a little weirder than most of us would like. So this player is going through the motions of a regular match when he finds a box with the name Lucy on it. Opening it, he finds a rusty key and a diary. He reads the diary - it's about a 10-year-old girl named Lucy who, in the first entry, writes that it’s her birthday, and that her father took the day off work to spend it with her, and that her mother passed away recently. The player decides to keep reading in hopes to figure out what the key is. She continues to write about how her father grows increasingly distant, and how she was forbidden to go down into his laboratory.

The last entry reads that she’s going to go down into the lab with her teddy bear. The player starts to look around the house and finds a cellar door in the backyard. The key opens it. The player notices a burlap bag on the ground with a locket that reads ‘best mom ever’. There’s also a bit torn up a teddy bear. The player continues to search the cellar, going through another door, which has claw marks along the side of the wall. The player then finds a skeleton with a pistol next to it and a camcorder. The camcorder turns on, and it starts to play and it’s the dad panicking about the mother, and hearing animalistic noises in the background. The player beings to leave the cellar when he notices that the teddy bear that was there when he entered is now gone. Creepy.

7. Last One Standing
This one tells of a kid named Bill whose parents left for the night. The babysitter hadn’t shown up yet, so he went to his room to play some Fortnite. He starts a match, and everyone on his team had the Dark Knight skin on. All of a sudden, the lights in his house shut off. Bill goes to find a flashlight, but a notification pops up on his screen from an anonymous user that reads “Why’d you do that?” Bill was confused.

He goes downstairs and locks the front door. But then he hears a knock. He opens the door, and no one is there, except there’s a letter. He reads it, and the words “don’t lock, don’t look” are written on it, repeated over and over again, with the last word on the letter being “hide.” bill freaks out and hides under his bed. He feels the air on the back of his neck. He rolls over and sees a bunch of pairs of red eyes behind him. Bill disappeared from that day onwards, and his parents never found his body.

6. The Empty Lobby
From YouTuber Big Mama Eternal, this creepypasta is about a girl named Eternal who was a stripper. She used the Battle Hound skin, and thought of it as a lucky charm - she would often get a solid amount of kills when playing with it. There’s also mention of gonhorrea, but we’ll just skip over that part. Anyway, the skin started taking a life of its own and wanted all of the stripper’s attention, and one night when she returned home at 4am and booted up the game, the lobby was entirely empty. Her character wasn’t there. Thinking it was a glitch, she restarted her system and the game, but the lobby was still empty.

So she started the game anyway, and her character wasn’t there - just a view of the pre-game lobby and other players in the game. So she shut it off again, to play again in the morning. But the game kept crashing. In her headset, she could hear growling. The next day after work, she got home and put on her headset. The growling continued. But it wasn’t just coming out of the headset - it was in her room. She opened her closet and there was Battle Hound. Two days later, she was found dead in her apartment.

5. Supply Llamas
This one is about a player who finds a llama in the game. Immediately after, he gets a message from a user named Skull Killer 369, asking if he wants to get more supply llamas. But there’s a catch - the player must agree to give Skull Killer his soul as a trade. The player doesn’t take him seriously, so he agrees. Skull Killer 369 tells him that in order to do so, he can never turn off the game. The player agrees.

From then on out, the player starts finding supply llamas in every game. During one game, he and his friend decide to reset their match, and the player restarts the game on his system. He turns his system back on and he’s already in a new match. He then finds a different kind of llama - red and black ones instead of purple and blue. He opens it, and there are no supplies - but there’s a note. He reads the note and it says “I told you and you don’t listen”.

The player turns his system off for the night. The next day, he finds more llamas, three of them. It happens again the next day. The player goes to find his dad to show him how well he’s doing, and his dad looks at him and asks what are you doing in my house? He doesn’t recognize the player at all. Everyone knew he was good at the game, but his family didn’t know who he was at all afterward. Yeah, we didn’t say all of these were perfect horror stories did we now?

4. Red Team Leader
Another creepypasta from FlipLaScript, this one is about a player who buys CuddleTeamLeader from the Fortnite shop, seeing that the skin was only available for an hour. But when he uses the skin, the color isn’t pink - its blood red in the pre-game lobby. The match starts, and the skin is back to its regular pink. But, after the player kills two people, the skin starts to turn red. The more players he kills, the darker the red becomes. Eventually, he’s one of the last 10 people in the match.

After a solid firefight, he’s one of the last two and goes after his remaining opponent. But, as he takes him out, the player goes down - which is weird since it’s a solo match. He shoots again. Nothing happens, the player is down. That’s when his controller in real life starts to move. His avatar starts to move, too. He takes out an ax called chopping block and cuts off the enemies head, decapitating him. CuddleTeam Leader removes his mask, revealing its head - one eye shot out of his head, and slits on his face, forcing a smile on his face. Then the game ends.

3. The Storm
The Storm tells the story of a terrifying storm experience during a solo match. The player is going about their business, taking out foes, when they realize the storm is about to close in on them - except, it’s no regular storm. This one is red, with mist. So the player runs, heading towards the safe zone, but can’t quite get there - he gets caught in it. As he keeps navigating his way towards the safe zone, images start appearing in the storm - horrific images, ones that shouldn’t be in the game.

His body in real life starts to itch. He starts to feel pain. He keeps running in the game, heading towards what he thinks is a launch pad. His character’s health gets to 30. His body in real life begins to break out into hives. He gets to the launch pad and flies off, with his health at 20. His vision starts to get weird. His health falls to 10, the player starts to lose feeling in his body. This is when he breaks out into the safe zone, and all of his symptoms disappear. He quits the game and hasn’t played Fortnite since.

2. We Eliminated
You In this creepypasta posted (and beautifully drawn) by Jordan Persegati, we get the tale ‘we eliminated you’ – one of the more popular Fortnite creepypastas that have made the rounds on the interwebs, initially created by 34MatthewsHD. Anyway, it’s the story of a kid who hops on Frotnite after school one day when his mother hasn’t gotten home yet. Everyone in the pre-game lobby is wearing the cuddle team leader skin. Once he gets into the match, he realizes that everyone’s username is ‘we eliminated you’.

Which is weird, because you can’t have the same name as anyone else on the PlayStation Network, so he assumed he was on a server filled with hackers. The player made it into the top 3 and watched the last remaining two duke it out, waiting for the victor to the surface so he could take them out with a shotgun. As he was waiting, he noticed there was a structure built nearby – it read ‘we eliminated you’. This freaked him out, but he still ignored it. Eventually, the two cuddle team leaders who were duking it out finished, leaving one remaining foe.

The player popped out of his hiding spot and shot his head on. But it didn’t phase his opponent. He shot him again. Nothing happened. The player assumed it was a hacker. Eventually, the hacker shot him and knocked out the player. Frustrated, he turned off his ps4, annoyed. He decided to go get some fresh air, but before he can leave his house, he gets a text. It’s from a number he didn’t recognize, and it read “get ready for your final eliminate”. But what was worse was the photo attached to the text – an image of the player’s house.

The player panics and locks himself in his bedroom. He calls the police, and while waiting, he looks out the window and spots a mysterious figure watching him, wearing the cuddle team leader mask. He hides in his closet as he hears the mysterious figure come through his back door. As he’s hiding in his closet, his phone goes off and makes a noise – panicking, he looks at the phone, and sees that he’s gotten a text from that same number saying “I know that you’re in there.”

1. The Whisperer
This one tells the story of a boy named Timmy whose parents go out of town to visit his sick aunt. Home alone, the messages his pal Mark to come over and play Fortnite. But Mark wasn’t around, so he hopped on the Playstation communities to find a partner. He finds a post by a user named BattleBus524, who wrote “I’m the best Fortnite player of all time. I can carry you. Mic needed.” Not being over great at the game, this piques Timmy’s curiosity, but he was a bit concerned since the player spelled Fortnite as Fortnight. He reaches out anyway, and the guy’s name is Drew - a 31-year-old dude who lives fairly close to where Timmy lives. They started playing together, and Drew gets killed immediately. Timmy jokes about it, and Drew got really aggressive with him. The more they played, Drew started blowing things up recklessly and compromising their matches.

Drew then started whispering “behind you” to Timmy, even though no one was behind him. So eventually, Timmy gets annoyed, makes up an excuse to leave Drew, and blocks him, and starts going on solos. A few minutes later, a random user sends him a voice message. Timmy opens it, and the voice says “You shouldn’t have done that, I recommend you don’t block me again.” Timmy ignores it. 20 minutes later, Drew sends him another message. This time, it wasn’t a voice message - it was a photo, of Timmy’s house. A second later, another message pops up from Drew - Check your front door. Timmy goes down to his front door - no one is there. He looks down, and there’s a nutcracker there with a note attached to it. The note reads It reminds me of you - Timmy’s favorite avatar to use in the game. Timmy calls the cops, and messages his friend Mark, who tells him he was right about to message him - he saw a guy in the bushes out front of Timmy’s house. He goes to hide in his parent’s closet when he remembers that he didn’t lock the back door of his house.

That’s when he hears the door creak open. Timmy panics and keeps texting Mark who tells him to be quiet and not make a sound. He hears someone moving around the house, whispering I just want to play games. 10 minutes go past, and Timmy doesn’t respond to any of Mark’s messages. Finally, Mark gets a reply, with Timmy saying that one of their neighbors knocked the guy out. Mark asks if Timmy wants to come over and spend the night at his house. The message he gets back reads “Come over. I want to play Fortnite.” TIMMY’S DEAD MARK. TIMMY IS DEAD.

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