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Memories of a school massacre

Judy Murray nearly lost her now famous son to a school shooting, said Kate Battersby in the Radio Times (U.K.). In 1996, Andy Murray—now Britain’s No. 1 tennis player—and his brother, Jamie, were caught up in one of the worst gun massacres on British soil, when a gunman walked into their elementary school in the small Scottish town of Dunblane and shot dead 16 children and a teacher. Judy was working in the family toy store when her mother rushed in and told her about the shooting. “I picked up my car keys and just ran out,” Judy remembers. “I was driving there thinking I might not see my children again.” At the school, she was ushered into a packed room to await news. Eventually, a policeman came in and asked the parents of one class to leave with him. “The girl [next to me] said, ‘That’s my daughter’s class.’ I don’t know if I have survivor’s guilt, but I had an awful moment when I was so relieved it wasn’t my kids. And then feeling terrible. She lost her daughter.” As it turned out, teachers kept both Jamie and Andy away from the massacre. “It was impossible to believe something like that could happen in your little town. Sometimes it still is.”


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