Osbourne’s latest recovery

Osbourne’s Latest Recovery

Ozzy Osbourne fell off the wagon two years ago, after almost a decade of sobriety, said Louise Gannon in the Mail on Sunday (U.K.). “There was no reason,” says the rocker, “except I’m an alcoholic, and one day you look outside, it’s a sunny day, and you know nothing is going to come between you and a beer. And then you go down the mad slide, and you’re crawling around on the floor wishing you didn’t have to watch another sunrise. But if you take cocaine you can drink forever. Cocaine and booze are the eggs and bacon of the addict’s world, the perfect combination.” It was only when his wife, Sharon, threw him out that the Black Sabbath singer went back to Alcoholics Anonymous. “I’ve spent decades of my life being an absolute idiot. I’ve got so many regrets I can’t even remember half of them.” Somehow, despite Osbourne’s repeated bouts of self-destruction, his 65-year-old body has not given out. “It’s insane. I’ve fallen down stairs, over stairs, over balconies. There’s no reason I should be alive. I’ve even had doctors check out my blood cells to find out why the hell I haven’t managed to kill myself and whether I’ve got some special DNA. They came back with pages of reports. Didn’t understand half of it, but none of it said ‘DEAD.’”

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