What does a wave look like from below?

What Does a Wave Look Like From Below?

In the end, it’s only luck and timing that determines whether photographer Clark Little makes it home to his family at the end of each day. The 46-year-old risks his life to get the perfect shot, diving into massive waves off the North Shore of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Every year around 150 people are injured and several others killed on this stretch of coast, but as an experienced surfer, Little knows how the water will behave. For shots like the one above, he lies on the ocean floor as a huge wave thunders over him like a tornado. He also takes pictures from inside the barrel of a wave, which forms just before it breaks. The water should come crashing down in front of him. If it doesn’t, there’s a risk that a wave the weight of several cars will pummel his body – bursting his eardrums, shattering his bones and slamming him into the sand.

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