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Top 10 Scary Haunted Train Urban Legends

10. Disappearing Train in China
What on earth is going on at the Bataou Station? Legend has it that a ghost train passes up and down the tracks, picking up ghostly passengers and moving forwards through the station. Until March 2018, it was just a rumour, but then THIS CCTV footage was captured of a transparent, ghostly looking train moving along the tracks, slowing to a halt as if allowing passengers to embark and disembark, and then start up again. The footage was uploaded to youtube by The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 and has been watched over 2.3 million times. Some critics say that the footage isn’t legit, others say it looks like a retaping over old cctv tapes. Some people said it looks like reflection in a window while others are straight up going parallel universe.

9. The White Sari Ghost of Beg-un-kodor Station
In the Indian Ayodhya hills sits Bengunkodor Station. The station has laid empty and defunct from 1967 to 2009 reportedly because of the fate that met the former station master! The station employee reported that he saw a woman in a white sari dancing in the middle of the night. He thought her to be a ghost of a woman killed by a train. He told other people in the village about it, and a few days later he and his family were found dead. His replacement at the station also went missing just days into the job. With word filtering around the village, people started avoiding the station, eventually leading to its closure. Railway officials have always denied the ghost story, and the station has been re-opened, however trains stop running after 5pm, reportedly so that no one every comes across the sari clad ghost!

8. San Antonio Train
Track children Legend has it that once upon a time in San Antonio there was a horrifying crash between a train and a bus filled with children. According to the tales in the area, a school bus stalled on train lines as the warning lights signaling the approach of the train lit up. The driver was unable to start the bus and drive off in time and sadly the two vehicles collided, killing all on board the bus. The legend, dating back to the 70s, goes that if a car halts on the same piece of track, the ghosts of the children will push the car forward to safety.

On top of that, many have reported seeing the imprints of little children’s hands on their cars afterwards. Freakier still, the road where the ghosts are supposed to haunt is surrounded by a set of streets named after children, such as Cindy Sue, Laura Lee and Bobbie Allen…could these be the bus crash victims? Snopes said that the movement of the vehicles at the crossing is down to a slight incline at the site, which rolls cars in neutral forwards and that the street names were of the developers grand children. However with so many ghostly reports, the legend of the San Antonio Train Track Children lives on.

7. The 100 year old missing train
In 1910, a freight train went missing near the great lakes of north America… like…vanished out of thin air. All of its cargo and its three crew members were gone, and people presumed the train derailed and crashed near near mink harbour in Onatrio, falling into Lake Superior. Locals in the area reported ghost sightings along the tracks and around the harbour of confused looking men, who were staring out over the lake. Fast forward 106 years and the train wreckage was found at the bottom of the lake. The pictures of the wreck are truly incredible. Apparently the train is the only sunken locomotive in the great lakes region. Recovery experts say the train cannot be raised as it is too damaged and would disintegrate. Sadly, divers could not locate the body of the three men who died in the crash. Without raising the train, the souls of the three lost crew may be trapped in the lake forever.

6. The Silver Train of Stockholm
Ah, the silverpilen, or silver arrow of Stockholm has been the subject of Swedish Urban Legends for Decades. In Stockholm, the subway trains are blue, they used to be green. One train, however is silver. The story dates back to 1965 when people started spotting the silver train every now and then. Sightings were so rare that the train became the stuff of legends. There are a whole bunch of legends surrounding this train, all of them pretty spooky. Many people say that the train has only ever been spotted in abandoned tunnels by construction workers and subway workers.

Some say that the train goes around picking up passengers that either show up weeks later dazed and confused, or never show up again at all. Some people say they have only ever seen the train after midnight, going high speed through stations. Eye witnesses describe the carriages as empty, save for a few figures. Are they ghosts? The stories about the Silverpilen were at their pinnacle in the 1980s, but a lot of people in the city still talk about the legendary silver train. The Silverpilen urban legend sometimes feeds in to stories about Kymlinge, a metro station on the Stockholm Metro Line 11, which gets a whole urban legend point of its very own.

5. Kymlinge
One says that it is haunted by the Silverpilen, but others suspected a wider ghost conspiracy. Kymlinge is an abandoned metro station – a ghost station if you will. A lot of people are baffled by its existence and the reason why, even after it was built, transport authorities never opened the building for service. It is said that only the dead get off at Kymlinge.

4. St Louis Light
The St Louis Light urban legend refers to mysterious lights moving up and down an  abandoned old rail line in Saskatchewan. It is said the lights vary in colour and brightness and can still be seen to this day, Now I think good old Daniel the Spaniel Lurkington Burkinton put this one in his Canadian Urban Legends Video… a lot of people say the lights are of a ghost train passing through the night, and others say that the light comes from the lamp held by the ghost of a drunk headless brakeman who was decapitated by a train passing by at speed. He now spends eternity wandering up the track looking for his lost head! Canada loves the unsolved mystery so much, in 2014 Canada post even issued a special stamp depicting the St Louis Ghost Train. Some people thought the mystery was solved in 2009, when two local high school students duplicated the lights using diffraction, leading them to conclude the lights came from distant vehicles. That is all well and good, but the lights have been noted long before cars sprang up in the area.

3. The Whitechapel Corpse Train
According to London Underground folklore, in the early days of the tube, so we’re talking early 1900s, there used to be a special train that transported corpses from the Royal London Hospital in White Chapel to morgues in the city. Why would they have their own train? Well not only would It be quicker, but it also spared Victorian era Londoners exposure to sickness and disease. A train flying by with dead bodies? Creepy. Whitechapel itself as an area is creepy enough as it is, what with it being the old stomping ground of Jack the Ripper. Many people say that the White Chapel tube station is haunted, and it could be a number of possible ghosts given the areas history. Adding substance to the legend of the corpse train, a lot of people swear there is a bricked up tunnel at white chapel, saying it is the old entrance to the corpse train route. There is actually an abandoned station near by called St Mary’s, on White Chapel Road. Perhaps this has something to do with the legend.

2. Crying Victims at Kings Cross
In 1987 there was a horrifying fire at London’s Kings Cross St Pancreas station. On November 18th A major fire broke out on the wooden Piccadilly line escalator. The flame swept upwards and got so hot that the ticket office floor melted and collapsed. The cause of the fire was a matched dropped down the side of the escalator and ignited the grease underneath. 31 people died and 100 were injured, The old wooden escalator was due to be replaced with a metal one, but sadly for those that lost their life, it hadn’t yet happened. Rumours of souls left trapped in that station that night have been rife.

In 1998 a man spotted a distressed woman crying into her hands. When he went to ask her if she was okay, he passed straight through her. This is just one of many sightings of the crying girl – with some saying they have seen a woman with long brown hair screaming with her arms outstretched, and when they go to assist her, she isn’t there. This could be the same ghost, or maybe even an entirely different one. Who knows how many of the 31 victims could haunt the station. Other people have reported smelling smoke in the area of the building the fire broke out. Clearly the emotional trauma of that evening has left some kind of paranormal impact on the place.

1. Abe Lincoln’s Ghost Train
When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, his body went on display on a funeral train that passed through the northern states of the USA on a final journey that was to end at his home in Springfield Illinois. The train left Washington DC on April the 21st 1865 and travelled for days, reaching Columbus on April 29th, where he laid in state for 12 hours. People lined the tracks to watch his train pass. Legend has it that on late April evenings, a spectral train can be seen along the same path the funeral train tool. Some say the see a phantom train, some say they hear a whistle and others swear they smell a puff of smoke. People from the towns the train passed by make a big deal of trying to spot the phantom funeral train each year.

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Top 10 Scary Australian Urban Legends

Australia is unique in many ways, from its landscape to its wildlife - but some things never change no matter where you are in the world. Things that go bump in the night, scary spirits and the supernatural, these are stories which follow you to the ends of the Earth - my name is Danny Burke and this is the top 10 scary Australian Urban Legends.

10. The Black Ghost of The Blue Mountains
If you ever head through Victoria pass on Australia's Great Western Highway, keep an eye out at night. For more than a century, truckers have reported seeing the ghost of a child bride called Caroline Collett. She was beaten to death by her ex boyfriend John Walsh in 1842 out in the pass. Now, they say her tortured soul haunts those who pass by on a dark cold night. Its claimed that the colder the night, the better. When black ice covers the road, threatening to spin vehicles to their doom, everyone is forced to slow down. Once everyone is slow, Caroline is said to approach, ready to seek vengeance for her gruesome death.

9. The Burning Airman
During WW2, an Australian bomber plane crashed on the outskirts of Canberra, killing all 4 on board. It would become known as the Canberra Air Disaster. Years later, people in the area started reporting strange encounters in the woods. They said unearthly lights could be seen near the old crash site. Others heard the droning noise of a plane followed by a loud bang. Then things got weirder. A teenage girl ran screaming from the forest, saying she was being followed by a long dead airman. She said he was covered in fire and followed her to the edge of the forest. More people began to report the same thing - horrific encounters that left people traumatised. The stories have been enough to turn some people away from the forever for fear of seeing the burning airman stalking them through the trees.

8. Kelly
This is very creepy one that was shared on Reddit. User Puppy2010 said they have relatives in the Northern Beaches of Australia, on the country's east coast. There, locals tell tales of a girl called Kelly who would appear in people's cars near Oxford Falls if they were travelling alone past midnight. She is said to be the spirit of a girl who died in a car crash there in the 1970s and has haunted the road ever since. For me, the scariest part of the story is that if you don't tell Kelly to get out - she will take control of the car. For those believe in the tale of Kelly, they worry for the travellers who have never heard the story, and don't know to tell her to get out of the car.

7. The Orchard Hills Mafia House
This is a huge white mansion found out in greater Sydney. You might say it was beautiful if not for the scary stories attached to it. For some ghost hunters, no place in Sydney has more spirits that The Orchard Hills Mafia House. Lights are said to flash off and on even when the building is empty. From the outside, people have seen creepy shadows flicker behind the curtains. Some people even claim that these shadows come outside and approach visitors, chasing them down the drive with demonic grins on their faces. Why are so many spirits said to live there? Well that goes back to the buildings name. It's called the Mafia house because it was said to be owned by members of a local mafia group. They were rumoured to routinely execute informants and snitches in one of the upstairs rooms. Between the murderous gangs and the spirits of their victims, many people choose to stay well clear of the big white mansion.

6. The Hawkesbury River Monster
In a lot of these urban legends videos, we've discussed creatures that bare a strange resemblance to the loch ness monster - well, perhaps this is Australia's version. The Hawkesbury river monster is said to be a snake large snake like creature with a long leck, a large body and two sets of flippers with an eel like tail. Locals tells fearsome tales of the beast and claim they have the proof to back it. People point to the huge slide marks on the riverbanks pr the crushed and abandoned boats with no owners. Some say this is not a modern phenomena and that the monster is depicted in the ancient aboriginal art of the area.

5. The Hands of Goodna Cemetery
Located on the outskirts of Brisbane, Goodna Cemetery doesn't look to be out of the ordinary at first. Those who visit it though do so because they have heard the stories of what goes on there after dark. According to legend, there is some sort of -force- in the cemetery. People describe it differently but one thing they all agree on is that this force does not like visitors. At night, people feel invisible hands punching and scratching them. Its not just a light tap either, people say you'd know if the hands touched you … one particularly scary story involves a local man who once tried to flee the cemetery in his car - but the car wouldn't start. He spent the night huddled in his car, trying to ignore the strange noises outside. The next morning, he stepped out and found long scratch marks all the way down the side of his car. Something had been trying to get in, and get him.

4. Schneiders Alley
In the early 20th century, Doctor Schneider life in Clifton Manor with his wife and child. Their lives were uneventful until one day when tragedy struck. Both the Doctors wife and child died in an accident. The Doctor spiralled into madness. At first it was just his personal life that was affected but then it began to bleed into his work. He would take his patients to a little log cabin near his house, where he performed surgical experiments on them without anaesthetic. The house saw him mutilate countless people. The locals say that in the years since, theyve seen his disfigured patients wandering the hills around the house and lurking in the alleys. At night, distant screams can be heard from those still reliving their operations. Some brave souls visit the house to try and catch

3. The Satanist
The Kings Park in Perth draws in many visitors during the day but at night it plays host to all kinds of spooky legends. One of these is this Satanist. Its said that on certain nights, a secret group of Devil worshippers descend upon the park where they perform strange rites. Occult symbols are drawn, effigies are burns and all kinds of demonic behaviour takes place upon the grass slopes. Some even say that human sacrifices take place there. This legend has only been fueled by the reports of local homeless men going missing. People believe that sleeping in the park after dark is inviting yourself to be killed in the name of the demons that the cult worships.

2. The Macquarie Fields Station
In the south west suburbs of Sydney lies a train station with a grizzly secret. When the last train leaves Macquarie Fields station and the platform is empty, a fain cry can be heard in the breeze. Believers say the station is haunted. For those that find the crying scary to hear - things only get worse. Some say the crying eventually stops and then, after a short pause, it turns to blood curdling screams of anguish. On some occasions, people even see the ghost - a teenage girl roaming the platform with dark blood covering her face. She cries and cries then screams and screams. For me though, the creepiest part is that sometimes, she stares right at you.

1. The Min Min Lights
Those who have ventured to Eastern Australia's outback will often return with tales of the Min Min lights. On some nights, burning lights are said to appear in the distance but never getting closer. They keep pace alongside the car but never get any nearer, almost as if they watching. Some people believe that if you leave your car, they will stalk you through the Australian outback. But hey, don't take my word for it, unlike many of the other legends on our list, there have been documented cases of the Min Min lights. You can find footage on YouTube filmed by locals. In 2003, a report suggested that the lights are just a trick of the light that appear under certain conditions. Others believe this only deepens the conspiracy - they say that the government is just trying to shake people off the trail and not discover the true nature of the Min Min lights.
Source: MostAmazingTop10 Youtube Channel

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Top 10 Scary Pakistani Urban Legends

Alright so, urban legends have been circulating around the world for hundreds of years. These scary stories, rumors and myths have been spread in every country and Pakistan is no exceptions. So grab a friend because we are about to dive into this list of the top 10 scary Pakistani urban legends.

10. The Chadda group
During the 90’s, the Chadda group was known across the country as a scary and sinister group of young men who would break into houses and steal your most valuable possessions. Once they would break into your house, they would steal your valuables, break your possessions and do it all in record time. That’s because they are extremely stealthy, agile and they would lather themselves in oil or grease so that they would be impossible to catch. During these times, people were extremely scared of the Chadda group urban legend and they were always scared that they would be their next victim.

9. Contracting aids injects itself
There is an infamous urban legend in Pakistan that was circulated back in 1998 and it says that random victims who attended a crowded movie in a theatre or nightclub would be injected with Aids. It’s easy to say that this urban legend obviously isn’t real today but back then, people were legitimately scared that this would happen to them or their loved ones. There are so many chain letters that circulated all of the internet and here is an example of one. This creepy letter says, “Please check your chairs when going to the movie theatres! An incident occurred when a friend’s co-worker went to sit in a chair and something was poking her. She then got up and found that it was a needle with a little note at the end. It said, “Welcome to the real world, you’re HIV positive.” Yeah I think I would be totally freaked out too but thankfully we now know that this urban legend is just a myth.

8. The vanishing hitchhiker
Have you heard this one before? This is a common Urban Legend that exists in a bunch of other countries such as the UK, Algeria, Korea and Romania. Well the story goes like this, a young man is driving alone at night when all of a sudden he spots a beautiful woman on the side of the road who asks him for a ride. He picks her up and she tells him that she wants to go straight home. Once they are driving, she falls asleep in the back seat so when they get to her house, the man knocks on the door and tells the mother that he has her daughter in his car who is fast asleep. She tells the man that this can’t be possible because her daughter has been dead for a few years. When the man goes back to his car to check the back seat, all that remains are her clothes. There is no sign of this missing girl anywhere.

7. The haunted Devil’s point in Karachi
According to the local legend, there have been many reports of voodoo, dark magic and ghost sightings at this location. People have also claimed that they have seen a creepy and evil looking man sitting on a chair in the water, chanting something evil. People who have seen this man never went up to him because they were too freaked out to approach him. If I saw a scary old man, floating in the water on a chair, making some creepy chanting noises – I would probably run in the opposite direction and never look back. Actually, I would probably never go to a place that is known as Devil’s point. I think I would much rather spend my time at angels point, or heavenly point.

6. The Hathora group
In the late 1980’s, the city of Karachi had an increase in murders, and they all were done in a similar manner. At first, the police suspected that the killings were done by a sadistic serial killer but then the police theorized that the murders were actually done by a group of people who went out on a killing rampage. This group would supposedly break into your house, steal all of your valuables and then hammer you to death. This stirred up a lot of panic in this city which caused all of its residents to hire guards and beef up their security. The last known case was reported in May 1986 but no arrests were ever made and the mystery of the Hathora group remains unsolved to this day.

5. The Bride of Karsaz
There are a lot of reports of people claiming to have seen a ghost bride wearing a red dress at a very busy intersection in Karsaz. According to the legend, back in the 1970s a young couple was driving home from their wedding night when all of a sudden they got into a terrible accident that killed both of them. So now, people have said that if you are travelling on this road at night time, you will see a beautiful but scary ghost asking you for a ride. If you stop to look at her face, she apparently turns into something evil. Locals from this area have an unwritten rule. They will never travel along this road alone because they are scared that this evil bride will try to pull them over.

4. 40 dead children
The tallest peak in the Chiltan range is said to be haunted by the ghosts of 40 dead children. According to this local urban legend, a couple left 40 babies on top of this peak and left them there to either survive on their own or die. People have claimed that if you go to this peak at night, you can hear children crying out in sadness and begging you to climb up the mountain and rescue them. Well, I think it’s safe to say that I will never visit this peak in my lifetime.

3. Jinn’s breathe
Jinns are supernatural creatures with demonic tendencies and in Pakistan, there are countless urban legends that focus solely on Jinns. It is believed that if you wake up at 3 in the morning, it means that a devil was staring at you. Oh, and if you shower after sunset, you will probably get possessed by a jinn. They also love to attack you when you are sitting under a tree in the evening or night time, so you probably shouldn’t do that either. It is also believed that when you talk about jinns, they will gather around and listen to you. Great…so now my studio is going to be haunted by Jinns.

2. Pichal Peri flies
If you say Pichal Peri out loud she is supposed to make an appearance, so maybe she will appear in this video, hopefully not though. This demonic witch takes on two forms. In most stories, she appears as a beautiful woman who targets vulnerable men. Her entire appearance is disguised except for her feet, which point backwards. When she is in her true form, she looks like a witch with a long face, dirty fingers, a hunchback, messy hair, bloody clothes and large scary eyes. According to the legend, the Pichal Peri will kill any person who she encounters by ingesting their blood or ripping out vital organs from their bodies. Apparently, in many villages in Pakistan, lots of locals and tourists who go into the woods alone and they are never heard from again.

1. The Killer phone number
This urban legend goes by many different names. In Pakistan it is either referred to as the killer phone number, red number or cursed phone number. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you call it, it matters if you answer the phone or not. Legend has it that you should never answer a call from numbers that appeared red on the screen. These are known as cursed phone numbers and if you were dumb enough to answer the call, you would hear a high frequency sound that would case you to have a brain hemorrhage which would kill you instantly. And supposedly, there were dozens of reports of people who had already been killed by answering calls from these sinister numbers.

Source: MostAmazingTop10 Youtube Channel

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10 Hidden Detail You Missed in Famous Paintings

10. “Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci”
Artists, critics and even scientists have studied this portrait’s famous smile for centuries and the more it is studied the more hidden secrets and details are revealed. Painted by Da Vinci in the 16th century even the subject of the painting has been debated. Is it Lisa Gerhardini the wife of an Italian aristocrat? Is it an obscure self-portrait of Da Vinci himself? But some of the biggest mysteries involve what is hidden in the brushstrokes. Recently, Italian scholars announced that the artist and inventor left microscopic inscriptions within the painting. On a bridge behind Mona, there is what the scholars believe is either the letter L followed by the number two or the number seventy-two.

If you zoom in on her left eye you can see what looks like either the letter B or the letters C and E. In the right eye, even more distinguishable are the letters L and V. The most confounding writing lies behind the painting where the numbers 149 followed by a smudge where a fourth letter may have been placed. The scholars reason that this most likely was the year Da Vinci painted the piece but that could place it as being created almost a decade before most art historians currently believe--somewhere between 1503 and 1517. What do these numbers and letters mean? Are they a secret code? Was Da Vinci using some sort of paint-by-numbers kit? Or are they just scribbles and initials?

9. “El Autobus by Frida Kahlo”
Mexico’s most renowned matron of masterpieces, Frida Kahlo, was known for her surreal and self-deprecating style of art but no piece has a more striking hidden meaning than that of her 1929 piece, known in English as The Bus. On first viewing it appears as a picture of an ordinary bus-stop, seated are representations of each class of Mexican society: a housewife, a man of the working class, a Native-Mexican and children, a white-collar businessman and a beautiful young woman clad in pink. But when considering Kahlo’s backstory the painting becomes a much darker affair.

Four years before she painted this piece, at the age of 18, Kahlo was involved in a life-altering traffic accident when the bus she was riding on crashed into a trolley. She would survive but was permanently damaged from a handrail that penetrated her pelvic bone leaving her unable to bear children and cause her to live in pain the rest of her life. Traumatized by the event, it would become the basis for a bulk of her work and El Autobus is no different. It depicts the scene just before Kahlo, the lady in pink, gets on the bus headed towards fate.

8. “La Primavera by Botticelli”
Painting in the early Italian Renaissance, Sandro Boticelli was known as sort of a renegade. He brought a slightly less-realistic approach to his painting then other contemporaries of his time, often painting scenes out of mythology and dismissing anatomical precision for a more dream-like style. His most mysterious work is that of La Primavera, with an unknown origin and debatable subject matter (most say it has something to do with the Roman goddess Venus welcoming Spring), it’s what’s in the details that is so astonishing. Around the goddess and women in the painting, Botticelli painted an extremely ornate garden full of over two-hundred plant and flower species and around five-hundred individual plants making them up. Historians aren’t sure whether the plants are products of Botticelli’s imagination or actual plants that grew around his home of Florence but the accuracy in minutia is staggering. Some scholars say that the true subject of the painting is not the alleged goddess but the plants themselves.

7. “The Madonna with Saint Giovannino by Demonico Ghirlandaio”
If you are familiar with the theories of Ancient Alien theorists and UFOlogists then you might recognize this one. Ghirlandaio was one the many great artists hailing from Florence during the Italian Renaissance and like his contemporaries some of his best works were those depicting scenes from the Bible. The Madonna with Saint Giovannino depicts an infant Jesus being embraced by John the Baptist while The Virgin Mary looks over them in prayer. So what could be controversial about that? Well, besides the fact that there is still dispute over who truly painted the piece, there is a small detail in the artwork that has puzzled those who look upon it and sparked conspiracy.

If you look up and to the right over Mary’s shoulder you can see an object that may be from out of this world and definitely shouldn’t have existed at the time of Christ’s birth. What looks like a glowing grey or metallic object hovering innocently over the horizon has many convinced that Ghirlandaio painted a flying saucer into his nativity scene. Why he would do such a thing? Maybe he had to get an ancient secret off his chest or maybe it’s just a meteor. But why paint a meteor? We’ll leave it for you to decide.

6. “Cafe Terrace at Night by Vincent Van Gogh”
The Dutch impressionist master of the late 1800s, you might best know Van Gogh for his work Starry Night or his depression induced self-amputation of his ear, but Van Gogh painted hundred of amazing works in his short life and one of his most revered is Cafe Terrace at Night. It seems to portray and ordinary French bistro on cobbled streets at night. But as recent theories suggest that may not be the half of it--It may depict a modern interpretation of The Last Supper.

If one squints and peers into the cafe you can see that there are twelve people eating closely together around the tables. In the middle of them you can see a man in a white robe standing with the full attention of the twelve patrons. Not only that, there are several crosses Van Gogh seemed to have painted as Easter Eggs leading to the painting’s true meaning. Apparently, Van Gogh was a zealous Christian when growing up and though not as spiritual in his adult life, he may have clung to the foundations of his Christian upbringing and expressed it through his work.

5. “The Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo”
As far as mysterious messages in his work the Italian Renaissance artist extraordinaire Michelangelo is rivaled only by that of Da Vinci. So it’s not a surprise that his most elaborate piece, the ceiling of Vatican’s Sistine Chapel, is full of metaphor and Michelangelo’s personal expression. One of the main details that many art historians focus on when  studying the ceiling are his insanely accurate depictions of human anatomy. Michelangelo, beyond being an artistic Jack-of-all-trades was also an avid anatomist. At the time of the painting, the Catholic Church was not yet hip to the importance of science in everyday-life, still participating in the hassling of those who practiced it.

It is thought that Michelangelo likely to it to heart and in order to subtly subvert the Church peppered his art with symbolism in the name of science. Though the Sistine Chapel has several of these references the most astounding is that of the section called The Creation of Adam in which god is carried by angels to touch the finger of his newly created man. But the secret lies in the cloth that encompasses God and the angels--It is shaped like half of the human brain! In fact, scientists and artists have taken the painting and completed the brain and found that Michelangelo’s was anatomically accurate, right down to the vertebral artery, which is signified by a piece of green cloth that weaves through the angels.

4. “Bacchus by Caravaggio”
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio was one of the godfathers of Baroque painting, he worked with an exceptional understanding of lighting and an astounding precision when it came to presenting the physical world. His work Bacchus which depicts the fun-loving Roman god of wine and the harvest. However, that’s not all that Caravaggio painted in the piece--In 1922, when it came time for the canvas to be cleaned, the restorer found that after wiping off hundreds of year of gunk and dust that Caravaggio had hidden a tiny self-portrait of himself inside the god’s bottle of wine. Though the restoration inevitably resulted in the slow fading and eventual complete disappearance of the image, the miniature scene of Carvaggio working at his easel can still be viewed using computer imaging. The remaining question is: what is he painting inside the wine bottle? Is it Bacchus? Or maybe another self-portrait?

3. “Man Writing a Letter & Woman Reading a Letter by Gabriel Metsu”
One of many great painters of the Dutch Golden Age--Gabriel Metsu, was a master of many techniques and like many of his Dutch contemporaries had an affinity for painting scenes that contained subtle messages or hints towards context. One of the practices that are commonly seen is that of a painting inside the painting. Man Writing a Letter and Woman Reading a Letter are companion pieces--In Man Writing a Letter Metsu portrays a young man seated at a table quill in hand writing a letter. In Woman Reading a Letter a woman, you guessed it, is reading a letter. They seem like generally normal events--But! Each of these paintings show another painting in the background and that’s where the real story lies. In Man, the painting on the wall is that of a blustery autumn day and in Woman, another maiden is lifting a curtain to reveal the ominous image of a ship during a storm. Critics debate on the story but a common theory is that the two are in a long-distance relationship and that the inner paintings represent their worries or the hardships to come.

2. “The Tempest”
Giorgione, Italian painter of the High Renaissance was known for his dramatic and thought provoking works which usually portrayed events in Roman mythology or Christianity. But in one of his most critically acclaimed and thought-provoking pieces entitled The Tempest the subject matter is unclear. It has been debated that it portrays everything from Jesus, Mary and Joseph; Adam, Eve and Cain; to varying stories of Greek or Roman legend. It is also considered one of the first landscape paintings ever made in the Western hemisphere. In this piece, it is not just one detail that is hidden from view, but more the great complexity that Giorgione put into it without being too specific as to clue us in on the true meaning. The painting has such perplexed and provoked those who view it that some say the soul of Giorgione, who passed away in his thirties, dwells within it.

1. “The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci”
We end and begin our countdown with the enigmatic genius: Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci’s iconic painting The Last Supper has inspired conspiracy after conspiracy, enough to warrant several books both fiction and non. There has been debate over the symbolic nature of the food to theories that it holds the secret to a cover-up by the Catholic Church of Jesus’ true identity, but probably the most fascinating hidden message was found in 2007 by Giovanni Mara Pala, an italian musician. He contends that Da Vinci had hidden a song within the painting!

In 2003, Mara Pala began investigating a myth he heard from researchers that Da Vinci had incorporated a series of musical notes into his portrayal of Jesus’ last meal. He discovered that by charting out the lines of the musical staff and reading from right to left (which was the way Da Vinci had) that the hands of Jesus and his Apostles, as well as the the bread placed along the table, reveal a short requiem-like hymn. His theory has since been backed up by several Da Vinci experts. They reason that Da Vinci as well as being an incredible inventor and visual artist was an adept musician and composer, so it’s very possible that the song is not just a coincidence.

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8 Habits of Wealthy and Successful People

1) Wake Up Early
The Rock is famous for waking up around 5 am to get two workout before 8 am and then go on with the rest of his day, but CEOs and successful entrepreneurs do this too, take a look at Richard Branson...!

2) Read More
Successful entrepreneurs need to know about a lot of topics they probably didn't learn at school, but regardless of your profession or what exactly you're trying to accomplish books are a great way to learn about topics you don't know about.

3) Invest in Yourself
Successful entrepreneurs spend all their day working on their business but most them also spend a lot of time working of themselves be it reading, taking classes, seeking mentors, meditating or anything that can help them achieve their goals.

4) Meditate
Meditation has become really popular among CEOs and Managers. This is no surprise for anyone who has followed a consistent meditation practice, after all, you can start seeing benefits like reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep among many others with only 10 minutes of meditation per day.

5) Start Investing
According to The Millionaire Next Door the average millionaire in the United States directs 20% of his income towards investments, you don't need to invest 20% of your salary but the sooner you starts the more money you'll have in a couple of years.

6) Workout
ilf you want to have mental clarity and energy throughout the day you need to be exercising, you don't need to go overboard with it, just jog 30 minutes a day or jump some rope or basically any activity that elevates your heart rate will get the job done.

7) Start Keeping Track
Peter Drucker, author of The Effective Executive that says "what gets measured gets managed" and what he means by this, is that if you're not tracking your progress you're not going improve.

8) Engage in Deep Work
In modern times we have a lot of progress on technology, business medicine and everywhere else but we have lost a very valuable skill that our ancestors did have. And that is the ability to concentrate for long periods of time.

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