, pub-6663105814926378, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 15 SIGNS THAT YOU MIGHT BE AN ALCOHOLIC 4289


1. You have problems at school or work because of your drinking. You are often late, act in a belligerent manner, don't go at all, disrespect others, or lash out.

2. You drink in risky situations. Despite warnings to the contrary, you drink before performing tasks that might end up harming you. Tasks like driving, skiing, sports, boat racing, and others are often preceded by drinking.

3. You experience blackouts (you can't remember what happened while you were drinking).

4. You have legal problems because of your drinking.

5. You get hurt or hurt someone else while intoxicated.

6. You continue drinking despite the fact that you've been diagnosed with alcohol related health issues.

7. Your friends or family members are constantly worried about your alcohol abuse.

8. You cannot control the amount of alcohol you drink.

9. You need to drink more to obtain the same effect as before, This means your body, dependant on alcohol, has become accustomed to its effects. You've developed a tolerance to alcohol and need greater doses just to get buzzed.

10. You feel guilty or ashamed because of your drinking.

11. You suffer from withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking.

12. You have given up other activities so you can drink.

13. You are often drunk for long periods of time.

14. You drink at odd hours, such as in the morning after you wake up.

15. You show physical signs of alcohol dependence (weight loss, sores, upset stomach, redness in nose and cheeks).


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