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8 Habits of Wealthy and Successful People

1) Wake Up Early
The Rock is famous for waking up around 5 am to get two workout before 8 am and then go on with the rest of his day, but CEOs and successful entrepreneurs do this too, take a look at Richard Branson...!

2) Read More
Successful entrepreneurs need to know about a lot of topics they probably didn't learn at school, but regardless of your profession or what exactly you're trying to accomplish books are a great way to learn about topics you don't know about.

3) Invest in Yourself
Successful entrepreneurs spend all their day working on their business but most them also spend a lot of time working of themselves be it reading, taking classes, seeking mentors, meditating or anything that can help them achieve their goals.

4) Meditate
Meditation has become really popular among CEOs and Managers. This is no surprise for anyone who has followed a consistent meditation practice, after all, you can start seeing benefits like reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep among many others with only 10 minutes of meditation per day.

5) Start Investing
According to The Millionaire Next Door the average millionaire in the United States directs 20% of his income towards investments, you don't need to invest 20% of your salary but the sooner you starts the more money you'll have in a couple of years.

6) Workout
ilf you want to have mental clarity and energy throughout the day you need to be exercising, you don't need to go overboard with it, just jog 30 minutes a day or jump some rope or basically any activity that elevates your heart rate will get the job done.

7) Start Keeping Track
Peter Drucker, author of The Effective Executive that says "what gets measured gets managed" and what he means by this, is that if you're not tracking your progress you're not going improve.

8) Engage in Deep Work
In modern times we have a lot of progress on technology, business medicine and everywhere else but we have lost a very valuable skill that our ancestors did have. And that is the ability to concentrate for long periods of time.

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