Top 10 Scary American Urban Legends Part 2

Top 10 Scary American Urban Legends Part 2

Today we return to the US where many of our viewers are from to take a look at more scary legends that have developed in the old U S of A over the years. We all knew that one video wasnt going to be enough - we all knew there were a lot of other scary stories out there - and thats what Ive come to deliver to you today - my name is Danny Burke, this is the Top 10 Scary American Urban Legends - Part 2.

10. The Murphysboro Mud Monster
In 1973, a young couple went for a romantic drive near the town of Murphysboro Illinois. They parked up by the river. Later on, they heard a piercing roar which they later described as sounding like an eagle shrieking into a microphone. They quickly turned off the radio and scanned the area. Another horrific shriek came and the bush infront of them shook. They turned on the car lights to see a creature that would be burned into their memories forever. It was massive, wet, hairy and covered in mud. Its skin was almost translucent, as if it was an albino. For the next 2 weeks, it terrorized people in the town - reports of the 7ft tall swamp monster kept increasing until one day, it disappeared. After that, there have been only a few more reports of the Murphysoboro Mud Monster since. At the time, the local Police Chief said -A lot of things in life are unexplained, and this is another one. We don't know what the creature is, but we do believe what these people saw was real

9. The Little Peoples Village
In the woods of connecticut, near the town of Middlebury, you can find the Little Peoples Village = crumbling remains of tiny houses and structures that locals say were built for fairies. The story goes that many years ago, a man and his wife were living peacefully in Middlebury when she started seeing small fairy folk in the woods around their home. She demanded that her husband build them a tiny village and so, thats what he did. Using real concrete and mortar, he built the fairies these tiny houses complete with walkways and streets.

As the village grew though, he suffered a price. People say he began to hear the fairies voices in his head which eventually drove him to madness and suicide. Now, they say the crumbling ruins of the little peoples village is haunted by the spirits of them - or even the ghosts of the people they drove insane. You can still visit the ruins today and even sit in the throne that was carved at the request of the king of the little people - however, legend says the seat is now cursed and that if you sit in the seat you will be dead within 7 years. Locals will show you how to get to the village of the little people but may also warn you that if you linger too long, you will also hear the voices of the little people and you too will be plunged into insanity.

8. The Kushtaka
These are mythical shape shifting creatures found in the stories of Native Americans in Southeastern Alaska. The name roughly translates to -land otter man- … the stories says that these creatures will shift between the human and otter at will. They are cruel creatures who take pleasure in tricking sailors to their deaths. If theyre not at sea, they live in rivers and deploy a creepy tactic to attract their prey. The Kushtaka are said to imitate the cries of a baby or the screams of a woman in order to lure their victims to the river. Once there, the Kushtaka either kills the person by tearing them to shreds or turns them into a Kushtaka themself. Legend says that the Kushtaka can be warded off by using copper, urine, dogs or fire. Some stories do tell of benevolent Kushtaka who will help people, but many feel its simply not worst the risk to approach them if they ever do hear its cries in the Alaskan forest.

7. The Specter Moose
In Maine, people have been spotting a particular moose for over 100 years. This one stands out though as they say its spectral - a ghose moose if you will. Its also huge, standing some 10 to 15ft high. It was first seen in the 1900s when locals described it was huge with a ghostly, dirty white colour and an enormous set of antlers. The coat of the animal is sometimes described as glowing faintly. The Specter Moose was said to have an extremely acute sense of smell and hearing, as well as the ability to appear or disappear at will and to phase through solid objects. Hunters who came across it say they could never line up properly for a shot as the Moose would blink in and out of existence before their very eyes. In 1938, a hunter said he saw it standing among a heard of other moose. It was stood with two other large males but it made them look like dwarves - he would have thought it was just a humongous moose, if it wasnt for the strange white glow around its body.

6. Bete Grise
In Michigan, on the beaches of Lake Superior, is a place where the sand is said to sing. Logal legend says that a musical voice emanates from the sand - the voice of a Native American maid who lost her love to the great lakes and still calls to him from the shore when visitors -play- the sand. How do you play it? Well, they say the sand can be made to sing by pressing down on it with the palm of a hand or a piece of bark. It loses its musical properties when removed from the beach. I wasnt too sure what to make of this one at first but Ive seen a few videos on YouTube now and it definitely makes a very strange noise. Perhaps you guys can check it out and see what you make of it.

5. The Hauntings At The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
This historic hotel is over 90 years old and has hosted some of the biggest stars in Hollywood over the years. The 12 story high building has 300 guest rooms and 63 - some of which are said to be haunted - two of the ghosts are actually famous ghosts. Montgomery Clift is said to haunt room 928, the room he stayed in while filming From Here to Eternity. People say hemoves around the occupants luggage while others have said theyve seen him in the hallways rehearsing lines for his movie or playing the trumpted. The other celebrity haunting is someone a lot more famous - Marilyn Monroe. She is is said to haunt the full length mirror that was once in her suite. Since she stayed at the hotel, the mirror has been relocated from her room but the hauntings still follow it. People report seeing the ghostly apparition of Marilyn standing over their shoulder. Some might like that, but not me!

4. The Bus to Nowhere
This one comes from Pennsylvania. Some people say the state is home to a bus that goes nowhere, it picks up hopeless people and keep them on it forever, unless they are able to shake out of its rance. The bus is said to have no displays, no route number and no destination. It only stops for people who want to leave where they are but have no destination in mind. Philadelphians often say theyve seen it winding through city streets. Some also call it the Wandering Bus or simply - Zero. People say that once youre on the bus, you sit like everyone else - staring out of the window - wrapped in your thoughts, desperate to get away from whatever pain and despair is in your life. Pull the cord when youre ready to disembark but be warned, legend says that time does not move the same on the The Bus To Nowhere - youre trip could have lasted minutes, days, months or in some cases - years. The only silver lining is that when the passengers finally do disembark, they find themselves exactly where theyre supposed to be.

3. The Snallygaster
This is a mythical dragon like beast said to inhabit Central Maryland. It was first described by German immigrants who called it the Schneller Geist which translates to Quick Ghost. Its been described as being half bird, half reptile and with a strange metallic beak lined with razor sharp teeth. Some even say it has octopus like tentacles. It swoops down silently from the sky and carries the victims to its den where it then sucks them dry of blood.

Newspaper reports from February and March 1909 describe encounters between local residents and a beast with enormous wings, a long pointed bill, claws like steel hooks and an eye in the center of its forehead. They said its screech sounded like a locomotive whistle. Other than the humans it hunts, The Snallygaster is said to have one mortal enemy - the Dewayo. The Dewayo is reported to be a mammalian biped that looks like a wolf but stands like a human. Its been reported all of Maryland and locals have said theyve seen vicious battles between the two creatures.

2. Huggin Molly
You might think her name sounds nice - everyone needs a hug from time to time - not from this Molly. Generations of people from Alabama have grown up with this creepy legend. They say she is a giant ghost - at least 7ft tall - who wanders the streets of Abbeville Alabama. Late at night, she can be seen dragging her long black skirt as she goes. If you see her - run - because if she sees you - she will chase you - and she will get you. Once she does, she picks you up and with her huge arms, she gives you the tightest hug of your life while screaming in your ear. They say the horrible sound never leaves you. There have been no reports of Huggin Molly ever killing someone - but her attacks are enough to strike fear into the hearts of everyone around.

1. The Carter Brothers
In the New Orelans in the 1930s, a young girl ran into a police station begging for help. She said that two local businessmen, John and Wayne Carter, had been keeping her hostage and feeding off her blood. She showed them the cuts on her wrist - not enough to kill her, but just enough to extract blood from. The police rushed to the apartment to find four other women tied to chairs with their wrists slit in a similar fashion. In another room, they also found 12 bodies that had been drained of their blood. The police staked the place out and waited for them to return.

When they did, it took 8 police officers to hold them down - theyre strength seemed superhuman. The pair were executed for their crimes and buried in a sealed tomb. Years later, another member of the Carter family died. They opened up the tomb to lay them to rest and found that the bodies of John and Wayne Carter were gone! - no remains, no clothes, no trace that they had ever been there at all. New Orleans became gripped with the legend of these Vampire brothers who could escape death itself. To this day, many sightings of the brothers have been reported - especially around the apartment building they once called home - or perhaps they still do - theyve just learnt their lesson to keep things more hidden.

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