Top 10 Scary Australian Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary Australian Urban Legends

Australia is unique in many ways, from its landscape to its wildlife - but some things never change no matter where you are in the world. Things that go bump in the night, scary spirits and the supernatural, these are stories which follow you to the ends of the Earth - my name is Danny Burke and this is the top 10 scary Australian Urban Legends.

10. The Black Ghost of The Blue Mountains
If you ever head through Victoria pass on Australia's Great Western Highway, keep an eye out at night. For more than a century, truckers have reported seeing the ghost of a child bride called Caroline Collett. She was beaten to death by her ex boyfriend John Walsh in 1842 out in the pass. Now, they say her tortured soul haunts those who pass by on a dark cold night. Its claimed that the colder the night, the better. When black ice covers the road, threatening to spin vehicles to their doom, everyone is forced to slow down. Once everyone is slow, Caroline is said to approach, ready to seek vengeance for her gruesome death.

9. The Burning Airman
During WW2, an Australian bomber plane crashed on the outskirts of Canberra, killing all 4 on board. It would become known as the Canberra Air Disaster. Years later, people in the area started reporting strange encounters in the woods. They said unearthly lights could be seen near the old crash site. Others heard the droning noise of a plane followed by a loud bang. Then things got weirder. A teenage girl ran screaming from the forest, saying she was being followed by a long dead airman. She said he was covered in fire and followed her to the edge of the forest. More people began to report the same thing - horrific encounters that left people traumatised. The stories have been enough to turn some people away from the forever for fear of seeing the burning airman stalking them through the trees.

8. Kelly
This is very creepy one that was shared on Reddit. User Puppy2010 said they have relatives in the Northern Beaches of Australia, on the country's east coast. There, locals tell tales of a girl called Kelly who would appear in people's cars near Oxford Falls if they were travelling alone past midnight. She is said to be the spirit of a girl who died in a car crash there in the 1970s and has haunted the road ever since. For me, the scariest part of the story is that if you don't tell Kelly to get out - she will take control of the car. For those believe in the tale of Kelly, they worry for the travellers who have never heard the story, and don't know to tell her to get out of the car.

7. The Orchard Hills Mafia House
This is a huge white mansion found out in greater Sydney. You might say it was beautiful if not for the scary stories attached to it. For some ghost hunters, no place in Sydney has more spirits that The Orchard Hills Mafia House. Lights are said to flash off and on even when the building is empty. From the outside, people have seen creepy shadows flicker behind the curtains. Some people even claim that these shadows come outside and approach visitors, chasing them down the drive with demonic grins on their faces. Why are so many spirits said to live there? Well that goes back to the buildings name. It's called the Mafia house because it was said to be owned by members of a local mafia group. They were rumoured to routinely execute informants and snitches in one of the upstairs rooms. Between the murderous gangs and the spirits of their victims, many people choose to stay well clear of the big white mansion.

6. The Hawkesbury River Monster
In a lot of these urban legends videos, we've discussed creatures that bare a strange resemblance to the loch ness monster - well, perhaps this is Australia's version. The Hawkesbury river monster is said to be a snake large snake like creature with a long leck, a large body and two sets of flippers with an eel like tail. Locals tells fearsome tales of the beast and claim they have the proof to back it. People point to the huge slide marks on the riverbanks pr the crushed and abandoned boats with no owners. Some say this is not a modern phenomena and that the monster is depicted in the ancient aboriginal art of the area.

5. The Hands of Goodna Cemetery
Located on the outskirts of Brisbane, Goodna Cemetery doesn't look to be out of the ordinary at first. Those who visit it though do so because they have heard the stories of what goes on there after dark. According to legend, there is some sort of -force- in the cemetery. People describe it differently but one thing they all agree on is that this force does not like visitors. At night, people feel invisible hands punching and scratching them. Its not just a light tap either, people say you'd know if the hands touched you … one particularly scary story involves a local man who once tried to flee the cemetery in his car - but the car wouldn't start. He spent the night huddled in his car, trying to ignore the strange noises outside. The next morning, he stepped out and found long scratch marks all the way down the side of his car. Something had been trying to get in, and get him.

4. Schneiders Alley
In the early 20th century, Doctor Schneider life in Clifton Manor with his wife and child. Their lives were uneventful until one day when tragedy struck. Both the Doctors wife and child died in an accident. The Doctor spiralled into madness. At first it was just his personal life that was affected but then it began to bleed into his work. He would take his patients to a little log cabin near his house, where he performed surgical experiments on them without anaesthetic. The house saw him mutilate countless people. The locals say that in the years since, theyve seen his disfigured patients wandering the hills around the house and lurking in the alleys. At night, distant screams can be heard from those still reliving their operations. Some brave souls visit the house to try and catch

3. The Satanist
The Kings Park in Perth draws in many visitors during the day but at night it plays host to all kinds of spooky legends. One of these is this Satanist. Its said that on certain nights, a secret group of Devil worshippers descend upon the park where they perform strange rites. Occult symbols are drawn, effigies are burns and all kinds of demonic behaviour takes place upon the grass slopes. Some even say that human sacrifices take place there. This legend has only been fueled by the reports of local homeless men going missing. People believe that sleeping in the park after dark is inviting yourself to be killed in the name of the demons that the cult worships.

2. The Macquarie Fields Station
In the south west suburbs of Sydney lies a train station with a grizzly secret. When the last train leaves Macquarie Fields station and the platform is empty, a fain cry can be heard in the breeze. Believers say the station is haunted. For those that find the crying scary to hear - things only get worse. Some say the crying eventually stops and then, after a short pause, it turns to blood curdling screams of anguish. On some occasions, people even see the ghost - a teenage girl roaming the platform with dark blood covering her face. She cries and cries then screams and screams. For me though, the creepiest part is that sometimes, she stares right at you.

1. The Min Min Lights
Those who have ventured to Eastern Australia's outback will often return with tales of the Min Min lights. On some nights, burning lights are said to appear in the distance but never getting closer. They keep pace alongside the car but never get any nearer, almost as if they watching. Some people believe that if you leave your car, they will stalk you through the Australian outback. But hey, don't take my word for it, unlike many of the other legends on our list, there have been documented cases of the Min Min lights. You can find footage on YouTube filmed by locals. In 2003, a report suggested that the lights are just a trick of the light that appear under certain conditions. Others believe this only deepens the conspiracy - they say that the government is just trying to shake people off the trail and not discover the true nature of the Min Min lights.
Source: MostAmazingTop10 Youtube Channel

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