Top 10 Scary Cemetery Urban Legends

Top 10 Scary Cemetery Urban Legends

10. Alabama’s Dead Children’s Playground
In Alabama there is a playground across the road from Maple Hill Cemetery in Huntsville. Apparently Maple Hill is the oldest cemetery in the area and is home to a lot of bodies. A playground across from a cemetery seems kind of morbid, but it seems that it was probably built as a distraction for kids whos parents wanted to visit the graveyard to pay respects to their loved ones. That may have been what the playground was intended for, but that is not how residents use it. I say residents, by that I mean the residents of the Maple Hill Cemetery. It seems that local legend has it that children buried in the graveyard come out at bight and use the play equipment. The living have reported hearing children’s laughter, swings and roundabouts moving on their own and orbs of light travelling down the slide. While the graveyard has been there since 1822, so there are some very old dead child spirts, apparently the area is also close by to the places a number of murdered children were found in the 60s. The ground was going to be torn down in 2007 to make way for more graves, but public outcry led to the playground being updated….new swings and slides for the ghosts!

9. The Cursed Grave of Carl Pruitt
Charles Pruitt strangled his adulterous wife and then killed himself in 1938. Legend has it that following that, his grave in Pulaski County, Kentucky, became cursed. His tombstone was oddly discoloured, attracting attention from local kids who rode their bike near the cemetery. One of the kids threw a rock at the grave as a laugh, and later he died falling off his bike when his bike chain strangled him. The boys mother, hearing about the rocks on the grave and Pruitt’s past, went a bit mad and hit his grave with an axe. The grave stone was unscathed, but she was strangled to death some days later when she mysteriously got herself wrapped up in her clothes line. A famer and a policeman also died when they accidentally disturbed the grave. In 1940, a local vigilante decided to smash up the grave in a bid to exhume Puritt’s body and end the curse. He died in a freak accident when he was strangled by a chain lock.

8. The Toowang Cemetery
The Toowang Cemetery is home to a whole bunch of urban legends! What is it about this Brisbane cemetery that has generated so many weird goings on? While there are a whole bunch to pick from, let’s talk about avenue 12 in the cemetery. Firstly, avenue 12 seems to be the home of a ghost vampire called Lily. She is supposed to wander around at night – a beautiful woman with dark hair and 19th century clothing. She appeared after a grave was reportedly exhumed – showing a weirdly preserved body with long fangs. Also causing chaos on avenue 12 are a pair of sisters who died in a car accident on a hill near the cemetery. The pair were said to have lost control of their car on that hill. These days if a car is parked at the bottom of the hill, it is said that the dead sisters of the cemetery will drag It back up the hill.

7. Someone Walked on my Gravestone
Have you ever been just going about your life, then you unexpectedly have a little shiver and someone says to you…ooh…someone walked over your grave. This urban legend suggests that, somewhere, in a far off distant future, you are long buried in the ground, but somehow your senses as you lay there, worm food, are still connected to your daily life. This folk legend stems back to 18th Century England, when people believed more heavily in superstitions and the afterlife. People genuinely believed that when they shuddered, that the area they would be laid to rest was predetermined and that someone had genuinely walked over that area. Obviously if that was true, we would all be shuddering all day long! People still believe an unexpected shiver is related to their grave today, this is perhaps why the superstitious don’t step on other peoples graves.

6. Devils Chair
The Devils Chair in Urban Legend says that seats in graveyards are reserved for or occupied by spirits. They are much less common now, but old ornate stone looking chairs in graveyards used to be a popular thing. They were often called mourning chairs on monubenches for the purpose of letting mourners take a seat. Some gravestones, however, were incorporated into part of the head stone design. Either way, I have to agree that these are old and creepy. Legend has it that at night, ghosts will sit in these chairs, or, even the devil! Either way, people tend to agree the chair is haunted. A number of these chairs have legends of their own.

5. Victim of the Beast
The beast seems to have been rife in Utah! If you visit the Salt Lake City Cemetery you might not want to leave any flowers on Lilly E Gray’s grave…. Or, I don’t know, maybe it would appease the beast! Why…..well let’s have a look at her gravestone, shall we? It seems Lilly, who died in November 1958 aged 77, was a victim of the beast….or so her gravestone says! They even add a 666 at the end of the sentence just to make it clear which beast she fell foul of. Weirdly, her husband is also buried in the same cemetery, but far away from his wife’s corpse. The urban legend varies on this one, but some people say she was a Satanist and others say that she died as a sacrifice to Satan. Remember earlier when we talked about stepping on gravestones and how you should never do it? Well… you should especially never step on this grave! Local legend has it that not only was Lilly a victim of the beast, her tomb stone is haunted and stepping on it will bring a person bad luck. The website Weird claims a woman who walked on the grave later  had an accident in her car. If you ask around the area, locals will delight in telling you all about the misfortune that befalls people who mistreat the grave.

4. The Grave Robber
Utah Legend has the great Salt Lake is haunted by a famous body snatcher. In the 1800s, Jean Baptiste was illicitly employed as a grave dinner in Salt lake city. You would imagine it would be hard to screw up an illegal job, but he managed to! Not only was he on the wrong side of the law, he was doing his illegal job badly – he would dump corpses and steal their clothes. When the local graveyard found their graves had been ransacked, they set up surveillance and loh and behold, Jean Baptiste had been stealing corpses in wheelbarrows, taking their possessions and dumping them then selling on their jewellery. In his home, he made drapes and furniture covers out of their clothing. Creepy, right. When authorities caught him, he was banished to live on an Island on Salt Lake. Apparently the Grave robber can still see him there, clutching a bundle of soggy, rotten clothing!

3. The Stain of Colonel Jonathan Buck’s Tomb
Jonathan Buck gave his name to the town of Bucksport in Maine after being one of the first settlers there. His job was that he was a Justice of the Peace and he had to sentence some people to death. Buck’s tomb stone is still maintained at the Bucksport Cemetery, where visitors to his grave will spot a weird leg shaped stain. Local legend has it that the stain is a mark of the leg and foot of a witch that Buck sentenced to death in the 1700s. Apparently as the woman was being burned alive, one of her legs rolled off from out of the fire. The witch is said to have cursed Buck’s tomb with a leg shaped stain for the injustice served to her. Legend has it that the stain has been removed on several occasions, but keeps on coming back.

2. The Dancing Blue Lights of Silver Cliff Cemetery
Silver Cliff is an old silver mining town in Colorado. The mine is now closed and much of the old town has been relocated to a slightly different spot, but the Silver Cliff Cemetery remains where it always ways and contains the graves of people going back to the 1870s. Something weird happens in the cemetery at night and it has been the topic of conversation and debate for decades. It seems many people have reported seeing dancing blue lights at night, and sometimes white orbs floating through the cemetery and bouncing off the headstones. The lights caused such a stir that they were even featured in a 1969 publication of National Geographic. The lights were first seen by miners and have been a matter of local and international legend ever since, with many now flocking to the cemetery to try and catch a glimpse of the phenomenon.

1. 100 Steps Cemetery
The 100 Steps Cemetery is located in the Indiana town of Brazil. Yes, Brazil Indiana. The cemetery dates back to the 1860s and contains a creepy set of stairs that have all but been swallowed by the grass. It is said that there are 100 steps to the top of the cemetery and if you climb them and count them as you go, when you get to the top, you’ll be visited by the ghost of an undertaker. This ghost will show the visitor a vision of their death – so basically, they will see how they are set to die. The person is then supposed to walk back down the steps, and if they count the same number as they did on the way up, the vision was false, but if they count the wrong number of steps….uh oh… that is how they will die. The plot thickens, if a visitor to the graveyard decides not to climb the 100 steps and walk up the other side of the hill instead, it has been reported that people are knocked down by an unseen ghostly force. This ghostly force is said to leave a large red handprint on the persons back.

Source: MostAmazingTop10 Youtube Channel

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