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Top 10 Scary Chinese Urban Legends Part 2

China is one of the world’s oldest civilizations and their history is full of scary urban legends and creepy folklore. A lot of their stories focus on a variety of different ghosts and demons that will send chills up your spine. So, prepare to be frightened as we give you the top 10 scary Chinese urban legends.

10. Bus 375
This is a scary Chinese urban legend about a bus in Beijing that disappeared during a cold November night. According to the legend, there was a driver, conductor and four passengers riding on bus 375 at midnight. During the ride, the bus picked up two strange men who were holding a third man by his shoulders. They went to the back of the bus and sat there in silence. One of the passengers was an elderly woman and she was highly disturbed by the three men. She felt as if something bad was going to happen.

So, after a few stops, two of the passengers got off of the bus and then the elderly woman decided to cause a scene in order to get herself and the other passenger off of the bus. Once they were off of the bus the old woman apologized to the other passenger and said that she was positive that those three men on the bus where ghosts and that something horrible would happen to the bus. Sure enough, the next morning the bus was found submerged in water and the bodies of the driver, the conductor and the unidentified man were found.

9. The Banana Tree ghost lurks
Legend has it that if you go into a forest at night, you might hear loud crying from the spirit of a haunted ghost. If you follow the sound, you will come across a woman who sometimes is holding a baby. According to the legend, these banana tree ghosts will give you the winning lottery numbers in exchange for their freedom. In order to get the winning lottery numbers, you are supposed to tie a red string around the banana tree trunk, stab sharp nails to the string and then tie the other end of the rope to your bed. Well there have been some greedy people who have done this, but they did not fulfill their promise to free the ghost. So in return, once they win the lottery, they will suffer from a slow, agonizing and painful death.

8. Single Braid
There is a road called Single Braid road that runs along the campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. It is called single braid road after an Urban Legend that involves a girl ghost with long braided hair, walking alone at night. According to the legend, during one cold night, a girl with long braided hair snuck onto a train that was travelling from Hong Kong to the mainland. She was an illegal immigrant and she saw that police officers were asking people for their tickets and identification.

So instead of getting caught and possibly arrested, she jumped off of the moving train but her braid got caught so her hair, scalp and skin was ripped off of her face. Her boyfriend saw what happened and he didn’t report it to the police and he never looked for her. So now, on this road at night, male students have claimed that they will see a woman who has no face lurking around the campus looking for her boyfriend to get her revenge.

7. The Mongolian death worm wriggles
This terrifying creature is believed to exist in the most desolate parts of the Gobi desert. The Mongolian death worm is red in colour, between two and five feet long and they have a very thick body. According to the urban legend, this nightmarish creature travels underground and they create waves of sand on the surface. These creatures hunt livestock and humans and they can kill at very large distances. They are highly venomous and they are able to spray their venom at their prey or electrocute them. The Mongolians believe that if you touch any part of the worm, you will die from a very painful and fast death.

6. Fox Demons
These demons appear to look like beautiful and seductive women who will try to seduce men. If these unsuspecting men fall victim to the fox demon, then they will find themselves at the mercy of the demon because in order to maintain their beautiful appearances, they have to consume human hearts or livers. The urban legend states that if you see villager corpses lying around with their hearts or livers dug out, there’s a high probability that a fox demon is lurking around and you need to be on the look out, or you could find yourself becoming the next victim.

5. The lotus pond
This urban legend is centered around a young couple who were so in love that they were planning on running away together to elope and get married. They made plans to meet at the lotus pond around midnight. However, when the girl showed up, she was waiting at the lotus pond for a very long time. So when she went to look for her boyfriend, she saw him with another woman. She was so upset by this that she committed suicide by drowning in the pond.

After she died, another young couple decided to meet by the lotus pond. The boy was early and as he was waiting, he heard a female voice behind him say “I asked you to meet me at midnight, didn’t I?” The boy said “no, you didn’t” and all of a sudden two pale, ghostly hands emerged from the water and dragged him into the pond. He was drowned to death and ever since then, there is an unwritten rule that if you go to the lotus pond during midnight and you see a girl, you should never answer her questions or look at her. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a lot of danger.

4. The hanged ghost falls
Theses are the most common types of ghosts in Chinese Folklore and they are the angry spirits of people who have committed suicide or they were the victims of executions. They are believed to haunt the location where they died and according to the urban legend, they look like a corpse with a very long red tongue that hangs out of their mouth. They are also supposed to be highly convincing and they will attempt to persuade you to join them in the afterlife by killing yourself. Hanged ghosts are said to be very powerful, so if you ever find a hanged ghost, you are most likely going to be their next victim.

3. The ghost woman haunts her way
Legend has it that the nu gui or ghost woman was severely wronged in her life and she is resurrected from the dead in order to seek revenge on the man who betrayed or harmed her. She will literally search for any and all men who have done women wrong and she will suck the living essence out of her enemies. These ghosts are often women who have been murdered or abused by their husbands. And because of the pain that they endured, these ghosts will come back and brutally kill men and only scare women.

2. The Shui Gui
If you have a fear of drowning, I would avoid swimming in China. And this is because according to a Chinese Urban Legend, the Shui Gui are very vengeful ghosts of people who have drowned. These water ghosts lurk in the same spot where they have unfortunately died in the water and they wait patiently for a person to swim near them. Once they have found their unsuspecting victim, the Shu Gui will drag them underwater, drown them and the new person will become the new ghost and the cycle will continue on forever. Oh, and apparently the Shui Gui will also take possession of the body and come back to life while the victim’s spirit will now try to take control of another living person’s body.

1. The Jiangshi or The Chinese vampire
These haunted creatures are a mixture between a zombie and a vampire. Their corpses rise from the dead, and their sole purpose is to kill the living and absorb their spirits. During the day, these creepy creatures remain in their coffins or they hide in dark caves. But during the night, they walk like zombies and prey on innocent people. The Jiangshi have the power to breathe life into corpses and they also have the ability to build a body with bones or rotten flesh. They apparently have red eyes, sharp claws and greenish skin.

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